05/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. First tonight, doctors at Bedford Hospital have raised


serious concerns about a new contract to support people with bone


and muscular problems. They're worried that a provisional contract


offered to Circle Health will lead to financial losses and force


patients to travel elsewhere for care. Circle says it's a fuss about


nothing. Stewart Ratcliffe has the details. This is one of the forwards


where a patient is currently treated. The contract to manage


these services has been awarded to Circle Health. Doctors here feel


that if Bedford signed up to the contract, it could lead to financial


shortfalls, workforce gaps and service failings, perhaps


threatening the viability of a unique `` A If the contract


contained clauses which lay a significant clinical or financial


risk at our door, in particular the financial risk, that will have major


implications for not only the musculoskeletal service, but also


other services, because no service stand alone. This hospital is


already ?8 million in debt. The real concern is, if this new contract


means the hospital is paid less per patient per treatment, it could


undermine the financial stability of our spittle and threaten the future


of some of its services. The commissioning group says this new


contract will not mean less money being paid for services. Bedford


Hospital have been offered a contract under the same terms they


have now to provide those services. I don't know if they are going to


provide the services. Good people in Deptford find themselves going to


Luton... Absolutely not, patients have toys. I don't know why they are


concerned. I don't know why they make such a fuss about this. But the


hospital, this is about safeguarding services and ultimately,


safeguarding its future. The iury is still considering its


verdict in the trial of two men accused of assisting a serial


killer. Joanna Dennehy has admitted to murdering three men and dumping


their bodies in ditches around Peterborough. Leslie Leyton is seen


here filling a fuel can, which the court was told he used to burn out


one of the victim's car. He's also accused of helping to dump the


bodies, along with Gary Stretch, seen here in the green. Both men


deny the charges. A teenage girl has been sexually assaulted on a bus


travelling between Milton Keynes and Bedford. Police have released CCTV


footage of a man they want to speak to. The 17`year`old girl ordered the


coach at Buckingham and the man got on at Central Milton Keynes.


The developers of a warehouse in Buckinghamshire destroyed by fire


last month ignored advice to fit a sprinkler system. It's emerged the


Fire Service recommended sprinklers during the planning process of the


Liebherr Warehouse in Newport Pagnell more than ten years ago.


Liebherr Warehouse in Newport Pagnell more than ten years ago But


Pagnell more than ten years ago. But there was no legal requirement for


them to be fitted. Senior fire officers now want a change in the


law. The number of people in our region


who are classed as overweight or obese is on the increase. A national


league table shows that in some towns more than three quarters of


people fall into those categories. Several areas here have some of


worst obesity rates in the country. Our reporter Emma Baugh joins me now


with the details, Emma. Topping the list in our region is


Milton Keynes with more than 72 per cent of the population being classed


as overweight ` that's more than seven in ten people. That's followed


by Corby and Wellingborough with a figure of more than 70 per cent.


by Corby and Wellingborough with a figure of more than 70 per cent But


figure of more than 70 per cent. But at the other end of the scale ` the


areas where the fewest number of people are seen as overweight is in


Cambridge at 54 per cent and Luton at 59. In Milton Keynes, one man has


lost seven and a half stone to help change his lifestyle. That was the


main reason, I did keep to it, plus the way I looked, I didn't want to


look like an elephant all the time. I just wanted to look normal and


where normal clothes. I feel so much better. The figures are based on


Body Mass Index. The actual calculation is your weight in


kilograms, divided by the square of your height in metres. But BMI is


only a rough guide. It can't distinguish whether the weight is


fat or muscle. More is now being done to encourage us to exercise.


GPs can now refer patients to gyms instead of giving them a


prescription. It has been incredible is successful, over the past three


years I have seen over 80% of people who take part in the programme make


a significant reduction to their weight loss, in particular we have


had a number of clients who have lost upwards of three stone in


weight by taking part in this programme and have to support so


they know what they are doing will benefit them. But obesity is a


problem that's likely to get worse. It's been predicted that by 2050 at


least half of us will be classed as obese.


In tonight's football a fan was taken seriously ill during


Peterborough United's Johnstone's Peterborough United's Johnstone's


Paint Trophy match with Swindon Town. The game was stopped whilst


the fan was treated by paramedics. He has since been taken to hospital.


The game ended 2`2. The highways agency has withdrawn proposals for a


plan which would have seen the westbound slip road at junction 23


widened. They say it is now concentrating on the road around the


Histon north of Cambridge. That is before the new route of the 814 is


open. That's all from us. Good night.


A few showers moving through overnight, it will be largely fine


and dry with some clear spells and the winds, easing to a moderate to


fresh south`westerly. A scattering of showers around tomorrow morning,


for most of us, dry start of the day, perhaps even with some


sunshine. Temperatures around average, with mainly moderate south


to southeasterly wind for much of the day, although they are expected


to pick up later on. A wet end to the day, outbreaks of rain heavy,


continuing through tomorrow evening. In a moment, the National forecast


but I will leave you with the Outlook.


As you have just heard, the little respite between one storm system and


another and it is that cumulative effect which will cause further


problems in the coming days with risks of flooding and further damage


and destruction. This area of cloud is Saturday's potential stormy


weather. Before that we have clout to the north west of Spain and


Portugal which will come our way tomorrow. That is hot on the heels


of this area of cloud. It is still with us at the moment. The winds are


easing down, but there are still some gusty winds in the central


belt. It is wet and windy in Shetland, but compared to today the


winds will be much lighter. It will be a chilly night into tomorrow


morning with a touch of


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