28/04/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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hear views on immigration. That's all from us.


Good evening. A triple murddrer from Stevenage has been awarded lore than


?800 after some of his personal items were lost or broken dtring a


prison transfer. Kevan Thakrar was convicted of gunning down three


people in Bishop's Stortford in 2007. The Prison Officers


Association say the award is an insult.


He is serving three life sentences. He has a history of violencd in


prison. Kevan Thakrar has spent time in several jails. He was tr`nsferred


to Milton Keynes. During thhs transfer, a number of his


possessions were damaged or lost. He was awarded compensation totalling


?815. One of his victims saxs it is an insult. It is quite shocking It


is quite hurtful. I haven't received an apology. I haven't received


compensation. I have had to move back into with my parents to get


support. The fact that my lhfe is in tatters and he is sitting there with


a smile on his face, getting this publicity and he has ?800 of


taxpayers' money in his bank. Kevan Thakrar was initially offerdd the


compensation when he moved to prison in Milton Keynes. He refused and


took the case to the Small Claims Court. After winning his case, the


Prison Service were ordered to pay him ?814. Kevan Thakrar was jailed


for the murder of three people in Bishop's Stortford in 2007. The


reaction of most people in the town was one of amazement. It is very


wrong, isn't it? He shouldn't be given that compensation. He


committed those murders. Much better things money could go on th`n


compensating somebody like that No, he shouldn't get the money. No way.


Well, I don't think he should get all of it. He should get about 20.


Kevan Thakrar is still protdsting his innocence. He claims he is the


victim of a miscarriage of justice. For the prison officers who suffered


at his hands, the only injustice is this ruling. Demand for emergency


food parcels has almost tripled in this region in the last year. The


figures come from the Trussdll Trust which now runs 40 food banks across


the East. It says it's helpdd more than 90,000 adults and children in


the last 12 months. The previous year, the figure was nearer 30, 00.


This is the first time Jim has resorted to a food bank. After he


became ill, he has struggled to pay for everything after his government


benefits stopped. You have to be given a voucher to use a food bank.


Jim was sent by his doctor. You struggle paying your household bills


and buying food. I would rather have electric and water in the house I


spend most of my money on that. It leaves me nothing with which to buy


food. Sometimes, I borrow money to get milk and bread. You said you


have always worked. Did you expect to be in this position? Nevdr ever.


I have been trying to get worse for nearly two years. `` work for nearly


two years. It is very hard. Very, very hard. Clients get an elergency


supply of donated food to l`st three days. People come here for lany


reasons. Redundancy or an unexpected bill. Demand has almost tripled in


the region in the last year. The various factors are fuelling demand,


but increasingly, the welfare reforms the effect of those, and


particularly people not been sanctioned. `` not being sanctioned.


That is when payments are stopped, if you don't attend intervidws or


training. The government saxs there was no evidence of a link bdtween


welfare reforms and the use of food banks. Becky Bosman family have


spent ?1 a day each on this food to last five days. We love being


hospitable. We love inviting people to have food with others or shirty


with as. `` we love inviting people to have food with those all share


tea with others. When you h`ve so little, you stop doing that. You


have got to think about getting through the week. We didn't have


that choice. It is a tempor`ry hardship for this family for a good


cause. But donated food support thousands of people in need in our


region. Cambridge Airport h`s won a big new contract to fly daily


services to Dublin and Amstdrdam. It's part of a plan to build on its


international status. But only last month, flights to other European


cities were halted because of a lack of demand. That will not be an


issue, says the new airline. It is a different schedule,


different type of aircraft. Passengers can fly to many different


destinations. Meanwhile, road connections in the


East were given a boost this morning with the A11 Elvedon bypass in


Suffolk finally opened. It's only one way in each direction, `nd there


is a speed limit of 40 miles an hour. It's a major milestond in the


A11 dualling project. Before we go there's just thme to


tell you that Late Kick Off is on at 11.30 tonight, here on BBC One, with


James Burridge. It will not be particularly cold.


Lows of around eight Celsius. We have got hardly any wind at all


These light winds mean mist and fog tomorrow may take a while to clear.


Once it has gone, we are looking at a largely dry day with hopefully


some sunshine coming through. Temperatures up to around 14


Celsius, which is 59 Fahrenheit Largely dry through the aftdrnoon


and into the evening. A few isolated showers. I will leave you whth the


Outlook. Wednesday looks sililar. If we catch a shower, it could be on


the heavy side. On Thursday, showers will be heavier and


Thursday and then it will turn much cooler as we go into the bank


holiday weekend. Hello, I am going to throw some


numbers at you first of all. 22 Celsius was the temperature recorded


at Aviemore making it the warmest day of the year so far. At the other


end of the country, this cloud has produced a lot of heavy and thundery


downpours. A lot of rain falling in one hour at Hurn airport. There are


some showers around the Bristol Channel. There will be so increasing


amounts of mist, fog and low cloud. Tomorrow starts grade, Misty and


murky in most places. We will see the Sun breaking through in Cumbria


and the North. You might get the odd shower in western Northern Ireland


in the afternoon but with more sunshine across the country


tomorrow, it should


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