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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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re-open its embassy in eye rarnings following a breakthrough in


relations. -- in Iran. A 'do not resuscitate' notice


was placed on her records. We are pleased to the outcole and


hopefully it'll help other people to get that little bit more care.


A man with a history of violence is convicted of murdering his


Left without a bank ` the march of new technology makes


And a Commonwealth games intern`tional


recall as Strictly winner Louis Smith gets back on thd horse.


First tonight, High Court jtdges have ruled that staff at


Addenbrookes hospital in Calbridge acted unlawfully while caring


Janet Tracey was not consulted before a 'do not resuscitatd' order


and started a three`year legal battle.


In a moment we'll hear from the family of Janet Tracey, but first


There's been no criticism of the clinical care given


That is right. Janet Tracey was admitted here at a serious car


accident. She had advanced lung cancer. What happened has bden the


subject of a landmark legal judgment.


Janet Tracey was 63 when shd died at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


There is no suggestion resuscitation was needed when she died.


But her family had complaindd earlier in her care


when a 'do not resuscitate' order was placed in her records whthout


They took their challenger here to the Court of Appeal.


And today three judges ruled that Janet Tracey's rights had bden


breached because the duty to consult is integral to


The court holds that Articld 8 of the European Convention on Human


Rights is engaged by such ddcisions, because they concern how an


individual chooses how to spend the closing days and moments of their


Today's judgment has implic`tions far beyond the Tracey familx.


It means that all NHS trusts have a legal duty to consult and inform


patients or families about decisions on whether to resuscitate,


unless it is likely to causd physical or psychological h`rm.


This brings clarity to an area where there has been mixed


Each NHS trust has its own policy, but the court has said


in this judgment that all NHS trusts must take note


Addenbrooke's Hospital say today's ruling hinges on a specific point


There was no criticism of our clinical care


and the most important thing is that these patients are treated with


Today the Court of Appeal also found that no new national guidelhnes in


I was in court to hear the ruling and afterwards I spoke to J`net


Tracey's husband and her two daughters to get their reaction


And hopefully it'll help other people who go into hospital to get


that little bit more care and communication , which is vital.


And it has been a very long road to get here, three years.


It is always there, it is always on your mind.


It has been a long three ye`rs and there was no question


in the light of losing my mtm that if we had the opportunity,


we would do everything we could to try and change things for others.


The court today decided that no new national guidelines were necessary.


A little disappointing , but hopefully the decision alond that


my mum's rights were breachdd will be enough for doctors to re`lise


that just because a discusshon is distressing , it is not enotgh not


What do you think would havd been her reaction to what happendd


I think mum would have been horrified if anything happened to


her residence, like what happened to her in hospital,


and I think she would be absolutely delighted with the outcome today.


She would be very proud of ly dad and he has done a great thing.


A very dignified family and they told me that today will help them


with the healing process so they can begin to look to the future.


Professor Gurch Randhawa from the University of Bedfordshire


has just completed a four`ydar study into end of life care.


In this country we are not tsed to talking about death or end of life,


so we have to talk openly about the fact we have to plan the end of life


care. We have to think about our treatment options so when that staff


are trained to talk about it, patients and their families don t


becomes surprise or defensive. Has there been a lack of training for


staff? In this country therd has been a lack of attention to end of


life care and part and parcdl of that is about training staff and


about also educating the public and planning for end of life care and


that is important. What happened in this case? Is that going on in


hospitals around the countrx or is it isolated? There is variation


across the country, so in some parts of the NHS there are open, `ctive


unification with family, with patient and NHS staff. In other


parts, that doesn't take pl`ce and what we want is consistency.


Actually today the judges stepped back from saying what we should have


is a national guidance on that. Do you think that was the wrong thing?


I think the difficulty with national guidelines is that sometimes they


become too rigid. Flexibility is key, so we need communication and


approaches that are tailored to each individual family. What we `lso need


at the same time is for sochety as a whole to be talking about ddath and


planning for end of life so they are prepared for those conversations


when the time is appropriatd. Thank you very much.


A man has been found guilty of killing two`year`old Amina @gboola,


kicking her so hard the little girl's liver was split in two.


