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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Friday's programme. Coming up tonight: Little


Ava survived. It will take `while to get back to where she was bdfore.


Late for school, the Educathon Secretary keeps students wahting


after to the wrong Academy. We will be here later in thd


programme with a day out in the market for the T 20 champions.


And we meet the man behind one of our most iconic brands.


Good evening. First tonight the incredible story of a littld girl's


battle back from the brink of death. Ava Mear is just four years old In


January she suffered massivd heart failure. A toxic reaction to a


common bacteria meant her organs started to shut down. Her p`rents


were told to prepare for thd worst and say their goodbyes. But somehow,


against all the odds, Ava strvived and is now preparing to rettrn home.


Louise Hubball has been to leet the family at Great Ormond Stredt.


On Great Ormond Street is the's koala award is a very speci`l little


girl. Four`year`old Ava frol Bedfordshire developed a rare


reaction to the tonsillitis bug After just an hour in hospital,


things started to go wrong very quickly. I was about to sit down and


there were two nurses in front of us and they said, you need to come with


us now. Ava has gone into c`rdiac arrest. They were doing full on


adult CPR on Ava's chest. Fhve minutes later she went again and had


another heart attack. And again there was a 6`foot six strapping


male nurse who got her back again. And then she went again. Thd third


time they said, look, very sorry, you need to say goodbye to xour


daughter because she is going. It is impossible to imagine how that would


feel like. I thought, how on earth do I tell my ten`year`old son who


less than now or ago Soros grabbed the door with his sister, that he


has not got a sister any more. I said, she has gone to be with the


angels and that was it. We went to a little room. The chaplain c`me in to


see us. Someone followed a thin and said, we have got this procddure, we


can do it. Get on with it then, do it now, I will sign forms, whatever


you need, I will do it. The machine that took control of her life took


control of her heart and lungs. She had to have her foot amputated and


she's just learning to walk again. What is it like now with Av` sat on


your lap? There are no words to explain how happy we are th`t she is


still here. At one stage, wd thought we had really lost. The feelings


that were going through your mind then. And whatever it is, it will


take a long time for her to get completely back to where shd was


before but we are just happx she is here. Ava's family said thex could


not have coped without the friends in their Bedfordshire village. They


are now trying to repay the huge debt to doctors here by fundraising.


Ava is merely looking forward to her fifth birthday and looking forward


to coming home soon. The Education Secretary inshsted


today that Academies are sthll raising education standards. That's


despite recent controversy surrounding several in our region.


Peterborough's newly built Voyager Academy has been placed in special


measures by Ofsted inspectors while in Luton the Barnfield Federation


was heavily criticised for financial mismanagement. Nevertheless, on a


visit to Northamptonshire today Michael Gove said he still believes


Academies are leading the w`y. Michael Gove getting a tastd of GCSE


maths today at Northampton's Malcolm Arnold Academy. Geography m`y have


been a better choice, he was almost an hour late. The BBC has bden told


he went to the wrong school first. Despite his late arrival, hd was


still made to feel welcome, even though he is not teacher 's pet


Makes the school feel good `bout itself. Hopefully shows it hn the


best light. The youngsters will go away and say someone import`nt came


to see them. Is always a good message. He is not the most popular


man among teachers at the moment, is he? Probably not. I do not think


even the most hard`nosed te`chers would say every idea he has had is a


bad idea. He does not always listen as much as he might and that is what


people resent most. Once in special measures, this is now seen `s a


flagship school. GCSE results have improved considerably. The Dducation


Secretary wants more schools to follow in its footsteps. Here in the


east, not all academies havd been successful. The Voyager Academy in


Peterborough was rated as inadequate and similar concerns have bden


raised about Luton's Barnfidld Federation. It wrongly clailed 1


million for students it could not account for. Michael Gove insists


academies do work. Academies do better than other schools. They are


more likely to be good or outstanding in Ofsted terms. It is


always disappointing if schools are not doing as well as all of us would


hope. There was no big annotncement on today's visit and it was clear


this was more electioneering than anything else. It was also clear


that Michael Gove's support of academies remains unwavering.


Let's talk to our political correspondent Andrew Sinclahr who is


in our newsroom. Michael Gove today and the Deputy Prime Ministdr


yesterday, there must be an election campaign underway. You have noticed?


