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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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effort to put people off smoking. That is all from the BBC News


Hello and welcome to Thursd`y's Look East. Coming up in the next 30


minutes: 11 members of the same family are jailed for the khdnap and


torture of a couple in the Fens Police say it's the worst c`se of


vigilantism they've ever sedn. Also tonight: The morning after the


night before ` Nick Clegg t`lks about that debate and defends


Cambridge's City Deal money. People say ?1 billion isn't enough


but it is much more than ?0. And we'll be here later in the


programme: Up, up and away. How the region's airports are expanding `


without the prospect of a ndw major runway.


And a soldier 's life in a sick case which had not been opened for nearly


100 years. Good evening. First tonight, it s


been described by police as the worst case of vigilantism they've


ever seen, like a scene frol a Hollywood film. 11 members of the


same family kidnapped and tortured a couple they wrongly believed


murdered their elderly relative Today, those family members were


jailed for a total of 60 ye`rs. The pregnant woman and her partner were


held against their will and eaten in an attempt to extract confessions.


But 75`year`old Gertrude Fr`nkham from west Norfolk had actually died


from natural causes. Our hole affairs correspondent Sally Chidzoy


was in court to hear today's verdicts.


Behind bars tonight, members of a family fixated on revenge. They are


relatives of Gertrude Frankham who had been married to Iman often


referred to as the king of the gypsies. The family were convinced


she had been murdered and khdnapped the man they believed responsible.


And his pregnant late `` he`vily pregnant partner. They beat them and


filmed it. There was blood on her face and she was very distrdssed.


She was heavily pregnant at the time and people were forcing her to say


what they wanted her to say. She would have been in fear for her own


life as well as the safety of her unborn child. Police were alerted


after the dot dial nine 990 is tell pleased they had a confession after


beating the women. Police investigated the murder


allegations. Won it was the family who ended up in


the dock. Sentencing the 11 defendants to a total of 60 years in


jail, the judge said they wdre a family who saw themselves as being


above the law, that they ard imposed their own law. He said the punched,


kicked and drag the male victim into a warehouse and forced him hnto a


chair. He said it was a scene reminiscent of some while Hollywood


film. The family still insist Gertrude Frankham was murdered.


She will get her justice and the police know who the murderer is


None of the family should a Morse. `` showed remorse.


The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, was in Cambridge tod`y


talking up the benefits of City Deal status. That's the funding for the


region which could be worth up to ?1 billion. Mr Clegg took a totr around


the Science Park, something he says the money will build on to dnsure


that the city continues to be a magnet for high tech companhes. But


it was only this week that the chief executive of the Cambridgeshire


Chambers of Commerce called into question what the deal is actually


worth and how much impact the extra cash will have.


We really feel that the Citx Deal is inadequate to deal with the kind of


problems that we already have. We have said is it a real Deal or a raw


deal? We think it is the latter And it was precisely that point that


I put to Nick Clegg directlx when I had the opportunity to talk to him


earlier today. I don't agree. The problem hs when


you make an announcement like this that people say it isn't enough


It is interesting you see ?0 billion because only 100 million is


guaranteed. No, 100 million comes up front then


400 million is revenue generated here that would be normally sent


down to the Treasury but is retained here. But you are right the other


half a billion needs to be latched. The commuters who will be able to


travel more freely will be less interested in which hundreds of an


comes from where. That is the main thing that people are worridd


about, the congestion and transport links.


They were talking about representing the business community. There is a


feeling that this money will just paper over the cracks.


This is a plan which, unlikd the bad old days, when plans for Calbridge


were drafted on the back of an envelope, this is a decision made


locally. Local business people have been authors of this plan.


The rest is, if we don't get it right, at government and local


level, we could have companhes going off to silicon valley. If wd don't


get this right they will le`ve. That's why we have to get it right.


I like to see the positive side of this. This is ?1 billion City Deal


that didn't exist. Let's talk about your debate with Nigel Farage


because this area is a UKIP stronghold.


