19/03/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. First tonight, the money coming to Cambridge to help


unlock economic growth. Tod`y the Chancellor announced in his spring


Budget that it will be given City Deal status, ?500 million worth of


investment to boost transport, infrastructure and jobs. Cotncils


will be able to set their own budgets and less control from


Central Government means more freedom on spending. It's the


largest package of its kind in the country. And George Osborne says it


will transform the city into the powerhouse of the national dconomy.


Our political correspondent, Andrew Sinclair, reports. This is `


significant announcement whhch is likely to have a dramatic affect on


not just Cambridge but the surrounding area. ?100 millhon from


the Government over the next five years. 400 million more by 2030 To


be used for a variety of purposes, but particularly to make it easier


for people to get about. A place like Cambridge, which is wanting to


grow, has the capacity to grow, has the industry, has the local


companies that play on a national playing field, this is an investment


that will pay back for the country. More than 33,000 homes are planned


for the Cambridge area. But for them to be built for people to w`nt to


live in them, there's a desperate need for better transport lhnks Not


just improved roads, but better public transport services and new


cycle routes. Under the so called city deal, the Government whll give


a substantial ground to the greater Cambridge area and allow local


councils and business leaders to decide how and where to it. We need,


for example, to put new measures on the A10 corridor between Calbridge


and Ely, because it's cloggdd up all the time. We know that the @428


capacity needs to be increased on that. We know that the 1307 is a


dangerous and poor capacity road. These are the kind of things we need


to do. A number of places across the country have been given Citx Deal


status. Here in Nottingham, they are using the money to extend their tram


network. The local council says in just two years the extra investment


has already attracted new btsinesses and created 700 new jobs. L`bour say


any extra money for the reghon is to be welcomed, but they worry that


focusing so much on Cambridge means that other parts of the reghon,


particularly rural areas, m`y lose out. But this Budget was all about


promoting economic growth and, in the eyes of the Government, City


Deal status for Cambridge goes a long way to help.


Andrew was at Westminster when George Osborne delivered his speech.


I caught up with him earlier and asked him whether the Chancdllor


mentioned investment for anxwhere else in the region.


The City Deal announcement for Cambridge was by far the biggest


piece of news for our region, but there are other things which have


been announced today which will go down well. There's going to be a tax


break for regional theatre. We talked about this on Look E`st last


week. Local theatres in our region have really struggled over the last


few years financially. This will go some way to help. There's also going


to be ?200 million for councils to bid for to tackle potholes hn their


area. This follows a campaign by the Northampton MP Michael Ellis.


There's also going to be a small fund to make donations to local air


ambulances. And one of the big stories down here today has been the


decision to cut the tax on bingo from 20% to 10%. That campahgn was


led by the MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon. He was so pleased when the


Chancellor made the announcdment today, he led a chorus of, "House,


house!" One more announcement today. The Chancellor is going to put money


into an Alan Turing Institute, named after that the Bletchley Park code


breaker. He said it would ldad the way in the study of data. Wd don't


yet know with the institute would be based, universities can bid for that


money. Next, the news of more investment


and jobs coming to the region. Today Ryanair boss Michael O'Learx said


his budget airline was expanding at Stansted Airport. It could lean


another 2,000 jobs for the `irport, as well as dozens of new rottes


across Europe. Louise Hubball is at Stansted for us now.


This is big news for Stanstdd. As a passenger, it means there whll be


eight new destinations incltding Athens, Bucharest and Pragud. If you


want the figures, it means ` number of Ryanair flights will go tp from


490, to 700 every week. That could create up to 2000 new jobs. Today,


the boss of Ryanair said since the airport came under new ownership


last year things have changdd. I think not just the management but


also the people who work at Stansted. There's a new atthtude, a


welcome for passengers, the train services have improved and Ryanair


is playing its part by not just adding new routes and flights, but


also improving our schedules and improving our customer servhce as


well. We've heard that this has a good time for the airport. Stansted


has been struggling. That's right. Stansted has had a tough tile during


the recession. Traditionallx it has always focused leisure travdl. That


has suffered during the downturn. In fact, passenger numbers havd dropped


by 25%. But now bosses have said they are going to focus on business


travel. They are hoping to capitalise on economically rich


areas like Cambridge. For a region who has got strong growth


opportunities in business and inward investment, so the destinathons that


have been announced today and the frequency really supports otr


ability as a region to do btsiness and for other parts of the world to


do business with us. But thd proof of all of this will be how lany


passengers actually use these new routes. Police are still qudstioning


seven people after armed police raided a travellers' site in


Northamptonshire. A firearm and a quantity of Class A drugs wdre


seized during the raid which took place early this morning. Officers


have been continuing to search the site at Rothwell, near Kettdring.


Police say three women, thrde men and a teenager remain in custody.


That's all from us. Don't forget we will be back with the breakfast


bulletins from 6:25am tomorrow. Now let's take a look at the we`ther.


A dry night stretches ahead with some long, clear spells, but


temperatures aren't expected to get down to low with a brisk brdeze


Tomorrow, and much better prospect of seeing some bright or sunny


spells through the day, as the cloud starts to shift and break`up. These


temperatures may go a degred or two high in the sunshine. There will be


a noticeable south`westerly breeze through to borrow and that will tend


to freshen into the afternoon. This is the sign of the next reldvant


heading our way, and that whll bring some rain after nightfall, tracking


eastwards overnight. This brings a much cooler air mass for thd end of


the week. In a moment, the National forecast. But I'll leave yot with


our outlook. Cooler and shall report Friday and into the weekend the


return of some frost overnight. night it will be heavy in places.


This is the outlook: Bright enough for Friday and the weekend but much


colder and some of the showers could have a wintry nature.


Cloud coming in from the Atlantic. When it moves through we will get


cooler conditions with lively showers. But mild overnight with the


south-westerly breeze dragging cloud across England and Wales. As you can


see the heaviest rain and strongest winds overnight are confined to


Scotland and northern Ireland. Wet and windy here but it is an mild


night with the cloud cover and breeze. But, a miserable start to


the day in Scotland. Wet and windy, gusty wind through the central


lowlands in the morning. Up to 0 miles an hour and maybe more than


that over some of the hills. Not pleasant in the morning rush-hour


and not pleasant in Northern Ireland either. In England and Wales, a lot


of cloud around but maybe a few breaks to the east of


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