16/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. look at the papers


There's a warning tonight from community leaders


in Luton that a new law, introduced against forced marriage, cotld drive


From today, anyone guilty of organising


a forced marriage could be sent to prison for up to seven years.


In a moment we'll hear from a campaigner against the pr`ctice.


But first this report from Neil Bradford.


It is a problem largely hidden from society.


Last year in the East, just 45 cases of forced marriage were reported.


The true figure could be closer to 300.


Rashid now works with a charity and the police to raise awareness.


She describes herself as a survivor, not a victim.


She was taken to Pakistan a week before her 18th birthday


I got hit and I got beaten `nd I still refused.


I honestly believed, you know, that I was going to die there.


The Home Office estimates 8,000 women a year are forced


In 2008 prevention orders wdre introduced under civil law.


From today anyone found guilty of organising a forced marriagd could


A forced marriage leads to domestic violence, serial r`pe and


So the law being here today will make a big difference.


But Luton family lawyer, Kuljit Lally,


says it could make it even lore difficult for victims to sedk help.


The thought of being ostrachsed from your family


and the community is a great deal of pressure for someone to deal with.


Criminalising forced marriage protection orders at this stage


would add to that pressure, simply because it may deter them from


coming forward in the first place if it means criminalising the family.


Rashid says the new law can only be poshtive.


Everybody says it will prevdnt victims coming forward,


it will push further underground, all of those issues,


Prosecuting those who arrange forced marriages is likely to be


The bigger challenge will bd ensuring victims have


the courage to I spoke to a long`time campaigner who has worked


Dr Nazia Khanum is a campaigner in Luton against forced marriage.


I asked her whether the new law would encourage


It is very difficult, extremely difficult.


I personally spoke to many xoung people


when the government was carrying out consultation one and a half years


ago about this legislation, or potential legislation.


None of them actually wanted to see their parents prosecuted ag`inst.


What more do you think could be done to encourage these


I think probably educational institutions and various yotth


services can do a hell of a lot more but my personal view is that even


if young people would like to come forward, they are not sure how much


support they will have when they come forward and they are


also not sure whether their parents will be prosecuted against `nd


if that happens, they will lose their opportunities in the future to


I understand you are saying this legislation needs to bd


Surely it is a step in the right direction?


I think this is a protectivd framework for people who ard victims


of violence but my issue is that at the same time prevention, or


preventative work, should bd carried out so the attitude changes towards


forced marriage and a culture of condemnation would rise


A public consultation into plans to change the route for some ahrcraft


taking off from Stansted has been put forward today by the air traffic


It could mean that thousands more planes will fly east out


of the airport, instead of south towards London


This is what living near St`nsted airport sounds like.


In the background, day in day out for home owndrs


And now the company that manages UK air traffic is suggesting not


expanding, but changing the number of planes on certain routes.


Planes flying south are on what is known as a Dover route.


Because of congestion from Heathrow they have to keep below 7000 feet


Under the proposals, flights to the south would stop during the daytime.


Instead, the number of plands flying along the less congested east route


They would be able to climb continuously, reducing CO2


But I went along the east route and people here aren't happx.


We have made progress to reduce noise impact.


1250 people are affected and if you come to Heathrow that is


The air traffic company makhng the proposals say they are


necessary because London is the world's busiest air space.


It will only be a small are` close to the airport that would fdel


A public consultation into the proposals has now started.


A vote has been taking placd this evening to decide leadership


Councillors voted in favour of keeping Marco Cereste who will


He originally took charge fhve years ago but at the recent electhons


the Conservatives lost over`ll control of the council.


Meanwhile, a new Mayor has also been elected.


David Over has been a city councillor for 17 ye`rs


And hear more on that on thd radio show tomorrow morning. It is time


for the weather. Perhaps if few spots of light rain


and drizzle but with of all this rain it won't be cold, most


of us staying in double figtres Tomorrow morning get


off to a cloudy start but drier air feeling in, eventually the cloud


will break up and we should see some That should help


the temperatures up to around 2 Through tomorrow evening I think we


will see thicker cloud pushhng down from the north and eventually


during tomorrow night some outbreaks of rain moving through,


but it looks now as if most of this In a moment, John will have


your national forecast, but I'll On Wednesday


and Thursday we are expecting more in the way of cloud and a fdw


scattered showers but hopeftlly some one or two showers around and with


more across the UK, here is John Hammond.


A lot of dry weather this week. Some important variations from day-to-day


and place to place. The cloud will come and go and the warmth will


Take today, we were shivering under the cloud in eastern England. . In


stark contrast here, 25 Celsius here. The warmest day of the year so


far. On Tuesday, the map turns orange. That shows higher


temperatures for many of us tomorrow. Not exactly cold


overnight. Under the clearest of the skies, in rural spots, will get down


to six or seven Celsius. For larger towns and cities, will get to double


figures. Dampness in Scotland. It is a cloudy start where you are across


the south and the east of the UK, hang on in there. The sun should


come out and it will be a dazzling day. Good news if


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