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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Peter, thank you. That's all from the BBC News


Good evening, welcome. On the programme tonight. Pressure on the


front line, and a push for more volunteers. Is Northamptonshire


trying to police on the cheap? Also tonight. Drama at London Road as a


fan visit `` collapses pitch side with a heart attack.


He's eating and wants to go home. The first thing he said to me was,


what with the score? And looking ahead to the National Badminton


Championships, with the husband and wife team hoping for success in the


mixed doubles. And the Hollywood a list recreating


history at Huxford. `` Duxford. First tonight. The pressure on our


front line police forces. The policing minister was in the area


today to look at a new initiative involved in cutting crime. The force


is also pushing to triple the number of special constables. But is it


policing on the cheap? In a moment we'll hear from the Police and


Jodie, to Reza and Joyce, all part of a police experiment, working with


officers, these women from a nursery, homeless hostel and church


have helped tackle street jinking in their pot of Northampton. ``


drinking. We got volunteer to do the physical work and learn on what goes


on in the church. We have got a group to pull the cheese down to see


`` so you can see directly into the churchyard. Before, the police did


not involve you, they tried to sort the situation out but we are now all


involved in the situation and we wanted to work just as much as they


do. This scheme, using the community to solve problems, is thought to be


the first of the kind in the country. Enough to attract a


minister from the policing minister who has told `` was told it has


reduced street drinking. We have seen a reduction in street drinking


and so it has definitely been a success for us. Mean one of the


danger police is also trying to promote more officers, they are


underpaid volunteers. Is this policing on the cheap? I think


special have always played a significant role in policing, they


can do something on top of the full`time officers and PCS (already


there. Other forces may be watching to see how well these schemes work.


In the last hour I spoke to the Police and Crime Commissioner for


Northamptonshire Adam Simmonds and asked him if the county's police


force is under pressure. My ambition for Northamptonshire is to make it


the safest place in England so that requires a new way of thinking and


working. It requires community to look at themselves and say, they


cannot just expect the police to do everything. I expect communities to


work out how they can police their own street and look after their own


homes and schools. We are setting an ambitious target to raise the amount


of special constables to 900. We have 1200 full`time officers, we


want 900 volunteers. They will be properly trained as front line


officers are, it is not policing in the cheap in any way. You are saying


that but you do not have do hate this starting salary `` you are not


having to pay these specials ?2 ,000 per year. They are not getting paid


that they are played to be police officers. Is it just a coincidence


that it is when you are facing 20 million of cuts in the next four


years? I am not cutting police officers, I want to put more on the


streets but it is no like to say I do not have enough money to put on


new full time officers, we have to think creatively. Let's move on to


this number, this ambitious target, 900. If you do not manage to do


that, is Northamptonshire police force going to have a gap in its


policing? No, we have 300 specials right now so I am looking to


increase that to 900. My ambition is to raise it by October this year.


The whole point is to increase the number of volunteers rather than


meeting it by a particular month. If you do not manage to increase them,


what is your plan B? We are going to increase them by 2016, we will have


hopefully over 1000 more special constables by the time I am elected


and I can say to the public that we have put more warranted police


officers on the streets. It is not about a particular month. We need to


raise the number, I have said do it by October this year, and I think


that is entirely doable. The whole point is to raise the number of


specials, not particularly when we do it by.


A Peterborough United football fan is recovering in hospital after


collapsing during last night's game against Swindon. 67`year`old Ray


Stratton from St Ives had a heart attack during the final minutes of


the match. His son Adrian says the swift response from paramedics saved


his life. It was supposed to be a typical trip


to London Road for the Stratton family. Lifelong fans of


Peterborough United, hoping for a cup victory. As the game entered its


final few minutes, it became something far more serious. You can


hear the harsh. Ray Stratton were sitting in these seats with his son.


The game nearly finished when he encountered serious breathing


difficulties. His situation got worse quickly and soon paramedics


from picked side and a doctor in the crowd were rushing to his age. This


morning, Adrian described the moment his father suffered a heart attack.


He was troubling to press, one of duty paramedic `` one of duty


paramedic came and put into the floor. After a while he was


breathing, I had one of them say he had a pulse. You was taken away on a


stretcher as the crowd waited in near silence. The game is being


televised live. Adrian was concerned his mother would be watching at


home. We do not know the numbers, that our


community is said to support families. How has that impact on


morale? The air. Raise hundreds of jobs and


millions of pounds for the local economy. We need to take a longer


view, we need to look at it as a game of chess and sometimes


personnel are moving in and out The first personnel could be flying out


early as April, but they could lose more than the headline figure. The


bigger the base, the bigger the cuts and this is a big place.


A father who deliberately drove his Jeep into a house in Peterborough


has been been given a two`year suspended jail sentence. The court


heard Paul Kingsman snapped after being told his daughter was being


pestered by noisy neighbours. He's been disqualified from driving and


ordered to do 200 hours unpaid community work. He'll also pay costs


and compensation of ?15,000. Cut back, have more zero hour contracts,


do not have increases in pay. It reduces what is available to the


students. And we care. Sorry, that was not the same story.


