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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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rise. That is


Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight. Doctors fear


for the future of Bedford Hospital and warn that patients may have to


travel elsewhere for care. Tackling the rise in obesity, but which of


our towns boasts the biggest waistlines? The aftermath of the


Ashes humiliation. Gooch gives the lowdown on Pietersen


and Graham Gooch on Kevin Pietersen and


Alastair Cook. And the mobile phone game that means you can help hunt


for cancer cures while you play Good evening. Bedford Hospital is


facing another serious risk according to the people that run it.


The threat that's concerning them is a new contract to provide services


for people with bone and muscular problems. There are fears it might


mean services shifting away from Bedford, raising questions about the


hospitals future. But the people behind the contract say it's a fuss


about nothing. This is a ward where a patient


needing treatment such as a hip replacement is currently treated but


the contract to manage the services has been provisionally awarded to


circle health, whose job will be to provide treatment to patients in


Beds. But doctors here say if they signed up to the contract it could


lead to financial shortfalls... If the contract contains clauses


that lay a significant clinical or, financial risk, at our door,


particularly the financial risk it will have major implications for not


only the muscular skull lethal service in the hospital but


potentially other services `` skeletal, because no service stands


alone. This hospital is already in debt. If the contract means less is


paid per patient per treatment the fear is it could undermine financial


stability at the hospital and threaten the future of services The


commissioning group says the new contract will not mean less money


being paid. Bedford Hospital have been offered a contract on the same


terms they have now to provide these services. Are they going to provide


them? I do not know, they have been asked to. Could people find


themselves going to Luton and Dunstable? Absolutely not. Under the


constitution, they have choice. Why are they concerned? I am not sure, I


do not understand why they are making a fuss. For the hospital it


is not a fuss about nothing, they say it is about safeguarding


services and its future. The concerns expressed by the


doctors at Bedford Hospital go to the heart of the dilemma facing the


NHS, that local hospitals face downgrading or even closure if some


services are taken elsewhere. Earlier I spoke to a Professor at


the University of Bedfordshire. He told me patients may just have to


get used to going further afield to get the best specialist care.


I think that in this country, if we want to have high quality and safe


care for every speciality at local hospitals, we will have two pay more


for the NHS. If we keep the current system, some of us will have to


travel a bit further to access safe care, with the right staff. People


feel protective over their local hospital. They do, and I think, if I


make on the politicians could help with that because sometimes, I


think, politicians are known to overpromise and underdelivered. Are


you saying there is a lack of honesty and transparency when we


discuss the issue? We could do more to be more open and honest with the


public to say with the current funding pot, we want to deliver safe


services and we can only fund so many staff with so much equipment


and these services can not by definition be at every local


hospital. If you took it to the extreme, we could end up with a fuse


super hospitals, a few centres of excellence and every local hospital


being a shadow of itself or closing down. I do not think we would reach


that point. It is right where we have centres of excellence, they


should be located in geographical areas where by as many people can


access them as possible. At local level we should have diagnostic


services so that people can be examined quickly and then referred


to specialist centres. What would your message be to patients and


staff at Bedford Hospital, who are concerned about what might happen?