Today her mother's boyfriend, 19`year`old Dean Harris,


Sarah Racqueman from Yaxley in Peterborough was cleared of causing


Amina Agboola, the little ghrl whose life was cut short with a shngle


cake from her mother's boyfriend, Dean Harris. `` kick. When she was


found dying they described her as resembling a ripe Dahl. Inshde the


house, Dean Harris lost his temper after the little girl soiled herself


and wet the sober. He admitted manslaughter but denied murder. His


defence was rejected. He kicked with such force she flew six feet across


the room. Her injuries were described by the pathologist as some


of the worst he has ever sedn. Dean Harris intended to hurt her and she


died as a result. Her mother was found not guilty of causing or


allowing the death of her d`ughter. The court heard social workdrs had


warned her not to leave her alone with her boyfriend. His previous


partner had complained of domestic violence. Prosecutors said he was in


such a rage when Amina Agboola. Dean Harris showed no emotion as he the


jurors found him guilty of lurdering Amina Agboola. A short time later he


was led away. He'll be sentdnced at a later date. Amina Agboola live was


cut into junior tackle. Dean Harris lied to the police saying she had


fallen off the toilet. He s`id he only wished he could take all this


back. Social services say they will comment at a serious case rdview of


the death. Plans for a new junction on the A14


at Kettering have been given a But they've stopped short


of pledging immediate cash. The town's MP believes the new


juntion would unlock investlent worth more than ?1 billion, allowing


a 5000 home development to go ahead. The government has rejected calls to


provide cash for a new junction to If we're going to build the houses


the country needs, you need to help us build that infrastrtcture


that the county needs. That was Philip Hollobone's


message to government. At the moment it is a blob on the


map, but it is a junction that the people of capturing need in the town


isn't going to grind to a h`lt. And that fear


of gridlock is a real one. 5500 homes will be built here to


the east of Kettering. And those plans


for self sufficiency also include a solar farm and a biomas gendrator,


and then here is the small latter All of which will generate dven more


traffic, adding weight to It is the right thing to do. It will


move the traffic further along A14, which will be good. I think that


links the Kettering will be fine. The government has agreed to


a new junction in principle, Any proposals need to be able to


demonstrate a strong business case and secure third`party contributions


until government can take p`rt. But it's claimed this juncthon


does have a strong business case. For just ?39 million, the local


council claims it would delhver over The fight


for the Junction 10a goes on. Well,


joining me now is our Polithcal Andrew, I guess the questions


are will the government stulp These debates aren't really about


big announcements. They are a chance of MPs raise issues which are close


to their hearts and hope th`t the Minister and his civil serv`nts will


remember it. These debates `re very important because they give us a


chance to get an idea of wh`t the Minister is thinking, and hd said a


lot of positive things on this junction. He said he apprechated the


importance of this scheme. He talked about building good roads for the


economy. He said he wanted to build roads which would unlock hotsing


schemes, so this junction t`kes all those boxes. I came away with the


impression this scheme is vdry slowly moving up the less. Ht


wouldn't surprise me if we see the scheme mentioned in the Auttmn


Statement which the Chancellor delivers later this year. There is


an election next year as evdrything could change, and where budget


already allocated it to be 45 before anything happens.


A teenager is recovering in hospital after a gang of youths


The 16`year`old was walking with his father in the Marsh Farl area


of Luton on Friday night when they were approached.


The boy's mother is appealing for help in finding the offdnders.


On their way back from buying sweets.


CCTV footage shows the teen`ger and his father being approached


One brutally attacks the box with a sword, before they all run off.


But the teenager's mother, who lives nearby and rushed to help,


I saw 15 people come running. My son said they had come back, do


something. I said leave my son alone. They ran off into thd night.


The attack happened near Hickman Court in Waulads Bank Drive


The boy needed surgery on his leg but is recovering.


This is a concern for the police. Are you worried this could happen


again? Of course we are. Thdy could do it again. Let's catch thdse


people and put them where they deserved to be, in prison.


The offenders were a mixturd of black and mixed race men wearing


Police says it's likely thex will have bragged about the attack


and are appealing for anyond with information to come forward.


Two men have been arrested this morning on suspicion


of murdering Una Crown, a month after the investigation


The 86`year`old was stabbed and set on fire at her home


will help give these toddlers are genuinely lucky break. We rdport on


the region's disappearing b`nks And medal winner Louis Smith tells


us why he is over the moon. It's been predicted today that


more of the region's smaller It's not just down to econolics


in our smaller towns, it's down to the march of online


banking and the convenience of 25 years ago there were just under


14,000 branches of High Strdet By last year that figure had fallen


to 7,500 a fall of nearly h`lf. One pressure group believes 25%


of those that remain will dhsappear Last week the only bank in Sawston


near Cambridge closed. Barclays is pulling out of


Stansted Village. On Friday, Brightlingsea is about to


lose both the NatWest and B`rclays, and the last bank in Needhal Market


will disappear in September. Barclays has a long history


in the Suffolk market town. In the flourishing high`strdet


behind the post office is the original site of one


of the earliest country banks. Run by Quakers, it grew to become


part of the Barclays Empire. more than 200 years


on there is a lot of anger that there is lots and lots of pdople,


a strong feeling of people being It is an asset to the village,


but if it goes, I think a lot of people will change


their banks to somewhere else. It is regrettable that


it is going to shut. It is a great little bank,


great staff that provides a service to the community, and I don't know


what the town will now do if it has Toni Digby, who has muscular


dystrophy, runs her own company She was shocked when I told her


the bank is to close. Getting around is not that dasy


for you? I rely on my mobility scootdr to go


round the village, and The cashpoint will also be removed


when the bank shuts its doors Behind the closure programmd is the


rise of mobile and Internet banking. latest figures show something


like 40 million separate Some people have very littld need


to call in their local branch. Nine years ago Paul Hughes switched


banks, took up online banking Your wages get paid electronically,


everything comes out direct debit, you use your card with chip


and pin at the shops, Not everybody has got the Internet,


have they? I think in relation to banks


closing, it is important to people that they can deal with


their own money and pay thehr own bills, and this is important


in terms of staying independent Barclays says customer numbdrs


here have been declining. It hopes those not tempted


by digital banking will be `ble to carry out everyday transacthons


at the nearby post office. The Olympics gymnast Louis Smith


will be back in internation`l competition next month


after being named in the England Despite winning bronze and silver


at London 2012 his place was not Yes, Louis has been fighting to


regain his fitness since taking I will be speaking to him


in a moment, And good sign, and today he had


every reason be cheerful. , well call after he announced he was


making a comeback. Where yot ever in doubt you would make the te`m?


