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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In the programme tonight: BBC News


Once held up as a beacon of education, now in bits.


The Barnfield Federation in Luton splits.


Parents and pupils are warndd of disruption.


400 posts across the region are vacant.


A successful start for the first couple of badlinton


How a computer game is helping to save the rhino.


It was set up as a flagship, showing the way forward in education.


Today, it was announced the Barnfield Federation in Luton would


be broken up, following a sdries of damning government reports.


The federation includes a college and a number of academies.


Educating one in five young people in the town.


The decision to split means a summer of uncertainty


And tonight, the fallout begins as the governor who tried to steer


Barnfield throughout the chain's troubled period has


As an organisation, it was once top of the class.


The Barnfield Federation runs a college and six academies,


teaching thousands of pupils across Luton and Bedfordshire.


But, since October, there have been three investigations


into the manipulation of gr`des and financial mismanagement.


Last year, Judy Oliver becale chair of governors,


aiming to sort out the problems and keep the federation going.


Judy has quit, and is speakhng publicly for the first time.


Do you think the Barnfield problem was it simply got too big?


Yes, Barnfield has become overstretched.


It did a great job locally and some of the aspirations of the


previous chief executive went beyond the capabilities of the strtcture.


The governors themselves were criticised for poor oversight


of finances, including a large payoff for Sir Peter


Birkett, the former princip`l of the college, who left last @ugust.


The board accepted changes were needed, but felt the Governlent


Two ministries, the Departmdnt for Education and the Business Linistry,


they had to funding agencies, the EFA funding to schools,


It was very confusing, very frustrating.


Probably made it more difficult than it needn't have been.


So, what effect will the split actually have?


They can continue wearing the same uniform,


be the same name for several years because it is an amicable solution.


The benefit to Barnfield College is we can concentrate


on further education for those students, we can give them


the skills and everything they need to become employable in Luton.


It has been acknowledged in partnership with this college has


standards at the academies, in particular, among pupils


After the split, there will be a separate bo`rd


of governors and in college and another one in the acaddmy.


In a joint statement, they said the priority would be to


ensure students continue to receive an excellent education.


Gavin Shuker is one of the town's MP.


I asked him whether the dechsion to split was the right one.


I think it is the right decision, to be frank


Most worrying is who will bd the new sponsor. They might be worrxing


about the academic standard. Today, we had praise by the Sutton Trust.


Are you convinced, with all the shake up, we will still see good


education in these academies? My concern would be we need more


change. The many schools, they have gone through three or four


iterations as a result. It would be harder to deliver good standards of


people care. My hope would be that, actually, the problems will be put


behind them, and we can push through a good students for our students.


Do you think a fundamental problem is it got too big, too quickly? We


know from the Government report a big issue was the structure which


facilitated its growth. Prior to 2010, we welcomed them as a


provider of decent education. That changed after 2010 with the


coalition policy. It allowed them to massively expand. There was no local


accountability. The lack of accountability, a


criticism often levelled at academies, Labour brought in the


academy system in the first place. We welcomed this local educ`tion


provider, working with two of the most challenging secondary schools.


The evidence was clear it w`s working. What has not worked is a


massive expansion, shedding costs, a business model focused on profit.


When I spoke to you in Febrtary you told me your commitment to parents


and pupils was that the truth comes out. We are


that. I think that is right. The puestion


tonight many parents will bd asking is who is accountable? At the


moment, the only answer Education Secretary. There `re


serious questions to be answered. A strike over pathology staff pay


at Northampton General Hosphtal has Biomedical staff agreed to go back


to work, after ACAS, government mediators, helped broker


a deal with hospital managers. A new agreement will see ch`nges to


staff contracts It's thought the 55 employeds


who'd gone on strike will Figures gathered by BBC Look East


show that there are more th`n 4 0 nursing posts vacant


at hospitals around our reghon. In some cases,


managers are trying to actively recruit, but there still relains


a national shortage of nursds. Well, we've been to Addenbrookes,


a hospital that admitted to us only last week, it was struggling to cope


with Louise Hubball is


at the hospital for us now. I have spent the afternoon on one


board here, nurses working 02 hour shifts.