All members of the public and staff should keep safety and quality


paramount in any service provision. What we want to ensure is we have


the right staff and skills offering services. We should not always


prioritise location. Another gangmaster has been charged


by the police after an investigation into migrant labour in the Fens The


Gangmasters Licensing Authority has also revealed today why it revoked


the registration of a second gangmaster. This is Martin slender,


the latest gang master facing a criminal charge, accused of


supplying workers in contravention of licensing laws. The BBC carried


out an investigation into the exploitation of migrant workers from


Eastern Europe and 13 people were arrested. Today, the authority


revealed why it stopped the business of another man, who was the boss of


a company `` operator. The authority said it found it did not pay the


national minimum wage and had on safe accommodation and vehicles


said it found it did not pay the national minimum wage and had It


also had drivers over the drink drive limit. This man is not facing


criminal charges and denies wrongdoing. Always, we paid


properly, never less than the minimum. Transport, accommodation


that we supply, it helps them. Martin slender will appear before


magistrates in a fortnight. The jury is still considering its


verdict in the trial of two men accused of assisting a serial


killer. Joanna Dennehy has admitted to murdering three men and dumping


their bodies in ditches around Peterborough. Leslie Layton is seen


here filling a fuel can, which the court was told he used to burn out


one of the victim's car. He's also accused of helping to dump the


bodies, along with Gary Stretch seen here in the green. Both men deny the


charges. The number of people in our region


who are classed as overweight or obese is on the increase. While that


might not surprise you, this figure just might. A national table shows


that in some towns more than three quarters of people fall into that


category. In this region Milton Keynes is topping the list. Emma


Baugh has more details. Today for the first time, nationwide data is


being released to show the true extent of what's being called our


obesity crisis. Topping the list in our region is Milton Keynes with


more than 72% of the population being classed as overweight ` that's


more than seven in ten people. That's followed by Corby and


Wellingborough with a figure of more than 70 per cent. Central


Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire ` figures there coming in at 69. But


at the other end of the scale, the areas where the fewest number of


people are seen as overweight is in Cambridge at 54% of the population.


And Luton at 59. In Milton Keynes, one man has lost seven and a half


stone to help change his lifestyle. The main reason was work. I kept


awake and plus the way I looked I did not want to look like an


elephant all the time, I wanted to look normal and wear normal clothes


and I feel better for doing it. But what does it mean to be seen as


overweight? The figures are based on body mass index. The calculation is


your weight in kilograms, divided by your height in metres. Generally,


doctors say the higher your BMI the greater your risk of medical


problems. But BMI is a rough guide only. It can't distinguish whether


the weight is fat or muscle so for instance athletes can find


themselves classed as obese. Exercise is seen as a major weapon


in the fight against obesity. In parts of our region GPs can refer


patients to gyms for cut price sessions instead of giving them a


prescription. It has been incredibly successful. Over the past three


years I have seen over 80% of the people who take part complete their


12 weeks make a reduction to their weight loss and we have had a number


of clients who have lost upwards of two stone, three stone in weight, by


taking part and having the support so that they know what they do will


benefit them. But obesity is a problem that's not likely to get


better soon. It's been predicted that by 2050, at least half of us


will be classed as obese. The developers of a warehouse


destroyed by fire last month ignored advice to fit a sprinkler system. It


has emerged the Fire Service recommended sprinklers during the


planning process more than ten years ago. But there was no legal


requirement for them to be fitted. Senior fire officers now want a


change in the law. Firefighters arrived within minutes but it was


too late. It could not be saved The sprinkler system could have changed


the outcome. Sprinters would have protected firefighters and they


would have controlled the fire quicker. On this incident we were


there within four minutes and the fire was showing through the roof.


It would have been controlled earlier and resulted in less damage.


In October this factory was saved in the Keynes. The fire was


extinguished before firefighters arrived. In Newport Pagnol, 65


firefighters struggled to control the blaze. A warehouse contained


fridges and coolers and was destroyed. The Fire Service


recommended sprinklers were fitted back in 2000 one, during planning.


`` 2001. But the developer and business were under no legal


obligation. Sprinkler systems are only required in premise is larger


than 20,000 square metres. The Centre for economic sound business


research estimates there are almost 600 warehouse fires every year where


there are no sprinters and calculate the lost a business at over 200 ?30


million, with almost 1000 jobs lost as a result. Milton Keynes has more


than its fair share of warehouses and we have had incidents over the


years. When they happen there is a significant cost to the economy It


can be as little as ?2 per square metre to install the sprinklers The


Fire Service save the cost of not installing one is far greater.


In football, Stevenage won their League One match against Gillingham


last night to narrow the gap at the bottom of the table. The visitors


were reduced to ten men as they gave away this penalty for a handball.


Francois Zoko converting from the spot. It then became the Darius


Charles show as he scored twice to seal the points for Stevenage. They


remain at the bottom of League One, but are now just two points from


safety. The Highways Agency has withdrawn


proposals for improvements to the Spittals Interchange on the A14 at


Huntingdon. The plan would have seen the westbound slip road at junction


23 widened and lengthened. Originally they hoped the work would


be finished by next month. A celebration


still to come, the game for your mobile phone that its cutting`edge


research. And after the shambles in


Australia, the England cricket called on what went wrong in the


Ashes. This year about 50,000 young people


in this region will start an apprenticeship. Figures released


today show the number of places in this region and the number of


applicants are both going up. The official figures are taken after


the school summer holidays. Between 2012 and 2013 the number of


applications went up by nearly 10,000 across the Look East region.