How did you think you performed I enjoyed it and would have debates


like that every day. When someone like Nigel Farage comes along and


says I can lift all the problems from your shoulders because it is


someone else's fault I can understand that is an attractive


idea. Nevertheless, people are listening.


The UKIP vote stands at 21% in this region and we now have over 50


councillors at county and dhstrict level. They are a force to be


reckoned with, aren't they? Indeed and it is an attracthve


argument but a dangerous ond. Have to look at the bigger picture. One


in seven of the businesses hn this country were created by people who


came from elsewhere in the world and created taxes. It is better for us


to be in the European Union. Thank you.


Police in Milton Keynes say they're becoming increasingly concerned for


the welfare of a teenager who's been missing from her home for more than


a week. Cailey`Anne Payne is 16 She was last seen with friends on


Saturday in London. Our reporter Ben Bland is in Milton Keynes for us


now. Ben, what more can you tell us? Cailey`Anne went missing last


Wednesday, more than a week ago She was seen at Milton Keynes train


station that evening and has only been seen once on Saturday lorning


in the acting area of West London. She is 16 years old and has gone


missing before but detectivds are worried for three reasons, because


she is on her own, has no access to money and the length of timd, seven


days, is giving them cause for concern and they are treating its


very seriously indeed. I asked one of the detectives estimate have any


luck tracking her down using her mobile phone signal or bank card


usage. We are doing lots of enquiries as is standard procedure.


We are keen to get communitx intelligence. Any friends or family


who now Cailey`Anne and makd no worse years are asked to cole


forward and share information. The police have issued a description


and a photo. She is white, five foot three, of medium build with long


dark red hair. They ask for people who see her to appeal to her to get


in touch with her family and let them know she is safe.


The family are worried as you can imagine. They are working clothes


with police and we are making sure they are supported well the search


continues. Detectives tell me they are focusing


their search in London and here in Milton Keynes. They are urghng


anyone who sees Cailey`Anne to get in touch with them by calling 1 1.


An amateur footballer has bden arrested and charged for posting


abusive tweets. Nine tweets were sent, two of them allegedly


discriminating against a disabled person. The FA would not reveal the


exact content of the tweets but he has until next week to respond to


the charges. It's estimated that it could take


councils in this region eight years to clear the backlog of rep`irs to


our roads. A freezing winter followed by a wet one have left


roads severely potholed and damaged. The government has given cotncils in


the East more than ?15 millhon in extra funding. But one industry


group says it's a drop in the ocean and it will be years before all the


damage can be put right. What we would like to see is a more


proactive maintenance schemd for the area and more money being ptt into


fixed those roads. Whether that money comes from local or n`tional


government. In less than 24 hours, a vote in


Brussels could mean online hmages of child sexual abuse become more


difficult to block. That is the concern of the Cambridgeshire `based


charity the Internet Watch Foundation.


Restrictions on the Internet registered. Better for businesses,


with their websites less able to be blocked. They brought here for more


freedom on the web and now fears that more images of children will be


difficult to remove. We must not allow any weakening of powers to


tackle child abuse. But I am confident that reason will


prevail and this very unfortunate vote will be overturned.


The IAAF can have pictures removed almost instantly but they could


though remain up for days or even weeks until permission has been


granted. The Internet Watch Foundation wouldn't speak on camera


but said they would be watching developments. The vote is l`ter this


year and if it goes the samd way, changes to the Telecom bill will


become binding. We want to have a system th`t allows


companies like the IAAF the ability to take child abuse images of the


Internet. We want to be abld to do that internationally and not just in


the UK. The IAAF worried that more child


images are being viewed every day and they will lose the power to


remove them. Northampton will look to reach the next round of the cup


tonight. The Highways Agency says its plans


for improvements are on schddule and the plan to have consultations next


month. delayed after it emerged he had a


fraud conviction. He served six months for the offence


month. Those are the top stories for


tonight. He used to weigh 70 stone, but is


now down to 22 stone. The operation could reduce his weight by ` further


seven stone. Still to come: The pioneering surgery to help women


with all bladder problems. Smog and pollution levels in parts


of this region have been higher than anywhere else for the second day


running, according to the Mdt Office. South easterly winds have


blown dust from the Sahara.. And pollution from the continent. But


tonight there are questions over the levels of pollution and whether


they've really been as bad `s predicted. This is a Birds Dye view


at Luton Airport. All of thdse buildings shrouded by a curtain of


smog. It has been a murky phcture in more ways than one. I region was


predicted to be one of the worst places in the country for pollution.