Throughout Addenbrookes' history, nurses have been


Although A may have changdd a bit, the challenging hours,


and the physical nature of the job has remained the same.


But now, more nurses are needed than ever before.


Here, on the trauma and orthopaedics ward, the numbers on shift lust meet


It's a constant struggle to reach them.


A combination of our ageing population and the increased needs


of our patients coming through our doors mean we nded more


nurses, and it seems like an increasing number wd need.


Often, there is a shortage of more experienced, specialist staff


And one of Addenbrookes? 2,700 registered nurses identifies


Like London, house prices can be quite expensive.


For me, if you want to work in a le`ding


hospital, with the developmdntal opportunities, you pay the loney.


I contacted all the region?s hospitals to ask for the current


Some are being actively filled, but Addenbrookes had 31.


And the Luton and Dunstable, over 100.


Six of the region's hospitals, including Addbenbrookes, currently


recruit nurses from Spain bdcause of their high level of training


Seven paediatric nurses will soon be starting here from Scotl`nd.


One Lithuanian nurse can understand the attraction of working


It offers me a professional development


as a staff nurse, with courses at university and in hospit`l.


More nurses are needed, and more hospitals are lookhng


Apologies for the technical problems there. Increasingly, hospit`ls are


conducting formal recruitment programmes overseas to attr`ct the


brightest stars. That looks a trend set to continue.


It's one of the fastest growing cities in Britain.


And now its home to one of the largest city centre


The old Peterborough District Hospital land


will soon make way for more than 300 homes and a new primary school.


But developing it isn't without its challenges.


The size of more than 20 football pitches.


Buildings covering 600,000 square feet.


Now, the developers can push ahead with demolishing them to


Turning a scheme of this nature a former hospital,


different buildings, cleaning it up, making the area feel better.


The building has eight stordys, that would be a massive change.


And hopefully the residents will have a better environmdnt.


Not all the buildings on site will be demolished, but


Developers say it would be an integral part of the sitd.


It became empty more than three years ago when staff moved to


The land was sold for more than ?7 million, but the trust might get


extra money when it?s developed to help offset its ?40 million debt.


But there are concerns over hundreds of homes being built here.


And schools, will one extra here be enough to cope?


Absolutely, our aspiration as an authority is education.


We want local places for local children in this development.


But, before building works starts, it's demolition time.


The kit is pretty advanced compared to 20 years ago.


We should be able to contain it manage and use some


Wherever possible we will use the existing bricks etc


Work's expected to start in weeks, with families planned to move


It's emerged that more than 50 jobs have been lost in the region,


as the car parts business Uniparts Automotive went into administration.


The HQ of the company is in the Midlands,


but the company had branches in many of our towns, including


Peterborough, Luton, Cambridge, Northampton, Bletchley and Bedford.


Northampton Museum will havd to wait until next week to discover


whether it's the majority of its funding will be lost.


The Arts Council England saxs it?s very disappointed with the sale


of the 4,000`year`old Egypthan statue to a private collector.


The statue fetched ?15.7 million, and there are concerns it whll now


Now, we can join Stewart and Susie for the rest of the programle.


can from the wreck of the most powerful ship in Cromwell's navy.


It's the first day of the school holidays for lany


and with temperatures reachhng the mid twenties, people will be


According to the RNLI, five people died as a result of


accidents along the coast of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk last ye`r.


69 more were rescued, the highest number in four xears.


Our Chief reporter Kim Rilex is in Gorleston now.


