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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. In the programme tonight:


what next for two of our hospitals as they face escalating costs?


Another horse doping revelation shakes Newmarket `


this time, the horse under investigation is owned by the Queen.


As the Commonwealth Games get under way,


we look at where we can expect to pick up medals.


And it needs some TLC, but this seaside pier could be all yours


First tonight, the dilemma facing the NHS.


and still provide the care patients deserve.


Change is needed and fast, say doctors,


the Bedfordshire risks overspending by ?50 million.


greater demands on healthcare and an aging population.


And hospitals in Bedford and Milton Keynes are feeling the pressure.


But local people are worried the push for change and cutting costs


will mean facilities at their nearest hospital will be downgraded.


Neil Bradford's at Bedford Hospital now.


Since this review began in to both hospitals, has been speculation


about Accident and Emergency services here at Bedford Hospital.


32 different solutions have been considered, they have been whittled


down to five. All five options are being looked at and contain some


form of emergency care at Bedford Hospital. Some are better, some are


worse than the service currently provided. What is sure that the


services provided now cannot stay. With rising costs and falling


budgets, health care provision in Milton Keynes


and Bedford needs urgent attention. The Clinical Commissioning Groups


responsible for that care say the current provision


is unsustainable. In January, they began reviewing


emergency services in both towns. Unions are worried about


the outcome for Bedford Hospital. It looks


like a de`escalation or downgrading of A services at Bedford Hospital


in favour of another trust locally. Very worrying and disconcerting, not


only for the stakeholders but obviously conversely employees


and users at Bedford Hospital. The CCGs are looking at five


possible models of emergency care. Three out of the five scenarios


involve an enhanced A department in Milton Keynes


while the other two include All scenarios include some level


of emergency care at both sites. The clinical commissioning groups


for Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes say there are no


preconceived outcomes. The preferred options go to public


consultation later this year. The patient watchdog says it is


important that people take part. We always have concerns


because any change is worrying for people, people always have


concerns about changes. But I think the important thing


is we have to have a say The review is also looking


at community`based care and ways of reducing


emergency admissions. The Clinical


Commissioning Groups say So will patients notice the


depends on the outcome of this depends on the


review. Those conducting it says review. Those conducting it says


most patients will not. For example, if you turned up at Accident and


Emergency, you're still be treated. What happens next? If it is a minor


injuries unit or something on that scale, you'll be treated and then


transferred to a bigger unit. To a certain degree, that is all ready


happening with things like heart attacks. Thank you.


Dr Dianne Bell is from


the Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group,


at the same time as improving the service.


It is about the fact that the models of care we have


actually are not suitable for the population's needs these days.


But money here is the most important thing, isn't it?


And you you've got millions and millions of pounds


This is about getting value for the money we have.


So, yes, we do have limited resources, that is an inevitability.


It is in our personal budget, it is in our NHS budgets as well.


But we know we can do more with the money we are given.


And that is what this review is about.


The thing that people are really worried about here is that,


will their local hospital, whether it is in Bedford or


Milton Keynes, be different than it is now ` be downgraded, if you like?


I think the one thing we can say is that the model of health care


will be different because we know the status quo is not an option.


But this is not just about hospital`based services.


We are looking at really beefing up and improving the quality of care


That means you never need to use the hospital in the first place.


OK, but let's just talk about the hospitals for a moment.


Let's talk about the thing that everyone wants


to have on their doorstep and that is a good A Department.


Can you guarantee that after this consultation period has


finished, that both hospitals will retain their A departments?


The options we are looking at all include an A Department


in each of Bedford and Milton Keynes hospitals.


Well, as I said, the status quo is not an option.


So we are looking at different types of hospital models,


Some of those models mean more services provided in one of those


hospitals than are currently provided and the other options


are looking at where we can link or network hospitals together


to provide better quality but it means linking with other hospitals


I know we are not in the formal public consultation period


at the moment but you are wanting to hear people's views.


And people will simply tell you they want the best quality of care


You are not necessarily going to be able to deliver that, are you?


Well, we are not able to deliver that today,


So, for example, if you have a heart attack today and you are


right next to Bedford Hospital, the ambulance that picks you up will not


take you to Bedford Hospital, it'll take you straight to a heart attack


And when you talk to people about what they really want,


"I will travel to the ends of the world


"to know I will get the best possible care


"that gives me the best possible outcomes."


Senior racing figures in Newmarket have described


the latest doping controversy to hit the town as a "genuine mistake".