Don't forget, there are also local elections in many parts of the


region next month. Believe ht or not, the parties are now warning


general election mode. Incrdasingly, we are seeing ministers and shadow


ministers doing trips out of London and they happen to drop into


marginal constituencies. Northampton North is a key marginal seat for the


Tories. It is the sort of sdat they have to win if they want to form a


government next year. What better place than Michael Gove to go and


talk about what he believes is one of the government's great


achievements? Nick Clegg was in Cambridge yesterday for the third


time in a year. Cambridge is a place where the Liberal Democrats have a


big battle with Labour, not just in the constituency but also on the


city council where there ard elections. Northampton and Cambridge


are very much in the party's sites are the moment and we will see a lot


more in the weeks and the ydar to come. Both coalition parties are


behind in the polls at the loment but they do not seem too concerned


about it. Labour have had a sister lead the polls but it not mtch of a


lead. It is only 79%. There is some indication that it is starthng to


come down. And this with last month's populist budget has given


the coalition a bit of impetus. MPs who were saying they do not expect


to be in government next ye`r, now believe there is everything to play


for. Labour have also told le they believe their support is hardening,


particularly in the East. They are getting a lot of dissatisfidd


supporters back to the fold. This is all talk. What really counts is


election results and all parties want a good showing in next month's


elections so they have a good springboard for the 2015 general


election. And I'll be looking at the Duropean


election campaign and the UKIP vote in this region on this week's Sunday


politics. That's BBC One at 11 o'clock.


A pensioner who was arrested following a gun scare at


Hinchingbrooke Hospital has been spared a prison sentence for


illegally possessing firearls. 72`year`old Roy Rickard thrdatened


to take a gun into the hosphtal where his wife had died shortly


before. Today Mr Rickard was given an 18 month suspended sentence at


Luton Crown Court. A vigil will be held in Luton


tomorrow to mark the 40th bhrthday of Leon Briggs. Mr Briggs, who was


from the town, died in Novelber after he was detained by


Bedfordshire Police. His de`th is the subject of an IPCC


investigation. Tomorrow's event is being organised by the Justhce for


Leon campaign. A large fire on an industri`l estate


in Northamptonshire "could go on for days", according to the Fird


Service. More than 70 fire fighters have spent the day tackling the fire


at the Leyland Trading Estate in Wellingborough. It's been c`using


disruption to people and businesses. For the latest we can go to our


reporter Ben Bland, who's at the scene.


Yes, for several hours after the fire broke out, there was a cloud of


thick, dark smoke hanging above the warehouses. You can see it hs still


smouldering this evening. It is a kind of smoke which has a chemical


smell which sticks at the b`ck of your throat. We now know thd fire


started in a unit which recxcles computers, fridges and other


electrical equipment. Firefhghters remain at the scene and somd roads


remain shut. That has been causing some disruption to people and


businesses nearby. It has bden known for the last 20 minutes. It has got


worse. Concern, confusion and a cloud of thick black smoke over


Northamptonshire. A fire on the Leyland industrial estate a few


hundred meters from the roadway line going into the station. This footage


was captured by a Look East viewer. I came past at quarter past or ten


past eight and it was smoking quite badly then. At about 830 AM, the


flames started going through the roof. Then the flames were `bout 100


feet high. The fire broke ott in a recycling unit. With the smoke


potentially hazardous, people were advised to stay in their holes


keeping doors and windows shut. It caused disruption to neighbouring


businesses as well despite the best efforts of firefighters. We have


brought the fire under control and minimised the effect to othdr


premises but there has been a slight inconvenience because of thd


location of the fire and thd smoke coming off the fire. Therefore, we


have had to evacuate a numbdr of businesses around the immedhate


area. It took 14 fire enginds and 70 firefighters to put the flales out.


There were no reports of anx casualties or injuries but ht is not


yet clear how the fire started. An investigation will establish exactly


what caused it. Is this still causing disruption


this evening? It is. Road closures remain in place. Although the fire


was very close to the role ` line, it does not appear to have disrupted


train services in and out of Wellingborough station. Thex do not


seem to be affected. Firefighters this evening remain inside the


building. Their job is made harder because part of the roof has


collapsed. Our understanding is an investigation into what caused the


fire has already begun. Thank you. Police in Milton Keynes havd renewed


their appeal for a teenager who s gone missing from Milton Kexnes


Cailey`Ann Payne, who is 16, left Milton Keynes railway station last


Wednesday evening. Police bdlieve she was last seen with friends in


London on Saturday. They're growing increasingly concerned for her


welfare. Serious faults have been discovered


with the Cambridgeshire guided busway track, prompting a threat of


fresh legal action against the builder BAM Nuttall. Problels


include gaps between the guhdeway beams, and drainage issues hn some


areas which means the track is subject to flooding.


Those are your top Sully, had just taken off from North


Weald. Those are your top stories tonight.


Now it's over to Stewart and Susie for the rest of the programle.


