25/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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high, 15-20. It's not all bad. Thank you very much. That's all from


Cambridge and Northampton are named amongst the top places in Britain


The pub's the hub, the campaign to keep the local


And training the tourmakers ` the volunteers whose job is to


ensure the Tour de France gdts a smooth ride through the rdgion.


First tonight the student visa scandal.


And the fall out for four of our further education colleges


For the time being, the government has banned all


of them from admitting new students from overseas.


It follows an investigation which estimates nearly 50,000


immigrants may have been able to cheat their way through language


Across the country 57 private colldges


and two universities are accused of failing to make the proper checks.


Have some students obtained visas through fraudulent me`ns?


The question for one of our fastest growing univershties.


Concerns raised by the Immigration Minister in the Commons.


We have told a further two universities, the Universitx of


Bedfordshire and the University of West London, that they are no longer


allowed to sponsor new studdnts pending further investigations,


which will decide whether they should also be


The University say they do not know why they have been namdd


We are confident, from internal reviews, that procedures ard


robust and our licence was not suspended this week.


We are confident that when we have an audit we will get a clean bill


of health and will be free to recruit new international students.


The Government claims come after this.


Secret filming that appears to show foreign students being helped


to cheat to pass their Englhsh tests.


It is highly unlikely, the Government say,


that some universities and colleges were fulfilling their duty.


Passing an English test is a requirement for a student visa


but so is proof of academic qualifications and attendance.


57 private colleges are now banned from taking new foreign students,


Mohammed, from Pakistan, is a student.


His visa is legitimate, he says but now he is confused and concdrned.


All of my friends are calling me about my university being stspended.


Colleges are being told thex should have checked students' certhficates


before offering places but colleges in our region say they


Gavin Shuker is the Labour LP for Luton South.


The University of Bedfordshhre and these four colleges inshst


Iron convinced that this is a government approved test from a


government approved provider. The University of Bedfordshire has


looked what has been coming through the door and has been proven to be


legitimate and have been audited in light of these concerns and have not


found an issue. I would hopd that the Government, instead of loving


from one place to another vdry quickly, would get some perspective.


What we have potentially got... What we have potentially got herd and


50,000 immigrants that have got their visa by cheating the system.


If there was abuse of the sxstem like that going on, it is strely


right that it is investigatdd. That is the main point. If there is abuse


involving 50,000 students that would be remarkable failure on thd hands


of the Government. What I c`n say is that institutions like the


University of Bedfordshire where they have audited the 200 students


affected, they have found clear and compelling evidence that I think


will mean they will be returned back to good order. Accurately robustly


defending that university btt do you think there is potentially ` risk


from some institutions that when we are talking about so much money that


foreign students bring in there is a temptation, perhaps, to turn a blind


eye? `` ICU are robustly defending. I am sure that some institutions


will have that but any reputable institution will not go down this


path. What they will want to do is take the assurances from thd


Government approved agencies. If there is a failure here, it is with


the Home Office. We needed to get to the bottom of what has gone on


whilst not penalising good institutions adding to UK exports


and seeing great young men `nd women educated in our times. Have had


contact with any other colldges Bedford have told us this could put


them out of business. Absolttely. These smaller institutions rely on


planning to have students in the country. We are in June. September


is not far away for your long or multi`year courses. That is why we


need some robust action takdn quickly to get to the bottol of what


is going on and to get the good institutions cleared while tackling


abuses from others that turned a blind eye.


Within the past couple of hours the Northampton couple extraditdd to the


United States to face fraud charges have been released from prison.


Paul and Sandra Dunham, who deny the charges, fought


extradition, fearing they'd be held in a detention centre for months.


Our reporter Neil Bradford has got the latest and joins us


It was around 4:30pm UK timd, 11:30am in the US, that the couple


were formally released from custody in Maryland. They are now m`king a


seven hour car journey to North Carolina, where they must rdside


with their friends, who put up the $250,000 bail. A few moments ago, I


spoke to Mr Donovan, who gave his reaction. Very pleased to bd where


we are. . We did not know until now meant that we would be rele`sed The


jail told us that we would be going back to court so we were not 10 %


sure. It has happened and that is good. What happens now? When they


arrive in North Carolina thdy will effectively be under house `rrest.


They both have electronic t`gs fitted and I am told that they will


be confined to the first floor of the house and the garden. They will


have to have regular contact with US marshals and officials in the US


state of Maryland, where thdy face 13 charges of fraud and


money`laundering, totalling $1. million. The prosecutors sax that


they used company credit cards to find a lavish lifestyle, paxing for


everything from groceries to expensive artwork, even a dog house.


They deny the charges. The trial is not expected for another few months.


New research today suggests small and medium size businesses `re


driving the economic recovery and that our region is at the forefront.


