26/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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First tonight, the dramatic CCTV footage which shows the momdnt


a man was injured in a violdnt hit and run attack in Luton.


The police are treating it as attempted murder and are linking


it to another attack last month in which a man was shot in the back.


Fae Southwell's report contains footage some


A car hits a pedestrian, carrying him on the bonnet before


Stunned, he crawls towards the kerb and tries to stand up.


The driver pauses for a momdnt, then turns and speeds off.


This is a hit and run that police are treating as attempted mtrder.


It follows another offence `lmost three weeks earlier


In that attack a man was shot in Addington Way


He'd been leaving a party when he was ambushed


by two masked men who blastdd him in the back with pellets.


The information we have got is that both of these


were targeted attacks and that they were attempted murders.


It is a miracle that both of them have got such minor injuries.


Anyone else may have died from these injuries.


Being hit in the back with a shotgun, it is very lucky.


Also the car incident, with the way the victim has fallen,


it has been fortunate he has not landed on his head and been killed.


In all, police are investigating three incidents.


The first, on May 25th, is the shooting in Addington Way.


This was followed on June 12th by the hit and run near Radnor Road


Then later that same night a car crashed in Raven Hill.


Detectives want to trace a blonde man seen running away.


These people probably have a reputation.


People may be frightened of speaking to the police


But these are such serious latters that I would urge them to come


forward and talk to us in confidence.


Police believe the same people are responshble


Anyone with information is `sked to contact Crimestoppers or


The British Horseracing Authority has announced a zero`tolerance


approach to the use of anabolic steroids in the industry.


It's in response to horse r`cing's biggest ever doping scandal,


involving Godolphin Stables in Newmarket a year ago.


The authority is also introducing new rules on the registration


This was a controversy that shook racing to the core.


Godolphin, a global brand ilmersed in the biggest doping scand`l


Today, in response, more th`n one year later, British Horseracing


Authority announced its toughest policy yet on illegal sterohds.


It presented an opportunity for us to build on regulations and we have


We have committed more resotrces to it.


Now we have got one of the strongest anti`doping and


They have introduced a complete ban on steroids, with no excepthons


Testing can be carried out at any time and if steroids are


given to a horse there will be a 12 month ban from training


Two Newmarket trainers paying the price for illegal doping.


Mohammed al Zarooni was the first banned, for eight years.


And then Gerard Butler, banned for five years.


Jon has trained horses in Newmarket since 1995.


He welcomes today's ruling with open arls.


It is very important that r`cing is seen to have a zero tolerance


We have seen in athletics, cycling, that a sport which allows that


to happen shoots itself in the foot with public opinion,


It means that the testers c`n knock on your door any time,


day or night, and say they want to test your horses.


These rules come into force on the 1st of January next xear


They are designed to make British racing the cleanest in the world.


Drug addiction charities have been meeting


in Northampton today to discuss ways to tackle the use of legal highs.


Often sold as plant food, b`th crystals or pond cleaner, they use


ingredients that can be dangerous to humans but are easily accessible.


The effect ` similar to illegal drugs


The Kettering charity 'Solvd It says one in 12


And last year nearly 6,500 people were treated in hosphtal


And there have been dozens of deaths.


Today's conference was the first of its kind in the country.


Experts were joined by police, Trading Standards


and the health service to formulate a report to take to Westminster


Earlier I spoke to Kevin Sh`pland from Solve It.


I asked him how the charity was planning to tackle the issud.


Obviously this is a debate that is still going on but


from a charity prospective, we believe


the only long`term effectivd way to deal with it is through education.


Education starting as young as in primary schools and conthnuing


This week, we have seen the drug Kat, which was a legal high,


Can you see that happening with others in the future?


The trouble is with the nattre of new psychoactive substances that


it is very easy to change a chemical mixture


and you might ban it one minute and the next minute it is legal again.


You are compiling a report that you are hoping to take to Westmhnster


What we wanted to achieve today is that we brought together ne`rly 60


organisations from around the UK to get different perspectivds on it.


All that will be brought together in a report and anything that


assists the decision`making process at central government


An investigation is underwax after a gas explosion ripped through


a cul`de`sac in Milton Keynes this morning.


Four homes were damaged but no one was hurt.


A number of families were evacuated from their homes


and a garage containing gas cylinders was completely destroyed.


Time to get the weather now with Alex Dolan


We'll be back with our Breakfast bulletins first thing


We've got a shift in weather pattern and and already a bit of rahn.


It will be light and patchy with some heavy bursts


and should have cleared out of the way


by the early hours of tomorrow morning.


There will be some patchy r`in first thing and some brighter spells


and then we will see these really heavy, thundery showers devdloping


There could be some particularly heavy downpours.


It will take a while for these showers to clear.


They will be quite slow movhng, producing a lot of rain


the outlook, hopefully by Sunday most of us will be dry. Alex has


more detail now. If you have a barometer wowily have


seen the pre low pressure moving in. There will be some sunny spells


tomorrow but more downpours. There is a greater risk of seeing


thunder and lightening. Here is the low pressure. Most of the showers


have been on this wet weather


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