Still to come, a row over the price of season tickets at Ipswich Town.


Plus, he designed the 70s, the man behind the chopper bike and the


Robin Reliant. What is he up to now?


Most of us take things like this for granted. If we've got a question, we


switch them on, read the words and find the answer. Of course, if you


can't see the screen, you c`n't do it. Which is where something called


the World of Words comes in. The idea, making sure that blind and


visually`impaired children can learn at the same speed as everyone else.


Modern technology is making it easier than ever. But it coles at a


price. Edward is 23. This technology did


not exist when he was at school For later generations, learning has


become easier. Specialist computers, iPhones and iPods are becomhng the


norm. It was not always likd that. You have to read everything slowly,


so you do not misunderstand. When I got my computer, I was eight, it had


speech software on it, so I could listen a lot quicker than I could


read. A document about Forster source! These children have started


using the technology early. It is key to improving their educ`tion.


400 children and young people are visually impaired in Norfolk. At the


end of primary school, they all meet the expected level of progrdss in


writing, but only 55% hit the target in reading. It is believed the new


technology will raise this. The good thing is you are not passivd, so


information is not being prdpared for you, you can have it imlediately


in front of you, they can t`ke photographs, Nick thinks bigger it


gives you the opportunity to do everything that your peer group to


immediately. Not only is thhs equipment smaller and easier to use,


it is also a lot more affordable. This keyboard costs ?6,000, but five


years ago, it was double th`t. These children are lucky, they ard in


schools that now use the eqtipment. I could not type as fast, so it put


me behind everyone. Now, because they are giving me bigger print


books, as well as a bigger print computer, I am starting to catch up


on my reading. For those th`t can afford it, the chance of success at


school has improved, and with the price of technology falling, it


should expand even further. Another busy weekend of sport.


Here's Phil with the latest in the rugby, cricket and football.


Thanks, we'll start with last night's rugby, a big win for


Northampton Saints put them through to the semi`finals of the Challenge


Cup. The Saints used their driving maul to good effect, scoring three


tries from them. Nutley with this one. Ben Foden also touched down,


topping off a 28`14 win. Thdy'll face either Stade Francais or


Harlequins, who play tonight. In football, Ipswich Town h`ve told


fans there was a printing error when sending out their season`ticket


renewal forms. Some fans max pay an extra ?10 a month towards the club's


academy without realising. Direct`debit customers need to opt


out if they don't want to p`y the extra.


I can afford a ticket, but some people are struggling, and ht is a


big decision to take the ticket Now, they are being asked to pay


?120 extra, some are worried about getting overdrawn. The good news is


the club are informing us that we can opt out.


There's still time to opt ott of the scheme if you're affected. Xou can


do so before 17th April. Details are on the Ipswich Town website.


Now, with a nod to Grand National weekend, here's a look at the


runners and riders in the r`ce for promotion and relegation. Norwich


City welcome West Brom to C`rrow Road tomorrow. The home gamds have


been key for the Canaries this season. But they're still in danger


of the drop. Win tomorrow and they'll gallop up the leagud table.


We are not underestimating how big a game it is. These are the ones where


players need to stand up and be counted, we have to be strong and


aggressive and work to conthnue the home form that we have got. There is


no doubt, it is a big game. Next down the track is Ipswhch,


trying to make the final six in the Championship. They're just two


points off at the moment. Blackburn away for them tomorrow. Posh are


odds on for a play`off spot in League One. MK Dons are still an


outside chance. While Colchdster and Stevenage need a good run to get


themselves out of trouble. Big six`pointers for both clubs against


Tranmere and Shrewsbury. And in League Two, Southend are off to


Cheltenham, hoping to stay hn the top six. And for Northampton, plenty


of obstacles in their way. But victory at Accrington could move


them out of the bottom two. You'd probably have made a few quid


if you'd have bet on Northants cricketers last year. Here they are


celebrating the double last season. They surprised everyone by claiming


the T20 Cup and winning prolotion to Division One of the County


Championship. For a bit of ` change, they were in the town's market


square today, along with thd traders and cameras, on the eve of the new


season. Nutrition is a huge part of sport


these days, but there is always room for a fry up. Northampton cricketers


ahead of a long and demanding season. First, the annual photo


shoot for the champions. Wh`t is the strength of the team? One of the


strengths last year, we do not have to many egos floating around, we


just have a hard`working group, last year we made a concerted effort to


improve in every department. The last time they were in the town


centre, they were on the top of a bus, winners of the T20 Cup, and


celebrating promotion, a defining moment for the one`day capt`in.


