08/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. That's all from us.


It has been twelve months since a damning report was published


into Children's Services in Northamptonshire.


And today the service admits it is still inadequate.


A year ago Ofsted found the service consistently poor with


staff at tipping point and systemic failures across the board.


The council insists improvements are underway.


But one ongoing problem is the shortage of social workdrs.


So the county has set up its own academy to recruit


Northamptonshire's Children's Services.


One of just 20 in the country rated as inadequate:


the worst possible rating that Ofsted can give.


I think it was a shock to some people the degree to


I think it was known but I think the depth was a bit


In March last year, Ofsted said Northamptonshire was inadeqtate in


Then, just five months later, a second inadequate report for


Then on 9 October the results of a special case review into thd death


of a four`week`old Northamptonshire girl, saying social workers were


The announcement of ?12 million to try and improve services.


But the real problem here at County Hall is not the shortage of cash, it


Up to half of the authority's social workers are temporary agencx staff,


so the authority is desperate to recruit and retain more perlanent


When we recruit newly qualified social workers who have gond to


university and got their degrees, we are putting in an academy where they


will be supported in their first year so that they have a highly


supportive environment in which to learn their profession


Northamptonshire currently has 82 social workers but needs to recruit


around 85 to reduce its relhance on agency staff.


We are carrying out a recruhtment campaign but the problem is so are


We are all searching for good quality social workers, so there


To give an indication of the scale of the problem,


Ofsted is due to carry out `nother inspection here later this xear


The council says, if it manages to move from


an inadequate rating to a rdquires improvement rating, then evdn that


The planned East`West rail line linking Oxford to Milton Kexnes and


Bedford could boost the reghonal economy by over ?70 million a year.


This latest figure by independent experts is more than


Funding for this line has already been agreed by Government.


But the date for completion has been pushed back to 2018.


Earlier I asked Iain Stewart the MP for Milton Keynes South


The new figures show a doubling of the economic benefits


of the project so I am very pleased that it has this further sort


I would not say there are huge delays.


There is work happening on the ground right now.


The first part of the project is the upgrade of the track


And they are clearing some of the vegetation in the middle


section so that is all going, but the end of the project has slipped


You admitted yourself there that there are some delays.


Do you think that, when research like this comds out,


that it forces those in charge to look at that time scale?


When the project got the go`ahead, the next phase was for Network Rail


to do some analysis work about what upgrades needed to take place, what


civil engineering projects, what crossings are needed and I think as


a result of that they found it was going to take a little longdr.


So when are we likely to sed the first trains up and running


The full project is looking like early 2019 that we will see


the full service running, btt you may see services on completdd parts


A Cambridge biotech company has won a big research grant to lead the


Growing resistance to antibhotics is a huge concern around the world


Without a breakthrough, millions of lives could be put at risk.


Superbugs are a growing men`ce and all because bacteria have


become immune to many antibhotics that save lives.


In some countries around thd world, key antibiotics no longer work


In Europe alone, it is estilated that 25,000 people die everx year


But here near Cambridge, a company is leading the fight back.


Phico Therapeutic is developing antibiotic technology to


It has just been given a ?1.6 million grant.


Its technology will fight hospital superbugs such as LRSA


Predominantly we are looking at those that affect patients


And there are many multidrug`resistant organisls in


intensive care units in hospitals which badly need new antibiotics.


The threat of microbial resistance is a big concern.


The Prime Minister has launched a global review of the crishs.


We are in danger of going back to the Dark Ages


of medicine to see infections that were treatable not be treat`ble


And the pharmaceutical industry has not been developing new classes


of antibiotics, so we need to fix that market failure,


The cost of developing new antibiotics is so high that many


pharmaceutical companies have pulled out of research


but smaller companies with lower overheads could provide the answer.


Phico hopes to carry out trhals on humans in a couple of ye`rs.


Time to get the weather now with Alex Dolan


We have just about seen the last of the showers so the rest


of the night looks dry with some clear spells developing..


For most of us, temperatures should remain in the mid tedns.


Tomorrow, there may be some bright spells first thing but


on the whole it is going to be quite cloudy through the day.


As we get into the afternoon there is the risk of some patchy rain


for most places it does look as though it will stay dry.


Temperatures of around 20 or 21 degrees.


But the main feature of the weather tomorrow is this


increasing wind coming from the north, so quite a blustery


There's going to be quite a lot of cloud around on Thursday


weekend. Hot on Saturday with thundery showers.


Good evening, the rain in Rio is matching the mood, I suspect, this


evening. Here, we will take a day off from the rain tomorrow, at least


most of us. There will be sunshine around. The showers will be back for


the end of the week. Dry over night virtually everywhere. Winds easing


down in many places except towards the North Sea coasts. The south west


will keep a breeze going. Not a cold night, temperatures holding 12- 4


degrees typically. A dry day virtually everywhere tomorrow. Cloud


breaking up to allow good spells of sunshine coming through,


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