16/07/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening, welcome to BBC London News.


The London School of Economics is facing the prospect of legal


A group of postgraduates are crowdfunding to raise money


to pay for legal fees in what they allege is a breach


They claim Sidney Webb House, a block of halls near


Borough Market, became over-run by rats, contaminated


with mould and have suffered issues with maintenance.


Mice, damp and mould. Student at the London School of economics took


these photos of their university rooms at Sidney Webb house in


borough. They said that the students became ill. I had headaches and


problems and I went to the doctor. The doctor said you have to change


or room immediately. Base at least 15 students have gone to hospital


because of the problems created from the conditions but more were


affected. There have been skin infections which I never had. I


could not walk basically. I had to go to the emergency section of Guy


's Hospital and I had surgery. Headaches, problems getting to


sleep, waking up with a very dry throat. These are all symptoms


related to mould exposure in the air. Students were initially offered


?100 as a goodwill gesture but many rejected it. Now they are looking to


take legal action against the university. Accommodation is


difficult but universities have a responsibility to their students as


anyone does. They must be able to live in reasonable conditions. This


is Sidney Webb House. It is under refurbishment. LSE said they were


aware of the complaints and they are investigating. They also say pest


control was sent in. Students say this is not how they planned to


spend their time in London. The LSE is academically and socially


challenging and engaging. To spend our time talking about mice, rodents


and mould in our house, is something we did not sacrifice so much to come


here to do, but circumstances have forced us to take it upon ourselves.


They are now fund-raising for their campaign and waiting to hear back


from the university. A 16-year-old boy is in a critical


condition after a collision between a police car and a moped


being ridden by three teenagers. It crashed into the marked police


car in South Park Road in Wimbledon. The moped was being monitored


by a police helicopter at the time, as it was believed to have been


involved in an earlier All three were arrested at the scene


and two large knives were recovered. It's destroying native


species on river banks, Introduced in the 1800s as a garden


plant, the Himalayan Balsam smothers almost all other plant life


growing around it. Now conservationists have found


a novel way of dealing with it and raising funds at the same time


as Yvonne Hall explains. The Himalayan Balsam brought


to the UK by Victorian explorers. Now it is spreading across river


banks, gardens and allotments, It really overshadows everything


and that has a knock-on effect The only way to get rid


of it is pulling it up by hand. Here, next to the River Stort


in Hertfordshire, conservationists and volunteers are trying to destroy


hundreds of plants And each plant can shoot 800


seeds up to 22 feet away. Normally once the Himalayan Balsam


is clear from the river banks A while ago, conservationists


were talking to the owners Between them, they came up


with a plan to do something much Then, add them to alcohol,


juniper, orange and lime, a few more ingredients and turn


the invasive species into gin. The whole idea for us


was to develop a gin, that rather than be using botanicals


which were farmed or forested, we would use something that


would basically be thrown away. The trust indicated they have


these clearing projects. The Himalayan Balsam was one


of the effectively rogue plants and we were looking for a way to use


it in a gin, and then have a gin we could use to raise


money for the trust. And purely in the interests


of investigative journalism, Definitely getting notes


of invasive species there. It is a tough life. It has been a


mixed bag this weekend, let's see how the rest of the weather is


looking. There were bright skies first thing


this morning as this Weather Watcher's picture proved


before everyone arrived at Wimbledon, and there will be more


of that during the week. Very warm and sunny


starting tomorrow. It may be that the sunshine turns


more hazy through the afternoon, but it will feel very warm


in central London, up to 26 degrees. There might be lightning


in the clouds Tuesday night into Wednesday and the risk


of an isolated heavy shower but it will freshen up


as we go through the week We'll be back just after


the national News at 10 tonight. Good evening. Most of us got to see


at least some Sunday sunshine and we will be taking some of that with us


into the start of the new week. That was the scene across Northern