30/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Living in fear. children. That's all from the


Police in Luton are given extra powers to crack down


Campaigners win their fight to save a mental health centre in C`mbridge.


We're counting down to the Tour de France.


It's a week to go, so is everything ready?


And found in a cabbage patch in Kettering.


First tonight, police in Luton have been granted extra powers to tackle


a wave of anti`social behavhour which is forcing residents to stay


It's happening in an area to the east of the town


and has escalated in the last few months, with reports of aggression,


intimidation and criminal d`mage by gangs of men and youths.


Residents have told police they feel like prisoners in their own homes.


Let's go live to Luton and Neil Bradford.


Yes, police need the approv`l of the local authority to implement a


dispersal order and tonight, Luton borough councillors backed their


request for one in the east of the town centre, in an area known as


round green, and area where residents say they have had enough


of anti`social behaviour. By day, it is not the kind of place


normally associated with trouble. Residents say by night, it hs a


different story. In the past four months, incidents of anti`social


behaviour in this part of Ltton have increased. The police have `sked the


local authority for more powers We have had significant and persistent


reports of anti`social behaviour. That is a range of issues. Ht


includes just general intimhdating and threatening behaviour,


littering, and the distribution and misuse in public places. I think


that is the sort of situation where we want to try and nip things in the


bud early. The Crime Commissioner says it is right is officers take a


tough approach. An issue like this where people are on the recdiving


end of this where the policd think a dispersal order is the way to go,


that'll be a priority for the peace. This gives the police a number of


additional powers. They can ask people to leave the area if they


believe they are ruins of bding wrong or if they believe thdy could


cause a nuisance. They can `sk someone to stay away from the area


for up to 24 hours. And aftdr 9pm, anyone under the age of 16 not


supervised by an adult can be taken home by police. We have been unable


to persuade any of those residents affected to talk to us on c`mera,


even the police say they ard frightened to contact them for fear


of replies all. It is clear there is a very frustrating situation here.


`` reprisals. The order rem`ins in place for six months. Residdnts hope


it will bring dramatic results. The police say it is just the start of


the solution. How common ard these dispersal orders in this region In


Luton and indeed elsewhere hn the region, they have only been used a


handful of times. This is not a method police use lightly. To be


effective, they have to be well policed and of course, that means a


significant drain on resources at a time when the service is already


overstretched. But police s`y they do work and do in results. But it is


not a magic wand and does not solve the problem overnight. Therd are a


lot of residents in the are` pinning a lot of hope on this to make.


A 24 hour sit in every day for four months has ended with campahgners


winning their fight to save a mental health centre in Cambridge.


Today the NHS agreed to keep the drop in centre open


Protestors say it's a victory for some of the most vulner`ble


For the protesters, this is a big moment. Today the boss of the NHS


Trust signed, confirming thhs drop`in clinic is safe for `nother


five years. In return, the group using the service must end their


round the clock occupation of this NHS building. It started fotr months


ago. The signature on the p`ge gives us more five `` five more ydars


Everyone will tell you which keeps them alive. It is our safetx net. We


are determined not to let it go The group invited media when thdy


started their protest back hn March. Members barricaded themselvds in and


gathered provisions for the fight. Some are shocked they have one. I


can hardly believe it. People.. It is a shock to the system. Btt yes,


it is great. The NHS Trust has to save more than ?6 million this


financial year. It seems it has changed its mind about closhng this


centre. I think this is the best answer for everyone concerndd. We


are really pleased that we have been able to bring the protest to an end.


We are looking forward to working with people on future service


developments. One County Cotncil recognises the significance of today


but says other parts of the service are at risk. It is a stunning


success in terms of patients' voices being heard that there is an ongoing


consultation on the service. It is still very much up in the ahr as to


whether the centre is kept. The protesters are now preparing to


leave the building on Fridax. They have been victorious. It is a


victory at a time when experts are warning that mental health services


Well, earlier I spoke to Patl Farmer, Chief Executive of the


Mental Health charity MIND. He said today was a vital victory.


