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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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starting over on BBC Two in a moment. They'll be live in Kiev


assessing what chance today's deal assessing what chance today's deal


this type of offence. Experts say more needs to be done. Louis I


this type of offence. Experts say Good evening. First tonight the


fight to protect vulnerable children from sexual predators. Last night we


reported on the sentencing of five people aged between 33 and 14 who


sexually abused five girls from Peterborough. It was the latest in a


series of high`profile prosecutions of young men who groom and abuse


young girls. It is the result of the authorities specifically targeting


this type of offence. Experts say more needs to be done. Louise


Hubball has this report. BBC radio Cambridgeshire. Five


members of a Peterborough gang who raped and sexually abused young


vulnerable girls have been gelled at the Old Bailey.


It was said in court the girls were seen as easy meat, sexual


playthings, and this all happened in Peterborough. What do shoppers


think? Shocking, really shocking this is happening in Peterborough.


It is disgusting, really. What can you say? I have got a little brother


or sister and if that happened to them, it would break my heart. One


of the social workers supporting the girls agreed to talk to me. We


concealed her identity to protect the young people she works with. How


concealed her identity to protect the young people she works with How


important is the sentencing? It is the start of the girls being able to


live with what has happened to them. They were pleased to know what the


outcome was. You have spoken about the impact on the girls, but how do


you cope with listening to what they are telling you? There are days when


I drive home in tears thinking about what I heard, what the girls had


said, but you have to stay strong for them. They need to know you can


rely on them, and they can rely on you. Why are you talking to me? This


video is shown to young people at risk of sexual exploitation.


Prevention is now a key and so is the need for youngsters at risk to


talk. One of the most basic tools this charity uses is jewellery


making. If you are making something you can talk without having to make


eye contact with your work and it increases confidence to talk about


the things that have happened to you. Sometimes these young people


are very angry and you can pour all this out and explain your feelings.


Yesterday five abusers were jailed precisely because young girls had


the strength to discuss their feelings.


Earlier I spoke to Professor Jenny Pearce from the University of


Bedfordshire and asked her how widespread this kind of crime is.


The office of the children's commission last year produced a


report that said we know for sure over 2000 young people are being


sexually exploited by gangs and groups. That is an


underrepresentation of the numbers because young people do not report.


In our research only one in 12 young people in gang affected


neighbourhoods said they would tell anybody. They have no confidence


those that they'd tell will be able to do something about it. The


partner of a man stabbed to death in his own home has told a court today


how she pleaded with his assailants to leave him alone. Sharif Demirsay


was attacked in the hallway of his home in Kempston last May. Neil


Bradford spent the day at Luton Crown Court.


The court has heard how 69`year`old was left traumatised by the attack


on her partner. They had been together for more than 20 years.


on her partner. They had been together for more than 20 years She


together for more than 20 years. She said it was late at night on May the


14th when there was a loud knock at the door. Three young men all


wearing hooded tops burst in demanding cash and gold. They were


all armed with knives and they began stabbing her partner. The


prosecution say the attack on Sharif Demirsay was vicious and sustained,


but it only lasted a matter of minutes. She was also injured in the


attack and required surgery as she tried to fend off the attackers. She


tried to fend off the attackers She described how she was stabbed


through the arm. This she said she tried to fend them off by hitting


one of them over the head with a metal attachment from her vacuum


cleaner. She told the court, he pushed me, I felt to the floor, he


said, where is your money? I said to take the money, take the gold, leave


my partner alone. She told the court one of the attackers was even


shouting kill him, kill him. The accused all deny murder. The trial


at Luton Crown Court is expected to last six weeks.


A six`hour stand off between Northamptonshire Police and a man


thought to be armed has ended. It began at around 2pm in Cardigan


close to the Dallington area after reports of a man brandishing a gun.


Four police vehicles, fire and an ambulance were on stand`by. One


resident arrived home just before the siege ended peacefully around


8pm. This has been going on since half past one this afternoon and me


and my daughter have been in town and we have just got back to this


situation. I understand no one is allowed in at the moment. It could


end in five minutes or hours from now. It has been confirmed the body


recovered from the River Ouzel in Leighton Buzzard is that of the


missing man Neal Devlin. It was discovered on Monday. The


36`year`old was last seen on New Year's Day after leaving a friend's


has. His route home would have been close to the river.


Saturday looks like the most promising of the weather. It is


looking windy and cloudy for Sunday. Tonight it is a largely dry night


with long, clear spells developing. It will get chilly enough for a


touch of ground frost. It is a bit of a cold start to the weekend, but


it will quickly warm up because we will see long spells of sunshine


through tomorrow morning. Increasing amounts of cloud, but not a bad day


and it will feel very mild for this time of the year. The wins will come


from a south`westerly direction, initially a light wind, but they


will tend to pick up and fresh and through the afternoon and evening.


This is the outlook. The wins will start to pick up for Sunday and it


will be liked and cloudy. Outlook. Tom Shuffle knacker has the


National forecast in a few seconds. Some rain around on Monday.


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