08/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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League final. That's all from us. A first look at


Good evening. First tonight, the papers on the BBC


Good evening. First tonight, preparations in Cambridge are


underway for the Tour de Fr`nce Today the head of the world's


biggest cycle race, Christi`n Prudhomme visited the city. It's the


third stage of the race starting on the seventh July and is thotght to


bring tens of millions of pounds to the local economy. 200 of the


world's top cyclists will travel from Cambridgeshire into Essex and


then onto London. Mike Cartwright reports.


Like its starting line, the race will be burned into the memory of


this region. The eyes of thd world watching our part of the world,


chosen by him, Christian Prtdhomme hosting a sporting spectacld. . It


is important to have Cambridge as a city of cycling. It seems a long


time ago that we were able to announce that the tour was coming


here. From October last year, we discovered the route it was going to


take. We have a mark on the spot where it will start. This is the


last of three stages. 100 mhles and around three hours racing and


winding its way through Essdx, into Chelmsford, past Harlow and


finishing in London. Cycling superstars flying through this


village. They have noticed before the tour arrives, something else has


gone. There has been the talk of potholes in this race but they have


closed the village and they have resurfaced the road. Up the hill


here, there are a few more holes that need filling. The roads are


looking absolutely beautiful and it really is going to be a showpiece


for the country. We are verx proud. This is known as the prettidst


village in the whole of Essdx. It is right that it should come through


it. It is right that it shotld come through. Fireworks celebratdd the


Tour de France's coming. He`vily promoted up north and some `re


asking why the same has not been done down south. We will sed


coverage on the route but also areas not on the key route which will be


frequented by visitors to the city. It is as much about telling people


it is coming as well as celdbrating and welcoming it.In July, they will


line up. The biggest bike r`ce on the planet right here in our region.


Next ` investment in our ro`ds and railways. First ` a new report on


plans to re`open the eight lile stretch of railway to passengers in


Wisbech. Tonight the Ministdr of State, Greg Clarke, describdd the


line as an attractive proposal and agreed to discuss financing a


further detailed study with the Government. The line would link


Wisbech and March through to Ely and onto Cambridge to boost economic


growth. Waseem Mirza has bedn looking at the report.


Katherine, the report was commissioned by both Cambridgeshire


County Council and Fenland District Council. It looks at the financial


viability of re`opening the disused line at Wisbech and the bendfits of


opening a new station there. It s been closed to passengers for the


last 30 years but the track still exists. The idea, investment in


rail, to help unlock economhc growth. The report suggests that


re`opening the line would cost between ?50 and ?75 million. But


according to the councils that investment would generate a three


fold return of up to ?81 million, benefiting the whole of the Fenland


area. Now ` with better transport links comes easier access to the


city and the jobs it generates. If the line was reconnected to the Ely


Peterborough track, Cambridge could be reached in just 40 minutds. And


with a faster commute from Wisbech, the Fenland areas could become an


attractive place to live. In Cambridge, the average housd price


is almost ?360,000. Compare that to the area around Wisbech just under


?140,000. This independent report is just the beginning of the journey to


get this disused line up and running again. But according to the local


MP, the campaign is gathering pace. The key is keeping the momentum and


getting an Rail study. We h`ve to look at the number of level


crossings that we need. `` Network Rail started. We have to look at


engineering work in the fans. We have to look at that in det`il.


Campaigners for the line ard now looking to the Government for help.


They want ?250,000 to carry out a further study looking at kex options


for the development ` which local councils say is vital for the


economic growth of not only Wisbech but Fenland too.


More now on a new ?10 million link road which opened today in


Huntingdon. The route is only half a kilometre long but it bypasses the


town's ring road linking thd north of Huntingdon directly with


Hinchingbrooke hospital and the railway station. It is a tiny


stretch of road but it will have a huge impact. Motorists wanthng to


cross the town no longer have to drive all around the ring road. It


is a good short cut. There hs a lot of queues at the moment. Dignitaries


gathered to open the road and within minutes, the fences were reloved and


the first traffic was allowdd through. There are plans for new


houses, business facilities and shops and it is hoped Huntington can


tempt people away from Peterborough and Cambridge. We have largd areas


to the north and south of us and this creates jobs and prospdrity and


it has to be good for the local populace. Work will start l`ter this


year. In Football and an important result


for Peterborough in League one. They beat Gillingham by two ` zero. The


result keeps Posh in sixth place in the table but extends their


advantage over seventh placd MK Dons to six points with just fivd games


remaining. That's all from the late team. Time to get the weathdr now


with Alex Dolan. We have clear sky out there and


light winds. Temperatures m`y get down to four Celsius in the


countryside. We start tomorrow quite chilly. The centre and could turn


hazy at times but it is gendrally a milder air mass. There will be


lighter winds and temperatures may get above 14 Celsius. It dods look


dry but rather cloudy for the afternoon. Here is the outlook.


dry. Maybe a bit of light rain on Friday. A quiet spell for us. Not so


on the other side of the world. As you have been hearing, there is not


a great deal happening in the weather over the UK over the next


couple of days. Meanwhile, we have been attacked


thing -- tracking an active spring storm in the US. There have been


reports of flash flooding and tornadoes. You can see a narrowband


which is weakening and heading out to the Atlantic. It is the Atlantic


tonight that will pick up whether funds to the north of the UK,


bringing with them or cloud and outbreaks of rain. Meanwhile,


pressure remains relatively high to the south. There is a small chance


of patchy mist and fog and low cloud by the end of the night. But


temperatures will fall away again. A chilly start to Wednesday morning.


There will be a bit of a


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