15/07/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening, I'm Katharine Carpenter.


A devastating fire at a hospital in Surrey has left residents having


to travel for up to 25 minutes to access GP services.


The blaze, which destroyed Weybridge Community Hospital,


has also raised questions about Surrey Fire Brigade's ability


to cope with a large scale fire in the future,


Church Street, Weybridge and a steady queue of residents trying to


find out where their new GP surgery will be. This is what is left of the


old Community Hospital after fire swept through it last Tuesday night.


90-year-old Josephine Alleys of the flames from her window and is


relieved no one was hurt in the blaze. She believes she heard gas


cylinders exploding in the building from her nearby care home. I heard


one bang and when I heard the next bank all I could see was police and


man at the door to take us to the common room. So we sat in the common


room for seven hours. It is very bad, makes you feel sick, really.


Other than GP's surgeries the Community Hospital housed a walk in


centre and NHS managers are trying to set up alternative services as


quickly as possible. The thing to know is that the GP practices on


site have been relocated so they are now operating at Walton Community


Hospital, the telephone numbers for those practices still work so


patients should contact the surgery as per normal and all urgent


bookings are being prioritised. Surrey Fire and rescue needed to


rely on three other Fire Services to rob overnight. The Fire Brigade


postbag union says if cuts go ahead in September they could not safely


cope with another fire like this one. In response Surrey County


Council said safety is a priority despite huge financial constraints.


They say they are dealing with half the number of fires but they were


ten years ago and even with the cuts they could offer an efficient and


effective Fire Service. Josephine is worried about the miles she will


have to travel to see her doctor. It's going to be a long time before


this service is back running again. Sarah Harris BBC London News,


Weybridge, Surrey. Laws on buying and carrying acid


are to be reviewed by the government following a spate of attacks in East


London. Two teenage boys, aged 15


and 16, remain in custody on suspicion of robbery and grievous


bodily harm with intent after 5 people were attacked


on Thursday night. Meanwhile, police are


investigating ANOTHER suspected acid attack


in Dagenham yesterday evening. A group of top musicians from Syria


who were forced to flee during the war have been invited


to play at a community event Some members of the orchestra


arrived in the UK as refugees and say music is helping them


to rebuild their lives. CHANTING


Separated by war, united by music. This is the Orchestra of Syrian


musicians, performing at the Royal festival hall. Hamza is just one


member of the orchestra but in Syria she is a star after coming second in


a TV talent show. But Hamsa's dreams were cut short by the conflict in


her country. Six years of war, it is not easy for anyone to continue his


life normally, the first thing damaged is music or art, generally.


Because when was start, people just want to be safe. Like thousands of


others, Erdogan fled Syria and that meant saying goodbye to her family,


career and colleagues. Until she came across the Orchestra of Syrian


musicians, many of whom she had worked with before. We had a lot of


performers in Syria, in the upper house, sometimes with a big August,


sometimes with a small band, sometimes, I can cry, really I can


cry but it is a big chance for me to perform with my teacher. And as some


of the Orchestra rehearsal for tomorrow's gig at Walthamstow Garden


party Hamsa remains optimistic that one day she will be able to pick up


where she left off as a singer. The weather now and tomorrow


we should have a bright start but clouding over later


with the chance of a shower. That's all from the team here,


enjoy the rest of your evening. Good evening. The weekend has not


got off to the brightest of starts, many of us had clout today, that was


the scene in Leicestershire, one of our weather Watch is earlier, as you


can see the cloud has brought some outbreaks of rain as well. But


between this warm front and this cold front we have some very warm


air and we're a bit of sunshine broke through this afternoon when it


lifted temperatures up to 24-25d, this evening and tonight to the


south of this band of rain we will