The sport was thrown back into the headlines


after it emerged the Queen's horse, Estimate,


failed a drugs test after the recent Gold Cup at Ascot.


Mike Liggins sent us this report from Newmarket.


This is Sir Michael Stoute's yard in Newmarket, Freemason Lodge. The


gates remain close. This is not a doping scandal but it is clearly an


embarrassment for one of Britain's's best`known trainers. A


string of horses returning to Freemason Lodge this morning. Sir


Michael Stoute would have woken up to some very uncomfortable headlines


but it was business as usual in the yard. As we were filming, Sir


Michael drew up in his car. Waiting Michael drew up in his car. Waiting


for samples, nothing more to say at this stage. He was friendly enough


but he was not stopping for a chat. When Estimate won last year, the


Queen was delighted. But then Estimate tested positive for poppy


seeds. They were not too thrilled to see our cameraman today because they


have a Royal warrant. The company issued a statement saying the


contamination did not take place at their side but from a supplier. Back


in Newmarket, a trainer said he had concern for all concerns will stop


their progress in making sure those things do not get in. But a poppy


seed is the size of a pinhead and it does not take too many poppy seeds


to come up with a positive sample. Sue Dyson is an expert in equine


medicine. The testing is very rigorous, so they can pick up a tiny


amounts of any foreign substance at all. We have no idea of the


concentration identified. If it was tiny, it would have a negligible


effect on the performance. It is an embarrassment for the Queen, for so


Michael Stoute, who is one of the most experienced trainers as well as


being a leading trainer. No blame to be attached to him for this. An


embarrassment for Sir Michael Stoute and for the Queen. What is also


clear is that when it comes to ban `` to band substances, the authority


has a zero tolerance approach. The first piece


in a transport jigsaw which promises to make it easier


to travel from Cambridge to London Work has started on new stretch


of the guided busway that will link up to


the new railway station being built to the north


of Cambridge. Drivers and cyclists


are being warned the work but the council says


it will be worth it. In less than a year, the digger


will be replaced by buses, carrying passengers to a new railway


station just north of Cambridge. It is being built at


the old Chesterton rail sidings. From there, direct trains to London


or North to King's Lynn. This new stretch of busway and


a cycle track will cost ?6 million, paid for with a grant


from the Government. It is a good opportunity for local


business and local people and also for the future people who


might come and live in this area. It will have a direct access


into the busway. It will be ten minutes up the road,


where 10,000 homes will be built. All of that together in the longer


term, the benefits are enormous. The latest big show that


around 30,000 people a month That is 10,000 more than it


when it first opened two years ago. That is where the current section


of guided busway ends. That is where


the new section will begin. As you can see,


work has already begun. It is due to be completed


early next year. In the meantime,


it will mean some disruption. Construction work will now


be happening during the day. Milton Road will still be open


to traffic in both directions but may be narrowed in places with


cars being directed use bus lanes. From later this month, until


December, the cycleway underpass Cyclists will have to cross


and use the park on the other side. I think it is a bit


of a problem that cyclists Cyclists and pedestrians will have


to cross the road two or three times when at the moment


they don't have to I am working as closely


as possible with the project team to see if we can


mitigate that but, frankly, we have to deliver this station because it


is so important for the wider area. The new section of busway is due


to be complete by March next year, in plenty of time


for the new railway station, It's thought that


the Conservative Party will make


an official statement shortly over the future of


Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley. It follows publication


of a letter referring to his recent


police caution for assault Now it's over to Stewart and Susie


for the rest of the programme. Coming up, the appliance of


bioscience. Plus a rare opportunity to buy your own seaside pier.


The reputation of this region as a powerhouse for bio sciences


Today, two major projects were unveiled which will boost


The Euro MP Richard Howitt was shown plans for a multimillion pound


science park at Downham Market in Norfolk which hopes to attract


so`called "Big Data" companies and build research links with


And earlier, the minister for Life Sciences opened


Alex Dunlop has tonight's special report.


Bioscience and Lakeside it seems are the new school. Cambridge and


Norwich have become international house where you can learn a whole


new world. This is just a glimpse. They call this molecular farming.


This is just one aspect. It simply this branch of science use with


advances in the world of food, medicine and energy. This new centre


is key to the campers, it will be the beating heart of the technology


cluster here at Norwich Research Park. More than 3000 researchers


worked at the park and soon there will be more. These laboratories


will be leased out to scientists and academics who want to pursue new


ideas. Across the road there is a new ?11 million building. It offers


space for new companies, meeting people who want to share your ideas.


