24/07/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Police are searching for two teenage boys who have gone missing


Emergency services are at a lakein Clophill Pitts Quarry in


Bedfordshire and at the Gre`t River Ouse in Harford in Cambridgdshire.


They were called to Jacques Lane in Clophill at 6pm this evening


And in Huntingdon an area of the river has been cordoned


Our reporter has just sent this from the scene.


The river where this accident happened is here in Church Lane


The stretch of water where the search h`s taken


It is a deep and fast flowing stretch


Police and ambulance crews have been on the scene and this evening,


with specialist search and rescue teams scouring the water


We learned this afternoon hd was with a group of friends,


swimming in the water, when he got into difficulty.


Apparently he couldn?t swim and he went in with a group


of boys and they all held on to him so that he wouldn?t go under.


So it isn't safe at all, especially for young kids.


We have been told the boy who has gone missing is a year nine pupil,


Tonight, dozens of his friends have come down to the water to w`tch


They have all said to me it is a tragedy that this has happened


on the first day of the school holidays.


The search for the missing boy will continue tomorrow.


And you can hear the latest on your BBC local radio station


Police have been searching of a stretch of road near Wisbech tonight


as part of their investigathon into into the deaths of two people


26`year`old Tadas Zulyeskus and Nonita Karuveati both from


Lithuania were killed in thd A4 at Terrington St John on Sunday


Police believe Nonita was pushed into the path of a c`r.


A federation set up to lead the way in education has bedn broken


up following a series of damning government reports.


The Barnfield Federation runs a college and number


of academies in Luton educating one in five young people in the town.


The decision to split means a summer of uncertainty


And today it's emerged that the governor who tried to steer


Barnfield throughout its troubled period has reshgned.


The Department for Education wouldn't comment except to say they


are waiting for Barnfield's proposals and will consider them.


As an organisation, it was once top of the class.


The Barnfield Federation runs a college and six academies,


teaching thousands of pupils across Luton and Bedfordshire.


But, since October, there have been three investigations


into the manipulation of gr`des and financial mismanagement.


Last year, Judy Oliver becale chair of governors,


aiming to sort out the problems and keep the federation going.


Judy has quit, and is speakhng publicly for the first time.


Do you think the Barnfield problem was it simply got too big?


Yes, Barnfield has become overstretched.


It did a great job locally and some of the aspirations of the


previous chief executive went beyond the capabilities of the strtcture.


The governors themselves were criticised for poor oversight


of finances, including a large payoff for Sir Peter


Birkett, the former princip`l of the college, who left last @ugust.


The board accepted changes were needed, but felt the Governlent


Two ministries, the Departmdnt for Education and the Business Linistry,


they had to funding agencies, the EFA funding to schools,


It was very confusing, very frustrating.


Probably made it more difficult than it needn't have been.


So, what effect will the split actually have?


They can continue wearing the same uniform,


be the same name for several years because it is an amicable solution.


The benefit to Barnfield College is we can concentrate


on further education for those students, we can give them


the skills and everything they need to become employable in Luton.


It has been acknowledged in partnership with this college


has helped raise standards at the academies, in partictlar


among pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.


After the split, there will be a separate bo`rd


of governors and in college and another one in the acaddmy.


In a joint statement, they said the priority would be to


ensure students continue to receive an excellent education.


Gavin sugar is the Luton Sotth MP. I asked him whether he thought this


was the right idea. I think it is the right dechsion,


to be frank. The academy should be allowdd


to get a new sponsor. They might be worrying


about the academic standard. Today,


we had praise by the Sutton Trust. It has been praised today


for its academic standards, the Sutton Trust has said it is


doing very well academicallx. If you look


at the performance particul`rly of the two most challenging school


it took over, it is clear they made What happened after 2010


and this coalition education policy, What happened after 2010


under this coalition educathon it was allowed to spend far


beyond what it should have been Has the Barnfield Federation bitten


off more than it can chew in terms The clear emphasis in the Government


report into what went wrong at Bonfield raised serious questions


around financial responsibility in the organisation, two different


teams of trustees, neither of which And really complex


management structures. What assurances can you givd to


hundreds of pupils and parents in We need a new middle tier to take


responsibility and accountability, In the short term, we need to


answer some basic questions. What will the uniform be,


the school name be? Who will be providing this


education ultimately? As a result of these reforms,


the only person who cannot that is the Secretary Of State For Dducation


and I hope she will come forward A strike over pathology staff pay


at Northampton General Hosphtal has Biomedical staff agreed to go back


to work after ACAS helped broker A new agreement will see ch`nges to


staff contracts It is day one of the


Commonwealth Games and a nulber of And will be taking part


in events over the next 11 days Our reporter has been


following the action. It all started this morning,


with our badminton players. Northern Ireland could not get close


to England's leading couple. This husband`and`wife from


Milton Keynes. England's best singles playdr


slotted his way to victory. England's best singles playdr


swatted his way to victory. Andrew Bagley competed in the


qualifying rounds for table tennis. He has ruled the Commonwealth


himself before. England's record medal winndr


at the games helped England to victory over Jamaica into


his opening game in the teal event. Tomorrow, more of our medal


hopefuls take to the compethtion. More on the programme,


as well as online and Time to get


the weather now with Alex Dolan We'll be back with our Breakfast


bulletins first thing Tonight will be dry with long, clear


spells. Some best possible over Northern Cambridgeshire. Another


warm day in prospect tomorrow. Some cloud around first thing. More cloud


in the afternoon might prodtce an isolated shower. More likelx to


affect Southern counties. 27 degrees could be possible. Here is our


outlook. is getting too much for many people.


By Sunday, the temp will be cooler than today. Tonight, another warm


and comfortable night for sleeping. Ireland will have the last of the


hot days. 26 to grazing Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. Very


different on the east coast in Carnoustie, where we have the


shooting. Medals in the morning but it could be grey and misty.


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