14/05/2017 London News

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Goodbye. on the BBC News Channel,


Campaigners for cleaner air say London is in the grip of a health


emergency and are urging ALL political parties


Our Environment Correspondent, Tom Edwards reports on how


the parties are reacting, realising it's an issue


A community in Kennington demanding action on bad air.


My name is Aoife, I'm seven years old...


They want all parties to sign their Clean Air pledge.


I want to try and clean up the pollution in the air


so when I get older I won't have lung disease or problems


There needs to be a Clean Air agenda.


We can't continue like this, this is a killer.


We are pretending it's not there because you can't see it,


ARCHIVE: Here is the main source of atmospheric pollution.


The last big political intervention on air quality


The Clean Air Act banned coal after the great smog,


There are now calls for new legislation to tackle


About 50% of nitrogen dioxide is due to road traffic.


The mayor says he can deal with about half of that


with his ultralow emission zone where the polluter pays,


but he'll need help from whoever is elected here to deal


Children here at the Royal Brompton see the impact of London's high


levels of pollution, especially nitrogen dioxide.


These doctors want action and this week,


took their message to Downing Street.


It is about changing the fleet, removing the vehicle fleet,


removing the vehicles that are most polluting, particularly


In Kennington, the Women's Equality Party, the Greens,


the Liberal Democrats and Labour all pledge to clean up pollution.


We really do want to see a diesel scrappage scheme because we think


getting diesel cars off our roads is the most important thing we can


do to improve the air quality, particularly in London,


particularly in places like Kennington.


The running that Siddique Khan has done in London with higher emission


zones and his toxicity charge have two now become national and that's


As we got rid of smog in the past, we need to do with this and it needs


We do need a diesel scrappage scheme, and you know who should pay?


The car-makers should pay because they are the ones


who cheated on the standards we established at a European level.


The Conservatives didn't attend this event, they say they would only


charge diesel drivers as a last resort.


The real public health issues are in areas,


our main cities where there are particular problems.


That's where we should be focusing our effort.


We don't want to see a national programme of penalising motorists.


Clean air campaigners say London is now in the grip of a health


emergency and say all parties should make tackling it a priority.


So Tom, what differences can you detect between the parties so far?


We haven't got the manifestos, but you can see some key differences on


how they will get behaviour change, get people out of older, more


polluting diesels. Labour said they could charge older diesels entering


areas. That is a shift away from the policy of the previous Conservative


mayor, Boris Johnson. What is also involved, and that is the courts,


and the environmental lawyers have taken the government to court on a


number of occasions over clean air already. They have said we will have


to oblige the government to do things and not ask them. So it is


feasible but courts could shape air-quality whoever wins. Tom


Edwards, thank you very much. Meanwhile, the Green


Party has launched its The party is putting


up 67 candidates here and are campaigning to oppose


spending cuts and a "hard" Brexit. The Royal College of Nursing says


London is facing record numbers A Freedom of Information request


to London's NHS Trusts, shows vacancies have risen by 20%


over two years. The 12,000 unfilled posts are said


to reflect "the worst ever shortage of nurses,


London has seen". From the GP practice right


through to theatres, to intensive care, to community,


to mental health trusts, if you don't have registered


nurses in post that deliver over 90% of the care to patients and clients,


then that is going to have a very Well, the Conservative Party says


there are thousands more nurses Labour describes the figures


as "terrible news", claiming Brexit Now the weather foreast for the


start of the week, with Elizabeth. Sunshine will be in rather


short supply tomorrow, but it will still be mild


and there'll be some rain A fairly bright start


to the day, ten or 11 Celsius. The cloud will thicken


from the West, we'll get some rain but most of it will tend to be quite


light and patchy along with a fairly Temperatures still up


to 17 degrees though. But not as muggy and warm


as it will be on Tuesday. It should stay dry but there will be


a lot of cloud around. I'm back on BBC One after the


British Academy Television Awards. Good evening. Nice sunny Sunday for


most today. Couple of showers, but