04/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Thousands of people are makhng their way to the region this weekdnd as


Emergency services, highways staff and the rail companies are


In Northamptonshire, 375,000 people are expected to go to Silverstone


At Knebworth on the A1 in Hertfordshire, 50,000 are attending


And on Monday the Tour de France comes to Cambridge.


It's estimated up to 150,000 people will be entering the city alone


and thousands more lining the route to London.


This big sporting event will draw big crowds, thousands wanting to see


the Tour de France in Cambrhdge To cope with demand there will be extra


carriages and train services between Cambridge and London. Howevdr..


Those trains will be busy, so please plan ahead and be patient. Please


try to plan your journey after pm and avoid the evening peak.


In Northamptonshire, Silverstone hosts the British Grand Prix.


350,000 people are respected to pass through.


The logistical problems are what you would expect. They lose things,


sadly crime takes place, sole people drink too much, there are cdrtain


drug abuse, so we expect those things that is we plan for.


In Hertfordshire, around 50,000 are respected to attend dishonest beer


Festival in network. Over there you have the main stage where Mdtallica


and the Prodigy will perforl. Thousands of people have already


arrived, and that is even bdfore the second stage has opened. On the spot


I will be replaced by Hundrdd Reasons, Slayer, and Chas and Dave,


with thousands of people tr`velling to watch them perform.


We have had thousands of people arriving on Thursday, and on Friday


this evening we will have another 20,000 arriving. On Sunday, the


departure is spread over Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening and Monday


morning. Heavy traffic on the roads hs


expected and will be closelx monitored by the Highways Agency.


Those three big events will between them attract around half a lillion


people. Expect roads and rahlways across the region to be busx between


now and Monday. Now, with all those people turning


out to watch the Tour, it provides a huge opportunhty


for many businesses to cash in. But are there any


longer term benefits? Our business correspondent


Richard Bond's been finding out Keith Johnson is getting into the


swing of things, as well he might. His pub,


the Fox at Finchingfield is in prime The route goes past


the front door of the Essex pub He has sold 80 VIP tickets dntitling


guests to a champagne breakfasts, The VIP tickets, we have sold


those at ?155 per head. Easy to sell simply because the Tour


de France and an opportunitx Hotels close to


the route are also busy. The Doubletree


in Cambridge will be packed out We normally find ourselves full


on Saturday, We have found that with the Tour


de France coming into Cambrhdge we It is not all good news


for business. extensive road closures


will hit many firms. Hauliers are worried


about disruption. We need to deliver goods


and services to shops and pdople's homes while all this fantastic


sporting spectacle is going on. There are hopes


of a long`term boost for totrism, but for now businesses have enough


on their hands catering for visitors Local politicians are demanding more


answers about the future of Accident and Emergency services in Bddford


and Milton Keynes. A ?3.2 million pound review


of health services in the towns is It states that "sustaining


emergency surgery on both shtes It's a key route linking


the Midlands to But although the A47 is classed


as a European super`highway, But today


the transport minister drovd along Trailing traffic as far


as the eye can see. After years of talking,


could there finally be some action? Today the roads minister cale to see


for himself, It would be great


if we had unlimited resourcds and What is important is to identify the


bits which will have the most impact Another problem is traffic lovements


between Peterborough and Norfolk and the coast, and the area between


Thorney and Guyhirn and Wisbech can be very congested


particularly in the summer. Part of the road has alreadx been


improved here at the Thornex bypass. People who travel


the route regularly, whether for business or trips to


the coast, can't understand why a route that is so important to the


region is not of a higher standard. We get lots of announcements, and


indeed we get lots of feasibility but what everybody wants is a firm


commitment to the cash and spades But today there has been a growing


sense of optimism about upgrading. More news is expected by thd end


of the year. Time to get


the weather now with Alex Dolan Good evening, quite a shift in


weather pattern, already a band of rain pushing in from the west. It


will be light and patchy rahn at first, but by the early hours of


tomorrow morning it will be more persistent and heavy. It will be a


warm and Monday night with temperatures not lower than the


teams. At the start of tomorrow it will be cloudy with outbreaks of


rain, gradually clearing eastwards, and although it may remain cloudy,


there are signs it might brhghten up on the end of the day. Any of the


showers could be on the heavy side. It will be cooler tomorrow, with


highs of 20 or 21 Celsius. Hn a moment we have the National


forecast, but he was our outlook. Sunshine and showers around on


Sunday and Monday. later in the day. Before that,


plenty of sunshine. Today's weather played out like a


classic World Cup match - a tale of two halves.


Highest temperatures for this year. A different story further north and


west. A lot of cloud around. It was breezy, and yes, we saw significant


rain. This rain has to clear further east overnight and then it


introduces a different feel to our weather - sunny spells but also


showers. So a good drenching for the gardens overnight. Some of the rain


heavy over north-east England for a time and stretching up towards


south-east Scotland as this weather front goes further east. First thing


there is the potential for some of that rain to be


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