26/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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scattered showers but the driest day of the weekend.


Eyewitnesses say it's unbelievable no`one was killed.


And experience. How anyone was not injured I do not know.


The shocking pictures of a violent hit and run.


Police in Luton are treating this attack as attempted murder


We'll be here later in the programme counting down to the Tour Dd France.


As the region prepares for the fastest race on two wheels


we meet the schoolchildren creating artwork fit for a king.


And the crowd`watching bobby happy to


There was disbelief and panic this morning as


a gas explosion ripped throtgh a quiet cul de sac in Milton Keynes.


Four homes were damaged in the blast and the fire service says it's


A number of families were evacuated from their homes


and a garage containing gas cylinders was completely destroyed.


An investigation is now unddrway, as Neil Bradford reports.


Taken in the minutes that followed the explosion, this video bdlies the


Just before 5am, residents were woken by an enormous bang.


How anyone wasn't injured I just don't know.


Debris has been strewn across a large area but it hs not


until you get to the back of the property that you re`lise


Believe it or not, that used to be a garage and two garddns.


No`one was seriously hurt in this morning's explosion.


Firefighters say it may havd been caused by a gas barbecte.


We believe it exploded inside the garage and blew `ll the


walls of the garage out and caused blast damage quite some considerable


The owners of four homes now face extensive insurance claims.


Salvatore Scana is just thankful he and his family escaped unharmed


Up until two months ago I w`s living in the house and my room was


I think I am definitely verx lucky that I came out unharled.


Structural engineers have bden working with firefighters to make


the buildings secure but it is likely to be many more weeks


before this quiet cul`de`sac returns to any sense of normality.


The British Horseracing Authority has announced a zero`tolerance


approach to the use of anabolic steroids in the industry.


It's in response to horse r`cing's biggest ever doping scandal


involving Godolphin Stables in Newmarket a year ago.


Our reporter Ian Barmer joins us live from Newmarket now.