Staff working in higher education have staged a third one`day strike


in an ongoing dispute over pay. This was Cambridge city centre earlier


today. Members of Unite, Unison and the University Colleges Union walked


out over what they call a paltry 1% pay rise. Unions say the Vice


Chancellors at the Russell Group of universities are pocketing big pay


rises. They haven't ruled out further industrial action.


A group of mothers say they want to make their fight to save their local


children's centres a national campaign. Some centres are facing


closure in Peterborough and across Cambridgeshire as councils say


budget cuts mean they need to target the most needy. It comes as the


education minister visited the region talking about how they're


helping families. Angela Brennan in Peterborough with


his son James. She says families are turning campaigners over threatened


closures. We are trying to take this nationally. In the UK, there is a


massive baby`boom and they need more children's centres not lengths ``


less. The money needs to be ring fenced. We are hoping to get


nationally children's centres and a threat to join us and try to get the


money ring fenced. Originally, children's centres were in areas


that were seen as most deprived Gradually they have expanded and all


families have been encouraged to use them. Now councils are saying that


the pressures on budgets, they are having to target the most


honourable. In Cambridgeshire, they plan to change from 40 centres down


to 12 clusters. In Peterborough it is planned to go from 15 to four


super hubs and three outreach centres, not open to everyone. Today


when the education minister visited she said decisions should be taken


locally. It is the ultimate decision of the local council to make sure


the children get a good start in life. We have been clear in


government guidance that there should be a strong network of sure


start centres that provide that support. In Peterborough, the plan


is to earmark ?100,000 to help families is centres close. I do not


think it is a drop in the ocean in Peterborough that is a large amount


of money and as long as we use it well, as long as we continue to


listen to the parents who will be most affected, we will provide the


services that they hope to see in their area. In Peterborough, parents


will find out next month if their centres are finally to close. That's


all from She desperately wants to have her


baby at home but it is a choice she and other mothers will now have to


pay for. Still to come, the couple from


Milton Keynes, favourites to win the English badminton champ ships in


their home town this weekend. And the Imperial War Museum at Duxford


with a starring role alongside George Clooney and Matt Damon.


One in three women, and one in five men, will experience domestic


violence in their lifetime. And, on average, two women are killed by a


violent partner every week in the UK. Over the last few years, there


have been four high`profile deaths in Essex where the police have been


criticised for not doing enough. Now, there will be special advisers


in local hospitals to spot the signs of abuse in people who may be too


scared to ask for help. For nine years, this woman we are


calling Lucy was in a relationship that became progressively more


abusive. Was the abuse physically violent? Not until I became pregnant


which is when it became physical. I used to snore really badly, and I


would wake up to a sharp blow to the stomach. It was like I was too


scared to sleep, too scared to fall asleep. Lucy was lucky, she


escaped. Maria stabbings, Jeanette Goodwin and Chrissie Chambers, along


with her daughter, were all killed by abusive partners in Essex. All


three cases lead to critical reports from the Independent Police


Complaints Commission and to a rethink into how police and councils


and others can help victims and catch perpetrators. Independent


domestic abuse advisers are now on maternity wards and in accident and


emergency departments in Essex hospitals, hoping to make contact


with victims who would not otherwise seek help. It is really important we


do it here. We have access to clients who are in hidden groups,


who wouldn't normally go to a domestic abuse agency. They would


always go to the hospital or GP and disclose it. The idea would be we


would wear these and record what we see and experience when we go to an


incident. Since last month, Essex police officers have been using body


worn video cameras when they attend domestic instances. It is capturing


the evidence that might have been missed otherwise, the exact comments


made at the scene. Often we will arrive at an instant


that may still be occurring, still being committed when we arrive.


Hopefully, it will lead to more convictions. Lucy says if she hadn't


escaped her abusive partner, she wouldn't be here today. The question


is whether the work happening now in Essex is enough to save others in


her situation. Stacey Richards works with victims


of domestic violence in Suffolk. She joins us now.


First of all, what you think of these measures being in Essex?


Hello. Much as the previous two guests have said, fantastic really


because the more evidence that can be gathered, the better we can


process the prosecution. People coming forward to ask for help off


and have been abused many times, statistics show they have been


abused many times before they get to us.


Why is that? Fear, embarrassment. It is sometimes


quite hard to approach an agency and ask for help. People get very


frightened when they are in that kind of relationship.


You are dealing with people who have been through domestic violence, what


do you say to them when they finally come? They must be brave to get to


that stage. Extremely, I take my hat off to


anybody that picks up the phone and reports, and asks for help. It is an


extremely courageous move, and a very difficult one to take. I am


really proud of anybody who does. By doing this, we can raise `` can


raise more awareness of the agencies. The police and agencies


are finding it hard to improve their treatment of victims.


Why do think so many people are falling the net?


