24/12/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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struggled with an Australian barrage all tour. Let's hope this guy has a


lot more About 10,000 homes across the region


have been without electricity today after power lines were brought down


in gale force winds. Engineers have been working all day and nearly


three quarters have now been reconnected. But some homes could


still be without power for Christmas. Oh, crumbs! Well, we've


got water but we haven't got electricity. The First Impressions


hairdressing salon in a village just north of Norwich. 60 appointments


for the day and no power. I got here around about 7:20am and was going to


start at 7:30 because it is a busy day, Christmas Eve. I switched the


lights on, nothing. The power went off in the early hours and in this


shop nearby they were working by lights powered by a generator. The


brewers have gone home because we have got no power. They are coming


back at 4pm. Unfortunately, they are going to be here until midnight but


it is a sterling effort. We hope they have a great Christmas but good


effort. Kay is having family round for Christmas. She was wondering how


she was going to feed everyone. The ham was bubbling away on a gas stove


but cooking the turkey might be more of a problem. I have got a freezer


full of food. These are the anxieties everybody is going to


have. Particularly at Christmas time. You know, you're absolutely


full of food. You have your fridge full, freezer full. We want people


to have a great Christmas and enjoy their Christmas and we are doing


everything in our capability today to ensure that happens. Kay's


husband cranked up a generator to give them some power. Engineers were


busy working nearby to restore power to the whole area. The UK power


network say the vast majority of people cut off last night should


have electricity restored for the big day.


The strong winds also caused problems on road and rail. Trains


were suspended overnight until the lines had been checked and many


rivers have been swollen. But the immediate risk of flooding appears


be receding. This report from Kevin Burch. After a night of raging


winds, many people woke once again to start counting the cost. This was


in Cambridgeshire. Elsewhere in the county, roads were inundated, with


officials urging everyone to take care. People always underestimate


the dangers of floodwater. The fact that it has stopped raining does not


mean it is less dangerous. I would advise people to keep away from


rivers, keep away from high water and keep safe over Christmas. The


rail firm Greater Anglia warned commuters not to expect any trains


running before 10am this morning. As it was, a limited service was


operating after the tracks and overhead cables had been checked


first thing. It is frustrating but we are all in the same boat. Not too


bad because they said ten o'clock and I thought I'd chance it. You're


going to get held up. You're going to get held up if you drive. It's


one more thing. You would have thought they would have prepared for


it better. It's when I get to Waterloo that I may have to ask a


few questions! I think it probably won't be too bad. I'll think


differently if we get delayed en route to Peterborough, or something


like that. The rail firms say they have to put safety first and can't


risk trains and passengers getting stranded. As far as the floodwater's


concerned, officials say that with two dry days ahead, hopefully levels


will subside quickly. Members of the Fire Brigade's Union


across the region are taking strike action this evening, in a row over


changes to their pensions. They will be on strike tonight from seven til


midnight. Three more are planned over New Year. Each brigade has some


kind of resilience in place. In addition to that, we've also got a


Major Incident Return to Work Plan agreed. We have that here in


Bedfordshire with our chief officers. That is the case across


the majority of the country, with the exception of Essex, whose chief


has decided to lock them out for the full duration of the Christmas Eve


strike and potentially the New Year's Eve strike as well.


Now it's time for the weather. Year's Eve strike as well.


Now it's time for Here's Alex. It is looking much calmer for


Christmas. Dry at the moment but the chance of showers developing


overnight and it could be quite heavy locally. Most of us should be


free of frost. Temperatures getting close to freezing but enough wind to


prevent frost forming, perhaps just in the countryside. Through


Christmas Day, it looks largely dry through much of the day with sunny


spells on patchy cloud. The chance of showers developing in coastal


part of Southwark and ethics but most places should stay dry. Chilly


on Boxing Day. It looks largely dry for Boxing Day. Quite a bit more


cloud and then we end the week as we started, wet and windy.


That's all from us. Have a good night. Merry Christmas.


it from us - we are back on Boxing Day at One o'clock. Merry Christmas.


Hello. The weather has been a little kinder today to travellers and


last-minute Christmas shoppers across


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