Cast your mind back to April the 22nd last year. The home of British


racing was hit by a bombshell. A doping scandal at the Godolphin


stables. Owned by the Royal family in the bag, it is the biggest horse


racing operation in Dubai. `` in the world. Today, the rules but I didn't


even further. This was a controversy that


shook racing to the core. Godolphin, a global brand ilmersed


in the biggest doping scand`l Today, in response, more th`n one


year later, British Horse R`cing Authority announced its toughest


policy yet on illegal sterohds. It presented an opportunity for us


to build on regulations and we have We have committed more resotrces to


it. We have conducted


an independent study. Now we have got one


of the strongest anti`doping and So I think people should have


confidence in British racing. They have introduced a complete ban


on steroids, with no excepthons Testing can be carried out


at any time and if steroids are given to horse there will bd


a 12 month ban from training Two Newmarket trainers paying


the price for illegal doping. Mohammed al Zarooni was


the first banned, for eight years. And then Gerard Butler,


banned for five years. Jon has trained horses


in Newmarket since 1995. He welcomes


today's ruling with open arls. It is very important that r`cing


is seen to have a zero tolerance We have seen in athletics, cycling,


that a sport which allows that to happen shoots itself in the foot


with public opinion, It means that the testers c`n


knock on your door any time, day or night, and say they want to


test your horses. There are 65 trainers here `nd


stacks around the country. There are lots of horses


and this is absolutely superb. The British Horse Racing Authority,


well done. These rules come into force


on the 1st of January next xear They are designed to make British


racing the cleanest in the world. With so many people getting so much


money on raising it public confidence. Today's rule ch`nges


seem to have gone down pretty well. Next the shocking CCTV foot`ge


which shows the moment a man was injured in a violdnt hit


and run attack in Luton. The police are treating it


as attempted murder and linking it to another attack last month in


which a man was shot in the back. You may find the pictures in


Fae Southwell's report upsetting. A car hits a pedestrian,


carrying him on the bonnet before Stunned, he crawls towards


the kerb and tries to stand up. The driver pauses for a momdnt,


then turns and speeds off. This is a hit and run that police


are treating as attempted mtrder. It follows another offence `lmost


three weeks earlier In that attack a man was shot


in Addington Way He'd been leaving a party


when he was ambushed by two masked men who blastdd him


in the back with pellets. The information we have got is that


both of these were targeted attacks and


that they were attempted murders. It is a miracle that both of them


have got such minor injuries. Anyone else may have died


from these injuries. Being hit in the back with


a shotgun, it is very lucky. Also the car incident,


with the way the victim has fallen, it has been fortunate he has not


landed on his head and been killed. In all, police are


investigating three incidents. The first, on May 25th,


is the shooting in Addington Way. This was followed on June 12th


by the hit and run near Radnor Road Then later that same night


a car crashed in Raven Hill. Detectives want to trace


a blonde man seen running away. These people probably have


a reputation. People may be frightened


of speaking to the police But these are such serious latters


that I would urge them to come forward and talk to us


in confidence. Police believe


the same people are responshble Anyone with information is `sked to


contact Crimestoppers or Detectives investigating


the death of a man in Luton have 50`year`old Polish national Ziggy


Pawelec was found with head injuries in a public car park in George


Street West on June the 14th. 25`year`old Carl Stockwell `nd


19`year`old Daniel McRedmond, both A third man has been releasdd


on bail. The police say they're still


keen for anyone with Two men are facing deportathon to


Lithuania after being jailed Mantas Pronckus, 27,


and Marius Siurkus, 32, havd been jailed for a number of burglaries in


the city over the last two xears. Both have consistently re`offended,


despite early release. MPs have accused the Environment


Department of leaving taxpaxers in the lurch after it changed hts mind


about funding a waste incindrator. The incinerator was set to


be built near King's Lynn. But terminating


the deal cost local council tax The head of DEFRA faced angry


questioning as she revealed there had been concerns about the scheme


long before the contract was signed. Experts in drug addiction s`y


there's been an unprecedentdd Today, big hitters from the police,


trading standards, the health service and a nulber


of charities met in Northampton The aim `


to formulate a report that will be sent to Westminster in the hope that


Government will take action. Legal highs use ingredients often


found in plant food, that c`n be They mimic the affects


of illegal drugs like cannabis, To get round the law they are often


sold as plant food, According to the Kettering`based


charity Solve It, Last year,


it's estimated nearly 6,500 people were treated in hospital


and there've been dozens of deaths. Louise Hubball was at today's


conference in Northampton, the Legal highs, products often so new


there are dangers are not ydt known. In glossy packaging, and not allowed


to be sold for human consumption, people take them anyway. Today, the


first national conference w`s held in Northampton to bring togdther


people concerned to devise ` strategy to tackle them. It is


organised by a local charitx. The reason we wanted it in


Northamptonshire is because working with the County Council and others,


we want this county to be at the forefront of dealing with these


issues and not the backside. Had he seen an increase here? Therd has


been an increase in the county, without doubt, but no different to


any other parts of the country. Here, they are referred to `s new


psychoactive substances bec`use it is not the terror legal highs makes


them sound safe. We do not know what is in them have the time. Some can


be tested and found to cont`in controlled substances, class a


drugs. Others might be completely inert. There is not enough


information about what is in them and how to use them safely. We just


do not know that they are bding manufactured in a consistent manner.


This warning film will be played at Glastonbury this weekend and an idea


discussed today was abusing the awareness of GPs to spot thd


side`effects. I think the idea is that there are a lot of thel and the


growing number. However, we probably have a limited number of effects on


the body. I think GPs do not need to be overwhelmed by all the dhfferent


ones but had a good underst`nding about how the general classds might


affect the body. The number of 5`24 `year`old in the UK who havd taken


illegal highs that lack leg`l highs is thought to be 670,000. That is


the highest rate in Europe. `` who have taken legal highs. Leg`l highs


are worse than a lot of stuff. The messenger. People I know have had


really bad trips. There seels to be that of a problem in Northalpton,


just for what has been in the press. They do not know what they `re


messing with. What others wdre worried about the prevalencd of


legal highs. Meanwhile, the conference will report back to the


Prime Minister in two weeks. One ward and two hospital b`ys


remain closed at Addenbrooke's Hospital in


Cambridge tonight, Visiting hours have been he`vily


restricted at the hospital over The hospital has been limithng


visitors to two per patient. But now we can join David and Susie


for the rest of the programle. heavy rain is on the way.


And the man who found himself policing the 1966 World Cup final


because he said that he hatdd the beautiful game.


Now, in just ten days? time, the world's greatest cycle race hits


Stage three of the Tour de France starts in Cambridge a week


From there, the race winds hts way through Essex on its way to a finish


The region's economy is expdcting a boost, but it's not just local


businesses on the tour routd who are getting excited.


Hours of work, every attenthon to detail. Artwork fit for a khng. But


certainly the king of the Mountains. Pupils at the school in Cambridge


are leading the way to welcome the world's top cyclists. I am dxcited,


it is not everyday that you get an opportunity to do something like


this. We are painting all of the different jerseys that are hn the


Tour de France. It is very cool and I'm sure that no one else whll be


doing anything like this. Masterpiece finally finished, time


for it to take centre stage. The centrepiece of the school's art


exhibition at the front gatds, right on the true root itself. It is a


prestigious world events, hd would not want it on their doorstdp? I


will be there to see everything happening. We have a few boxs and


girls who live close enough to the school to say: They do not. We would


like more of them to do that. Hopefully one of the legacids of the


tour will be actually getting on the bike. This picturesque markdt town


in Essex will hardly know what has hit it. We have still got to make


the effort and make it look fantastic for when they are coming


through. This was my husband's bicycle and it has been sitting in


the garage for the last 20 xears so we thought we would get it out and


put it in the window. We have got mugs, tea towels, artwork bx local


artists is. What are your f`vourite? Probably the mugs and the tda table.


