06/08/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,


and I'll be back with the late news at Ten.


Now on BBC1, its time for the news where you are.


Good evening and welcome to the programme, I'm


Train companies are warning of significant delays


during tomorrow's rush hour at Waterloo station.


Commuters are being reminded that ten of the 19 platforms


at the country's busiest station will be closed for construction work


They have been warning of the disruption for months.


And this weekend the work began to upgrade Waterloo station.


Platforms are being extended to allow for longer trains


and to provide space for 30% more passengers.


Extra staff have been taken on to assist people during the work.


Really, really good to see so many staff out there,


On Monday there will be even more staff than that.


is really strong management as passengers in the morning will be


coming into platforms that they are not used to.


Nearly half of all platforms here in London Waterloo have now


And to help ease some of the pressure, these older


Eurostar platforms have been put back into use for the first time


since the service moved to London's St Pancreas in 2007.


But during significantly reduced services into Waterloo,


rail bosses have asked passengers to consider taking a holiday,


working from home or travelling earlier or later than normal


I will need to add an extra half an hour onto my journey just make


In the rush hour I would not like to be on the train, that is for sure.


It is very crowded, even now, coming in on a Sunday.


Infrastructure always needs to be developed and it is tough to deal


The work will finish over the August bank holiday weekend.


Not a moment too soon for passengers who are in for a difficult


People with footage of a fatal shooting in Chelmsford


yesterday are being urged not to post it online.


Essex Police says anyone with mobile or dashcam recordings


of the incident on Baddow Road should forward them


The man shot outside the petrol station has been named as 34


More than 100 rental bikes have been confiscated


after Wandsworth council received complaints about them cluttering


pavements and causing obstructions. The company, O bikes,


doesn't have docking stations and allows users to pick up and


Last month Hammersmith and Fulham council served removal notices


The director of the V has apologised after a woman complained


that she was asked to "cover up" while breastfeeding at the museum.


Her complaint comes during World Breastfeeding Week.


The museum's director tweeted that its policy is very clear


and women can breastfeed wherever they like.


Artists working from studios close to the Olympic Park say


they fear for their future, because of plans to build


The London Legacy Development Corporation says it will link


thousands of homes that are being built in Hackney


But some artists have been forced to leave their studios


to make way for it, and others are worried they'll


Hard at work in Hackney Wick's studio but painter


not know how long she will be able to stay.


As developers have moved into the area, many artists feel


Lots of local artists are moving out of the country.


We are losing not only skills, we are losing assets,


we are losing the future of London in terms of creativity, really.


The group in charge of London's Olympic legacy


are planning to build the new bridge here, locating thousands


of new homes and a new school around Fish Island.


This needs to be a place where people can move around.


Whether they are here as artists, here working at business,


one of the barriers that stopped people working.


The LLDC says it does not want to drive the artists out


but some are worried that is exactly what the new developments will do.


There is a great fear, which happens in lots of parts of London,


where the development will squeeze people out because the rents will go


up and up, the lower end of the market, if you like,


in terms of struggling artists will be squeezed out.


Musician Nima Tehranchi is one of those being forced to move away.


He believes that London is at risk of losing its creative identity.


The city has always been known as the cultural


Now, if this area is lost, I don't think there will be


somewhere geographically relevant that can take its place.


The artists here say that they accept new housing


is needed but argue there should also be room for the creative


Now it's time to take a look at the weather with Lucy Martin.


Some good spells of sunshine around to exit the weekend


and as we move into tomorrow, it does look like a


There will still be some brighter intervals but the risk


First of all through this evening and overnight,


we will see an amount of cloud, some clear spells at times.


Temperatures falling to an overnight low of between 12-14dC.


Fairly bright start to the day tomorrow.


Cloud will tend to increase from the North.


Just the risk of the odd isolated shower.


Temperatures at the maximum of 21 Celsius.


The best of the brightness will be in the east.


I leave you with the outlook and the risk of heavy,


even thundery showers, through Tuesday and Wednesday.


It does look like it will become drier again on Thursday.


I'll be back with the main headlines at around 20 past 10 tonight.


But for now from all the weekend team - do enjoy your evening.


Hello there. Rain and wind has been steadily encroaching from the West,


ruining the early sunshine. The satellite rain picture shows the