13/05/2017 London News

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An NHS Health Trust in south London warned earlier this year that its IT


system could be exposed to "catastrophic implications".


St George's NHS Foundation Trust hasn't been affected


by the current cyber attack, but BBC London has seen papers


from the 'Board Trust' that shows it had concerns


It survived the great Fire, two world wars and the possibility of


closure. But it is a very modern threat which has caused disruptions


across the hospital trust. The biggest cyber attack in the history


of the NHS. Unfortunately we have postponed clinics and procedures and


we are extremely sorry for the disruption this will have caused


people. Even though the events took doctors and nurses by surprise, one


place is already aware of whole vulnerable it could be. Including


they escaped the attack but as they escaped the attack but as


recently as a fortnight ago there were warnings that the rise in the


number of so-called ransomware attacks was on the rise. There are


serious financial problems across the NHS. Probably not the top


priority. It is not about viruses and cyber attacks. Papers dating


back from their stay there has been a failure to invest in technology at


the hospital. This has resulted in an end of life infrastructure that


is likely to fail and they warned it is likely to result in catastrophic


implications for the trust. There is a real risk that it could go wrong.


They told us they are aware of the risks and have taken steps to reduce


the load on the systems. They say they are developing a long-term


strategy to deliver improvements to the IT systems. The Home Secretary


says there is always more to be done to protect us against computer


viruses. Services are not back to normal yet and the full effect of


this silent attack are never to be known.


The funeral has taken place of the Romanian woman thrown


into the River Thames during the Westminster Bridge


Andrea Cristae became the fifth victim,


after extremist Khalid Masood drove his car into pedestrians


before stabbing and killing a police officer.


The 31 year-old was pulled from the River, but died two weeks later.


A boy from Afghanistan - found alone at Heathrow airport -


has been ordered into 'council care' by a High Court judge


The youngster, thought to be aged about 12,


said his travel had been "planned" by his mother - who thought


he'd have a "better and safer" life in Britain.


The Home Office will decide on his immigration status.


Asian men - and the issues they face over identity and a belief that


they're often marginalised in society,


It's by London photographer Mahtab Hussain who's concerned


about Asian men being typecast as "terrorists" or


There's been a plethora of labels: these men and I want to try and talk


about how much of a victim these people are. We are always told the


under threat, I don't think it is, I think they are under an intense


amount of pressure and struggling with it.


Prince William received a special award last night at the LGBT Awards.


It was for his support for the community -


The ceremony took place in Holborn with guests


including Olympic diver, Tom Daley, Sports


presenter Claire Balding - and former Olympian,


The Prince used the opportunity to underline his key message


It is 2017 and nobody should be bullied for their sexuality or any


other reason. It is important to be proud of the person you are. I am


very proud to receive this award. Nothing really heavy. It will feel


fresh as the temperature reached a high of 20 Celsius. You can keep


across all the latest regarding the cyber attack on our website at the


usual address. Have a good