13/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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pleasant in the south-west where the winds are that bit lighter. That is


it. Goodbye. I'll be here later in the programme


with the husband of tennis star Elaine about Thatcher who rdmembers


the good times. This is what she wants to see, lots of children


playing tennis. They would be players that she would have picked


herself on one of the school visits. Police forces across the region are


drafting in extra officers tomorrow night as England take on It`ly in


their first match of the World Cup. It follows the violence that broke


out in Bedford during the Etropean The late kick`off at 11pm,


is raising extra concern. In Wisbech in Cambridgeshird,


the local council has hired Mike Cartwright is there


and joins me now. They are calling them street wardens


and they will be patrolling the streets while people pouring to the


pubs to watch England play. They cannot rule out any trouble here or


across the region. In places like Bedford with its rich Itali`n


heritage, fans have clashed therein the past.


Italian joy it night in English anger. In this phone footagd, flames


as fans burn their opponents' flag. Violence sparked after the Duropean


cup. This banner is calling for calm this time while the two teals face


each other once again. A respect campaign started by an Italhan


restaurant owner. It is a p`ssionate game. Everyone wants their country


to win. It is so big in Bedford because there are so many Italians


and English. We're friends `ll year round. It is a shame to throw that


away for 90 minutes of football The authorities say they do not expect


football violence but it dods break out, police officers say thdy will


be in place to break it up. The messages, don't spoil it for


yourself or for others. Polhce will be in attendance. You will be seeing


a visible presence while yot are watching the game. In Wisbech,


private security officers whll patrol the streets. I do not think


we will have any trouble. The perception of crime is high. We


basically want to make sure that everybody can come out, enjoy what


they are doing and enjoy thd games and going out for a drink as well.


Football violence has been described as the ugly side of the beattiful


game. The hope is that our towns and cities will not see it once again.


Here in Wisbech they have something called Pub Watch. All the ptbs will


be watching out for trouble. Michelle is the landlady here. How


does this scheme work? It is run by licensees and set up by licdnsees to


fight crime and disorder in town. We also work closely with other Fenland


towns and the community grotps and licensing officers as well `s the


police. It is well organised. Are you expecting trouble? I don't think


so. I think with the Street Marshalls, it is very proactive and


it will run smoothly. What hs your message to people tomorrow night?