In the same period the number of apprenticeship vacancies rose by


more than 600 to nearly 3,500. Our business correspondent Richard Bond


has this report. Our economy might be on the mend but youth


unemployment remains stubbornly high. One reason why the government


has been spending more on apprenticeships. But across the


economy there is a genuine need to train our young people. The East


Coast energy sector faces a huge skill shortage. The energy services


firm the sun has a training academy in great Yarmouth and in the past


year student numbers have gone up to 200. We have always had a base load


of oil and gas to fill the order book and what we are seeing now is a


very large increase for fuel and wind turbines technicians. Among the


pages as here, Angela Hawthorne. In her 30 of training with plenty of


prospects. I can go anywhere around the world. I could travel and that


would be carried out and testing installation work, commissioning as


necessary, as required. A lot of opportunities there. Apprenticeships


remain very much in demand. Over the past year applications in the region


have risen by 33% to 39,000. Access electronics is a high`tech employer


in Bedford, making printed circuit boards. They have doubled their


apprenticeship this year. Apprenticeships are with our


succession planning so we have new people coming through the business


trains to the standards required. Of `` all of our apprentices and join


us on a permanent contract and stay as part of our team going forward


and the number of apprentices now are in quite senior roles within the


business. I get to work out a proper electronics company, get a course


from the Company at the same time. I am an apprentice ambassador which


means I get to go to other schools and tell children, your 11, ten, 15,


the benefits of being an apprentice. Tell them there are other


opportunities rather than going to university. With an average of 12


applicants for every vacancy, the government urges many more employers


to come forward and offer apprenticeships.


And Richard is with me now. So there are more apprenticeships but still


nowhere near enough why not? I think that some firms view the whole


business on apprenticeships as too complex, too much red tape and they


don't want to know. Smaller companies may feel they are not big


enough to handle them. Maybe they don't have a personal apartment to


hold their hand. Some companies also make the wary of apprenticeships


because of a bad experience in the past 20 a lot of time into someone


and it has not paid off for the company. There are always firms that


prefer not to train at all and recruit or porch staff who have been


trained by other people. There are incentives for employers to take on


apprentices? If you take on an apprentice between the age of 16 and


18 the government should fully fund that the British. If you take on an


apprentice who is 19 or over then the government should fund half the


cost. The government is currently trying to revamp appendicectomy and


more user`friendly. Now cricket and it would be hard to


imagine how the England tour of Australia this winter could have


been much worse. Hammered in the Ashes hammered in the one days


hammered in the T20. The Australians called it a 'Pomnishambles'. Already


England have ditched their head coach Andy Flower, and their top


batsman Kevin Pietersen. But the man in charge of England's batting down


under was the Essex and England legend Graham Gooch and today he


spoke to Look East about defeat captain Alastair Cook and


Pietersen's shock sacking. A sponsored stay at the County


ground in Telstra, a far cry and welcome distraction for Graham


Gooch, after one of the longest and unhappy adulterers in English


cricket. The commitment to the cricket was not there. `` and


unhappiest tourers. In every department we wear lacking. We all


must bear the burden of responsibility. The Follett has been


considerable, the head coach has gone and one of the biggest stars of


the game, Kevin Pietersen, has been told he is no longer wanted. What


has he been led to manage in the dressing room?


Your Mac Kevin plays box office innings. He can be a match`winning


player. That is clear. He has supplied many innings like that. The


dressing room was fine but we did not perform. One man who has


captained Kevin Pietersen in the past is Jason Galleon, now a teacher


at Felsted School. Kevin as a batsmen could win games. Everyone


who supported England and who hasn't seen him play with like him play


with lichen to win games, I suppose that sometimes the manner he get out


in the way he gets out as part of his enigma. Is the unmanageable? He


is if he is not motivated. And with something like England he must be


motivated. If you are not motivated playing for your country you never


will be. The BBC understands that Alistair Cooke played an influential


role in the decision to end Kevin Pietersen 's international career.


Whether cooked remains captain is also a matter for debate. Alistair


is a proud man, he has been a wonderful player for England and has


many years hopefully in front of him. He has been a role model and is


very disappointed. More than disappointed. He is hurting bad. As


is everyone. How of the response from this? Many people are


questioning whether or not he should remain as captain. After the trip


England have had to Australia and everyone is questioning everyone's


position. Alistair is strong enough in mind to improve after this, I


think he should remain as captain. Graham Gooch told me he wanted to


remain at the back in court, determined his coaching career will


not be defined by the Ashes in the lesion. `` remain as a batting


coach. Was he hard to handle? A long pause!


