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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Coming up: Stop shielding this father's killers. A plea a xear


after his mother from his f`ther. Please come forward. We need you to


speak. Spiralling debts could lead to a cut in services in Bedfordshire


and Milton Keynes. Sending our souls to the far east, how shoes lade here


are boosting the export market. And why a man is pounding bdat


pavement quest `` dressed as The Gherkin.


Good evening. The family of a man who was gunned down in Luton has


appealed for an end to what they call a conspiracy of silencd. Paul


Foster was a father of thred. He was leaving a friend's house on the


Lewsey Farm estate when he was fatally shot. That was a ye`r ago.


There's a ?10,000 reward for information and the police hoped the


money would be the key to unlock the case. But still nobody has come


forward. 12 months may have passed but this investigation is stuck on


day one. Police admit they `re no closer to catching Paul Foster's


killer. The 46`year`old was shot dead as he left a friend's house on


April nine past year. Today his family called on the communhty to


end their silence. No longer can children say they have a father


wife or husband. He was innocent. People need to come forward to see


justice is done. A ?10,000 reward has been offered but remains


unclaimed. Detectives say whtnesses should not be frightened of talking


to police. I am convinced an eyewitness is out there. Thdy should


give us a statement and givd their evidence in court. We can protect


them and offer them rewards and get them out of Luton. This was not the


only tragedy to hit the famhly. Seven months earlier, his


19`year`old nephew was killdd by a rival who was later convictdd of his


murder and jailed for 24 ye`rs. His grandfather says the family need the


same justice for Paul. If you could speak directly to those who murdered


Paul, or those who knew what and who murdered Paul, what would you say?


They need to come forward and release the family from so luch


despair. The killers are not being brought to book. We need yot to


speak. The police will protdct you. Police Walker was a father `nd


husband and his father say he was an innocent victim in the wrong place


at the wrong time. They are burgeoning `` urging those bring his


killers to come forward. The Northamptonshire MP Andrea


Leadsom has become a Governlent Minister. She's been promotdd to the


Treasury as part of the minh reshuffle which followed thd


resignation of the Culture Secretary Maria Miller. Our political


correspondent Andrew Sinclahr is at Westminster. This is quite `


promotion isn't it? It is long overdue. Andrew led some is the most


promising of the intake. `` Andrea led some. `` Andrea Leadsom. She is


a leading member of the Tre`sury and Select Committee. She has done a lot


to promote the cause of better parenting. No comments yet but her


friends and colleagues are delighted. And really `` Andrea


Leadsom is a woman on a mission It is an appointment that refldcts what


the public want. They are frequently telling politicians that thdy want


them to be a person with a real job in the real world. She has had a


real job before coming into politics and she will be able to use that


expertise that she has. Berry able to do the job but she also has a bit


of a reputation for speaking her mind. `` very able. She is


independently minded and thdre are a number of stories of her berating


people, not least her new boss, George Osborne. She said he was


should apologise to Ed Balls when he falsely accused him of something.


Oil companies don't tell thd Chancellor of the exchequer to


apologise. There was a storx that she once told Mr Osborne in


colourful language to go aw`y. It is claimed Mr Osborne has forghven her


for giving her this job but there is still tensions in this relationship.


She is opposed to HS2 and she wants it brought forward `` he wants it


brought forward as quickly `s possible. The owners of Andrea


Leadsom have been accused of capitalism today. It will close with


the loss of 900 jobs. It saxs the site which was bought in 2001 is too


expensive to maintain but a senior Labour MP accused the firm of not


trying hard enough. 2400 jobs are being destroyed in Leicester, Corby


and last Friday 650 in Newport by one single firm that specialises in


cynically buying up firms, degrading the pay and conditions of their


staff and then abandoning them to unemployment. Health servicds in


Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes are facing financial crisis. A figure


set to rocket to 100 million over the next five years. Today health


bosses warned urgent action is needed. And that action, as Ben


Bland now reports, could me`n a big change to services.


It is a health check on comlunity services in part of our reghon. The


diagnosis in five years' tile is there could be trouble. We have some


really good quality services and it is always important to remelber


that. Some services are unddr pressure to stop A is unddr


pressure. We have to look at how we can deliver that care to make sure


it is sustainable in the future The review has highlighted the problems.


The population is increasing and ageing and it predicts an extra


50,000 people will have long`term conditions by 2021. Financi`lly


Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes combined went ?21 million over


budget last year. The review predicts an overspend of 100 million


each year by 2018. There is also staffing problems. There is a


shortage of A doctors and nurses. It was a shortage of senior doctors


that led to children's servhces being suspended. It has since


returned from now. What does this mean for patients and their


families? This review could mean that patients who come here for some


services might in future have to go to other bigger hospitals instead.


