07/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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You can't be anything but bd impressed by the way the cotnties


around England have turned over this.


And I'm in Cambridge with it all started with the Grand Depart just


over that we will have all the reaction from the city with cycling


at its very core. photographed village in England and


it is easy to see why. Especially earlier when it was bathed hn


sunlight. There were 10,000 people here watching the Tour de France,


through. Around 1 million pdople watched it across the region and in


this village and they watchdd it from all sorts of vantage point If


you look at the church clock there were people up on top of thd church


tower and they reckon that just before 25 past one today thd first


two raiders came through. Then we waited around for the half linutes


until just before 1:30pm whdn we got the main peloton coming through The


astonishing thing is that the embankment behind me was covered by


people. Everyone was enjoying a great day. One of the great things


about the Tour de France was that everyone got involved. The police


were coming through, those on motorcycles, some of them actually


took their hands off the handlebars as the cycle through so it has been


a great stay here. We will have more of the day's newsletter in the


programme but let's start the coverage in Cambridge. Front row,


splash of colour, everyone lade it. The city looking its best. We think


it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it has seeled so


successful they may come back! Cambridge is a great role model for


the other towns in Britain to see what can be achieved. The UK's


cycling capital, a match made in heaven with a British fuel. How did


it go? And should be a straightforward run. Compardd to the


last few days. Receiving a very famous Cambridge sendoff. They will


not start racing until later, then it is 12 miles within Cambrhdgeshire


before this whole road show moves all of the way through to Essex


They can hardly contain thelselves, praying position to greet the pellet


on. We are in the heart of the town, it is hard to believe that


nearly 200 raiders will squdeze in the year. It will be a good race.


The sun is out so this corndr is the best place in town. The crowds and


seemingly, it is the best sport I have ever been to. There we are the


chasing pack known as the pdllet on, the atmosphere is incredibld. ``


peloton. What a view of the action area. So


far, so good. All of the rahders are adding safely at the head ott of


town and into the heart of the Essex countryside. This is how streets


just north of Chelmsford, htndreds converged on the verge having a real


blast. Well, almost. No drop`off in peace for the pros, 19 minutes in.


Here, the main pack, is chilling moment. A moment of great contrast.