The government is aware that if we can beat the way in advanced


scientific research it will have major benefits for the economy. That


is why it is ploughing millions of pounds into places like this and has


just created the new post of life sciences minister. A job that George


Freeman said he will relish. He used to drive himself to the research


Park but now that a minister he is dropped at the front door. The


belief is to tell the world that Britain is investing heavily in and


believes in the appliance of bioscience to tackle the problems


facing the world is to unlock the power of technology to create new


products and companies to do business. The government is


investing a total of ?26 million year, Mr Freeman told the audience


that it is now one of the most important scientific clusters in


Europe. We punch above their weight globally and it is a great


opportunity to work in this environment. 14 miles west the


region's labours new MP Richard Hart was shown ambitious plans for a


multi`million pound science Park, it will look to attract world leading


companies in the field of so`called big data. Big money, big ideas and


big words. Those leading the charge to say that research in this region


will transform the 21st`century. The Opening Ceremony


of the Commonwealth Games will burst into life in just over an hour


in Glasgow. Athletes from


our region will be taking part. So,


after months and months of training Our sports reporter Tom Williams


has just sent this from Glasgow. We have been here a couple of days,


Glasgow was busy yesterday, it is positively bursting


at the seams today as we build`up Not long to go,


it kicks off at 20:14 this evening, that is 14


minutes past eight o'clock. That is the preshow, and the main


ceremony starts at nine o'clock. Look who I have bumped into,


our very own Gail! Look at it, bathing in sunshine, it


is absolutely glorious, isn't it? I am so excited about the next


week and a half, I can't wait. We will hear more from a very


excited Gail shortly, it is your All of the athleteswhile are here,


most of them stay in the athletes village, and we have


been taking a sneaky look A spectacular Scottish welcome


for Team England, After all, these are billed


as the ?friendly games?. The village is filling up ,


71 nations familiarising themselves When we got here it was


a bit sparse, but now it is getting more occupied


so the atmosphere is growing. The boys have got their house


together and have been playing cards a lot and the girls have


been painting each other's nails! I have done read with an England


flag and everyone is all the same so I think we were all up till ten


o'clock waiting The hub of the


the dining hall with around four and a half thousand athletes plus all of


the support staff, they estimated We have recipes and authentic chefs


cooking all the different curries. They can have lots of traditional


Scottish, we have black pudding Team England is the biggest team,


over 400 athletes and there has been a huge investment in sports science,


physio and recovery requirement. The athletes are moving towards


the limits of human performance, we try to eke out these marginal


gains we talk about. This type of area is what delivers


that and we can move people from off the podium onto the podium


but importantly we can move them 4,500 athletes are here,


the venues are ready and with over 1 billion people are


watching around the world, let Still, here are the banks


of the River Clyde with Gail. You have been in the athletes


village, what is it like in there? It is incredible, it is a bit like


a university halls of residence. That is the best


and easiest way to describe it. It is not glamorous ,


it is not a 5`star hotel luxury You have made the Commonwealth Games


pretty much your own, I only did two Commonwealth Games,


Manchester was my first and I definitely learned


a lot to take it into Athens, Enjoy your media role over


the next few weeks. We have very high hopes for some


medals of course, Jonathan Parks is 11 days , 17 sports and 43 from our


region competing for Team England. Starting us off,


Andrew Baggaley from Milton Keynes Suffolk Trio Harry Martin,


Tim Whiteman and George Penner are Four years ago Essex is from Roberto


Pavoni went to Delhi for experience. The first chance for the 400


individual medley on day two. Day three it as master and the


apprentice, Norfolk 's Mick Gord . Aiming for a Commonwealth record


and Marisa Sykes, at 18, On day five, Andrew could take his


Commonwealth medal haul to six with success in the final. The big


comeback for Liz Smith on day five. Alongside his South Essex team`mate


Max Whitlock. The target, team gold. Scotland stand in their way. On the


track anything is possible in the 110 meter hurdles final. After


heartbreak in London, there will be a big return to the javelin from our


region. And on day six we have the three metre single. On day seven,


cycle time. Alex Dowson from Essex missed out on the tour and with no


Bradley Wiggins he is one of the favourites. Emma Trolley is in great


form and she goes for the women's event. Later on it is Lewis versus


Max on the pommel horse. They ate, rivals in the sandpit. Can


Rutherford silence his noisy team`mate in the long jump? And


after a quiet day nine the games end with Daryl Selby and Peter Baker


hoping for success in squash, and the first couple of badminton press


and Gabby at clock. Final medal moments after eight nonstop


classical games. `` after a nonstop blahs go games.


