27/06/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


It's been revealed that a 19`year`old man has admitted


murdering Jamie McMahon in a churchyard in Northampton.


The admission came as a second man, Michael Francis, went on trhal,


also charged with the murder, last October.


The court was told Mr McMahon was killed for the ?20 in his w`llet.


He had been drinking and was on his own. Easy pickings, just wh`t they


were looking for. With ten linutes of leaving this takeaway, J`mie


McMahon was robbed and killdd, not by just one man according to the


prosecution but by two. Thex were in it together on a criminal vdnture.


This is the churchyard wherd his body was found the next day. He had


been kicked, punched and st`mped on. Left four dead face down. CCTV


showed their demeanour afterwards. Relaxed, unbothered, with a callous


indifference to what they h`d done. CCTV showed Michael France's


dropping his wallet into a bend At the petrol station they spent some


of the money on crisps, Cork and cigarettes. The phone was briefly


activated. Jamie McMahon lost his life for ?20 and a mobile phone sold


for ?10 to either. The 26 she ruled was described as an amazing person,


happy all the time. The family of a dying man


from Stevenage who saw food and water withdrawn from hil for


a week before he died have welcomed The old system,


known as the Liverpool Care Pathway, was scrapped after concerns that it


was being used inappropriatdly. Now hospitals must consult patients


and their families more closely When Bob Guild fell and fractured


his skull last year he was taken to hospital in Cambridge. The


69`year`old was placed on lhfe support but his condition dhd not


improve Saudi was put on thd Liverpool care pathway with food and


fluids stopped but it was more than a week until he died. An


investigation found it was hn his best interests but his family said


they were not consulted. My dad was clutching at the year and m`king


noises like a wounded animal. Everything was stripped frol him and


we were told he was on LCP. We were absolutely devastated. It w`s


developed in the 1990s and tsed in hospitals across England, whth the


aim to avoid endless treatmdnt and unnecessary suffering. Last summer


and independent review found it was not always being appropriatdly


applied and recommended it be scrapped. New guidelines have been


published with the focus on providing care tailored to dach


individual patient, supporthng them to eat and drink for as long as they


wish to and taking decisions in accordance with the patient's needs


and wishes, and reviewing them regularly and revising as


appropriate. The family welcomed the approach. My dad would have had a


dignified death and it is a shame it was not in place last year. We think


it will be good for other f`milies. The guidance aims to help p`tients


and relatives know what to dxpect and doctors can ensure a patient's


final hours are as dignified as possible.


Well, earlier I spoke to thd Health Minister Norman Lamb about the new


system, and asked if it would prevent families like the Gould s


The priorities are absolutely focused on the individual p`tient


and the family and the need to have an individual care plan drawn up, so


my hope very much is that f`milies like that really do see a


difference. You can never gtarantee they will not be feel years of care


across the NHS but the Care Quality Commission will hold providdrs,


hospitals and others to account to guarantee these principles `re lit


in every case. `` are met. Bio`medical staff at


Northampton General Hospital have been told not to go to work


in a dispute over their contracts. Members


of the Unite union had planned a work to rule, but hospital lanagers


banned them from the building This is not a strike but a lock`out.


Outside Northampton General, dozens of biomedical staff say thex have


been banned from entering the hospital. Our swipe cards do not


work and we have been told not to go onto the premises. I turned up ready


to do my job and was told to leave the building. The hospital dmployees


began limited industrial action yesterday and had offered to cover


all emergencies but had reftsed to work overtime and out of hotrs.


Staff were asked to stay at home and any statement the hospital told the


BBC... Uncertainty creates risk which we are not prepared to take.


The hospital says it is not a decision it has taken lightly but


insists patient safety will not be jeopardised and says it has a


well`developed contingency plan to minimise disruption. We want to get


them back on the table to ndgotiate and get an improvement. We have even


offered more but they have failed to respond. Management say thex remain


available to meet with unions but until that happens, staff rdmain


locked out. The Government has announced that


it's putting up more than ?04 million to kick`start


a new housing development to The money will pay


for infrastructure for The plan is to build 5,500 houses


eventually, Before we go,


a quick look at the weather. Good evening. The rest of the night


looks largely dry and mystery in places and we start tomorrow with


quite a lot of close around. Brighter spells but showers will


start to develop and they are likely to be heavy and thundery. Some


sunshine with temperatures `round 19 Celsius and still the chancd of some


further showers. In a moment, the National weather but here is the


bright but on the cool side and an bright but on the cool side and an


unsettled start to next week. move towards Sunday. The top


temperature again 20. Fewer showers. Most out towards the east.


That's the way it is looking. Good evening. For some the weather


put on a show today - lightning and hail. For others more of a no-show.


Showers at Wimbledon stayed away. They were further west. Torrential


downpours with the lightning flashes over East Anglia. Local flooding in


for folk. Showers through Glastonbury.


Thunder storms over Mid Wales currently. Flashes of lightning will


ease away during the night. Wet weather over northern England, the


north Midlands. Some showers continuing in the north-west. Misty


after all the moisture. It will be a mild night here. Further north, a


fine night and chilly in Scotland. Temperatures in rural areas well


down into single figures. For here and Northern Ireland, by and large


another fine


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