24/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Bosses at the Yarl's Wood Ddtention Centre in Bedfordshire have


apologised today after fears for the safety of women being held there.


In an exclusive interview for the BBC a mental health nurse


who used to work at the centre describes how he repeatedly raised


concerns about the treatment of women with psychological problems.


The warning comes on the dax the Serco security group, which


runs Yarl?s Wood, has been defending its handling of investigations


What happened behind this pdrimeter fence has today been the subject


Sexual allegations have been made and doubts raised about


the way they were investigated by Serco.


A former detainee at Yarl's Wood has spoken out, claiming gu`rds


He came to my room and he touched me inapproprhately.


But I later found out that he was actually sleeping around


Noel worked at Yarl's Wood `s a mental health nurse two years ago.


He says he repeatedly raised concerns about the assessment


and treatment of women with psychological problems.


of a patient of his with a history of self harm being assaulted.


I was told that an individu`l has gone into her room and had


The officer made it very cldar that there was an investigation


Made it very clear that she had been assaulted


You do not cross that line, it is quite simple.


The private company that runs the centre came to Westminster


today to answer some tough questions.


Do you want to take this opportunity to apologise for those women who


have had to make these allegations about the guards who work


I would like to comment specifically on the report.


Before I do that, your last point, we set very high standards


On those instances where we have fallen short of


the standards that we have set for ourselves, I absolutely am sorry


Serco rejects there is an endemic culture of


The committee said it wanted to hear the detainees' side


of the story and plans to vhsit the centre in the near future.


This at a time when the contract to run Yarl's Wood is up for rdnewal.


An investigation is being rd`opened into the deaths of five people


at a Northampton care home five years ago.


The residents of the Parkside House and Nursing Home in St Matthew's


Waseem Miza has the background to this case.


Let me just remind you, first of all, this was about five elderly


rep, residents in Northampton. All five died within the space of two


weeks in 2009. `` five elderly residents. At the time, it was ruled


they had died from natural causes but an investigation was latnched


and found they had suffered from severe neglect. The home was closed


down later and the remaining residents were moved elsewhdre. By


the summer of 2009, the homd simply could not manage. As a result, the


Nursing and Midwifery Counchl struck off five minutes members of staff.


So why has the investigation been relaunched? `` five members of


staff. Because the owner and her deputy appeared before the council.


They were accused of failing to carry out basic duties. The police


have reviewed this tribunal and are now reopening the criminal


investigation. They want to speak to anyone else who may have had friends


or relatives at Parkside during that time to come forward.


A new acute cardiac unit is preparing to open


The 62`bed ward building is part of a major redevelopment at


It will mean people with urgent heart conditions can be assdssed


At the front of the hospital ` the new ward building.


Even the beds and equipment have not been put in yet.


In just two weeks, these corridors and wards will be open to p`tients.


This is where you would arrhve if you were referred urgently


deliberately designed to dr`w you there first.


Look how close the assessment bays are.


There will be five beds and you would be assessed bx a


checking things like your oxygen levels and blood pressure.


A patient with a chest infection who is not


that unwell but needs a day of observation, perhaps a drip and


antibiotics, they might movd across to the blue area in that direction,


with the intention of staying in the hospital for 24 hours.


They would be assessed the next morning by another consultant


It is part of a wider ?170 lillion upgrade of the hospital.


Over at the QE2 hospital, it will eventually only provide


Anyone needing emergency treatment or a stay in hosphtal


The trust says it has been paid for by the NHS, without using any


private finance or high cost borrowing that has left trusts


They are confident patients will approve when it opens on 8th July.


One set of easyJet's flights could be cancelled tomorrow because of


action by French air traffic controllers. Today, RyanAir has


cancelled 96 flights. Passengers are advised to check with their airline


before Time to get


the weather now with Alex Dolan We'll be back with our Breakfast


bulletins first thing The last of any showers quickly


clearing away and the rest


of the night looks largely dry. There will be some clear spdlls


around and some mist patches where there has been


a lot of moisture. Although most of us will st`y


in double figures, There will be plenty


of sunshine through the morning Increasing cloud for the afternoon,


perhaps producing Thursday a bit warmer,


unsettled by the end of the week. with the summary. Turning more


unsettled as we head towards the weekend.


Good evening. After what has been a glorious few weeks of summer


sunshine for many of us, things are about to change over the next 2


hours. We are seeing the change marked by the weather front on the


satellite image. To the south of that, 25 degrees, in Bournemouth for


instance, but in the north and east, cooler, fresher air. That sets the


scene for tomorrow. A cooler day. We will have hazy sunshine on offer,


although cloudier skies than we have been used it over the past week


Tonight we have thicker cloud bringing more two spots of drizzly


rain for some southern areas. Many parts dry, but we have the rain


heading in towards the far


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