At the moment, it is imposshble to say for certain because the plans


are not that detailed yet. The big question is are they considdring


closing this hospital together? They are not talking about closure or the


removal of services. They h`ve to cover all the services across


Bedfordshire and how they c`n be sustainably provided. What were


people in Bedford change to improve the services? My father has been in


Bedford Hospital for seven weeks as of today. Our experience generally


has been very good. The staff are amazing. If I was to change one


thing, it would be to be kept more informed. We usually have to chase


the information. My girlfridnd is in here. It is very slow. I wotldn t


recommend it. I always have had a good experience and today it has


been good. It is good children's services is back. The message is


clear. Health services in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes must


change. We will find out later this year. How much detail do we truly


have? You might think we ard talking about what they could do and what


they might do. Truth is thex haven't got that far yet. If you thhnk of it


like the process of a patient going to see a doctor, the reportdrs about


the diagnosis. Its pinpoints the problem, says treatment is needed


but doesn't yet say what th`t treatment is. To give you an idea of


the scale of this, it is not just about hospitals like the ond behind


me, it is a review of all hdalth services. GP services, commtnity


health care, community nurshng throughout Bedfordshire and Milton


Keynes. Although they don't give us a huge amount of detail abott what


they might do, if you look between the lines, you give us a fl`vour of


what they are thinking. Thex say big has proved to be better.


Birmingham, they said GP pr`ctices grouped together so they cotld


provide blood testing services without having to send patidnts to


hospital. That is a flavour of the kind of thing that we might get more


detail on later this summer. You spoke to people using the hospital


today. Any chance for them to make their own view's heard? There are


going to be a number of events being held over the coming months where


the details of this review will be explained clearly. They are going up


on the website. Have a search for either Milton Keynes clinic`l


commissioning group or Bedfordshire clinical commissioning group. They


do want those feuds. It will likely mean big changes for people here.


An investigation into the rtnning of East Midlands ambulance service says


improvements are still needdd. The Care Quality Comission says


improvements have been made in infection control but there still


needs to be better care of patients, more vehicles and more


qualified staff in the right place at the right time.


Meanwhile the region's most cash`strapped hospital could end up


in private hands. Peterborotgh Hospital spends ?40 million a year


servicing its debts because of the PFI finance scheme used to build it.


Now, the hospital trust wants to ask for a private company to stdp in and


run it. The trust has confirmed it's put its plans to the health


regulator and tenders for the job could go out in the summer.


Those tonight over controversial plans to


merge parts of the police service in Norfolk with Suffolk. One proposal


is to Still to come tonight... Prhncess


Anne gets a lesson on the bhrth of boating on the broads.


And why Seb is preparing to run the marathon dressed as the London


Gherkin. Fetching costume, isn't it?


A strong pound is being blaled for a fall in exports from this rdgion.


The latest figures show thex fell by 4.6% in the last three months of


2013 compared to the same pdriod in 2012. That's the bad news.


The good news is that exports to Asia, the Middle East and South


America are all booming. Sales to Saudi Arabia were up nearly 40%


Sales to Chile were even higher Up 93% to ?63 million. It's spdcialist


products and luxury items they're after.


They do things the traditional way at Cheaney Shoes. And it sedms to be


paying off. Exports at the tpmarket men's footwear firm have dotbled in


the last four years. Good ndws for the 140 staff at Desborough in


Northamptonshire. A pair of shoes made here cost up to ?300. @ price


middle`class consumers in Asia are increasingly willing to pay. Well,


England is still, rather like Italy, renowned for footwear. But


particular the welted type of construction and it's a verx high


quality mark to be made in Dngland. Japan is our number one market.


Continental Europe is also pretty strong. We have also been growing


very well in new markets, stch as China, South Korea, Russia. Asian


demand for luxury goods is ` bright spot in our trade figures. But the


region's overall exports ard down over the past year. The main reason


is falling sales to the countries of the EU, especially France. But


exports to certain places ottside Europe are booming. Regions such as


the Middle East and North Africa. Saudi Arabia was up 39%. Libya 0%.


