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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to That's


Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Look East.


Still Inadequate ` children's services in Northamptonshird admit


they're struggling to improve a year on from a damning Ofsted report


Dying on the waiting list ` the dilemma faced by patients


For five years, and I could end up more Ilban though, I don't think it


is worth it. `` more ill. I'll be here later in


tapping into the region's bhotech expertise.


With superbugs becoming mord resistant than ever, we're


at the Cambridge company le`ding the way in antibiotics rese`rch


And after a day to remember with Le Tour, we examine the imp`ct.


Children's services in Northamptonshire have had more


than 12 months to improve, but today the service admits it s


It's been a year since Ofstdd?s damning verdict


which found the service "consistently poor" with st`ff at


"tipping point" and "systemhc failures" across the board.


The council insists improvelents are under way,


but the most difficult challenge is simply finding enough peopld who


So the county has now set up its own academy to recruit and retahn staff.


Northamptonshire's children's services, one of just 20


The worst possible rating Ofsted can give.


I think it was a shock to some people, the degree


I think it was known, but the depth was a bit


In March last year, Ofsted said Northamptonshire was Inadeqtate in


Then just five months later, a second Inadequate report for


Then on the 9th of October, the results of a special case rdview


into the death of a four`wedk`old Northamptonshire girl, saying social


The announcement of ?12 million to try and improve services.


But the real problem here at County Hall is not the shortage of cash, it


Up to half of the authority's social workers are temporary agencx staff,


so the authority is desperate to recruit and retain more perlanent


It's very own social worker training programme.


When we recruit newly qualified social workers, they have gone to


university and got their degree we are putting in an academy where they


will be supported in their first year, so that they have a hhghly


supportive environment in which to learn their profession


Northamptonshire currently has 82 social workers,


but needs to recruit around 85 to reduce its reliance on agency staff,


Well, we are carrying out a recruhtment


campaign, but the problem is, so all of our neighbouring counties.


We are all searching for good quality social workers


To give an indication of thd scale of the recruitment problem,


Ofsted is due to carry out `nother inspection here later this xear and


the council says that if it manages to move from an Inadequate rating to


a Requires Improvement rating, then even that would be considered


But the key question is despite these obvious probldms,


I am happy that we are making progress and that I feel quhte


confident that children in Northamptonshire are safd.


Stewart joins us now. Why are they finding it so difficult to hmprove?


Northamptonshire finds itself in a vicious circle, it needs more social


workers to help improve its service, but while it is branded as


Inadequate, it is difficult to get staff in, so until it can do that,


it is relying on temporary `gency staff, but that in itself c`n cause


problems. They are more expdnsive than permanent staff and it can lead


to the risk of a lack of consistency in that service. For exampld, a


different caseworkers over ` period of time and


things are improving and thd training Academy will help, but


authority gets a Good rating. Thanks very much.


19`year`old Mark Lewis ` who has already pleaded guilty to


robbery and murder ` told police he "flipped", that he'd


Jamie McMahon was found dead in St Giles' churchyard last October.


Jamie McMahon, someone alwaxs cheerful, the court was told,


who made people feel better when they were around him.


After a night out, these were his last moments alive.


Soon after, in this churchy`rd, he was robbed, punched


and repeatedly kicked and left for dead.


By two men on a criminal venture, the court was told.


Mark Lewis, aged 19, who has pleaded guilty to mtrder


and robbery, and Michael Fr`ncis, aged 33, now on trial.


The defence team for Michael Francis said that Mark Lewis had adlitted he


carried out the killings during interviews at this prison


He told officers, "I flipped. I'd never felt that angry bdfore."


"I kicked him so hard, I felt my toe shatter."


When the anger comes, he told officers, he couldn't control it.


"I couldn't stop it," he sahd, "it was like a blackout."


But the prosecution say, no, both men are guilty


On the night Jamie McMahon lost his life, Michael Francis phcked up


his wallet and put it in his pocket, the prosecution said.


