05/08/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,


Now on BBC One, its time for the news where you are.


Good evening and welcome to the programme, I'm


A man has died after being shot in the chest outside


Police have launched a murder investigation and are hunting


the driver of a blue Ford Fiesta following


It was on this garage forecourt the shooting happened, 34-year-old man


was with a friend a blue Ford Fiesta pulled up alongside and the occupant


fired from within the card. I thought it was fireworks, but it


sounded a bit weird because it went on for quite awhile. Many residents


were alarmed by what they had heard and rushed to help. A couple of


bangs, did not know what it was, heard grooming for help. The guy


phoned an ambulance, someone else had 999 on the phone and I basically


performed, when he lost consciousness I performed CPR for


the next 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived. The road remained


cordoned off while forensic teams carried out an investigation. Police


have been speaking to eyewitnesses and say they have laid on extra


patrols to reassure local residents. Police believe this was not a random


attack. The information we have is that they are known or believe they


are known to each other and those members of the public who came to


the aid of the victim again, it is distressing for them, grateful for


their support and if they need additional support we will provide


that. Police are asking for a mobile phone or- camp footage taken around


the time of the incident. Work at Waterloo Station,


which will see half its platforms Train companies have warned


of significant delays during the upgrade work


which will mean ten out of 19 platforms will be out


of action for three weeks. It's not great considering they make


you pay for your tickets. It's crazy, already within one day, it's


a nightmare. They are running a delay, it's a mess. It's been well


publicised but there is a problem and it coincides with the world


athletics which is a shame, hope it doesn't affect people trying to get


there. A football club formed


after the London riots to try and stop teenagers joining gangs has


won it's first game in the FA Cup. Croydon side AC London was set up


by 16-year-old Prince Choudry. Today's match against


Crawley Down Gatwick ended 3-2. Tolu Adeoye caught up


with the team before kick off. AC London, Croydon football club


born out of the London riots and today a proud moment as they debuted


in the FA Cup. I love football, it's my passion. It was the dream of


trainee solicitor Acie Choudary, he felt he had to act to provide


something positive for teams in the area and turn them away from crying.


I was going down to the park, I saw people hanging around, I went down


there and got a football from one of the kids and said OK, who wants to


play? Give 50p and next thing everyone like the London riots their


friends were doing it so they started doing it, and that was the


same with football and it built from there. Since then AC London has


grown rapidly, the corn scored made up of 60 nationalities including


player from Venezuela, Brazil, Cameroon, Bulgaria and Finland. One


says joining the site has changed his outlook. I have had a


troublesome past myself and it's given me something else to do and


improve the lot of things about me and that. Prince Choudary is now one


of the youngest managers to take a team to the FA Cup but before the


game he said victory was in the most important thing. I told the boys to


joy the occasion, because they will never play in the FA Cup again, they


can tell the children are grandchildren. It's about enjoying


the atmosphere. But still it's always nice to get a win. And having


beaten Crawley 3-2 they are now looking to the next round.


Congratulations to them. The weather now and after a clear,


cool night we should It will stay dry and warm


too with sunny spells, light winds and a top temperature


of 22 degrees. That's all from BBC London


this evening but I'll be It's been an improving picture this


afternoon with the showers and thunderstorms fading away and they


are going to continue to clear away, most places overnight will turn


drier, clear skies, light winds, showers across western coastal areas


but high-pressure settling things down but what that will do is bring