12/03/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC one it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening, I'm Claudia-Liza Armah.


One of the capital's top universities is reviewing


its procedures for tackling anti-semitism, after a spike


in reported incidents involving students across


A number of concerns were raised after a week of anti-Israeli


As Dan Freedman reports it's proving a difficult area


When does a healthy campus debate turn into something more serious?


At University College London they are wrestling with this issue


as the contentious Israel apartheid week draws to a close,


here and at dozens of academic institutions.


We expect them to have robust policy and procedures in place


to comply with the law, to investigate and swiftly address


hate crime, including any anti-Semitic incidents


Back in October, things got really out of hand here.


The university's Friends of Israel group organised a talk


from a former Israeli soldier, but didn't follow


The university rejected their application, but changed their mind


at the last moment on appeal, causing Palestinian supporters


to accuse the University of double standards,


Things got very heated, the police were called,


but there were no arrests and no reports of serious violence.


However, UCL's official report into the event found that:


Anti-Semitism has been in the spotlight amid a reported 30%


year on year increase in incidents nationally,


and a doubling of incidents involving students or academics.


One thing I have agreed is that we will review our procedure but also


do a lot more sign posting, so that people who feel that there is a


concern, that they know where to go. This is one-year-old


Sophia Elia-Schenka. To look at she's like any other


toddler, but she has a rare condition, where life expectancy


in most cases is just two years. Her parents, from Loughton,


are now desperately trying to raise money for her treatment and boost


public awareness of the condition. Like most 18 month olds,


Sofia loves to play with her toys and read her books,


but for her these things aren't easy, because she has spinal


muscular atrophy type one, So her muscles don't get messages


from the motor neurons, so they don't know to work


and therefore they waste away. Though few people will have


heard of the condition, it is the most common inherited


cause of death in infants. And in 95% of case, life expectancy


is under two years old. Yet despite its severity,


Sofia's parents Victoria and Gee have struggled to access


the treatment and We went and we started talking


to the NHS about getting it At that time she was already


close to one-and-a-half. Victoria and Gee told us


that the NHS said they weren't eligible for a wheelchair


because they live up a very narrow flight of stairs,


and there is nowhere here on the ground floor


for an electric wheelchair It's the most difficult


thing to have to watch your child struggling


with the simplest of tasks. She can't turn a page


of a book, she can't pick up We contacted their local NHS,


who said they do offer a range of services for children with life


limiting conditions, and Epping Forest Council claimed


they are trying to help, in spite of a shortage


of social housing. Any early cloud should clear,


to make way for some sunshine. Cloud in the afternoon,


but staying dry. Asad is here with BBC


Breakfast in the morning. But from all of us here,


have a good night. Good evening. For many places it was


a fairly cloudy day on suspend but there was sunshine for western areas


during the afternoon, and here are the clear skies at sunset in


Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather watcher Robin for this picture,


those clear skies have been making their way further east ward.


Temperatures are dropping away, we have seen temperatures of freezing


in parts of Northern Ireland. More cloud rolling in