13/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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It's make or break time for the Liberal Democrat le`der


Nick Clegg tonight, according to his party in Cambridge.


More than 100 members held an extraordinary meeting in the


past three hours to decide whether to support or try to oust hhm as


It follows the party's poor performancd in


The meeting was organised two weeks ago when an invitation was sent to


The party has been reeling since it lost power in Cambridge


It was a fantastic debate. We have members of the Liberal Democrats who


could express their opinions. It is rare that people get a chance to do


that. You don't see that at Labour or Conservative Party conferences.


The meeting tonight was org`nised three weeks ago.


These are the cheers that h`ve probably been haunting Liberal


The moment Labour ousted thdm from power and took over control


In the days that followed some openly called for Nick Clegg to


stand down, feeling their ldader had become more of a liabilhty.


He can be an eloquent advoc`te of causes, but he is so unpopular with


some people now that he acttally damages those causes.


The Lib Dems' performance in the European elections was even worse.


Their only MEP in the Eastern region lost his seat.


And some fear the Cambridge MP, a Liberal Democrat,


could also lose his seat next year if Nick Clegg remains party leader.


But does it affect the way people vote? They try and put a


good`looking sky they're hoping they will get votes. If you have a


rapport with the lead and then you are halfway there, aren't you?


It's just 24 hours until England's first World Cup match against Italy


an police forces in this region are drafting in extra officers.


It follows the violence that broke out in Bedford during the Etropean


In Wisbech in Cambridgeshird the local council has hired


Italian joy igniting English filings. It was sparked aftdr


victory for Italy in the European cup. But now they are asking for


calm in the town when the two teams face each other tomorrow. It is a


national game. Anyone want their country to win. It is big in Bedford


because there are semi`Italhans so many English. We are friends for the


rest of the year. `` so manx Italians. We have a major lhnk


between us and if we evict people for causing trouble or anything like


that, we informed the closest pub. The authorities say they ard not


expecting violence, but if ht does break out, they will break ht up.


The message is don't spoil ht for yourselves or others. If yot are


banned from one pub, you will be banned from all. There will be a


visible police presence when you are watching the game. Just act


responsibly. In Wisbech private security officers will be p`trolling


the streets. I do think we will have any trouble. The perception of crime


is high. We are making sure everyone can come out, enjoy what thdy are


doing and enjoy the games and enjoy going out for a drink as well.


Football violence has been described as the ugly side of the beattiful


game. It is hoped that our towns and cities won't see it a game.


A pilot and passenger walked away unharmed after their light


It happened last night in the village of Maidwell


Neil Bradford was at the scdne of a rather unusual plane crash


The first emergency teams to arrive were expecting to be confronted by a


major incident. Instead, thdy found an empty plane. At the local pub


manager was preparing for the annual cider Festival went to customers


came in with an unusual story. A lady came into the path and wanted a


soft drink. She explained to me she had then involved in a pland crash.


What state was she in? She was OK, but she said that she had bden shot


up. Her husband, the pilot, was out side. She had a cult on her hand and


she said her neck was solved. `` she had a cut on her hand. The couple


made their plane safe beford setting off for the pub. The paramedics


picked up and were OK. Todax the pilot told the BBC the engine had


failed. He described the incident as a non`events, but it is the talk of


the village. A scheme to transform a forler


engineering works in Northalpton A new creative industries htb is


planned for the Vulcan Iron Works, which is Grade II listed and used


to serve the shoe industry. It's a ?6.5 million revamp


which has just been approved The site will provide workshop,


office and studio units. for small


and medium`sized businesses. The council hopes to get


funding from Europe. Work could start


in December next year. Time now for the weather.


There could be some thunderx showers and heavy downpours. Temper`tures


remaining mild with lows of 13 Alpheus. The day does look


predominantly dry, although there will be showers first thing. `` 13


Celsius. It will be noticeably cooler. Temperatures no higher than


19 or 20 degrees. The National forecast in a moment, but hdre is


our outlook. next couple of days, looking good,


temperatures in the 20s. Now the West -- now the National forecast.


Good evening. Over the last two days in the south of England there has


been a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 26 degrees. Don't


expect temperatures that high this weekend, cooler for many. A lot of


dry weather even if it is a little bit on the cloudy side at times We


see the cloud increasing this afternoon and through the evening.


The cloud has been drifting south. Over the last few hours we started


to see thunderstorms. Over the next few hours, further thunderstorms to


be found across parts of northern England, the Midlands, the eastern


side of Wales. They are drifting south overnight. Every bursts of


rain with that. Most will clear into the English Channel. A lot of cloud


out there, temperatures 14 or 1 degrees. Around the North Sea


coastal areas, temperatures not rising far because there is a cool


breeze from the North. Inland, the cloud -- the cloud breaks up in the


afternoon. Sunny spells developing. One or two showers. On the western


side of Scotland, doing well in the


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