Well, at a time when we know that people with mental health problems


are really desperate to find the right kind of help and support, it


is important that as many sdrvices as possible are open for people to


be able to get that help and support. It is a good news day for


those people who do use the service. Were you surprised that the strength


of the reaction in Cambridgd to the news back in March that the centre


was going to close? Overall funding to mental health has dropped over


the last couple of years. Commissioners have to make some


difficult choices. We know ht is really important in those


circumstances to spend as mtch time as possible with the local


community, with people with mental health problems and their f`milies,


so when services are threatdned with closure, it is not surprising that


people feel very concerned `bout it. In Cambridgeshire, they havd to make


?6 million worth of savings. How worried are you generally across the


east that more people like this are going to suffer with potenthal


threats to their services? We do know that at the moment mental


health services are under considerable threat, partly as a


combination of more people wanting to seek help for their ment`l health


but also as a result of tight budgets across clinical


commissioning groups and those cuts are being faced by many services. We


really want to see both at ` national and a local level this kind


of approach towards mental health being given the same priority as


physical health being implelented. How confident are you that lessage


is being heard? Well, I think a band down the country, we are certainly


hearing of some real pressure on mental health services. And we are


continuing to encourage commissioners and politicians to


give mental health the priority that is needed and we are also sdeing the


stronger voice of people with their own experience of mental he`lth


problems saying that really enough is enough now, it is time to put


mental health at the priority position that it really needs to be


if we are going to give people the chance they need to live kind of


Hertfordshire Police has apologised for tweeting about fraud


and drug dealing during Nigdria and Columbia's World Cup cl`shes.


Columbia face Uruguay in thd FIFA World Cup,


to report drug dealing visit, followed by a website address.


They also tweeted an anti`fraud message during a Nigeria gale.


Following complaints the force deleted the tweets and


A driver has been jailed for speeding along the A1


near Peterborough at 150mph with four young children


When Cambridgeshire Police stopped the car on the A14,


they found six`month old twhns in unsecured car seats, a one`xear`old


girl asleep on the back seat and a two`year`old boy in the footwell.


The driver from Berwick`upon`Tweed admitted dangerous driving


He and was jailed for 20 wedks at Peterborough Crown Court.


He was also banned from driving for three years.


Coming up, we're counting down to the Tour de France. Plus thd rusty


motorbike found in a field turns out to be a classic.


Essex are hosting the world's biggest annual sporting event ` the


Tour de France. The cavalcade of riders, back`up vehicles and media


convoy will cover a distancd of around 100 miles.


It's stage three of the event from Cambridge to London and inevitably,


there is bound to be disruption to people's lives next Monday. We are


going to bring you special reports on the Tour all week. We ard going


to start with Mike Cartwright, looking at the Impact the event will


have. Simon Lillistone was an Olylpic


They have the bunting out rhght now in the street for a sporting


spectacle. It is becoming p`rt of the world's most recognisable


landmark. The competitors whll fly past year but the race will begin a


short distance away. That m`y remind you of the route from there. They


will hand out through the chty to saffron Walden and then it hs on out


into the Essex countryside. Around Braintree, I ran Chelmsford and then


it is the final like down through Epping Forest and into the capital.


The finish line is outside Buckingham Palace. The tour has been


months in preparation. Now ht is just days away. In sports, there is


not much bigger. Giants of the cycling world, a huge entourage It


is heading our way. We did today, it all gets under right here. The


biggest bike race in the world. Mornings of huge crowds, public


transport pushed to the limht and road closures. Monitored right here


at this control centre, the first closures in the early hours of


Sunday morning. All roads whll reopen by 6pm on Monday night. Some


people are concerned. Some businesses. We do fully unddrstand


that. There will be some disruption but we try to plan and make sure the


information is out there so people can make choices. We do accdpt that


that this is such a fantasthc event and such a high`profile event for


Cambridge that it is going to be a wonderful day. The much reported


pothole problem. The town is ready and waiting for the tour.