Depending on which experts xou listen to. There is still a blanket


of haze across Norwich at the moment. The Met office says that any


pollution scale of one to tdn, it will be ten. That means verx high.


Defra says it will be low. Tnless you are in a city or town or buy a


busy road. If one or two pl`ces have a high reading and you colotr a


large area of the map with that colour then everybody thinks they


will get bad pollution levels. It is a bit like telling people who live


on the top of a hill that there will be flooding and it applies only to


people in the valleys. Saharan dust coated cars yesterday.


A perfect recipe for high ahr pollution. The Defra websitd showed


the highest alert possible hn purple. But it has not been as high


as forecast. Despite the warnings, this man took his job for `` took


his dog for the usual walk. I would not say the experts are


right or wrong. But we do normally get sand blowing up from thd Sahara


at this time of year. With ` strong southerly and I suppose with the


high`pressure and low presstre, weak spectre it.


The warnings have continued. Although the readings from this


monitoring station in Norwich have been consistently low. This man is


an expert in weather and air pollution at the University of East


Anglia. He says it does not take much for the forecast to be wrong.


There are three elements kex to a good forecast. Getting the weather


right, quantifying how much volition there is, and understanding the


atmospheric chemistry. `` quantifying how much polluthon there


is. Experts say that while air pollution


is a serious issue, it should be kept in perspective. We apologise


for sound problems during that report.


It's nearly four months since the Government's Airports Commission


left Stansted off the short list for a new runway. It was a move that


delighted campaigners opposdd to expansion. But ever since Stansted


has been showing signs of growth, handling more passengers and


announcing new deals with ahrlines. And it's not just at Stanstdd. Luton


and Southend have also been expanding. So does it matter we re


probably not going to get a new major runway?


The Airports Commission may have said an initial "no" to a sdcond


runway at Stansted. But that does not mean that the region's `irports


are going nowhere. They havd substantial spare capacity. Recent


weeks have seen a flurry of announcements by airlines planning


major growth. This week it was easyJet, planning to double


passenger numbers at Luton. Last week, Flybe announced six ndw routes


from Southend. Two weeks ago, Ryanair said it would incre`se


passenger numbers at Stanstdd by 50%. How much spare capacitx do the


region's airports have? Luton currently flies ten million


passengers a year. It could, with Government permission, fly tp to 18


million. Southend currently flies ond million


and could go up to 5 million, if it was allowed to. Stansted, ctrrently


at 18 million, has permission to go up to 35 million. But if pl`nning


controls were relaxed, it could go up to 45 million on just ond runway.


From an 18 million passenger starting point this year, wd believe


in the next 15 to 20 years, we'll be at 35 million. As we go beyond that


figure, depending on growth rates over the next ten to 15 years,


getting up to 45 million. 45 million would be ten million more


than they presently have permission for. That's the size of Birlingham.


So we would not simply roll over and accept it. We would want to discuss


with the airport the noise hmpact, the air quality impact, and to


ensure the interests of loc`l people were safeguarded.


With anything up to 35 years of spare capacity, Stansted fedls it


can ease any shortage of runway space in the South East. And it is


not the only place that feels that way.


Southend is one of the airports that will be able to provide addhtional


capacity before any new runway is built. So we can grow our route


network and help to solve some of the South East airport capacity


issues. The Airports Commission is looking


at Heathrow and Gatwick for possible new runways. But fears Stansted will


be left with nowhere to grow appear overdone. More women are sahd to


suffer from bladder problems than some forms of cancer. But it can be


embarrassing to talk about `nd many suffer in silence. 18 at


Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridge has become the first in this region


to use a new type of keyhold surgery to repair the damage. They want to


get this message across: If you have a problem, get help.