Definitely there are far too many tragedies. And police, statutory,


voluntary agencies, are doing extremely well with their awareness


training, offering more and more support. Unfortunately, people still


do not report it. Our neighbours, are they aware, do they feel


comfortable to pick up the phone and say this is not right and I want to


do something about it? There may be people watching tonight who are


either victims, or know someone who they think is a victim of domestic


violence. What would you say to them that they


should do? Please, please, have the strength


and courage to pick up the phone and ask somebody for help. If you don't


wish to report to the police, perhaps you would feel comfortable


walking into a children's centre or seeing a nurse at your GP. Whoever


you feel comfortable speaking to, please pick up the phone, and let us


stop this happening now. You can see more on that subject in


the Sunday Politics, Sunday at 11am, on BBC One.


It's not uncommon for sports stars to get married to each other.


There's Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff, and Zara Philips and Mike


Tindall. But there are very few couples who play the same sport, in


the same team. Chris and Gabby Adcock play mixed doubles in


Badminton, and are favourites to win the national title in Milton Keynes


this weekend. It is not uncommon in badminton for


relationships on court to blossom of court. Chris and Gabby Adcock of the


latest 24/7 couple. Teenage sweethearts, they tied the knot last


summer and are still getting used to their own `` their new status.


Gabrielle White... Gabrielle Adcock! They are the British leading mixed


doubles team, they are now ranked number five.


They beat the Olympic champions on the way to winning the Hong Kong


open. Becoming only the second British pair ever to win on the


global stage. We both want to succeed and we are driven. It means


we can be honest and completely truthful with each other where we


need to work on. I think it is an advantage. We are on a brave lead


which is better than some people. We get to travel together everywhere.


Some people who travel away miss their partners. A big advantage.


Their second big win is expected to come at the National Championships


this weekend staged in their home town of Milton Keynes. It is great


they have brought the champ ships to the home of badminton. It should get


really good crowds. It is an exciting time. The nationals are


closely followed by the European champion ships in Switzerland. Their


main focus is on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. In between, there


is the small matter of a house move. It is all good for Mr and Mrs


Adcock. There must be sometimes where you could do with not seeing


other! We are so used to it from such a


young age, from the age of 15, we have spent our whole time together.


We got our own house together and travelled together. We wouldn't know


any other way. We love what we do and being able to share it together.


Business or pleasure, badminton's number one couple have a connection


no others can match. This region is rich in very famous


people. Everything from film stars to rock stars, and from Prime


Ministers to Archbishops. Now, we can add George Clooney and Matt


Damon to the list. Last year, the Hollywood A`listers were at the


Imperial War Museum at Duxford near Cambridge, to shoot some scenes for


the film, The Monuments Men. Next week, the film is released, as Mike


Liggins reports. As film sets go, the Imperial War


Museum is up there with the best. Now, it features in a new Hollywood


movie. They have been stealing our art. We need to put a team together


to protect what is left. The Monuments Men. The scenes were


filmed in May last year. Here is a relaxed George Clooney on set, he


directs and stars in The Monuments Men alongside Matt Damon. You see


George Clooney, Matt Damon, landing in the air foils `` airfield, and


walking towards the airfield. The film is a true story, allied art


historians and curators rescued countless works of art stolen by the


Germans. I never heard the expression, The Monuments Men, which


captures the essence of this band of people. It wasn't a team of people I


was familiar with, it is wonderful to learn about them. How long did it


take to build? 28 years! Really? A big part of my life. Terry has a


replica Spitfire he built himself. He was involved in the filming at


Duxford. It took all day to prepare. It was lined up with three flying


Spitfires. Hugh Bonneville came along and walked part `` past. The


stars apparently stayed in Cambridge, going to the gym, and


turning up to play basketball. You can burn their homes and somehow


they will find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you


destroy their achievements. As if they never existed. The film opens


in the UK next week. Why didn't we know about that at the


time? I could have done basketball if necessary!


Time now for the weather. We start with the radar picture, a


huge swathe of rain which pushed up from the south in the afternoon.


Some of this has produced heavy downpours. Plenty more following in


behind. A cloudy night, further outbreaks of rain, some of this on


the heavy side. Depending on the low`pressure weather front, which is


associated with this rain, that will determine the strength of the wind.


They could be near gale force for a time on the coast, turning


temporarily to the north`west before returning to a southerly direction.


Tomorrow, this is the low`pressure weather system bringing the rain,


pulling away very quickly tomorrow. Much faster than expected. A better


day for most of us. Starting cloudy, overnight rain lingering. Much


brighter weather spreading in quickly. By the early afternoon,


everywhere should be largely drive. A good deal of sunshine.


Temperatures at best, nine Celsius. Above average for the time of year.


A keen and blustery south`westerly wind for much of the day. Make the


most of the afternoon sunshine. As we head into Friday evening, we


start to see further showers. This is ahead of another area of rain.


Friday night into Saturday morning, gale`force winds macro. It rattles


through quickly. Saturday morning, most of the rain should have gone.


Still blustery but gale forced wins should ease a touch. Saturday


morning should be drive. Saturday afternoon, up to 60 mph. Bringing in


heavy showers which could merge together to give a longer spell of


rain. Sunday, a scattering of showers. Lighter winds by Monday.


More wet and windy weather is expected next week. Colder nights to


come. Perhaps a frost and some ice.


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