Drink responsibly, keep out of trouble and have a good night and


obviously, come in for a pint! How many people are you expecting? A


couple of hundred people will be in town tomorrow evening visithng


establishments. You have bedn a landlady in other parts of the


region, have you ever had any trouble in the World Cup? No, it


will be fine. That is the mdssage here, drink responsibly. From 1


o'clock in this pub and othdr pubs, they will be packed with fans


watching England. And later in the programme, World


Cup Mike Liggins gets a taste of La Dolce Vita. And meets the f`ns here


who'll be supporting Italy tomorrow A pilot and passenger have walked


away unharmed after an emergency landing after the engine


on their light aircraft failed. It happened last night


in the village of Maidwell When this plane came down


in a cornfield yesterday afternoon, initial reports left


the emergency services conftsed We received a call that


an aircraft had crashed We proceeded there and we wdre


informed that it was then, Then the air ambulance informed us


that it was here at this location The first emergency teams that


arrived were expecting to bd At the local pub,


manager Simon Nixon was busx preparing for their annual cider


festival when two customers came A lady came into the pub just


wanting a soft drink and thdn she explained to me that shd had


been involved in a plane cr`sh. Her husband, who was the pilot,


was outside sitting down. She had a cut on her hand


and she said she felt her ndck was The couple from Houghton Regis


in Bedfordshire, made their plane safe beford setting


off on the mile walk to the pub The paramedics went to


the site first because they did not realisd they


had come down to the pub, checked Today,


the pilot told the BBC the plane's engine had failed and descrhbed it


as a non`event but in Maidwdll it is The Liberal Democrats in Calbridge


will vote tonight on whether to support the leaddr


of the party, Nick Clegg, in Following the party's poor


performance in the European and local elections, 300 local lembers


will meet to consider how bdst to These are the cheers that h`ve


probably been haunting the Liberal Democrats since the local


elections. The moment Labour ousted thdm


from power and took over control In the days that followed,


some openly called for Nick Clegg to stand down,


feeling their party leader had Nick can be


an extremely eloquent advoc`te of causes, but unfortunatelx,


he is so unpopular with somd people that he actually damages those


causes when he is advocating them. I don't think he can be a p`rty


leader, when such a big chunk of the electorate are unwilling to


give you a fair hearing. The Lib Dems' performance in the


European elections was even worse. Their only MEP in


the eastern region lost his seat. Some feel the Cambridge MP,


a Liberal Democrat, could also lose his seat next year


if Nick Clegg remains party leader. Two weeks ago,


a letter went out to the party's 300 or so members locally to sulmon them


to a special meeting. Clearly, local members want an


opportunity to discuss it and there has been a lot of discussion among


the scores of activists who have been out on the streets, potnding


them for the local elections and We feel as an executive, th`t we


should give our members at large, 300 of them, an opportunity to take


part in a reasoned discussion. But do voters care who leads a party


and does it affect how they vote? I think if you have got a r`pport


with the leader then I think you I think it is more


about what they stand for than I suppose the leader has to have


some sort of charisma because he They try and put a good`looking guy


and they're hoping they will get So this evening, Cambridge Lib Dems


will closely examine the arguments for and against and decide hf


Nick Clegg is the man for them. Well our reporter Ben Bland joins me


now in the studio. What are the ramifications of this


decision tonight? On its own, this gathering in Cambridge will not


dictate whether Nick Clegg needs to start looking for a new job. But the


reason it is significant is because if 70 branches of the local party


call for a new leader, that would trigger a leadership contest.


Cambridge could be the first domino to fall, if they call for a change


at the top. Whatever the outcome tonight, it will send a cle`r


message to the Lib Dems leadership that either Cambridge Liber`l


Democrats still support Nick Clegg or they no longer agree with him.


Which way do we feel it will go Have you been hearing from Lib Dems


tonight? The very eagle eyed viewers watching that report will notice all


the people speaking work lips of people speaking after the election.


I have spoken to people loc`lly today, privately. None of them


wanted to appear on camera or risk influencing others. They fedl this


is something they want to rdsolve behind closed doors. Cambridge, the


jewel in the Crown for them at the general election and they whll be


asking themselves this, are they more likely to keep Cambridge as a


seat in the general election with or without Nick Clegg as their leader.


And we'll bring you the restlt of that meeting


And the Politics Show East will be discussing the implications


of their decision in their programme on Sunday at 11.00am on BBC One


A scheme to transform a forler engineering works in Northalpton


could create 240 new jobs. A new creative industries htb is


planned for the Vulcan Iron Works, which is grade 2 listed and used to


serve the shoe industry. It's a ?6.5 million revamp


which has just been approved The site will provide workshop,


office and studio units, for small Now time to hand you back to Stewart


for the rest of the news. Still to come tonight, we look


forward to the England against Italy match and after a few one d`ys of


weather, it will be cool and cloudy at the weekend, but it is not all


bad news. Stars from the world of tenniswill


take part in a special event this weekend in memory of Elena Baltacha.


The Rally For Bally will rahse money for a cancer charity and for the


Elena Baltacha Academy in Ipswich. Elena died in May from liver cancer.


She was just 30 years old. @ few weeks before she died, she larried


her former coach Nino Severhno. With the rally this weekend. he wanted to


tell Look East about Elena's legacy She was the ultimate Warrior on


court, citing the cruellest injuries and conditions of that. She was such


a strong individual. She wotld battle through it. She did not know


what it was like to have a healthy liver.


In Rome to around the other two women, her back would go. She was


having to take tablets for her back, her ankles. She never made ` big


deal of it. She never said `nything about it in interviews. She would


just wake up and get on with it But it was horrendous. Can you remember


much of the day Elena Baltacha that was given the diagnosis? It was very


difficult. It was very diffhcult. I have never experienced something


like that, some strength like that any human being. To go throtgh


something like that was horrible. She had just retired and had so many


amazing things at her feet. But we were up against this fight, but she


never once complained throughout the whole ordeal. My big memory, I


suppose, which was very important for her was the Olympic year. She


was so proud of this. She actually bought the battle on


and we keep it in the officd on display. There are lots of pictures


of her holding her since shd is just like a little girl.


When you play tennis, it is important that you have quick hands,


so here is a way you can pr`ctice at home. One of her biggest supporters


was Judy Murray. The Federation cup captain was very important `nd she


is also the patron of Elena Baltacha the Academy in Ipswich. She was so


well liked and respected through the tennis world and you can sed that


from everyone who has turned up We want to do whatever we can to see


she is remembered and has a legacy and that this academy which was so


dear to her heart survives `nd size. It will do as long as we ard in to


help. This is exactly what she wotld've


wanted to see, lots and lots of children playing tennis. Thdse


children's girls and boys are children that she would've picked


herself. For nearly all the children Her legacy, what do you think it


will be? She helped so many children that would not have had a chance in


serious tennis. The the reaction has been incredible. That has m`de a big


difference. It is something that me and the other trustees will do to


help fight for the future of the Academy.


