09/07/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC1, it's time for the news wherever you are.


A London borough is promising a vote which it says could help it take


back control from the Mayor and City Hall. Favouring council is


considering whether to no longer be involved in London's decision-making


because some say they do not identify with the capital.


Dan Freedman has been looking at what's causing some people to NOT


VOICEOVER: Since the year 2000, City Hall has been in charge


of London's planning, the police, transport,


the Fire Service, and environmental issues in the capital.


This year, the mayor's budget for all of that is ?16 billion.


It's likely you spend about ?23 a month, contributing towards that


as part of your council tax, but just as some of London's Brexit


heartlands wanted to take power and influence away from the EU,


now one London borough wants to be free of this administration.


We raise tax through the GLA precept, which is given over


to the mayor, then we have to beg for that money back.


So you think Havering would be better off out?


And you think people support this? Yes.


Here in the London borough of Havering it's market day.


We are just 12 miles from the centre of London,


but do people here feel like they are part of the capital?


I feel like I'm a bit of both. So a bit Essex and London.


Do you think Sadiq Khan, City Hall


should have control of your life?


On Wednesday the council will vote on a motion introduced


by Ukip to make Havering a unitary authority.


A move being described here, jokingly, as "Hexit".


It does tap into a sense of people frustrated with the people who make


A year ago, it was the people in Brussels, now it seems to be


Sadiq Khan says he doesn't think councillors


will give this motion the time of day.


Most here admit that Hexit seems unlikely, but it was only this time


last year that similar frustrations meant a break from convention.


STUDIO: The air in the Underground has come under scrutiny today


following reports that it could lead to lung disease and


Transport for London has said that the air quality


is within safety guidelines following a freedom of information


It found that passengers could inhale up to 12 million


toxic particles a minute, largely produced by wheels


One of two new Woolwich Ferries being built is to be


named after a teenager who drowned while working


Nineteen-year-old Ben Woollacot was dragged overboard while mooring


VOICEOVER: For six generations, the Woollacott family have worked


Steve, from Swanley in Kent, was trained up by his dad,


who was a boat man, and he in turn taught both his sons,


He just loved the way of life, the friendship, the camaraderie,


just working on the river, you know, you're in the heart


his 19-year-old son Ben died in an accident,


while working as a deck hand onboard the Woolwich Ferry.


It's hard to put into words, you lost your son.


He'll always be with us, I believe we'll meet up again.


You know, being out on the river, it's like he's here,


like his spirit's still here, as far as I'm concerned.


Following a local campaign, Transport for London has decided


to name one of the new Woolwich ferries, currently


We had lots of approaches from people


about the naming of the new vessels.


Of course we talked to the crews, the staff on the ferry,


we talked to local people and everyone was unanimous that


naming one of the boats after Ben Woollacott was a really


good thing to do, a nice thing to do.


For us it is very special to remember Ben, bearing in mind


we are river families, and you often hear the Woolwich


ferry calling out, so we will always hear Ben's name when they make


The new ferries should be ready by next year.


Steve hopes his family's special bond with the river will continue.


STUDIO: Now the weather, with Elizabeth.


Overnight tonight, quite warm it will feel, 16, 17 degrees, a dry and


bright early start, some sunny spells around, then we will see some


showers spreading from the South, always heavy as the further east you


are. Possibly some showers out west, there could be some interruptions to


play at Wimbledon. Temperatures tomorrow, 24, 20 5 degrees, cooler


for the rest of the week, quite unsettled at times. That is if the


BBC London weekend team, good night. -- that is it from the BBC London


weekend team. -- that is it from the BBC London


weekend team. Relatively dry and warm weekend,


some rain across parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland, here, sun


setting over London early on in the evening ahead of a muggy night here,


through the week, more changeable weather on the cards, some rain at


times, will come rain for some of us, hot and sticky, things turning


cooler over the next few days, less humid, still warm and muggy across


parts of England and Wales. Tonight, a few heavy showers and


thunderstorms across parts of the East Midlands and East Anglia. The


odd rumble of thunder. Temperatures holding up around 17 degrees,


pressure towards the north-west, with a weak frontal system.


Tomorrow, that will bring rain, at the north-east of England, and then


a day of sunny spells and