On the day there could be tdn or 20,000 people here who are `fter ``


will want to eat and maybe shop It is a great opportunity.


This primary school along the routes in Essex is having to close.


It would have been lovely to all view the events as a school.


Children, families, staff. However, I am told that we are expecting


about 5,000 people just in our tiny village alone. That would m`ke me


quite worried for the safetx of our children if we were to join them.


Just seven days until the 7th of July. Thousands expected along the


route in Cambridge and beyond. A region bracing itself for the


biggest bike race on earth. This is Cambridge on a normal Mondax, with


crowds of tourists. Organisdrs say wait till next Monday. The city


won't have seen anything like it. The biggest issue they had to


contend with what Stansted @irport. The area around a major


international airport is about ten miles in every direction whdre the


law does not allow us to opdrate helicopters. An event such `s the


Tour de France has about six or eight helicopters and two planes


circling above it is to provide TV coverage. That was our biggdst


factor. The first thought is actually what


is going on in the air not on the ground. When it comes to thd actual


roads, how much do you have to think about the scenery, what places it


will go through? That is a critical part of it.


The things we look for on the grounds sure we have iconic shots


for TV, great viewing areas. We are starting in the city centre of


Cambridge with all of the alazing scenery and architecture. H`ving


down through what is quintessential British countryside with th`tched


cottages. Then we enter central London, passed through the Olympic


Park. If you were to list the attributes at this stage it is


absolutely sensational. Excitement is building in this


region has of the two are coming, but there are some concerns from


some people. People are concerned that it may cause disruption.


It will be fairly significant in terms of disruption. However, in the


planning we have tried to mhnimise that where we can. The key thing is


that this is an absolutely tnique opportunity. The Tour de Fr`nce is


the world's largest annual sporting events. It is a fantastic d`y out


for family, for everyone to come and see. My advice would be to plan


around it if you need to. That might mean checking out the variots


council websites about diversion routes. Find a way to work `round


it. You might need to start or finish work a little earlier relate.


I personally would take a d`y off. I would go out there and enjox it


Make the most of it. You won't be taking the day off


because you will be part of the tour.


How excited are you? It is sensational. To have hts


riverfront in the UK for thd third or fourth visit in history, a


cycling is such a sensation`l success, is fantastic. I thhnk the


three stages in the UK will be fantastic.


Thank you. On tomorrow's programme, we will


reveal the results of an exclusive poll carried out.


Norwich City midfielder Robdrt Snodgrass has completed his transfer


to Premier League side Hull City. The fee is believed to be around six


million pounds. Meanwhile, `t Ipswich Town, manager Mick LcCarthy


has signed a new three year contract which will keep him at the club till


2017. He spoke to our sports reporter Tom Williams.


Keynes has set out on a coastal tour of the UK on an old bike fotnd


I am delighted and looking forward to it. We will be here for `nother


three years, hopefully. A three`year contract for you and your


assistance. If a testament to the progress you have made here in your


time? I want to continue making progress. I love the players there.


They are all better than last year. I think they are looking forward to


it. We want another good se`son Fans this year can look forward to


Derby in August. The first four games...


It will be moved from Saturday at 3pm. Is that a shame?


I think it is dictated by other forces. Generally, the police force!


Not me and not the clubs. I would like to see it on a Saturdax.


Wherever we have been in Derby, they're all big games. Unfortunately


they do sometimes provoke a bit of bother. We just want to plax


football. Your back for the pre`season already


but the World Cup still continues. What have you made of it so far


What I have watched has been disappointing. I am not a r`bid


England fan because I play for Ireland, but the interest cdrtainly


went when they were coming home England's worst World Cup for over


50 years. What you put it down to? They just didn't play well dnough.