The two men then swapped co`ts to put police off their trahl.


They didn't need to run, the jury was told, because


Jamie McMahon was unconsciots and on his way to being dead.


They were in it together, prosecutors said.


Minutes after the murder, together, they dumped Jamie McMahon's wallet.


The next day, together, selling his iPhone to


a drug dealer for ?10 and four days later, the two men together


dumping the clothes they wore that night.


CCTV after Jamie McMahon's lurder placed Michael Francis


Two men spending their spoils, the money they'd stolen,


In court, Michael Francis h`s denied murder, manslaughter and robbery.


Jamie McMahon, the jury was told, was a man in the wrong placd


The planned east`west rail line linking Oxford to Milton Kexnes and


Bedford, could boost the regional economy by over ?70 million a year.


This latest figure ` arrived at by independent experts `


Our reporter Waseem Mirza is at Swanbourne station just south


Well, Amelia, I am standing near what used to be a fully working


railway station, believe it or not. Welcome to a very wet swan born It


sits on the disused Vista to Bletchley line and it was closed in


the late 1960s but plans ard afoot to reopen it in


years. Today, a brand`new assessment of this east`west rail projdct says


the area could be in line to `` for boost the economy of around


?70 million and today, the LP for Milton Keynes welcomed the news


We have always had good rail connections running north to south,


but east`west has never been quite as good and this project will really


put us at a crossroads on the national rail network and be


incredibly helpful for economic growth, for relieving congestion


So it is a very welcome and worthwhile project.


Well, disused sections of track like this one here could be repl`ced with


new electrified lines, which open up the roots to passengers and


freight has been confirmed already `s a


major priority for out today further strengthens the


business case. in the south`west and in thd south


of England, like Winchester, Southampton and Bournemouth, and it


just reinforces the argument that was actually put forward by, of all


people, Dr Richard Beeching, back in the '60s, because he saw this


route as having enormous potential. Well, building that so`calldd


"missing link" between Bedford and Cambridge will be expensive and a


very long process, possibly years and even a decade before tr`ins are


up and running on that parthcular route. But now, politicians here are


adamant that this stretch of the first trains operating here in five


years. Thank you.


It's been revealed that mord than 100 people in the eastern rdgion


died last year because of a shortage of organ donors and more th`n 1 500


The latest figures have been released to mark National Transplant


Week and they show that in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire,


43 people died last year because of a shortage of organs ` and 2 1


In Northamptonshire, 10 people died, 148 are on the waiting list.


And in Cambridgeshire, there were 12 deaths


Anna Todd has been to meet one woman who's been living with a kidney


When Glyn Huskisson went on the transplant register for


a kidney six years ago, a m`tch was quickly found in her cotsin


But her diagnosis of hepatitis C means the new kidney may only last


five years and Glyn could become more hll.


I try to stay optimistic, I try not to think about it, but it is always


there, you know, niggling away, or if you can't sleep at night.


I just hope I can get the drugs and then go on


The wait for a transplant c`n be a roller`coaster ride.


Three people in the UK die dach day waiting for a new organ.


Even if a match is found for the patient, it is not a done deal.


We know that we get false alarms were often the organ doesn't turn


We know that we get false alarms where often the organ doesn't turn


out to be suitable for donation and with an unfortunately h`d to


out to be suitable for donation and we unfortunately have to


tell the patient they are not going to go through the surgery


I think the impact of that is absolutely tremendous.


Death rates are highest for those on the waiting list for a new heart.


Although more donors are coling forward, record numbers last year,


with 40 heart transplant opdrations at Papworth Hospital.


Maggie got a new heart here 12 years ago, and fitter than ever, she now


I didn't have a quality`of`life before my transplant.


I couldn't walk up the road or anything like that, so I


So having my transplant has given me a completely new life


and such a quality of life `nd I have grabbed it with both h`nds


More lives could be saved if families agreed to donatd their


People are urged to spell ott their wishes early on beford


Today, protesters spoke out about plans to outsource services all


people. It may happen in September and campaigners say it could be a


mistake. The younger people coming through today will not get the


and attention that has led ts to the age that we are, which we are


there are fundamental flaws and there has been a


have had during the public consultation.


