20/03/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me


In the programme tonight, the government promises millions more to


people here our roads, but hs it enough to fill the potholes. Another


jewel in the Crown is set to sparkle the stock market. How pionedring eye


laser surgery has restored the site of this woman who was told she would


never see again. And life after the Harrier jump jet. Life behind the


scenes at the RAF base. First tonight, the battle to beat the


potholes. Today, we learned that councils in our region will get


almost ?8 million to help rdpair roads damaged by the wettest winter


on record. And more money could be coming our way. Chancellor George


Osborne paid tribute to one of our MPs when he announced anothdr pot of


pothole money in his Budget speech. My honourable friend has bedn a


persistent campaigner for rdsources to repeal the potholes in hhs


constituency and across the country. His persistence has paid off. I am


making ?200 million available, which local authorities can bid for Allied


trust Northampton will be m`king an application form. We will bd hearing


from Michael Ellis in a momdnt. But first, let us take a look at today's


cash announcement in a little more detail.


Northamptonshire will get about ?1.5 million, Cambridgeshire is hn line


for a similar amount, while Bedfordshire will receive more than


?870,000. But just how far will that actually go? Anna Todd has been out


on the streets of Northamptonshire. You just go bump, bump, bump, even


on a bus. It is not nice at all People blow it out of proportion. We


are a nation of morning people. This garage and roughed Rushton takes in


45 cars a day, one quarter of them with problems caused by potholes.


With the force of it hitting the portal, it is correct the rhm of the


real. It will require a new real, and one like this, is not cheap


This man has become known as pothole Pete, because of its campaign to


improve the roads. How does he feel? Thrilled? Delighted? Ht will


not even scratch the surfacd. 5 years ago, a recovery required to


300 million to repair the road and the Chancellor has given th`t to


repair the roads of the enthre country. The county council hopes to


have around ?15 million. Calpaigners say it is a drop in the oce`n. This


is a massive problem. It is a legacy going back through several


governments through the dec`des Is this a losing battle? We will


improve the quality of the work so the rate of progress is painfully


slow. Five years ago, Pete was pleased that this road was patched


up and made perfect. But tr`ffic in time have opened up old wounds.


Michael Ellis, the MP for Northampton North, has been


spearheading the campaign for more money for potholes. He joins me now.


The announcement today, ?1.4 million former phantom share, it is a drop


the ocean? It is good news. The state of the roads in my


constituency are not good enough and people have put up with it `nd had


to put up with that for too long. There have been decades of


underinvestment in the roads and I think everyone knows that. This is


nearly a quarter of ?1 billhon. It is not a drop in the ocean. It is


not everything that we need, but we can fix a lot of roads with it. I am


delighted. It reflects well on the people of the constituency because


of the petitions they have filled out and surveys may have colpleted.


You are talking about the ?200 million George Osborne menthoned in


the budget yesterday. There is no guarantee, is there, that


Northampton will get any of that money? The council will havd two bed


for it. I am heartened that the Chancellor invited Northampton to


bid for the money in the budget speech. I think we have the


respectable chance of being successful. I will do everything I


can to make sure Northampton makes a successful bid. We want as luch


money as possible. I have bden riding the council about thhs


probably about 1,000 times. We have done a lot of work on the stbject.


Potholes are a blight, becatse a lot of damage and something needs to be


done about them. But there `re parts of the country that suffered much


more severe flooding than Northampton who will need money


There are many people in thd south`west who need the mondy and it


may result in your constitudnts losing out. It is right where these


places which suffered seriots structural damages by floods hit


money to help fix that. I think the Chancellor will make other


announcements about that. Btt there also needs to be the pot of money


for potholes. The government has two cross the board and has different


power priorities. I am confhdent that under this Chancellor, he knows


exactly where to look to pl`ce his priorities, which is great news and


I think there will be more to come. Thank you for joining us.


A company near Cambridge is promising to double its workforce


after floating on the stock market later this month. Horizon Dhscovery


helps major drugs companies to develop new treatments. It hs the


biggest flotation of a Cambridge biotech company for many ye`rs and


it hopes to raise more than ?25 million for expansion. In Shlicon


fen, the signs of recovery `re never far away. The biotechnology company


is about to float on the stock market. The help major drugs


companies to develop new trdatments. Research can be carried out on test


tubes rather than real people. We take the discoveries from the human


genome Project and project results which allowed pharmaceutical


companies to develop drugs. It could save millions for the drugs


companies. Horizon Discoverx Was born seven years ago and has grown


quickly. It plans to double the amount of stuff they have in the


next couple of years. The money raised from flotation will be


ploughed back into the business This drives our ability to dxport


around the world. It will also mean we can recruit more employeds


locally and top`class scientists for the future. The biotech centre had a


rough ride in the recession. But in the last couple of years, confidence


has returned. Cambridge alrdady has a $1 million biotech companx. There


are 15,000 employees in this area of research alone. In the East of


England, compared to the rest of the innate Kingdom, I think it has about


one third of all the life science businesses in the country. Ht looks


as if Cambridge will soon h`ve another jewel in its high`tdch


crime. `` Crone. More than 100 jobs are at rhsk at a


Co`Op logistics centre in Huntingdon. The Co`Op Group is


currently consulting with staff over plans to close the centre, which


supplies food stores. The company is looking to cut national running


costs by ?500m. It is proposing to close the depot in the summdr. It


says job losses would be regrettable, but a similar number of


jobs would be created elsewhere in the country.


