22/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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First tonight, one of our Police Forces is among three


in the country to be told it's taken too many officers off the front line


Bedfordshire Police has been told it's to improve


in the latest report by the Inspectorate of Constabularies.


It looked at how each force is coping with financial constraints.


Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Thames Valley and Hertfordshire were


But in Bedfordshire, the force has had to make savings of ?20 million.


These new police recruits are the first from Bedfordshire


There will be many weeks before they are patrolling the streets.


That can't come soon enough for them or the force.


I have joined up because I want to make a difference.


I've come into this in a positive light.


Training is intense, they want to get us on


Bedfordshire Police is required to make more than ?20 million


Recruitment numbers in the county have fallen to


Today's report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary


says the force is at risk of not providing effective policing.


It raised concerns about the force's responsibility to


It does not do justice to the work we're doing,


and the work people are doing working hard to protect the public.


The report suggests that the force has not been doing the best job


What it reflects is we are in a very difficult set of circumstances.


A rurally funded force that faces metropolitain challenges.


Bedfordshire is one of three forces in the country needing improvement.


The Police Federation says a lack of resources has had an impact.


Morale is an issue but it is getting better.


It is hard for police officers to maintain their get`go all the


The report says the force is now moving in the right direction.


It has never made a secret of the challenges it faces


but today it became clear just how tough those challenges have been.


Earlier, I spoke to our home affairs correspondent, Sally Chidzoy.


She told me that this is just another setback


for a force that over the years has faced many challenges.


Well, Bedfordshire is a small rural police force with metropolitan


challenges, with counterterrorism issues, serious crime.


They planned to balance savings against recruitment and, basically,


What this report highlights is that they've lost too many police


officers, they haven't anticipated that, and that creates potentially


The force says it was difficult to predict how many they'd lose.


And they lost more than they expected.


They have to move fast to put things right.


58 new recruits by December, they say, and another 30 they plan


But it's not just about police on the streets, it's


about investing, it's about being efficient, getting IT processes


in place so that more police are out there dealing with the public.


A couple who died after being hit by a car on the A47 near Wisbech


26`year`old Tadas Zaleskas and Nonita Karajevaite were both


from Lithuania were engaged and lived in Wisbech.


Police believe the Nonita was forcibly pushed into the path of a


It appeared to police at first that this was a tragic accident.


But then witnesses started to come forward revealing that what they saw


was the woman being shoved onto the eastbound carriageway


in the split second before both she and the man were struck and died.


And to add to the bizarre nature of this tragedy, both were walking


It's a case which was left police puzzled.


I'm quite satisfied that I know how physically they met their deaths,


but what I really don't understand is what has led to that, what's been


the catalyst for them apparently walking with very little clothing


And it's one I'm very, very keen to unravel.


It wasn't just walking barefoot which made the couple distinctive.


She was wearing a pink top which was virtually fluorescent in the sun.


The earliest sighting of them was at 12:30pm


on Sunday lunch time by the A47 at Wisbech.


they stopped at this farm shop in Walpole Highway.


Police say once they were inside the shop, the couple both separately


They didn't appear agitated or under duress.


Before officers arrived they had already gone.


Less than an hour later, they were both dead on the A47.


I think in a small community like this, we're not used to things like


I think we feel very much for the Eastern European community


And we should spare a thought for the driver who was involved


in the collision because he would have had no time to react?


And, clearly, he is highly distressed, as you can


imagine, from being involved in something of this magnitude.


He says it would appear that their stopped at the farm shop


suggested they were in need of help but he needs to find out what,


in his words, was the catastrophic event that proved the catalyst


An investigation is under way after a coach carrying children


on a school trip from Cambridgeshire overturned.


42 pupils from William Westley Primary


in Whittlesford were on board the coach on a trip to the Norfolk


coast when the accident happened on the A10 at Hilgay this morning.


Children and staff sustained minor injuries.


The Coach driver is being treated for back injuries.


I think it's expected they'll make a full recovery.


Clearly, not a pleasant experience on a school trip, but by the time


I'd got here, they were sitting on the bank, having their picnic,


talking about their experiences with officers and firemen, and


Time to get the weather now with Alex Dolan.


The weather is going to be settled over the next few days


Some cloud out there but there will be some clear spells


overnight tonight and just the chance of an isolated


shower as we get to the early hours, but most places dry and bright


through the night, and temperatures probably not lower than 15.


We start tomorrow with a little bit of cloud first thing, the chance


of an isolated shower, but for most it looks dry through the day, and


it will quickly brighten up with some long spells of warm sunshine.


So, for many viewers, temperatures will climb to the high 20s.


There will be a moderate easterly breeze that will


freshen through the day so that will help cool things down a bit.


But it certainly looks like a warm and sunny afternoon.


In a moment, John Hammond with the national


It's staying settled for Thursday and Friday.


Warm and sunny, just the chance of an isolated shower.


Good evening. I know some of us could do with a drop of rain for the


gardens, and the hot weather doesn't suit us all, but it's within a warm


one today. 20 degrees in many parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland,


the warmest day of the year so far. It's been a hot one further south


too. 30 degrees along the south coast of England. There's plenty


more warmth to come through the rest of this week. A balmy night. Most of


us dry. Low cloud and mist off the North Sea into central and eastern


parts of the UK. The odd shower possible across


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