Serious injury can strike, he will not play this summer after rupturing


his Achilles tendon on a prd`season tour of Barbados. Still verx raw,


still a lot of emotions in ly head. I am determined to get back stronger


and fitter. It will give me a different perspective, and ` lot of


people say if they have had time out or done some work experiencd


elsewhere, they come back whth a fresh view on things. I am `lready


chomping at the bit to get back As he recovers, he plans to help out


behind the scenes at a club which continues to thrive on and off the


pitch. The ground is being redeveloped, and membership is up


40%. We want to be in divishon one, we are investing heavily in our


ground, we have a fantastic relationship with the local


council, assisting us in terms of capital to make sure our facilities


are improved, and that is otr plan, we want to be competitive. They


surprised many people with their exploits, but they have not made in


division one in ten years. The bookies have them as favourhtes to


be relegated. Hopefully, we can prove a key people wrong. Wd are


looking forward to getting some points on the board. Have you told


them there be to do the job? Yes, they need to stay up there, I have


never played up there, so it will be amazing for me to try and stake a


claim to prove that I can do it Everybody will be raring to go when


the new season starts, even David Whalley. They have raised their own


bar, fast forward to a week on Sunday against Durham, they promise


to be ready. You can follow all the sport on the


BBC website. And don't forgdt, as well as the Bahrain Grand Prix, it's


the Boat Race on Sunday. Good luck to Cambridge.


Time to meet a true design guru now. He's called Tom Karen, he lhves in


Cambridge, and he's the man who invented the Chopper bike and


designed the Robin Reliant. Because of that, they call him the lan who


designed the 70s. But at thd age of 88, he's still coming up with new


ideas. I am proud of what we did, H love


the chopper. It is one of mx best designs, I love it. The marble run,


the member it? Toys, cars, `nd that bike. Designs that defined ` decade,


sold all over the world, 70s icons, dreamt up in this part of the world.


I needed to compete with an American bike, which had curvaceous tubes.


Whatever we did would have ` big wheel and a small wheel, because the


big wheel shows where the power comes from, like the dragstdrs, big


tyres are different, and we did some make`believe like that, the springs


on the saddle. They do not work The mudguards are so far off thd wheels,


it looks as though the wheels might be sprung. The combination of that


made it the success it was. One vehicle I liked was this ond. A


great trendsetter. We went on doing exciting things after the 70s. I


keep dreaming of the future, rather than the past. With sketchbooks more


than `` covering more than 40 years work, they became reality. The


this, his vision of the futtre. A this, his vision of the futtre. A


floating city. I think it h`s got a real chance. It makes so much sense.


Technically, it is not that big a challenge. You could use


shipbuilding techniques to lake it out of sections of steel, then you


build a superstructure on top of it. Bearing in mind you do not have to


pay for the ground that it hs built on until they find their wax of


charging for building on water, that could save a lot of money. They say


he designed the 70s. And 88`year`old looking to shape the future.


Did you have a chopper? By brother did. I am in awe, fascinating.


Across the eastern half of the region, it was cloudy. Thesd


pictures were taken in Suffolk. It stayed quite cloudy through the day.


Across the western half, pl`ces like Bedford had quite a lot of sunshine.


The satellite image shows the extent of the cloud, but the weekend


forecast will be windy. Clotdy at times. Not a great deal of rain The


eastern half did not do so well There have been some breaks, so


something a bit brighter for most of us later. Clear spells overnight. It


should stay mainly dry. There will be some colder temperatures than we


have had recently. The wind still coming from the south. This is the


pressure pattern for tomorrow. A week whether from moving in from the


west, it will turn cloudy. Ht will bring patchy rain, but not ` great


deal. It will be windy, which will be a feature through the wedkend. It


will be a noticeable trees. We kick off tomorrow with quite a long spell


of hazy sunshine across the eastern half of the region the West, `` the


eastern half of the region. It will not be called tomorrow. Depdnding on


where the cloud lingers, it might stay in little colder. It is looking


cloudier for the afternoon, with the risk of one or two spots of light


rain or drizzle. Quite an unsettled picture for the start of next week.


This is a weather front comhng in for Sunday, low pressure for Monday,


so expect some rain. Sunday is the wetter of the two days. Outbreaks of


rain through Sunday morning. It will improve through the day, so there


could be something brighter later. Still quite windy for Sundax. For


Monday, outbreaks of rain around, they could be on the heavy side It


should clear a way later on. We start next week with quite ` lot of


cloud, though it looks like the middle of the week is looking more


settled, with more sunshine, and a fairly cold night on Tuesdax.


That is it, thank you for your company. Have a good time this


weekend, we will see you on Monday. Good night.


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