We swing into action tomorrow, hopefully news of the medals as the


other one. This summer the average price


of a house in this region is ?273,000, an increase of 20,000


on this time last year. For a lot less than that you could


buy your very own pier in Suffolk. The Victorian pier is at Shotley


on the River Stour. It's bursting with history


but it does require a lot of TLC. Kevin Burch has been


for a look round. We bought the pier two years ago,


from a gentleman down Ian Newman presently has


the keys to what is known as the Bristol Pier at Shotley, but he?s


decided to sell because he says his firm, an award`winning development


company, has other projects on There have been no offers so far


but it is early days, so who could be in the market to take on this 600


foot long Victorian landmark? It could really be open to


a wide variety of people. It could be anyone from a very keen


fisherman who wants his own private pier where he can be 600 foot off


the shore or it could be, probably And then again it might be


a conservation group who want to come along


and wish to restore it and keep it for the local people but we are


interested to see who comes along. The pier was built in 1894


as a landing stage for a ferry, formerly owned by the Marquise


of Bristol, a link still noted in It once served the old HMS Ganges


naval training base in Shotley. Of course, whoever takes this


on won?t simply need vision, Sadly,


this has fallen into disrepair. But then again, and then there's


the agent would tell you... It has to be sensitive but again it


has to be realistic, it has to have That is probably why


nothing has happened. Two locals, Jo and Claire,


happened to be passing as we were filming , heading off


for their daily swim in the river. What do they think


about possible redevelopment? If it is not too commercialised,


if it was back the way it used to be for barges


and things in the old days. In the long run I suppose I


think it is better to do Because if that disappears, you


think, it will get very boring here. This morning,


the big question as Jo and Claire showed no hesitation in taking


the plunge is who would dip their Ian Newman says,


perhaps not surprisingly, that it is Kevin Burch,


BBC Look East at Shotley. If you have just joined us, some


breaking news the Bury Saint Edmunds MP David roughly has broken his


silence about an assault he has committed on a former partner, he


says he has apologised and she has accepted. Let's speak to a local


member of the party. Is this enough to save them? I am very pleased to


hear that something has been set. It has been a very long time. This is


what we have been waiting for and thank goodness something is going


forward. We now need to realise there is just the seriousness of the


problem and for many of us we believe that he should not continue


at his position, it is untenable. You would agree with the Police and


Crime Commissioners, such behaviour is inexcusable whoever you are? This


is a very serious matter, and it cannot be condoned in any way at all


particularly by a leader of the constituency, the member of


Parliament and the silence for all these months has been crazy. He


should go. I know that you know him reasonably well, your message to him


this evening? Stand down or Eagle sack you? Stand down with grace and


we will see thank you for what you have done. You have worked well and


hard for 17 years but what has happened now is not something that


is acceptable, now or in the future. Thank you very much. Then for the


weather. It has been a glorious day. The


sunshine has been raked across the region. The cloud is gone from


yesterday with long spells of sunshine this afternoon.


Temperatures up to 27 and 28 degrees. On the coast it was a few


degrees lower from places like Essex and Norfolk. There were long spells


of sunshine and a dry day. There will be long clear spells overnight


and there could be patchy cloud coming and going with mist patches


into the early hours of the model. Temperatures anywhere between 14 and


17 degrees. The wind will ease overnight with a much lighter


pleased by the end of the night. It will pick up by tomorrow, which will


be a rather warm and sunny day. There will be a long spells of


sunshine, the breeze once more picks up and that will mean truly


temperatures on the course. Further inland that will be welcome, the


breeze, like it was today. We could record 27 or 28 degrees. Possibly


lower for Essex and Suffolk. It stays fine with one spells of


sunshine for the afternoon. Looking ahead there are some subtle changes


on the way, a cold front is sleeping through for Saturday and cool, fresh


air. But we have high pressure behind that will keep things


relatively settled. As for the next few days, increasing cloud into the


afternoon could produce an isolated shower, and there is still the risk


introduced for Sunday and introduced for Sunday and


temperatures getting cooler into the mid`20s.


Thank you very much. That's all for now. Goodbye.


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