Businesses in 64 of the UK's biggest cities werd given


a bit of health check, assessing productivity and profitabilhty


Whether they're pursuing innovation and how well they're compethng


Milton Keynes comes fifth for the highest concentration of


Milton keynes is also up thdre, in fourth place, for the highest


Overall, perhaps unsurprisingly Cambridge scores the best


But Northampton also secures a place in the national top ten


Stuart Ratcliffe has been to visit a business there which is


Oyster cards ` a familiar shght if you use the tube in London.


But the software behind them is controlled


Novacroft has doubled its workforce over the last two years.


I think it will not be long before we are known


What we are seeing now is that whilst London is growing,


in terms of economic abilitx, actually a lot of people ard moving


And Northampton hope that this building could attract even more


small businesses to the town, because when complete this


could be home to 55 new small businesses.


The local enterprise partnership here is also providing support


Companies in the new enterprise zone also benefit from tax breaks,


which means Northampton is now competing and on occasions beating


We are not to be modest about our achievements.


I think now and we certainlx should not be in the future.


We are not Cambridge or Milton Keynes, we are


This is undoubtedly an excellent place


to come and start and grow a business and is a lot mord


But today's report says there's no room for complacency.


Saying the government needs to do more to work with towns


and cities to improve infrastructure and training.


A man is being questioned after the body of an 82`year`old woman


Police officers found the body at the house in Latimer, Stony


A 48`year`old man was arrested later in the afternoon.


Thames Valley Police officers have been carrying out house to house


inquiries and have put a guard outside the propertx.


But they say they believe this is an isolated incident.


A post mortem is due to be carried out.


It's become known as the jewel in Newmarket's crown.


But now the multi`million pound racing industry fears


its future could be compromhsed by a housing development.


There are concerns it will put off new investors


and jeopardise the safety of horses, riders and the public.


urging the landowner, Lord Derby, to rethink his plans.


Today, the racing industry saddled up against plans


for a housing development on the edge of Newmarket,


People coming into Newmarket, it comes across as a large village


And that is critical to the perception of investors


A huge number of which come from overseas.


This is the atmosphere they want to invest in.


Everyday, thousands of horsds cross here alongside the cars, lorries,


And the protesters say that things are already at the lhmit


Throw into the mix a new housing development up there


and they say it is a potenthally catastrophic combination.


It is Lord Derby who owns the land, a fact that grates


His brother recently bred the horse that won the Derby ` Australia.


Australia was foaled in a farm right next to Hatchfield


farm and it is an ultimate hrony to us that this man with a famhly that


has such a fantastic historx in racing does seem to be prepared


House numbers slashed from 1200 to 400.


Newmarket needs new homes, jobs and investment into the high street


This is really about addressing the future of Newmarket.


The horse industry itself is growing rapidly and all those peopld will


The racing industry will always think about themselvds.


Newmarket is dependent so mtch on the racing industry and we don't


With 300 people on the housing waiting list,


Campaigners say if we approve this then where does it end?


Now over to the rest of the programme with David and Susie.


Still to come, the army of volunteers getting the tour to


France on the road. The county council promising thousands of


pounds to help your local boozer stay part of the community. A couple


of weeks ago, A couple of weeks ago on Look East


we talked about the relationship between dolestic


violence and the World Cup. Frighteningly


the police can accurately predict that numbers of incidents whll rise


sharply after each England game We were speaking to Essex Police who


are running a campaign And now they've got real figures


from the first two England games. In a moment,


the police officer in chargd. But first, a reminder of


the background from Debbie Tubby. `` the England squad returnhng home


this afternoon after being knocked out of the World Cup. They `re pure


performance resulted in a dramatic increase in domestic violence. ``


their poor performance. Thex have identified 110 men and seven women


most likely to be involved hn football related domestic abuse and


targeted them throughout thd tournament. Some will be arrested


before the World Cup becausd we know of outstanding offences and others


will be spoken to and we will do our best to make sure they face justice.


Why is it such a trigger? This woman's partner was jailed for


Harrah attempted murder. It is all about control, if you do not do what


they say or we are what thex want. It is the same with any sport. The


police also launched this c`mpaign video at the start of the World Cup


to stop domestic abusers kicking off.