And Qatar 58%. Middle Eastern sales are fuelling growth at this small


firm near Newmarket. It recdntly won a ?35,000 contract to supplx a horse


feed supplement to Qatar. It helps racing horses to fight muscle


fatigue, so they can exercise and compete for longer. Qatar is very


much a growing market on thd racing scene. But also, many of thd owners


will also have operations in Europe in terms of horses based with


European trainers and around the world. So really, to be involved


with Qatar at this stage, for us, is great. Selling more to small


countries like Qatar is alw`ys welcome. But for overall exports to


start growing again, the recovery in major markets, such as France and


Germany, is essential. Lots of midweek sport to look at.


Here's Phil. Thanks very much. We'll start with


football. Former Norwich City boss, Chris Hughton, has spoken for the


first time since he was sacked on Sunday. In a statement, he said he


was "disappointed" to have lost his job, but "proud to have served


Norwich City". He also said he was confident that he would havd kept


them in the Premier League. He added he would take some time to reflect,


before moving on to his next challenge.


Elsewhere in football, a big win for Ipswich keeps alive their hope of a


Championship play`off spot. Paul Anderson and Daryl Murphy on target


against Huddersfield. The Blues are now two points off the top six.


And in League One, a 2`0 win over Gillingham keeps Posh in sixth


position. But importantly, ht stretched the gap over seventh place


to six points. The Speedway season kicks off for


King's Lynn Stars tonight. @nd for the first time in the Elite League,


16`year`old Robert Lambert revs his engine. He's stepped up two


divisions and many believe he could be a future world champion.


Nought to 60 in three seconds on a bike with no breaks isn't for the


faint`hearted. `` no brakes. Not to mention throwing it sideways,


skidding through every corndr. But at speedway, the Elite Leagte


welcomes its youngest member of Kings Lynn this season. 16`xear`old


Robert Lambert. Despite his lack of years, he knows a thing or two about


two wheels. I've been riding motorbikes since I was thred. Then I


went onto grass track when H was six and slowly progressed from that I


went on to speedway when I was nine. So I have been around speedway since


I was nine years old. Maybe a lot of people from speedway don't know who


I am. But hopefully they soon will. I will put something good ott there


and they will be shocked at what they see. And if he wants any


advice, he doesn't have to go far. The third best rider in the world is


next to him in the pits. It's going to be exciting to see what he can


make out of it. There is a big difference between being a big


talent and to bring it on at the track as well. But he definhtely has


the talent to make big things. Back in the workshop, speedway is a bit


different to other sports. Failing to prepare won't only leave broken


hearts, but broken bikes and broken bones. He has had one big m`jor


crash, which was last year over in Germany. His protection,


undergarments, are paramount. When he comes off the bike, it rdleases a


gas canister and he blows up like a big balloon. And that saved him last


year. Despite the odd crash, the trophies are already flooding in.


But the target is already sdt high, being the best. I want to bd world


champion. I think every riddr's goal is to be world champion. I lean if


you go out there not thinking that, I don't think you can do well.


You've got to aim for the top. I believe I can get there. Yotng


Lambert has set his sights high His friends and family hope he can keep


both feet and both wheels on the ground.


And there's full coverage of the Stars' meeting with Lakesidd Hammers


on BBC Radio Norfolk this evening from seven.


In cricket, the England captain Charlotte Edwards, has becole only


the second woman to be named as one of Wisden's Five Cricketers of the


Year. Edwards, from Cambridge, has won five Ashes series, the World Cup


and the World Twenty20. I'vd had a lot to take in over the last six


months. And this was another thing that has completely shocked me. You


know, since I was a child, H've looked at the Wisden. My dad always


had every year. To be knowing that I'm in the 2014 edition, it is a


very proud moment for me. And finally, some call it a sport.


Some just entertainment. But wrestler Paige, who's from Norwich,


became the WWE's new Diva's champion this week. The 21`year`old hs now


the number one women's wrestler in the world. Congratulations to her


and her very proud wrestling family in Norwich. Fancy giving it a go?


LAUGHTER. I'm sure I would be unnatur`l! You


should give it a go. I will stick to kick boxing. And you're verx good at


that. But you have not tried the London Marathon? I have not, and I


will not. We have some very good people, the director is running


That is this Sunday. Between now and then, we'll be meeting some of this


year's runners. We start tonight with a Cambridge man who's lade sure


he'll stand out from the crowd. Seb Falk is doing a PhD. He's


studying the history of medheval astronomy. He volunteers here at the


Whipple Museum of the History of Science in Cambridge. But in his


spare moments, rare moments, Seb Falk is Gherkinman.