Scientists in Cambridge have come up with a new idea for us to help them


find new treatments for cancer. They want you to download a new game and


play it on your smartphone. It's called 'genes in space' and


researchers at Cancer Research UK say that playing it will crunch the


numbers and analyse important data. We sent Mike Liggins to find out


more. This is the Cancer research UK


Institute in Cambridge. And this is the traditional image of Cancer


research. Scientists in white coats experimenting with cancer cells. But


these days effective cure for the disease is increasingly being fought


by computer scientists. We just do this and we have trained `` we have


traced... This is the new smartphone game, Genes In Space. It has been


created to help analyse the mass of data being produced. We have many


computers for doing this, but still, they have an accuracy of 90 or 95%.


What we're trying to do all of these machines and algorithms is trying to


look at each computer and teach them how to think like humans. The


question is, why do we need Apple, why doesn't one person do all the


analysis? The answer is it would take forever and be extremely


boring. So, you download the game and Maggie route through space. Only


this is real genetic data. The scientists need you to spot changes


in the data. You therefore in a spaceship on that road, finding


asteroids on the way in the information is sent back to Cancer


research UK. There are 46,000 sets of data and for accuracy the


scientists need each set to be analysed 50 times. Every two


minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Helen had


left cancer and with the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a


mastectomy. Her mother died from breast cancer and she has two


daughters. Emily and Rebecca. My main concern is that by the time of


my daughters get to there are better cure is in better research available


or preventative measures or whatever it takes to ensure that they remain


well. Cancer research UK with like you to download the game. If you are


over the age of 40 you made need a young person to help you but it is


great fun and you might be helping any small way to find a cure for


cancer. There were some people in the studio


and make the someone younger! That explains it!


It all turns nasty last week, didn't it? Yes, some wet and windy weather.


We had a dry spell but then more bite and windy weather this


afternoon. These are the strongest gusts at her professional recording


stations. In Northampton, 54 mph. `` at our official recording stations.


We have a rush of showers coming in and then more to rattle on through.


Into this evening and overnight the showers should become few and far


between, but the sediment of dry weather with clear spells. The wind


is already starting to use down so for much of the evening we should


have a moderate to finish so for south`westerly wind. Temperatures


and should not fall much slower than four degrees. Tomorrow, another area


of low pressure and another weather system pushing him from the south,


bringing yet more rain and this little system behind the bringing


wet and windy weather for the weekend. But this one, this will


pressure and this weather front will take a little while to reach us


tomorrow. We start off largely financed cry with brightness and


sunshine for many of us. `` largely fine and dry. We have showers


pushing up from the north and then some rain. Temperatures pushing up


to around seven degrees, some of us may even get a degree or so higher.


For much of tomorrow it will be moderate to fresh, and then the wind


will tend to pick up again as he heads into tomorrow evening. Look


what we have for the end of tomorrow, through the evening at


actually through much of tomorrow night. More rain, heavy at times


especially in the South. We could easily see two or three degrees.


Some of us in the South might see more of that. The rain will continue


to push through and it set the scene forthrightly, much of Friday will be


cloudy further outbreaks of rain and quite blustery wind. It might be


that the extreme west of a region could see some dry and great weather


for the end of Friday, it depends how quickly the rain moved out of


the way. The low pressure system will move in and determine how


quickly we get more heavy rain and the strongest winds. It looks like


rain moving through on Saturday will give way to showers and blustery


winds that the LA hours of Sunday could cost between 50 and 70 mph and


then more outbreaks of rain and windy conditions on Sunday. Those


are your overnight lows. I was going to see I make DNS


tomorrow but I would have to stay in bed for four days!


CU tomorrow! NICK CLEGG: Are you in,


or are you out? That's the real question at stake at


the European elections on May 2 nd. even though that would wreck


the recovery and destroy jobs. The Conservatives are now


openly flirting with exit, and the Labour Party, well, they


just don't have the courage they wouldn't lift a finger


to help keep Britain in the EU So I'm asking you


to vote for the Liberal Democrats, in for the sake of British


prosperity and jobs. I'm in because we set


the global standards


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