Nick Burston is the detective inspector in charge


And I started by putting it to her that it was sad Essex Policd could


It is, it is a sad indictment of society, particularly in thd current


World Cup where England havd lost, and that can lead to a backlash


People with no responsibility for that situation at all, and ht is


precipitated by all sorts of factors but in the main it is being used as


an excuse to abuse another individual. They are alreadx abusers


and this is just another wax to get themselves the excuse to crdate


havoc in people's lives. Recently you told us they were certahn people


you work keeping an eye on during this period. Do you think you could


have been looking at even more cases like that that? `` with out that? We


have some people identified as the most prolific that `` selects, and


those people were communicated with to remind them of responsibhlities


to their partners, and it is their fault and they are the ones who make


the decision to abuse. Is it just when the football is all? Is that


the only sport that triggers this? It is the one that creates the most


noticeable spike, and it is not just about to elements and it can be


quite localised, depending on an early, if a particular location


supports one team and they have bad result, there could be a local


spike. It is incredibly brave of somebody to report something that is


happening and after you havd intervened, is the early support


network in place? Absolutelx. The important thing to say is if you do


not want to leave the relathonship, you do not have two, and it is


important to know that oursdlves and the people we work with than the


statutory and voluntary agencies will support you in your hole if you


do not want to leave. For example, somebody might have mental health


issues. The mental health practitioner can help them develop


coping strategies. What kind of coping strategies would you


recommend putting in place hf they cannot leave? The coping strategy


might just be somebody to phck up the phone to if things are not going


right and could be as simpld as recognising the danger of you are in


and preparing for leaving, so at a friend or family member's house you


have a bag and a copy of a passport and bank account. Some spard cash,


so if you had to flee an emdrgency you can actually leave without


having to go back to the hotse instantly. A change of clothes for


the children and some favourite toys. Thank you.


Many see the pub as the heart of a local community, but everx year,


So it's getting even more ilportant to make sure


Today, Norfolk County Counchl put thousands of pounds


into a scheme called "The Ptb's the Hub" encouraging pubs to take more


That could mean becoming a community centre,


The Kings Arms opened for btsiness in the 17th century. They are used


to be six pulps in this are` but it was the last and closed in 2012 It


is about to reopen, helped by a ?4000 grant from The Pub's The Hub.


We needed this to be more than just a pub, so we will have a colmunity


cafe and hopefully a school meals service for the primary school


opposite. We will get an offering that can cook 180 school me`ls a day


and also things like a coffde machine for the community c`fe.


Although there are signs th`t the rate of closure is may be slowing,


many are losing services sthll, and pubs can fill the gap. Todax at the


Royal Norfolk sure, the council leader announced a ?30,000


contribution to the project. They are the first county council to do


so and pubs in Norfolk can `pply for grants from the Council for the


community scheme. What we h`ve been trying to do is put new accdss in


for elderly customers, disabled customers, so that it makes it a


more friendly place, so thex are not as isolated as before and they can


feel they can come into a w`rm welcome. The ?4000 grant max not


seem much but for a Norfolk county council it is something at the time


of big financial cutbacks, to help pulps and communities flourhsh.


`` pubs. Perhaps one of the surprising


success stories from the London Thousands of volunteers


in distinctive purple and orange uniform who helpdd made


everything tick. Now the Tour de France in Britain is


following in those same footsteps. 10,000 volunteers have been chosen


to help make race day run sloothly. Stage three starts in Cambrhdge


on Monday July 7th, winding its way Tom Williams has been talking to


the Tourmakers. From flag to put marshalling or just


being on hand with a friendly smile. Toolmakers will be the faces of the


race. `` Tourmakers. It has been fantastic, you have that calaraderie


and people coming together for a common goal, something really


positive. Over 25,000 applidd and just 10,000 made the final cut but


with the final stage just 10 days away, they today to con fin`l


instructions and collected tniforms. It is building on the momentum of


London 2012 and we have manx more volunteers here today who


volunteered during the Olympic Games. Two years on, they are still


volunteering for big sporting events. It is the biggest volunteer


workforce since the Olympics and the first time the event has posted


Tourmakers. I want you to gdt yourself into height order.


Volunteers are not all over 18, meet the young Tourmaker clinic. Pupils


have been taught how to run workshops, to deliver these sessions


to younger children at prim`ry schools. Fast forward one wdek and


the chance to put new skills to the test by teaching Tour de Fr`nce


themed activities. This is focusing on the skills you would need to be a


good cyclist, speed and bal`nce and coordination. Inside the artwork is


coming along nicely. We havd been designing flags to wave while people


go past. Do you think it is effective at getting people


excited? They all seem really excited and I are going to go and


watch it. A final few touchds and a flag to wave with pride.


I wish I had done that now! It has been raining a bet in places but


reasonable. Every time it is Glastonburx the


weather changes. We have ond more day of fine weather before things go


downhill with low pressure `re moving in. It was cloudy thhs


afternoon and there is still some clouds around Seoul this cloud will


continue to melt and we will have some clear spells through the night.


It was chilly last night, gdtting down to five Celsius and parts, but


do not take these figures at face value. It could be lower in the


countryside and there could be mist patches around as well. Starting


chilly tomorrow but what sunshine through the morning. More cloud in


the afternoon and the risk of some isolated showers but for most of us,


it will be dry throughout. Slightly warmer as well and staying cool on


the coast. Further inland, getting up to 20 Celsius. The afternoon sees


more clouds but it will then out into the evening and overnight. Low


pressure are moving and will bring us unsettled conditions for the end


of the week and it looks like that unsettled weather will conthnue into


the weekend so make the most of tomorrow. Looking pretty good but


with outbreaks of rain and heavy showers are owned by the end of the


week. This may clear quicklx, but lingering across northern p`rts and


these heavy showers are expdcted to continue on Saturday, with some


thunder, and it looks like the showers will still be around on


Sunday but not as many. A couple of unsettled days before it improves


slightly. That's all from us, have very good evening.


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