The others play better. I think Roy got it right taking the young


fellows because at some stage you have to change. I did it with


Ireland's. We had a team of kids and gradually they blossomed and got


experience. When we did qualify we did ourselves justice. I thhnk Roy


has the right idea and unless he gets players with experiencd you


will Keynes has set out on a coastal tour


of the UK on an old bike fotnd rusting in a field. The machine


I am delighted and looking forward to it. We will be here for `nother


three years, hopefully. A three`year progress you have made here in your


time? I want to continue making the bike was found in a rotting


cabbage patch in Kettering. After restoration, the owner is t`king it


on the trip of a lifetime. It wasn't `` is was and may still be


the Rolls`Royce of motorcycles. Only the rich could afford it. L`wrence


of Arabia and eights and he died after crashing one. In the 0920s,


they cost more than a house. John Wallace's dad bought this one for


just ten shillings. He found it in a cabbage patch in Kettering hn 1 61.


Pay the equivalent of ?50 for it. Dad dug it up. When he got home my


mother said what on earth dhd you buy that for? Not surprising,


because it was not a complete bike, all in bits. He restored it over the


next two years. In 1972, he gave it to me. He has cared for it dver


since. This is John and his father 's


side`by`side back in the dax. John is 65 now and the bike is 90. To


celebrate he's taking it for thousands miles around the coast of


Britain to raise cash for comic relief.


They were always the bike to have. Not many could afford it because


they were ?185. The trip takes him from Milton


Keynes to the Essex coast and he will be working his way arotnd the


UK. It was taken around thrde and a half weeks.


Writing something that is 90 years old and still running is fantastic.


Can you imagine any modern bike doing that?


It was built in the year at Stanley Baldwin was prime minister, when the


first shipping forecast was broadcast.


It was clearly built to last. Superior to the last.


I can think of worse ways to spend three and a half weeks. Will the


start of his Over the weekend, we had sole


torrential downpour but also some sunshine too. That resulted in this


use of the rainbow over Kings's College in Cambridge. Captured and


kindly sent to us by Adrian. Thank you for that. Today, I will show you


the satellite and radar seqtence through the afternoon. Some good


breaks in the cloud and then blue and green splodges showing tp. Some


showers but not too many. Still some heavy downpour at down in the south


and south`west. They could love a little further north in the next few


hours will stop they will tdnd to die away leaving us with a dry


night. Some long, clear spells and also perhaps a bit patchy mhst.


These are the expected lows in the towns and cities. Between nhne and


13 Celsius in some rural spots could drop down to 56. Light and variable


winds. Tomorrow high pressure in charge and it stays with us,


dominating the weather over the next few days. Tomorrow is largely fine


and dry with some decent spdlls and sunshine. Have your moments and the


thickest of the cloud could produce an isolated showers but for most of


us it will be a dry day. Thd best of the sunshine airlines in


temperatures up to 20 or 21 degrees. Cooler on the coast with onshore


wind. It will be on the light side in a north to north`easterlx


direction. Finishing the dax fine and dry with some decent bells and


sunshine. We look ahead for the next few days and Wednesday looks like it


will be warmer still. Dry and with the wind round to the south`west,


noticeably warmer on the co`st. Thursday is looking the warlest day


of the week. Highs of 24 degrees. Is a bit more of a south`westerly


breeze. Wednesday and Thursday both looking dry. There is a lot of


uncertainty about the end of the week when the weather breaks down.


At the moment, Friday is thd best day. Turning increasingly cloudy


from the north`west, perhaps introducing some showers. A chilly


night on Tuesday and then it starts to warm up overnight.


If you were there, you'll all get done for murder


We don't have to prove who used a knife any more.


He's only gone and stabbed someone, hasn't he?


If you were there, you'll all get done for murder


I thought they were going for a pizza!


I'm pleading guilty to nothing, Mum. They can do what they want.


Our son's innocent, Mrs Ward. Please, go.


I've done nothing! He's done nothing! And he's done even less!


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