For this tiny community, thhs is a camel to is welcome. This h`s been a


good couple of months in thd making, when you start looking this morning


at four o'clock pulling your hair out to work out where an extra


prison with a gazebo goes that is part of the fun! For the organisers


it is about legacy, for the raiders that is about this link. He`ding to


cancel. Two hours and 12 minutes in setting off and now 50 miles into


the stage at the riders are streaming through the usually


tranquil Essex countryside. The tour 's long`awaited arrival will be at


Telstra and has triggered a celebration of cycling. Lots of


people came out, it has been great to meet people, other cyclists, talk


about returns the tour. There was some disappointment because Alex


deficit had not made the totr. He will try to get into the totr next


time. He needs this box tapdd. This is a bigger tour. As locals reclaim


the tour, it continued on its 4 miles to the finish. We havd had a


gloriously hot day as I say, in the skies opened about 20 minutds ago


but let me show you some pictures of the end of the Tour de France. It


went to Chelmsford and then passed the Olympic Park into London and the


winner was Marcel Kittel who won the first stage as well, he is having a


very good Tour de France. It was around three hours 30 minutds and 30


seconds to do the whole course. It was raining in the mall when he got


there. That did not dampen our day`to`day, with the top 22 guys who


have done well. He is, landlord of the fox in. And Frank Tyler, a


restaurant. Any idea how much business you have done? It has been


a weeks business in a day. 400 copies for breakfast. And wd ran out


of taken, 400 bands in. Excdllent. And you have special deals with


celebratory packages and evdrything? , we had a marquee on the green


which is still going on, but the also had 80 people within the pub


who had a champagne breakfast and a four course lunch. We have sold a


lot of beer and wine have h`ve had a great day. A lot of beer behng


dumped out your! And my feet are a little sore now. I brought hn extra


staff, my children came in. Apart from the business, when you looked


out, this is a place that you do come to every day. What was your


reaction? I have lived in 18 years and we thought, what will it be


like? It was so friendly. Stch nice people. They queued all day and got


their drinks and said thank you and it was great. It was fantastic. It


made us all immensely proud of the village, it was lovely. A lovely


day. Thank you for coming ott this evening in the rain. I hope that


cries out for the celebrations. I was here at 7am this morning and the


crowds were already beginning to gather. By the time of the start


there were tens of thousands of people lining the small strdets


around here. It's been a terrific day and Parkers piece here hn the


centre of Cambridge is wherd all the partying has taken place today.


Things are being cleaned up now but you can see the tents behind me


That was the village city, encouraging more people to get on


their bikes. You can still smell the cooking of French food in the market


here. It's been a terrific day. As dawn broke over Cambridgd the


UK's capital of cycling was preparing to host the biggest race


of them all. How long have xou been here? From 6:15am. Just abott two


hours. And you're right on the start line, that's amazing. How excited


are you? Very excited. A fl`vour of France in the centre of Cambridge. A


party was starting on the green and everyone was invited. I just saw you


through the crowd with this bike. Tell me about it. I needed to answer


the question, can I ride a Penny Farthing. So I decided to btild one.


This was Regent Street, packed by about six deep in places. Others


found a way to avoid the crowds Flags, cameras and mobile phones


were at the ready. This is the moment we've all been waiting for.


The well's a lead cyclists whizzing past.


It's really exciting to be here in the middle of it


We were expecting crowds and a lot of people but this is absolttely


packed. Everyone has moved on to watch the rest of the race on the


big screen. What was it likd? Absolutely brilliant. Peopld


shouting. Motorbikes. It was really magnificent. It was a great


atmosphere wasn't it? This hs a birds eye view of the city. On the


ground there was real optimhsm that it had been great for busindss. I


took hundreds of pounds of additional income for the pdople.


People were spending their loney with a happy smile on their face. A


day that had been planned for months. A race that had been gone in


a matter of seconds. The many memories will last much longer. And


joined now by attorney. It's been amazing has Nick? Tremendous, a real


party. You seconds to get through. We waited


for hours, but it was worth it. We'll be back here later in the


programme. First let's We'll be back here later in the


programme. First up the rest of the day 's news.


The aid for 21 which runs from Milton Keynes to the M1. Single lane


and often congested. It's now going to be duelled. A planned hotsing


development near Wellingborough held up because a bridge nedds to be


built over the railway line. Now it will be built. A new campus for


Northampton College. Just three of the projects getting funding today


which according to the government and local business leaders will help


the economy to grow. This investment allows us to deliver thousands more


jobs, significant numbers of homes and it will also help us to grow our


economy significantly. Some of the money will help


out of superfast broadband. There will also be extra cash for the


Cambridge biomedical campus, and loans for small companies which want


to expand. Today the Local Government Secretary was th`t one


search ` one such company to trumpet the amount of money going into the


local area. It's going to do all kinds of things with regards to


transport links, housing links, getting new things moving. The best


part of it is it's being done in partnership with local people.


That's an important developlent Local business groups deciddd where


this investment should go. When we had the old regional governlent


agency, Hertfordshire tended to get forgotten. What we've seen today is


the local enterprise partnership for Hertfordshire has done a fantastic


job in saying this is what the county needs.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of rape following an attack


on a woman at her home near Milton Keynes.


It happened on Saturday near the town of Olney.


One raped the woman, who's in her 50s, while the other


A court has ordered more th`n ?20,000 be paid in fines


and costs after a teenager was thrown from ` new


The incident happened at Knebworth Park in August 2009.


It left a 15`year`old with life`threatening injuries.


Serious defects on the ride had not been identhfied.


Four people, including the ride manufacturer, were found guhlty


Now, more than 300,000 Formtla One fans visited Silverstone yesterday


The race was won by the Stevenage driver Lewis Hamilton.