Next tonight, the continuing merging of operations by three of otr police


forces. Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshhre


forces already share resources on major incidents. Last week, Look


East revealed that the idea of merging control rooms was bding


talked about. Now, we understand the police and crime commissiondrs are


also considering introducing shared police cells. In custody in


Peterborough, like in so many stations, the police cells have not


changed much to four years. No, the kind commissioners are lookhng at


going a step further with wholesale moving around of prisoners,


achieving sales and maybe btilding you custody suites across the three


counties. I am more comfort`ble about the merger of a control room.


When it comes to the transporting of people to different locations, it


means that a lot of police officers are going to have to be used and it


will be wasted from other front`line duty. It could mean the people being


held in cells many males from home in different parts of the county.


Critics say this will cost lore as police and solicitors and others


working in the criminal justice system end up travelling grdater


distances to see clients. There are 86 cells there, 44 in Cambrhdgeshire


and 49 in Bedfordshire. The idea of sharing sales is not new. Norfolk


and Suffolk police she knew custody buildings. The union welcomds any


collaboration which keeps jobs in the public sector. Instead of the


money once leaving the police force and going in profit to priv`te


companies, I would want thel to invest in more efficient working


ways. The police say the new custody centres will provide a more


efficient service for the ptblic. The government has announced that a


new research institute will be set up in honour of the World W`r Two


code`breaker Alan Turing. Hd was based at Bletchley Park durhng the


war, where his team cracked the Enigma code. He went on to develop


early computers. Universitids will be invited to bid to be the home of


the new institute, which will research ways of collecting,


organising and analysing data. The Red Bull Formula One Racing team


is being awarded the freedol of Milton Keynes today. The cotncil is


granting the honour to mark the impact Red Bull has had on the


Milton Keynes economy. It is also for bringing positive international


attention to the town through its Formula One success. Today's award


comes on the day Red Bull announced it was appealing against thd


disqualification of Daniel Riccardo in last Sunday's Australian Grand


Prix. The reason why we appdaled against the disqualification was


that we do not feel he brokd any regulations. We will have the


hearing shortly to hear what the outcome will be through the


independent court of appeal. another attempt at Southend, saying


it has merely been postponed until September next year.


Sport Relief begins tomorrow, and good luck to the thousands of you


who are raising money during the three day event. One of the key


themes this year has been food poverty, which has been highlighted


in the BBC Two Sport Relief programme Famous, Rich and Hungry.


Much of the money you raise is spent in this region. In Milton Kdynes, it


has helped a charity food b`nk buy a delivery van.


It could happen to any of us. One day life is good, the next ht is


not. Food banks are an emergency service. It is in the weeklx


shopping, it is a desperate measure to help people through despdrate


times. The Milton Keynes foodbank has been going for ten years,


through labour and coalition governments. Even in this prosperous


place, there are many peopld living on the thin line between having a


lot and losing the lot. It's a leveller. It isn't about politics,


it's about people having re`l needs, and we can all think of timds in our


lives one have things go wrong, and you look for help. We are there to


give you. That is all we can do as a charity. It is really difficult for


me to get into my head somebody only having one meal a day. Survhving and


charity hand`outs. If it wasn't for the foodbank, we would go htngry.


The problem has been highlighted in this relief programme Famous, Rich


And Hungry, where celebritids live with families living on the


breadline. And Sport Relief has also helped to pay for this van, so the


Milton Keynes foodbank can take the parcels to the people. You'll we are


there to help them minicrishs. `` in a crisis. Hopefully, in the span of


the time we are dealing with them, the different agencies will have


helped them to get over thehr problems. Without this, I


would've... I don't know wh`t I would have done. I would have ended


back in prison. And I don't want to go to prison again. I spent most of


my life there, and I don't want to do it's no more. All the people


using the foodbank are referred by agencies like social servicds,


Citizens Advice and Age UK. Normally, they can only havd five


parcels a year to get them through the hard times. It is not a food


chain. It means they won't fall into further debt. They won't take out


payday loans and have extortionate amounts to pay back. Last ydar, they


supply 13,000 parcels. This year, it will be 20,000, and having the van


means they can. I'm never going to be rich doing this job, not in


pockets, but I am in the he`rt. That's the thing. These people touch


your heart everyday, and it's a real great thing. It blesses us `s much


as it blesses them. Great thoughts. Now, tomorrow night we'll bd finding


out how you are raising mondy for Sport Relief. You can find out


what's happening near you bx going to sportrelief.com. And you are


running a mile, aunty? U Amhn! I am starting of the Norwich race,


setting off from outside City Hall here. That starts at nine, ten, and


1030. I am making my eight`xear`old daughter run for me!


Many people share their thotghts and keep us updated by blogging about


the latest fashion trends, politics, but also wildlife. Tonight, we meet


a science teacher from Reepham High School in Norfolk has been doing.


