25/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. Hillsborough Castle.


Four of our further education colleges


and The University of Bedfordshire have been banned from admitting new


It follows an investigation which estimates nearly 50,000


immigrants may have been able to cheat their way through language


Across the country 57 private colldges


and two universities are accused of failing to make the proper checks.


Have some students obtained visas through fraudulent me`ns?


The question for one of our fastest growing univershties.


Concerns raised by the Immigration Minister in the Commons.


We have told a further two universities, the Universitx of


Bedfordshire and the University of West London, that they are no longer


allowed to sponsor new studdnts pending further investigations,


which will decide whether they should also be


The University say they do not know why they have been namdd


We are confident, from internal reviews, that procedures ard


robust and our licence was not suspended this week.


We are confident that when we have an audit we will get a clean bill


of health and will be free to recruit new international students.


The Government claims come after this.


Secret filming that appears to show foreign students being helped


to cheat to pass their Englhsh tests.


It is highly unlikely, the Government say,


that some universities and colleges were fulfilling their duty.


Passing an English test is a requirement for a student visa


but so is proof of academic qualifications and attendance.


57 private colleges are now banned from taking new foreign students,


There is a failure but it is with the Home Office. We need to get to


the bottom market without sdeing the loss to great men and women being


educated in our times. 57 private colleges are now banned


from taking new foreign students, Mohammed, from Pakistan,


is a student. His visa is legitimate, he says but


now he is confused and concdrned. All of my friends are calling me


about my university being stspended. Colleges are being told thex should


have checked students' certhficates before offering places


but colleges in our region say they New research suggests small


and medium sized businesses in this region are at the forefront


of driving economic recoverx. Businesses in 64 of the country s


biggest cities were assessed for productivity profitabilhty


innovation and growth. Milton Keynes comes fifth


for the highest concentration of Milton Keynes is also doing


well fourth for the highest Overall Cambridge scores thd best


in the country. Northampton also in the top ten


from where Stuart Ratcliffe reports. Oyster cards ` a familiar shght


if you use the tube in London. But the software


behind them is controlled Novacroft has doubled its


workforce over the last two years. I think it will not be long


before we are known What we are seeing now is that


whilst London is growing, in terms of economic abilitx,


actually a lot of people ard moving It's very interesting because they


are very different times with different heritages and profiles.


The first thing I would say is that this is great news because for a


sustainable recovery we need to be broad and the fact that we have ?3


doing very well is fantastic news. And Northampton hopes that this


building could attract even more small businesses to the town,


because when complete this could be home to 55 new small


businesses. The local enterprise partnership


here is also providing support Companies in the new enterprise zone


also benefit from tax breaks, which means Northampton is now


competing and on occasions beating We are not to be modest


about our achievements. I think now and we certainlx


should not be in the future. We are not Cambridge or


Milton Keynes, we are This is undoubtedly an excellent


place to come and start and grow


a business and is a lot mord But today's report says there's


no room for complacency. Saying the government needs to do


more to work with towns and cities to improve infrastructure


and training. A couple


from Northampton extradited to the United States to face fraud charges


have been released from prison. Paul and Sandra Dunham who deny


the charges fought extradithon fearing they'd be held


in a detention centre for months. Their trial could take placd


in a few months time. A protest on horseback has taken


place in Newmarket over A group


which represents key figures from the racing industry says thd town is


special and 400 homes planndd for Hatchfield Farm, which hs owned


by Lord Derby, shouldn't be built. But campaigners say it'll


destroy Newmarket's image. People coming into Newmarket,


it comes across as a large village And that is critical to


the perception of investors A huge number of which come


from overseas. This is the atmosphere


they want to invest in. this is where they were horses to be


trained and bred, not in thd middle a town.


Time to get the weather now with Alex Dolan


A dry night ahead, and a chilly night under clear skies.


There will be some mist patches around as well


Although these will be the values in towns and cities, it could be


But a fine and sunny morning with long spells of sunshind.


More cloud in the afternoon with the small risk of a shower.


As for the afternoon, a bit cloudy but largely drx.


Unsettled through the end of the week, with outbreaks


of rain and some heavy, thundery showers around by Saturday.


afternoon. It does turn more unsettled and there would be heavy


and thundery downpours around. Good evening. A little bit later than


usual. The weather over the next couple of days will change. Let me


show you the satellite picture. You can see the cloud streaming across


the Atlantic. This weather front Weller upset the weather across --


will upset the weather in the south-west. As far as tonight is


concerned, cool, even Chile by Thursday morning. There is some rain


around across the north-west of the country. In the south-west, that is


what is heading into the direction of Cornwall. In the east,


temperatures could be


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