When the Formula One bandwagon comes to Silverstone, it does not travel


lightly ` motorhomes, movie stars and big, big crowds


Whilst tens of thousands come to Silverstone


on foot or by car, in actual fact it is the heliport behind me which


really demonstrates the sizd and scale of the British Grand Prix


In effect, it becomes the world s busiest airport when Silverstone


We have up 180 helicopters hn and out all day long.


It's about, in total, 800 movements in one day and we have


Silverstone's future was in doubt a few years back


but now the sport's boss has become its biggest supporter.


When I used to come here long ago it was a tip.


In the space of four days the control centre here monitors the


A 21 century nerve centre for one of the most watched sporting


We control everything in here, from traffic


between the motorways for about a 15 mile radius, we've got the highways


operating in here, the ambulance ` all the blue lights, basically.


The question on the track was whether Stdvenage's


Lewis Hamilton could win from as far back as sixth on the grid.


The race had to be restarted after an initial crash.


Hamilton, though, kept his cool when teammate and rival Nico Rosberg


It gave Hamilton the lead, which he cherished to the chequered flag


Coming into this weekend, but also when I started the race,


I really had my eyes set on getting that win for the fans.


I could see the fans as I w`s going through the different compldxes


What difference does it makd have a British winner


I've never been before so it's a first experience for me.


50th anniversary and a Brithsh winner.


No better way to celebrate 40 years of Formula One at Silverstone.


A record breaking fine for Network Rail is being used to


improve wi`fi services on commuter routes into London.


Services on the East Coast mainline and Greater


Network Rail is facing a ?50 million fine for poor punctuality c`used by


But it's time now to go back to Stewart in the village


Fans of the tour started arriving in the village at 4am and buying nine,


it was busy. A big day for local traders and for the many cycling


clubs who had come to watch. This club had come from Luton. Wd thought


this was a night spot ` nicd spot because they sell bacon rolls. We go


out on a Saturday and we ard known as the bacon roll is becausd there


must be a bacon roll involvdd somewhere before we go home. There


was Morris dancing, kids wrhting on the road and vans selling Tour de


France merchandise. From thd air, flinching field looked a picture.


Steve and Eve Graham own a house at the top of the village and had one


of the best seats in the hotse. You are on the beer. Of course! It's


only 11am. That's late for ts. Look at this, it's superb. It cale


through flinching field just after 1pm. After a long wait, herd comes


the pellet on. Team Sky well up the front, it's hard to see much. Very


exciting. Absolutely excelldnt, it flashed by in ten to 20 seconds


crowd jeering. Let's speak to the parish council


chairman. You've lived here all your life. Have you seen a day lhke


this? Quite extraordinary, we were up early and the atmosphere was


electric. It's been a great thrill and it was a huge success for


everybody. I've talked to loads of people and it's put us back on the


map. It is the most photogr`phed village in the country, but it


looked a picture today. It looked fantastic. Fantastic day for the


village, a great day for evdryone here, visitors and residents, and


hopefully successful for thd businesses. A wonderful famhly


atmosphere all day. We've h`d a great day as well. Let's go back to


Cambridge. Thousands of people were in


Cambridge today and nearly `ll of them either had a tablet or a mobile


phone ready to capture the loment the pellet on whizzed past. Many of


you were sharing your storids and your pictures.


We had this stunning picturd sent to us of the riders going past Kings


College in Cambridge. Here's a selection of the best of thd rest.


Thank you to all of you who got in touch to help us record this very


special day. For me it was best summed up by this family from


Suffolk who simply said it's been a great party.


Right, the sun hasn't come out, but at least the rain has stoppdd.


That's part of the It could be 2425 Celsius. Those are


your overnight lows. Today H've seen people watching the Tour de France


standing on the back of trahlers so who they can see over the hdads of


people in front. I've seen people on a flatbed truck, they've bedn


hanging out of windows. The organisers said they wanted this


region to be shown in a verx special light. The sun shone, the rhders


came and this region looked a picture. From all of us, good night.


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