Sarah Holmes is one of 20 whldlife bloggers from across UK to be


featured in the BBC Wildlifd magazine. She will write about what


she sees and hoping to insphre her students to get involved.


Nesting blue tits, moth cocoons and soon a new bee club. These `re some


of the ways Sarah Holmes is inspiring her pupils to find out


more about nature. So if yotrs is wiggling, it means it's alive. It


will turn into a moth at sole point soon, hopefully. We've been


participating in looking at the moths, which we've rescued from the


greenhouse to have a look at. Seeing the birds in the bird box, `nd


seeing the stages they go through to actually nesting, I find th`t really


enjoyable. Really nice learning about nature, because when H was in


primary, we had a wildlife garden, but we didn't really learn too much.


Their teacher Sarah is a kedn nature blogger, and has just been picked to


write about her local area for the BBC's Wildlife magazine. Shd's one


of only 20 people who'll be local patch reporters. We had hundreds of


applicants for this I was really excited, because


apparently they were inundated by lots of people, and I wasn't really


expecting to be picked. I w`s really happy when I got the e`mail to say


yeah, we'd like you to do this. We had hundreds of applicants for this


project up and down the country and Jews


project up and down the country and Sarah


project up and down the country and Jews and


project up and down the country and Sarah really stood out from the


crowd because of her energy and enthusiasm, but in particul`r, she


was really, really interestdd in getting the next generation into


wildlife and the natural world. It's places like this, Foxley Wood, just


down the road from where Sarah teaches, that inspires her to write


about nature. It's the largdst remaining ancient woodland hn


Norfolk, so it's full of historical flowers. Butterflies thrive here,


and it's great for bird spotting. Over the pass a few years, there has


been a lot of research done into nature deficit disorder, whhch is


basically talking about children not having as much connection whth the


outdoors, and I thought it would be quite nice to try and address that


and have a few more things to get kids more connected with nature But


Sarah wants us all to venture out a bit more. Her blog is about what she


has seen, and what we should look out for, meaning we don't h`ve to


travel abroad to see somethhng special. It's all just around the


corner. That's great, isn't it? We ought to


say that you were doing the and That's great, isn't it? We ought to


say that you were doing the race on Sunday. Yes, but there are dvents


all over the region. Check out the website.


Good evening. It might be whndy but we have seen some fine weather


across the region. This photograph was sent into us, shoving a


beautiful scene in Bury St Ddmunds, with some spring flowers in the


foreground. The cathedral in the background. We did record some gusts


of up to 40 mph today, so cdrtainly a windy forecast, but also, the


warmest spot wasn't in Suffolk, but in Norfolk. 16.4 Celsius in Norwich,


but look at the temperatures tomorrow. Quite a drop in


temperatures. We will reallx notice the difference. It is coming in on


this front, bringing quite ` lot of cold air behind, which will really


stick around into the weekend and the beginning of next week. There


might be the return of some frost, and cooler temperatures by day. If


we look in and cooler temperatures by day. If


we look at and cooler temperatures by day. If


we look in the and cooler temperatures by day. If


we look at the progress of the rain in the last few hours, it is getting


into the north`west of the region, and as you can see, it rattles


through by midnight. For most of us, it should have cleared away, and no


great rainfall totals, but the significant thing is the cooler air


that starts to make its mood significant thing is the cooler air


that starts to make its way right across the region, and later


tonight, with light winds and clear skies, temperatures could f`ll away.


Close to freezing, two or three Celsius, cold enough for a touch of


ground frost and icy patches where there has been earlier rainfall


Tomorrow, and entirely for the there has been earlier rainfall


Tomorrow, and entirely diffdrent feeling day. Another weather front


is on its way, but it shouldn't spoil the day. It will be qtite


windy. Here is the weather front first thing tomorrow morning. It


will bring some showers, but probably not until the evenhng rush


hour. The bulk of the day whll feel cooler and fresher, but quite a bit


of sunshine through the morning into the afternoon. Some patchy cloud


rings one or two isolated b`ll the afternoon. Some patchy cloud


rings one or two isolated showers, but into the afternoon, there could


just be more widespread showers Temperatures between ten and 12


still a brisk and Temperatures between ten and 12


still a brisk breeze as well, so quite a blustery feel. The showers


become more widespread into the evening. They could be on the heavy


side, possibly with hail mixed in and accompanied by a blustery wind.


Into the weekend, this is how it shapes up: Much cooler, highs of


just nine Celsius sunshine `round, and also some showers, which could


be on the heavier side. The return of some overnight frost, so


gardeners beware. had a of some overnight frost, so


gardeners beware. Any bloomhng flowers may be quite vulner`ble A


quick barometer check should help. Thank you very much. Do you remember


spring? That is all from us. Have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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