I was a little sceptical whdn he announces comeback, but Louhs Smith


is unique, and he made it b`ck to the main stage.


He's one of the world's best operators on the pommel horse. First


things first, return to Comlonwealth competition after winning gold in


Melbourne. I have been training to 12 xears,


and to come away with the gold medal on the pommel horse is a grdat


achievement. His achievements in the gym and on


the dance floor made me household name. But he has told his agent to


cancel the bookings. It is `ll systems go for Glasgow. Yaz competed


alongside Dan Keating is for Britain, but one of the most


intriguing battles at the Commonwealth Games is England versus


Scotland, Lewis against Dan. You guys are very supportive, does that


change, Commonwealth Games? We want to see everyone do well but


obviously there is a little bit of banter starting. Scotland h`s never


got a team medal before, so hopefully we can go there and get a


medal. Louis Smith will have to do it


without his long`term coach in his corner. He's going all out for gold


in Glasgow. I managed to speak to Louis earlier


during a break in training. And,


given the uncertainty surrotnding his selection, I asked him hf he was


relieved, or just raring to go. I've got a lot of feelings. I'm


relieved, anxious. I am verx happy with myself, because it was a very


hard task to get from where I was in December last year to where I am


now. It has been a tough jotrney, a lot of hours and a lot of sweat and


training in the gym. But I'l very relieved to be where I am rhght


now. Back in December, what was ht that


made you decide to go back hnto competition? And you miss


competing? I miss being able to do somd of the


skills I could do. I felt I was slowly not being an athlete any


more. I felt I was turning normal. If you have been athlete for so


long, that feels alien. But I was commentating at the championships


couple of months beforehand and seeing my friends and other people


competing, people I felt I could still beat, and it gave me ` kick to


think, don't waste what you have got. In ten years when you look


back, what if you are seeing what is?


I know you are disappointed not to be selected for the European


Championships, and he said `t the time you thought it was a political


decision. How do you feel about that now?


I have still offering the s`me for the team as I was for the Etropean


team, who knows why I was not picked? But I'm here, I havd


qualified for the Commonwealth Games, I have had great support from


physiotherapists coming in free of charge, my coach dedicating a lot of


time, and it is starting to pay off, so I am very pleased.


Focus was always the Commonwealth Games, and you have been selected.


You did say that would be your last hurrah. Make you change your mind on


that? I'm not sure. I'm not sure now.


Ya got the bug again? I have got the bug again. It has


opened my eyes to see that H still have a lot more in the tank. 20 5, I


will be pushing for European Championships, the world


Championships which is a qu`lifier for real. But I would be an old man


in Rio de Janeiro. The young kids coming up, so it is going to be


tough. How is your form, foreign old man?


My form is not bad. I'm still four or five weeks away from being in the


addition, but I'm going through my hard routine. It is one of the best


routines in the world at thd moment. Training is going vdry


well. I have a few aches and pains, which is normal. And they are


getting a little bit worse `s you get older, but I am hanging in


there. It is great to talk to you `s


always, and we wish you all the best for the training and further, love


games will be rooting for you. Thanks very much.


It must be dreadful to get old! All those aches and pains!


Now the weather: if you livd on the coast you will have noticed that


northerly wind has made things feel a little cooler.


high`pressure keeping things fairly settled. Things will change


overnight tonight, but we h`ve a fine end of the day. Increasing


amounts of cloud through thd night will bring some spots of light rain,


some drizzle and showery rahn into the early hours of tomorrow


morning. A lot of cloud covdr so that will mean a mild night.


Temperatures 12 or 13 Celsits. It will continue to be windy from a


northerly direction through tomorrow. This weather front will


get away quite quickly, so lany of us may wake up with quite a lot of


cloud around. Some spots of rain to clear first thing. If you lhve in


eastern counties, places like Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, it could


stay cloudy throughout the day. The further west, the better ch`nce of


seeing some brightness and sunshine. Across the West, 09 or 20


Celsius. In the East it will be slightly cooler temperatures on the


course itself. Through the afternoon, a chance the clotd will


break up. Not a lot changes. The high pressure is still fairly


established. It is starting to move west and that will shift thd wind to


south`westerly. That is good news for us because it means temperatures


will climb. They go up towards the end of the week. Thursday mhght be


cloudy with spots of rain fhrst thing but it will get brighter


through the day. Temperaturds into the low twenties. It may get higher


by Friday as that south`westerly wind continues to bring in some


warmer air and it is looking like a largely fine day for Friday with


some sunny spells. A little more closely on Saturday and getting back


to a northerly wind direction. That's all from us, have a very good




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