The unit has a total of 62 inpatient beds on two floors.


It's part of a major redevelopment by the West Herts Trust.


now it is over to steward for the rest of the programme.


There is more to come on thd east, including an end of term report from


Britain's newest Hotel training school.


And we can expect changeabld weather conditions through the week. I am


here at the end of the programme with all of the details.


I am sure you know that hospital superbugs like MRSA are a


threat, not just in this cotntry but all over the world.


them. It could be that the `nswer will be


fight back. Superbugs are a growing


lives. In some countries around the world key antibiotics no longer work


25,000 people die every year from drug infections.


They are developing antibiotic technology


?1.6 million grant. The technology will fight hospital


looking at those that affect patients in intensive care tnits.


There are many multidrug resistant organisms in intensive care units


and hospitals which badly nded new antibiotics. The set of


antimicrobial resistance is a big concern. The Prime Minister


launched a global review of the crisis. We are in danger of going


back to the dark ages of to see infections that were


treatable not be treatable. The pharmaceutical industry has not been


developing new classes antibiotics so we need to fhx that


market failure and create some incentive. A new global report says


people in every part of the world antibiotics. It means that when


people have on chemotherapy and become


immunocompromised they are `t much higher risk for competitions ``


complications from infections. Antibiotics where a litigiots


discovery and the cost of ddveloping new ones is so high that colpanies


are pulling out of research. ones with lower overheads could


provide the answer. breakthrough the future of xou


manage it could be bleak. return to the 1930s, a time when if


you got pneumonia, for example, would undergo a crisis and xou would


either survive or die to carry out trials on humans in a


couple are being asked to bring it back to


Britain soon. It's reckoned a million people turned out to watch


it when it started in Cambrhdge and passed through Essex yesterday. The


big question now will there be a Yesterday 200 cyclists left


Cambridge for London. Today, just two riders prepare for the same


journey, but Palace is not the final destination. We will recreate the


Tour de France stages that happened yesterday, making from Cambridge to


London. That is going to be the start of our longer trip, C`mbridge


to Hong Kong. Best is a nind`month trip to the far east is perhaps not


typical. Tour de France prove that cxcling is


no box office. For riders to inspire. It is good to see


British felt like you had to be French or


German to do well. Demerger is hopes to attract more major events


to the county with a surge of are seeing an increase in wdbsite


traffic. It is 24 only remainder that thousands of


people turned out yesterday. difficult to do, many econolists


have tried footing the bill for the totr


Cambridge in spend more than we do on cycling


infrastructure. it will take some time before the


long`term benefits are known. for cyclists, participation


continues to grow which is what closer to 100,000 so certainly


cycling back to Britain after the rdaction


yesterday. How likely is Cambridge had a fantastic d`y,


unlike a junior section. A new cycling club


has opened in Cambridge. the edge Hotel School. It operates


as a normal Hotel 365 functions and conferences and the


like. But this would help is very second day .Mac student Emily is


leading the briefing today, it is conference with 100 delegatds to


look after. The students ard doing right the paying guests shotld not


conference and events, you can be doing an event one day,


came here with no experiencd and hospitality. You have


started in September and I will be one of the graduates for a hotel


and look after celebrity gudsts including hospitality,


concert organised by the sttdents. For a


low level service job and in this country for all sorts of social and


learning by doing. The studdnts want to manage at the world


developing the future leaders of the industry. Those with the


the best rooms in the world all under one roof. There is a


bed they are making an exact my bed. It


south eastwards in the team will be frantically away


with the risk of rain developing later. The further north`east


like Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire may exclude some of


This is the first example we know of of infrared communication.


Imagine if you could talk to the animals.


Zoologist Lucy Cooke is going to show us how.


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