26/12/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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News Channel. We are back with the late news


Hello, I'm Jenny Kirk. Traditional Boxing Day hunts took


place across the region today, with meets in Northampton, Suffolk,


Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. At Brigstock in Northamptonshire,


organisers say, despite the fox hunting ban, the number of people


taking part has been rising, largely down to the web and social media. It


comes as a poll for animal welfare charities suggests the majority of


the public want the ban to remain. The Boxing Day hunt. Horses, pounds,


hundreds of people here. A spectacle centuries`old. Now seeing their


numbers grow, they say, because of 21st`century social media. People


now get hold of me via Facebook. We had a newcomers' date with probably


25 or 30 people out, which, to have got the information out using other


forms of advertising, would have been firstly difficult, and


secondly, expensive. This woman and her five`year`old daughter are


having their first time here. They heard about the hunt from the web.


Force ourselves, this is more the case that is the first time we have


done this, so getting the horse prepared for it all. It has been


good. It has been really, really good. A lot more people than I


expected. I didn't realise it was so popular. A poll by the RSPCA found


80% of people thought hunting should remain banned. Around 60 riders took


part here today, and more join every year, they say. People still want to


come out and hunt. We lay trails, we exercise the hounds, and we try and


provide a day of entertainment. We are having a bit of fun. It is a


tradition that will never die. More alive than ever, they say, with


social media. A robber who threatened a


90`year`old woman at knife`point is being hunted by the police in


Northampton. The masked thief stole World War I medals belonging to the


woman's late father and a World War II Burma Star which belonged to her


late husband. Police have just released details of the theft in


Debdale Road, and they're calling it a "horrible incident."


Hundreds of people had a moment of madness this morning and went for a


swim in the sea off the east coast. These were the scenes during the


annual Boxing Day dip in Cromer. It's been a tradition there since


1985 and those taking part were raising money for local charities. I


can speak from personal experience. It was incredibly cold today, but


exhilaration takes care of that. This year, it is incredibly special,


because we are raising money for the Norfolk 's open association, because


the memory of our club has a daughter who has value their


services this year. It has been great to raise money for them.


Sport now. In football, in the Premier League, Norwich lost at


home, beaten by Fulham 2`1. In the Championship, a good result for


Ipswich ` they won away at Doncaster by three goals to zero. Coventry


twice came from behind to beat League One promotion hopefuls


Peterborough 4`2. Colchester beat Stevenage 4`0, and it was a good


away win for MK Dons as well. They beat Crawley 2`0. In League Two,


Southend beat Wimbledon 1`0, while Northampton lost at Burton by a goal


to nothing. Strong winds and heavy rain are


expected overnight, raising fears of further flooding and power cuts.


There are flood warnings already in place across parts of the region.


You can find out more on the Environment Agency website. With


more details, here's Georgina Burnett.


Good evening. I'm afraid it is a bit of a grotty end to Boxing Day, so


tonight will be a bit of a wet and windy night. Rain pushing through


this evening from the west, and also strong southerly winds picking up.


That will be the same for tomorrow morning, so cost of 40 to 50 miles


an hour inland, and perhaps just clipping 60 mph along the coast as


well. Rainfall, we are expecting ten to 20 millimetres by tomorrow, and


perhaps even up to 30 millimetres locally. That storm starts to make


his way after the east, so by about lunchtime, we should see the back of


that. Behind it, we have drier, brighter conditions, but it will


still be quite a blustery afternoon, temperatures reaching eight, nine or


even 10 Celsius. Quite a cold night to follow tomorrow night, and a


couple of chilly but settled days before another feature working its


way through at the beginning of next week.


You can keep up with developments on That's it for now.


Your BBC local radio station. We'll be back with an update at 10:15.


Until then, enjoy your evening. Hello there, most of us have had a


quiet Boxing Day, mostly dry, chilly, lingering mist, light winds.


That is all about to change. The next storm arriving on our doorstep


right now, over night tonight will see wet and


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