12/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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heavy rain is causing more misery as flood waters are on the rise.


To Good evening. First tonight, the mother from


Peterborough, who became a serial killer,and the two men who helped


her cover her tracks. Tonight Gary Stretch and Leslie Layton are behind


bars awaiting sentence. Joanna Dennehy has already admitted killing


three men and trying to murder two more. Stretch and Layton both


claimed they were under her control but neither took to the stand to


defend themselves. This report from Neil Bradford.


They were caught on camera covering the tracks of a serial killer.


Standing is Gary Stretch. At the pump is Leslie Layton. He's filling


petrol can used to burn out the Mondeo car behind him. It belonged


to one of the victims. Inside and out of sight was Joanna Dennehy


described a woman with a search for blood. Kevin Lee was her landlord


and lover. He was the second victim. Today his family gave their verdict.


Kevin was so full of life. Life is very dull without him. Joanna


Dennehy has taken over our lives and callously created a whole that


cannot be filled. The killing spree began in March last year. Dennehy


knew each of her victims, stabbing them through the heart. The first, a


friend, a Polish worker Lukasz Slaboszewski. She enticed him by


text. Ten days later, Kevin Lee. On the same day she murdered her


housemate John Chapman. Helped by Stretch and Layton, the bodies were


dumped in ditches around Peterborough. They then went on the


run. The court was told it was an unholy union. They headed for


Hereford. This is Dennehy buying cigarettes just before what she


called having her fun. On this occasion, two random knife attacks.


The man with her is Mark Lloyd, a friend of Gary Stretch. He was in


the car at the time. Gary motioned through the window like this. I saw


a bloke walking across the road with a dog. He slammed the brakes on. Joe


was out the door. The first was Robin Barraza. Dennehy said I will


kill you. Ten minutes later she attacked John Rogers. It was a


vicious and sustain the lack passion sustained attack. I would love to


hear their story in the future. When you look at the extent and the


disruption she has brought people's lives, she owes somebody an


explanation about why she decided to do that over a 14 day period. Gary


Stretch told the witness I am a professional burglar, not a


murderer. Leslie Layton was described as a petty thief. But they


were willing partners in DennehyDennehy's ten day killing


spree began in Peterborough on the 19th March.


's desire for violence. Three men stabbed to death. Two


others seriously wounded. Her sister says she still cannot believe what


happened, but hopes her sibling never sees daylight again. So what


turned this sweet`faced schoolgirl into a cold blooded killer? Our home


affairs correspondent Sally Chidzoy has this report.


Killing men was Joanna Dennehy's idea of fun. She plunged this knife


into the hearts of three men and tried to kill two more. There was a


girl we loved and then turned into a monster. I do not think you can


describe it any other way. Joanna Dennehy the killer with a


psychopathic disorder and the little girl she once was, growing up in a


comfortable home in this street in Hertfordshire. Her family says she


was a well`behaved and bright child but as a teenager she turned her


back on them and moved out. She had two children but separated from


their father. She turned to drugs and alcohol and was a familiar sight


on the streets of Peterborough. She has a history of self harming and


cut herself across her stomach and arms. She spent time in prison for


petty crime. In March last year, she petty crime. In March last year, she


started her killing spree. Her mission, to murder men. It was here


that two of Joanna Dennehy's victims met their violent deaths. She leered


Lukasz Slaboszewski here by text message, stabbed in and hit his body


in a wheelie bin. She told Kevin Lee she wanted to dress him up and


sexually abused him. His body was found in a black dress. Dennehy


lived in this house where she killed the third victim and fellow tenant


John Chapman. Police believe he died because he saw her in the bath. The


men's bodies were dumped in debt choose `` ditches in Peterborough.


She phoned seven foot Gary Stretch and he and Leslie Layton helped her


dispose of the bodies. The three of them went on the run, ending up on


this estate in Kings Lynn. She wanted to see an old prison friend.