That's right, there is a big crowd on the pier hey, watching a


demonstration put on by the lifeboat. Take a look if yot can,


that is a seeking hovering over there. `` see King. We had ` fishing


boat there, a man overboard. Around our coasts, it is increasingly


involved, the RNLI in saving lives. It is the first year that RNLI


lifeguards have patrolled A beautiful beach, but like others,


a potentially dangerous one when the If you get tired at any point,


the best thing to do is swil In just two weeks,


Sophie and her colleagues h`ve saved a 17`year`old Portuguese yotth, and


a 10`year`old girl, who got caught She had a very sore chest


from inhaling the water, shd had a very high breathing rate, we


placed on oxygen and called for an The scenario


of a young child getting catght in the flood, is what accounts


for about 95% of our rescues. While the 10`year`old girl was being


treated by Sophie, Joe Middleton was dealing whth


another potential emergency. There were two young swimmers,


one of them got out of depth, I put the youngest on the board


the other was capable of swhmming. The younger was holding onto him


pulling him under. The Roberts family from Newcastle


were enjoying their holiday today, but keeping a close eye


on the children, The lifeguards keep an eye


on them very closely, it is We notice, we were further


along the other day, it comds in very quickly, the water was right up


against us, if you don't kedp an eye 28 people lost their lives on this


coast in the last four years. The RNLI aims to halve accidental


coastal deaths by 2024. Would you say this is


a dangerous beach? I wouldn't say it is


a dangerous beach, I would say that This beach has its dangers


as does every one. If you're here during 1000 `nd 800,


when the lifeguards are herd, Today saw the launch


of a major awareness campaign, Enjoy our coastline and beaches


but never underestimate the power Back here, you can see a man being


dropped from the helicopter to carry out a rescue there. I'm with Alan,


an official commentator, just grab you quickly. This is all? It is


this evening is twofold, we are promoting the RNLI understood get a


safety message across. We would rather be proactive than re`ctive.


But if we are reactive, this is what you will get. You also want to raise


money to lie? Yes, it takes thankfully because of volunteers and


everything else, but we alw`ys need more. You are a crewman, wh`t


satisfaction do you get frol it Well, it depends on the weather you


have to do what you can to save a life out at sea. Doing that is


phenomenal, especially as a volunteer. Alan, thank you. There we


go, it's all happening behind me, all unfolding here. We have had a


fire, a man in the water, someone is being pulled from the water now


This is what goes on, also work looking after children and


other people and our beaches. After the opening ceremony last


night the athletes have been getting down to business today


at the Commonwealth Games. We in this region are very close to


winning our first medal with Norfolk Judo player Colin O`tes


guaranteed at least a silver. Jonathan Park has been


watching today's action. There is only one colour of metal


that Colin wants from Glasgow. It is not a silver or bronze. Fending off


a Scottish opponent, the 31`year`old had too much power and technique. In


a few minutes's time, he has the gold medal match against a Cypriot


eight years his junior. It would be a great upset at the Norfolk man


didn't bring gold back. A long way to go for our badminton pair, the


Northern Ireland pair of Chris and Gabby, playing in the team dvent for


England. It's all over, quicker horribly done the Northern Hrish and


wanted. Britain's best singles player also found a way tow`rds


victory. Essex's Sarah Walkdr completed the victory five now. ``


5`0. Lyndon's record medal winner at the games, helped England to victory


against Jamaica. `` England. It is a good job England's boulders packed


their shorts. The triples got the competition underway. `` bowlers. It


was a nail`biting game which they eventually won. Later tonight,


England's hockey team with three suffered players, start thehr bid


for glory with the opening latch against Trinidad and Tobago ``


Suffolk. Across the world conservationists


are working to protect endangered species, but getting the message


across is not always easy. Now a computer game company


in Cambridge has joined the fight by adapting one of


its most popular games to hhghlight This animal is in grave danger,


every day, every night, it hs pray for poachers. Now, this ongoing


threat has been highlighted in a computer game. They were brought to


life at an online game studho in Cambridge as part of the Unhted for


wildlife campaign. Their pl`yers, of which there are more than 200


million, have to answer questions to win a rider. Everybody is chatting


about the game, they are all meeting up and enjoying it, they have all


embraced it. It is exactly what we wanted, a new way to reach ` younger


audience about conservation. We are conservationists, and we ard here to


dash out that this conservation student is now immortalised on


screen. In two weeks, over ` quarter of a million rhinos were adopted in


the game, ten times the wild number. There are people who want rhinos as


a commodity, they don't know it s consequences of killing thel in


Africa. Something needs to be done. One way of doing so and to plant a


seed it is the young people to get more aware of the problem. Baby they


can influence the parents, who want to choose medicines of rider in


them. 100 black rhinos are detected in this conservation area in Kenya.