Are you feeling nervous abott your surgery today?


Ahead of her operation, this woman hopes it will change her life. She


is lucky that the gynaecology team here has won a national accolade for


helping women with unary and pelvic floor problems. While some `re keen


to have this operation, othdrs don't have it so easy.


Older ladies may just put up with things until it has got to the point


really cannot put up with any more. That is because they just dhd not


want to talk to their GP about it. It is not pain, just discomfort But


you don't want to tell people about it.


She is being given a general anaesthetic but the procedure will


only take 20 minutes. The hospital has been praised for its usd of


keyhole surgery. But today, the operation is being done


conventionally. I can see where the healthy tissue is and where the


weaker tissue is. I can then join them up and provide strength.


Figures show that one in five women suffer from these kinds of problems.


Higher than some cancers and diabetes. But only a quarter of


women seek help. If they did look for treatment, there is an 80%


success rate. Penny has alrdady encouraged others to seek advice


over similar problems. The lore ladies that go out and talk about


what they have had done, and that has made a huge difference to their


lives, those who are out thdre worrying that it is surgery need not


worry. We have a vast range of options.


One alternative is Botox. Soon the surgery is over and it is only lunch


time. She will go home tomorrow In 1916, a young soldier from


Hertfordshire was killed at the Battle of the Somme. Edward Ambrose


was just 18 and when he went to war he took a suitcase with him for all


his personal possessions. There's all sorts of things, this


being perhaps one of the nicest .. Stored away for almost a century,


this suitcase tells a fascinating story. Inside, the personal


possessions of Private Edward Ambrose, just 18 when he was killed.


His mother was said to be so heartbroken that she locked the case


and its contents in an attic. The case is an incredible condition as


are its contents. Photographs, medals, and Private Ambrose's pipe


and cigarette case containing hand`rolled cigarettes.


It's the totality of everything a snapshot of a young man's lhfe at


the moment he died. The poignant half smoked pipe or picture of his


girlfriend is just so touchhng. Private Ambrose, the eldest of six,


joined the 6th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment in 1905. The


following year, he was on the front line in the Battle of the Somme He


died a few days after being hit by shell fragments.


One of the most interesting pieces is his wallet. It contains pieces of


shrapnel. The suitcase contained many letters.


This was from Private Ambrose's father, just days before his son


went to war. "No doubt you will think it is


strange to get a letter frol dad but I thought I must write you just a


few lines before you sail away from home. I remind you that you are


quite young, so you must trx to take care of yourself and don't forget to


ask your Heavenly Father to help you."


Private Ambrose's possessions, including this French phrasd book


for soldiers, will go on display later this year as part of the


Hearts At War project. A unhque collection, but sadly and all too


familiar story. So poignant. A very moving letter.


Now the weather. The air quality is changing. More


clear air coming in from thd Atlantic will mean less pollution


around. We will also see sole rain. The cleaner air is coming in on this


weather front. It has some rain on it but as it tracks its way eastward


it is weakening. For most p`rts of the region, it will turn


increasingly cloudy. A few spots of rain. By the end of the night, it


looks dry. Not particularly cold. A south`westerly wind. Into the


morning, Mr will clear first thing. The cloud is expected to thhcken. We


may see some sunshine. Tempdratures are bit cooler than they have been.


The afternoon looks as though it will be brighter with a better


chance of sunshine. Pressurd patterns show that there ard more


Atlantic weather fronts on their way. Tightly squeezed isobars saw a


noticeable south`westerly breeze over the next few days. That will


bring mixed fortunes for thd weekend. Some rain at the wdekend,


but not throughout it. We start Saturday dry and bright sunshine.


But that may turn cloudy as the day progresses. A south`westerlx breeze


for the weekend. Some outbrdaks of rain on Sunday morning. But try and


break by the afternoon. `` but dry and bright by the afternoon. Some


sunshine. A mild night. I suppose we need a bit of rain


That is all from us. Goodbyd.


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