It picked the route. The rooted in red and the surrounding villages are


in blue. They are anticipathng a memorable, hopefully profit`ble day.


The Red Arrows have now been delighting crates for decadds. They


have become famous the world over. But what is not so well`known is the


story of their mascot, a golden retriever called Dusty.


This loyal labrador, the Red Arrows's first`ever mascot, was


loved by pilots and ground staff alike. But in May 1965, Dusty was


killed. He dashed out onto the runway and was struck by a plane is


it took off. He was buried near this spot and for half a century his


grave had been forgotten until now. Local schoolchildren Howard Dusty's


story and decided that it mtst have a happy ending. So they havd


scrubbed, painted and plantdd and after two weeks Dusty has a fitting


green. Today, his owner, former Flight Lieutenant Henry Prince, I


hear. I cannot thank you enough it is wonderful. If I said a more array


would burst into tears. What did you think of the story? We were sad but


when we started to get to know the story a bit, we were not th`t sad.


When we got told that we were cleaning it and meeting Henry we


were all quite excited. On the storm, you could not read mtch of


the writing. To begin with we thought it said 1901. Now it is much


brighter and it looks properly like a grave now, which is reallx lovely


and the children have thorotghly enjoyed it. It is almost as bad as


losing a member of the family. It is as bad. He was just a wonderful dog.


Finally, to end this. 's story, Dusty's very own red arrow, complete


with a poor print. `` paw print Now, do you remember a time


when England was good at football? 1966 and that World Cup win is


a long time ago. England beat West Germany 4`2


in the final at Wembley, of course. Ken German from Cambridgeshhre was


22 at the time and saw the latch. And that would have been grdat,


only that Ken didn't like football. He got


in touch to tell us his story. No previous international, no cup


final matched this event, the final of the World Cup.


It was July the 30th, 1966, a day that Ken German remembers wdll. All


we've had been cancelled. They said, all of those who like footb`ll, take


one step forward. Two of us were left on the line. Ken German loved


cars and bikes, he hated football, so being picked for crowd control at


Wembley was a blow. You werd picked because you did not like football?


Absolutely. I could face thd crowd and look at them and find mtch more


interest than that and in the food bowl. If you look at the old films


today, you can see some hubbub around the pitch. But can you


remember any of the goals actually going on? I can, yes, but they did


not mean as much to me as they would to some other people. Do yot know


who the players were? Yes, H did know Bobby Miller, and Sir Geoff


Hurst, because another of mx colleagues were West Ham fans ``


Bobby Moore. Ken German joined the celebrations that night and woke up


with a hangover the next dax. Some years later he met a Brazilhan


footballer in the pub. He dhd not know his name, but it turned out


that it was Pele. We loved Ken German's story, if you have a story


about the World Cup, it is not too late to let me know. Ken has not


seen another football game since, I believe, but I suppose if you only


had to see one game of football in your life, the World Cup final of


1966 would not be a bad chohce. We can feed off that a little bit


now, country? `` can't we? Low`pressure moving in, a b`nd of


rain moving in this evening and overnight. Some rain moving into


southern and western countids. Through this evening it will start


to head northwards, places like Norfolk make not seasoned thll after


midnight. As it goes northw`rds it will become more broken and patchy.


For the northern half of thd region, not a great deal left. Tempdrature


wise we are not as chilly as last night because we have a gre`t deal


of closed around. We will h`ve mixed fortunes tomorrow, it could be a dry


start for many of us but thdre will be some thundery downpours `round.


The Met office have decided to issue a warning for this, yellow warning


for rain. Some heavy rain around. Heavy downpours that could cause


surface spray and localised flooding in places. Tomorrow morning there


may even be something bright. You can see all of this rain, it is


really showers that are merging together. Bringing us these


torrential downpours, there could be some thunderstorms as well. Not good


conditions at all through the majority of the day. Quite ` range


of temperatures, 16 to 18 Cdlsius. It heads northwards slowly. Because


it will be slow`moving we whll get a lot of rain and a short space of


time. The cat the southern part of the map. `` look at. There could be


some sunshine at the end of the day. Then that low`pressure moves away.


High`pressure starting to move them, the northerly wind will freshen


things up a bit. I dry start to Saturday but some pretty he`vy


downpours for the afternoon, looking predominantly drive for Sunday.


Essentially unsettled start to next week. `` a settled start.


That is all from us. Good evening.


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