Also in the house was plumber Sean Keeble. He said she was ecstatic


when she saw a TV report saying she was wanted for murder. She had the


remain in our hands and was jumping up and down, really happy, that she


had killed three people. I said, don't you feel bad? She laughed and


said No. They headed for the West Midlands and Dennehy and Stretch


were pictured holding hands at a service station. Then she stabbed


two more men who miraculously survived. John Rogers was out


walking his dog when Dennehy stabbed him 40 times. The macro she said,


you are bleeding, I had better do some more. I was just waiting for it


to stop really. When it did finally stop I just thought, this is it,


to stop really. When it did finally stop I just thought, this is it I'm


stop I just thought, this is it, I'm going to die. Short time later,


Dennehy and Stretch were arrested. Her so`called fun was over.


There's comprehensive coverage of this story online at


bbc.co.uk/cambridgeshire and on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's breakfast


show tomorrow morning with Paul Stainton.


There are fears of further flooding after high winds and heavy rain


struck this afternoon and this evening. It's caused disruption to


the East Coast Mainline and to services from Milton Keynes on the


West Coast Main Line. The Environment Agency, meanwhile, is


warning us to be on our guard. I think worst`case for us, between


now and Friday, we could see the same rainfall as last Thursday where


we could go back to the situation where the rivers are very high but


we are coping with getting the water away. The key is how the water gets


to the fields and rivers which could lead to flooding locally and some


properties flooding where they are and tips and hollows.


Three men have been arrested in connection with the murder of


19`year`old Isaac Stone. The men, one aged 19 and the other two in


their 20s, are all from Bedford Isaac Stone, who was 19, and known


locally as rap artist Dynamikk, was stabbed to death on Costin Street on


Saturday, January 25th. Bedfordshire Police are still keen to hear from


anyone with information to contact them.


That's all from Look East, Newsnight is starting over on BBC Two, but


let's finish here with the weather and Julie Reinger.


Hello, some showers heading in over night. Some of them could turn


wintry. Towards the end of the night, they should ease down


attached. With temperatures close to freezing we cannot rule out Frost


and icy patches. The more frost feeding through. There will be dry


and bright weather with spells of sunshine. A blustery day. The wind


is not as strong as today. We finished the day largely dry give or


take one or two showers. We have a yellow warning in place for Friday.


We could see some further heavy rain, five to ten millimetres. Half


an inch in places. I will leave you with the Outlook. The winds will


pick up strong to gale force after Friday. Still windy


Good evening. What an incredible day of weather it has been. We saw gusts


of wind up to 108 mph in the West of Wales. The wind is easing down a


notch or two but we still have a high-level amber warning from the


Met Office for the strength of the wind over the next few hours over


quite a large swathe of the UK. Northern Ireland, northern England


and down across Wales, there is still potential for damaging and


disruptive gusts of wind. This huge curl of cloud is bringing wet and


windy weather across much of the West of Europe. It curls back across


the north of the UK and that's the centre of the area of low pressure


with the strongest winds just to the south of that. Let's focus on the


winds over the next few hours. The ease down by a notch or two but


still blustery conditions over most of Wales. High seas around the coast


and gusting up to 70 mph. Easily around the 80 mph mark across much


of northern England. Across the Pennines this evening and overnight,


travelling will be treacherous. Wind and rain at lower levels will


produce a lot of spray. You don't produce a lot of spray. You don t


have to go to high up the Pennines to see that turned to snow. One way


or another, further disruption to travel is more than likely. BBC


local radio will keep you up-to date local radio will keep you up-to-date


on where you are and where you are trying to get to. The centre of the


low system moves northwards. Pretty heavy snow developing across the


hills of Scotland with several centimetres by dawn. A bit of snow


for Northern Ireland and wintry showers drifting across the southern


counties. A risk of ice with most races are seeing the temperatures a


degree or so either side of freezing. A cold, windy start


Thursday but I think it be a better day. No persistent rain to be seen.


There should be some spells of sunshine for many of us, as well.


Does it last until the end of the week? I'm afraid not. It goes


downhill on Friday. This low pressure will head our way. Lots of


isobars on the chart later in the day. Gusts of 60, 70 or 80 mph, with


rain spreading northwards. Significant snow for parts of


Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. Windy into the start of


the weekend. Saturday has outbreaks of rain. On Sunday, something of a


respite. The winds will ease down and it should


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