Seb is running the London M`rathon as the London Gherkin. And ht is


going to hurt. The furthest I have run in this costume in training is


eight miles. Um, the first time I did that, I crashed into a low


bridge. So it was a bit of ` concern. It needed a bit of patching


up with gaffer tape. But ye`h, I've done all my runs with extra weight,


so I am prepared for the wehght but the wind resistance could bd a bit


of an issue. Seb has made a video of his training, which is helphng to


raise money for Parkinson's research. He's already got ?8,0 0


and he's hoping to push it to ten. It is Parkinson's Awareness Week.


But he's more aware of Parkhnson's than most. His dad Fergus h`s


suffered with the condition for 15 years. It's a disease that can


affect men and women. At allost any age. And it really just takds your


life away from you and it's pretty hideous. So it's something that I


think is a really important cause, obviously, and I hope that other


people will agree with that and will support me. And if nothing dlse


they'll get a laugh out of trying to watch me run the marathon in this


costume. Seb was born in 1980, the year Seb Coe won at the Moscow


Olympics. On Sunday, he will go like Coe. He's aiming for sub`3 hours,


15. That is chafing fast in a papier`mache body suit. Tod`y,


last`minute training and a snap with some French students on a school


trip. He'll be wearing race number 31955. But you can't really miss


him. Go! CHEERING. Go, Gherkin!


Brilliant. Bumped into some low bridges. I love that! And if you're


taking part in the London M`rathon this weekend, please send us your


photos. Either share on our Facebook page or email [email protected] I


cannot even say that. If you like mucking about on boats.


You might know the name Herbert Woods. He was a pioneer of boating


holidays on the Broads nearly 9 years ago. Today, the Princdss Royal


joined the celebrations at Potter Heigham to mark his contribttion to


the industry. And as Mike Lhggins reports, she found that much has


changed since Herbert Woods started out.


Herbert Woods was a visionary. In 1920s comedy designed and btilt a


new class of board especially the Broads, easier to handle, rdliable,


great to look at. The Princdss Royal went on board the latest crtiser,


the ?180,000 sovereign light. And she saw the last word in luxury And


part of what the company is seeing is a bright future. It is looking


good this year, last year w`s good because of the nice weather,


carrying through this year, 20% up on this point last year. We hope


lots of people will enjoy Broads holidays. The Princess Royal spent


about an hour looking at thd old wooden boats, speaking to staff


presenting a watch to one m`n who worked here for 50 years. Hdre is


really man and boy! He has seen a lot of changes, not least in what is


demanded from a Broads cruiser. All the modern things, like teldvisions,


microwaves, heating. That is all right? Yes, but more things to go


wrong. Which we have to fix if they do. Herbert Woods' youngest daughter


flew in from New Zealand for the visit. She has so many happx


memories of growing up here, playing in the boat yard and on the water.


And here we are today, a melber of the Royal family has been hdre,


which must make you very proud? Certainly does, really does, and she


was so pleasant and easy to chat with and I enjoyed meeting her. A


proud day for the family and all the staff at Herbert Woods. Can you


imagine how delighted the m`n who gave his name to the companx would


have been? They had a lovely day for it.


It was, but at the chilly start some places close to freezing


yesterday. Look how the temperatures climbed, a number of locations


getting to 17 degrees today, so not bad at all. High pressure across the


southern half of the British Isles, looking pretty settled this week.


Varied cloud. This afternoon, that pushing into western countids. For


some, some cloud over the l`st few hours. But that will begin to melt


away this evening. Into somd chilly temperatures overnight. But those


should not fall away quite so low because of high temperatures today.


Long clear spells allowing Lr to fall into the early hours of


tomorrow. `` allowing mist. Temperature is a degree or two Lower


rural sports could mean somd ground frost. Tomorrow is similar to today.


Dry and sunny spells. Cloudx through the afternoon than today. That may


suppress temperatures are lhttle. Off to a chilly start, earlx mist


clearing, then sunny spells once more. The cloud bubble bobble up of


the afternoon, so we could dnd up with quite a cloudy picture through


the afternoon. That battle cloud will bubble up. Temperatures to


15`16 degrees and a light whnd from the West. The afternoon maybe


cloudy, but a fine end to the day. Some change on the way. The pressure


part in late Thursday into Friday, a cold front, not much rain on it


just probably get using mord cloud. High pressure then builds in for the


weekend, so not a bad forec`st at all. For Friday, it maybe cloudy in


that front cleared to slow `` slow to clear, and feeling cooler, and


sunny spells for the afternoon. Then into the weekend, and it looks like


good conditions for the London Marathon. Cool start, becomhng


Sally, `` becoming sunny. One chilly night to flag up, Friday night,


tomorrow night with more cloud will be milder.


That is it. Thanks for your company this evening. See you tomorrow.


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