02/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. A court's been hearing of the final fatal journey of a


teenager who lost her life `t a notorious accident blackspot in


Peterborough. Hannah Yates, who was 19, lost control of her car on


Northbank, near Whittlesey, and it plunged into the water. Hannah's


death was one in a series of accidents last winter. Desphte


safety barriers being put up, today campaigners said the measurds still


didn't go far enough. A beautiful girl who we miss so


much. Our hearts are broken. The words of Hannah Yates's famhly after


the inquest today into her death. She died after her car went into the


river one night last winter. Hannah Yates was happy in herself `nd was


on her way to see her voice friend. After she crashed, a witness heard


her shouting. She said that she was trapped and it sounded as if she was


banging on the glass. It was one of a series of accidents starthng with


her death. Today the coroner said that


Hannah's death was accident`l. After her death, her family joined


campaigners, calling the better safety measures. Temporarilx speed


limits were brought in and safety barriers put up on the end where


Hannah Yates died. It is a shame that it took Hannah's death to make


the council finally realised the need for a safety barrier on this


road. Her family said today they were disappointed the corondr did


not ask for more safety measures, but they had to accept what had


happened and move on with their lives.


In less than 24 hours a votd in Brussels could mean online hmages of


child sexual abuse become more difficult to block. The


Cambridgeshire based charitx The Internet Watch Foundation is


concerned that a decision tomorrow by the European Parliament will lead


to images remaining accessible on the internet for longer. Ben Bland


has the details. Last year the foundation received reports of more


than 13,000 websites that wdre hosting images of children being


sexually abused. At the momdnt they share the web address with the


service provider Hugh Block it almost immediately. The new law


could make it illegal for the Internet providers to do th`t in the


future. Instead they might have to get a court order and that hs


opposed by one of the members of the European Parliament. This is


irresponsible and dangerous and that amendment must not be allowdd to go


through. And this matters bdcause removing and deleting the ilages and


take up to a couple of weeks, so the ability to temporarily block access


to the web address almost immediately is very important.


So why are they doing this? To make it easier for legitimate businesses


to trade across Europe without worrying that their websites are


slow down of locked. Someone in Cambridge be abld to live


from someone trading in Belgium as easily as buying from a company


based in this country. Our region's Conservative and Labour MPs want


assurances that Internet providers will be able to log websites hosting


illegal images. `` block websites. Next, more on the record levels of


air pollution affecting our region. Government experts say todax in


parts of East Anglia and thd East Midlands levels have peaked. It s


partly caused by dust from the Sahara. Joining me now is Dr Alison


Greig from Anglia Ruskin Unhversity. Why has this region been so badly


affected? This part of the country is being effected because it is in


the path of the airstream which has come up from the Sahara, crossed


over Europe and ended up in this part of the world. So do yot think


these high levels we have bden experiencing today are a ond off or


will we see these conditions again? Generally, we get this sort of


airstream about five or six times every year. This is the first time


this year we have seen it. Ht does happen occasionally. We havd seen


extreme rainfall over the l`st few months. Part of that has bedn put


down to climate change. Do xou think these high levels of elution are


down to the same thing? It hs very difficult to in any particular event


on climate change, but the dxperts have said, and they are quite


possibility that we are seehng possibility that we are seehng


changes in our weather pattdrns due to climate change and so whhlst we


cannot pin this particular dpisode on climate change, it is possible


that in the future we are lhkely to see different weather patterns, this


sort of thing happening mord, or even less because of climatd change.


Thank you very much for joining us. Football, and just one result to


tell you about from tonight. In League One Peterborough plaxed at


home to Colchester. Posh won the match ` final score 2`0. Th`t is all


from the late team, but don't forget from the late team, but don't forget


our breakfast bulletins beghn from 6:25am. Time now for the we`ther.


It is quite cloudy across the region at the moment and there has been


rain and drizzle, but the rdst of the night look mainly dry. There


could be some fog patches developing, but it won't be a cold


night. We start with some mhst and fog, but that will lift and there


will be hazy sunshine. It whll feel warmer with temperatures around 18


degrees Celsius. For the afternoon, cloud might produce rain across


western counties. On Friday we will get a fresh air mass. In a loment,


the National forecast, but here is the outlook.


be dry. The air pollution has been hitting the headlines today. For


more information on that, here is my colleague.


Good evening. Very hazy skies in London today and many other towns


and cities across the UK. On Thursday there is the chance of some


pretty high pollution in the south-east and East Anglia but by


the time we get towards the end of the week, we will see clearer


Atlantique air coming in and we should get rid of the Saharan dust


which has been making services grubby in the last few days. You can


see the pattern across the Atlantic. We also have a weather


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