24/02/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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life changing experience. The question is whether the Games will


deliver a and a plan to bring a ?130 million


of investment to the city. It comes with the promise of hundreds of jobs


and growth. Peterborough already has one of the fastest growing private


sectors in the country with almost 4,000 created in one year, thanks to


new business. Just today a new distribution park opened which could


lead to a further 8,000. Finished and ready for the first


company to move in, a parcel delivery business. On its conveyor


belt, `` when the conveyor belt is finished, more than 50 will work


here. We run a model telling us where growth is going to be. We have


double`digit growth as a company and Peterborough is a hotspot we have


recognised. So we have decided to invest and move here.


This is the first warehouse on a 240 acre distribution park. Peterborough


is home to one of the fastest`growing private sectors in


the country. A city soon to see more private investment. ?130 million


worth. Money held in an account overseas, opened by the council It


is a mix of investors, sovereign funds, I wealth individuals, and


pension funds. It is a different way of doing things. The reality is that


councils have historically relied on government funding to unlock


development and that is no longer there are so we have to work in a


different way. Money from the overseas fund would be used to buy


council property and on it would be built houses and businesses, which


the council say would generate wealth. But some are concerned about


who may invest in the city. It is about being able to see clearly


where the investment is coming from. As a local authority, we need to be


principled and we need to have ethics. We need to make sure we are


getting money from sources that are sound. They say the Peterborough is


open for business. The city is attracting big investment from home


and abroad. And with that, the promise of many, many more jobs


Meanwhile in Corby, 900 jobs are at risk at Solway Foods, with losses


now described as 'inevitable'. The company which makes salad products


is one of the town's biggest employers. A few weeks ago it said


it was considering closure. Now a multi`agency taskforce has been set


up, but it's not overly optimistic about jobs. I do not believe that


they can all be saved. Because the company are obviously losing money,


having a lot of difficulties. But I believe, and would love to see


Solway running, probably in different premises, far more


efficiently and making profits so that they are there for the long


term. Major roadworks are due to start on


the M1 near Luton airport, with holiday`makers advised to allow an


extra hour so they don't miss their flight. As part of a ?30 million


pound scheme, the roundabout at Junction ten is being replaced by a


3`lane carriageway, linking the motorway to the airport. The


junction will be closed overnight for several nights from March the


4th. But lane restrictions will be in place for 18 months.


Luton has been closed for business for a number of years. The traffic


queues have been so great that it has put people off investing in the


town and those that have come to invest here have often found that


they have had objections from the highways agency, saying that if you


do that, it will put more traffic through the junction. It is an


excellent location and this link will provide a link from one of the


major motorways in the country to the airport. We have worked with the


contractors to reduce the closure period so that the closures are from


8pm until 4am. New trains for the region's busiest


commuter routes have been unveiled to passengers. They promise less


crowding, faster journey times and more destinations. But we'll have to


wait a few years until they're in service.


Travelling by train can be a tight squeeze. There are more passengers


than ever before. But help could be at hand. In Cambridge, they recently


had a revamp to accommodate trains with 12 carriageways. `` carriages.


In three years, the majority of fast and semi`fast services to King's


Cross will be made up of a dozen carriages. And that is not all. More


than 100 of these new electric trains are being built with more


space, climate control, digital displays and baby changing areas.


There is more space at four level. They are coming in in 2017. A bit of


weight. Yes, but worth waiting for. What is the timetable? The new


trains will run on the Bedford to Brighton line in 2016. The following


year, they will be on the Peterborough to King's Cross route.


And in 2018, there will be direct services across London. Meaning you


could travel straight through with your luggage to Heathrow, and


perhaps even Gatwick. It will do an enormous amount to decrease


overcrowding. The programme is geared up to address the levels of


crowding on the route and that capacity is much needed. But if you


heading to King's Cross, the new trains will run alongside the


existing stock, so you are not guaranteed to catch one.


The new fleet of electric buses in Milton Keynes is having problems


coping with the weather. The buses run on batteries which are charged


wirelessly at points along the route. Five buses had to be


withdrawn because water got into the electrics. They've since been


adapted and returned to service Time for the weather with Julie


During the rest tonight, we will see a band rain moving eastwards. The


wind is also picking up at the moment, to a mainly moderates to


fresh south`westerly. Tonight will be frost free. Tomorrow morning the


last of the rain will clear quickly and then we're left with dry day,


give or take a few showers. And hopefully some brightness and


sunshine coming through. Temperatures in double figures at


best. And we finished the day largely fine and dry. I'll leave you


with the outlook will stop on Wednesday, there will be fewer


showers around, so a largely dry day, and then outbreaks of rain on


Thursday giving way to brighter skies and some showers.


rain moving eastwards during Thursday with brighter


rain moving eastwards during will be more rain overnight into


Thursday. Good evening. We have a spell of wet


and windy weather working across the British Isles. Today brought many of


us some decent spells of sunshine and it brought us some decent


temperatures. In fact, our warmest day of the year so far.


At the moment, though, things have changed. This is the gap in the


satellite picture. Now, this curl of cloud looks like a snail's shell, it


is an area of low pressure that is sweeping wind and rain across us.


It's pushed into the west already and is now making rapid progress


eastwards, moving into eastern England through the small hours


Strong, gusty winds around the Irish Sea coasts. The weather front will


weaken as it gets into eastern areas. Behind the weather front


things are a good deal clearer and that is the way we will start


tomorrow. Our wet and windy weather, the worst of it is out of the way as


we look at


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