It is not always protection enough. People often coming to shoot


rioters, they see these anilals but they have been monitoring, that they


know intimately. It's prettx devastating. The rhinos sorry story


has reached a tipping point. If a computer game can raise awareness


quickly, so be it. Back in 1664 the battleship London


was the biggest, newest, most Then one day there was a massive,


unexplained explosion. The London went down and 300


people on board were killed. The wreck lies just


off Southend`on`Sea and is now Divers are working against the clock


to salvage what relics they can This treasure Trail is taking us


down the tracks, along the railway on Southend Pier. Almost to the very


end. There, waiting already is a crowd keen to see the latest chapter


in the story of the London tnfold. As anglers fish for mullet hn the


distance, divers are fishing for much more. These divers havd their


work cut out, there's a strong tidal flow here, they only have


window in which to operate, visibility is poor. They cotld just


about see the end of their `rm on a good day, it is like working in a


washing machine. A work by the Dutch artist captured the magnificence of


the ship. She had 64 guns, but at the time of the tragedy, thd mood on


board would have been regatta like. We know from diaries, that the


captain and crew had females on board, they were not ready for war.


A bit of a party atmosphere, which is why there was such a loss of


life. After painstaking work, the dive team returns to the pidr. It


has been in the past, and is now at risk because of climate change and a


sifting sea bed. Volunteers logged and wrapped the latest finds,


including musket balls, a c`ndle, and bits of wood. It is gre`t, when


you go to museums or archivds, it has already been sorted and


preserved. It was great seehng something that has come out of the


water and that you can handle. a big ship, not a lot is known about


it, don't think, it is a major find, it is really cool to be part of it.


The work is an evaluation for a bigger operation next year, could we


see another Mary Rose, with the structure lifted up the watdr? That


is very unlikely, it is of lajor significance, of course, but that


isn't enough Museum capacitx. They described Iraq as a time capsule of


the 17th century `` they described the rack. Its treasures are destined


for the local museum. Isn't that a fascinating story? So interdsting.


Another hot and sunny day, virtually unbroken sunshine. It allowdd the


Mercury declined to the high 20s. I will hot spots they were in Bedford.


`` it allowed at the Mercurx to climb. Overnight, we started clear


spells, but an increasing alount of cloud and mist moving in from the


North Sea. Particularly in North Norfolk, this could move inland


perhaps affecting Cambridge. Temperatures in teams for m`ny


places, anywhere between 15 and 18 Celsius, a light North eastdrly


wind. Our pressure pattern for tomorrow, a settled day tomorrow,


high`pressure dominating. A risk of showers developing later, btt


actually, the predominant theme for the day is a dry day. Some darly


mist and clouds to thing, then into long spells of


sunshine in Sunshine could be followed by


showers, Essex is at risk, not quite as warm tomorrow, temperatures in


are getting up to 26 Celsius. Still a north`easterly breeze, a cooler


coastal forecast, temperatures at 21 or 23 Celsius, it is mainly dry a


lot of sunny weather across the region. The only have a bit of a


shift, this is the pressure pattern for the weekend, a cold front


heading southwards, introducing cooler conditions, at the rhsk of


showers as well. Saturday looks OK, cloud then sunshine, later hn the


day, increasing cloud could bring one or two showers, drive S`turday.


Sunday is a bit cooler, sunshine, but the odd shower possible. The


Monday, it is still cool, btt after Monday, high`pressure coming in A


quick barometer reading. We have 1017 millibars. That's for ts, have


Well, when did we start funding projects in Gaza?


How do you know people are telling the truth?


Well, when did we start funding projects in Gaza?


I should never have done this. I should never have agreed to this.




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