A reminder, the Rally for B`lly will take place this Sunday. Andx Murray,


Tim Henman and Martina Navr`tilova are just some of the stars taking


part. The mixed doubles will happen after the finals at Queen's Club in


After incredible success last year with the Britten centenary,


Aldeburgh Music is hoping to pull off another big hit this sulmer The


67th annual festival will fdature a Music Circus, when musicians from


different backgrounds get together to play different music at the same


What I need you to do is just increase the volume. The choir take


last`minute advice while others do a final tune`up. For some, it is all


in a days work. Across the region, performance have come together to


join this fantastic musical tapestry. It should be incrddible,


all those people coming togdther. When I have the premise that you


would not hear one thing, you will hear everything, it got my juices


flowing. They will play for two flowing. They will play for two


hours together at the same time The dab hand at the piano is thd


festival director. He will start them off. On June the 22nd, they


will be joined by some of the best orchestras.


We started doing one read on and then we were told we were doing two


and then we were told we were putting it all together. Ard you


nervous? Sort of. Here is the organiser. Is this organised chaos?


I would like to think it is organised. The roots of the festival


are spiritual lead based. L`st year, the highlight was the opener on the


beach. Hard to beat, so thex are doing it differently this ydar. It


is nice to share an event whth the community that amateurs,


professionals, people from `ll generations can come togethdr. The


festival starts tonight and this musical adventure is in just nine


days time. Full details of the festival can be


found on the website. Back to the World Cup now and the


talking is nearly over. Steve Gerrard will lead the England team


out against Italy tomorrow night, cheered on across the region. In


Bedford, though, some of those fans might be cheering for the other


side. Bedford is said to have the biggest


Italian population outside London. Some 20,000 people of Itali`n


origin. They came in big nulbers after the war to work in thd


brickworks and stayed. I have very happy memories of being in Bedford


in 2006 when Italy won the World Cup and today, I have been back to take


a trip down memory lane. I have come to see an old brick


friend at the hairdresser. How are you! We still first met in 2006


when Italy won the World Cup. He still kicks every ball and hs


looking forward to the game on Saturday night. What do you think


the result will be? I think it will be a draw. Neither side wants to


lose the first match. Karel owns the pizza restaurant and when Italy beat


Germany in the semifinal, the place went wild.


Today, they have moved into the town centre, but the pizzas are still


pretty good. He remembers how Italy went on to


beat France on penalties in the final. The penalty was scordd, Italy


won the World Cup and it was chaos. They were out in the streets


celebrating for two or thred hours. A lovely time. I also remember being


in club Italia matinee, tucked away in the back streets. Coffee, cards


and table football. England versus Italy, of course.


And guess what, we won. What a goal! 6`2. They are not quite exchte


expecting so much excitement tomorrow night. I am going to see at


a win. Back at the hairdresser, I get what he calls the full service,


but it is a very good hairctt. Like many of his shop, it will bd close


tomorrow night. By the magic of television, I am now in Norwich


outside the big screen which is currently showing the Mexic`n war


against Cameron game. Mexico are one go ahead with just a couple of


minutes to go. During the World Cup, you can get in touch with md during


it. I would love to see somd photographs from tomorrow nhght


wherever you are watching the game. Take a photograph and send ht to me


at the contact details below. Back to you.


Spare a thought for the England team tomorrow. They are expecting a


temperature of 28 Celsius when they start the match. Not only stiflingly


hot, but also very humid. They are kicking off at six o'clock local


time. At least the sun will just be setting, so it may get slightly


cooler. For us, we can expect cooler temperatures than today. We get


temperatures up to 24 Celsits today. Still fine into the day for many


people. High pressure is st`rting to move west and this will mean that


the forecast will change slhghtly. Northerly winds coming in to make


things a bit cool and cloudx over the next few days. Tonight, we have


got the chance of some showdrs developing, particularly for western


counties. They could be heavy and somebody. There is a greater risk


across the west of the region. Lots of places should stay dry overnight.


We start tomorrow with generally a lot more cloud alone. There is the


chance of one or two showers. Many places like dry, but there could be


breaks in the cloud to lose some sunshine in the afternoon.


than today. High temperaturds inland than today. High temperaturds inland


of 20 Celsius tomorrow. Will we get that sunshine back? The high


pressure begins to build back? The high pressure begins to build days


before we hit the high tempdratures of today. We start Sunday qtite


closely, with again the chance of a few breaks in the code to gdt some


sunshine. High temperatures similar to tomorrow. Next week starts with a


lot of cloud, but prospects of sunshine with temperatures beginning


to nudge up as we get into lidweek. It is a busy weekend for sport.


England are playing rugby, cricket, football and there is also the big


golf tournament in the Unitdd States. Whatever you are dohng, have


a good time. Goodbye for now. Make the most of your weekend,


wherever you are. Use the BBC Weather App to stay


one step ahead of the weather.


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