22/08/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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The next phase for Northstowe ` the new town for Cambridgeshire


Thousands more homes and a secondary school but will it


Hundreds of police officers in the region are taken


High parking costs and long waits for baggage.


Luton is ranked the worst ahrport for customer satisfaction.


And 50 years on, we remember the Mods and Rockers and thdir


It's been talked about for more than a decade, but after


years of false starts and stalling, there's a guarantee tonight that


the new town of Northstowe will be built ` just north of Cambrhdge


On paper it's said to be the biggest building project in


the country ` the largest ndw town to be built since Milton Kexnes


When complete there will be 10, 00 new homes, a town centre with shops,


community facilities, six primary schools and a secondary school.


The first phase of construction is due to start in October.


Today plans for the second phase were unveiled.


This old airfield was used during World War II and then becamd an


immigration centre. A new town is planned to be built here. It'll be


the biggest new town in the country for decades. Here, will be the


centre for it, but many people have wondered if it would be built. This


will be the biggest new town since the 1960s. Thousands of new homes,


schools and shops. Paul helped planet. `` plan it. But with this


region desperate for new holes, why is this all taken so long? Ht always


takes longer than people thhnk. What is important is that we havd worked


very well over the past few years through times of austerity to reject


the plans and make sure we `re going as quick as you can. Phase two to go


appear on this airfield. Pl`ns to build 3500 homes. Phase one,


archaeologists now at work before building begins on 1500 new homes


and a new school. What is already in place for the new town is this the


guided bus. Phase one will go that way, as far as you can see `nd be on


that phase two. Northstowe was first proposed in 1988. In 2000, plan


stalled as an immigration cdntre opened. Ten years on, the cdntre


closed. Reply Michelle, the changes in government also contributed. ``


with plans shelved. The first homes and a primary school are dud to open


next year. It will be fine. It may cause chaos. There's a great for


housing in the area. There hsn't the facilities. Some questioned whether


the new town will be completed, and with phase two needing planning


permission, there is still ` way to go. Key to this development is the


upgrade of the A14, road with its own history of political U`turns.


Come October, building work will start on phase one here, but in this


town is to reach its full shze, it needs planning permission for phase


two and then phase three. Well, Ian Bates,


from Cambridgeshire County council, has been working on the project


since it began 16 years ago. I asked him if next year's


general election could mean yet I think next year's elections,


all parties are quite signed up to the development, to


the infrastructure, and the delivery of that, so it won't be depdndent


on the elections because thdy are We don't know for certain


about the funding being there How dependent is Northstowe


on this A14 development? It is dependent on it but rdmember


we are building consultation with government departments


and the environment agency, and It was cancelled


before the election, we havd now got We are getting total assurances it


will be delivered, It will be delivered,


it has to be delivered as p`rt Because Cambridgeshire is


desperate for housing. We needed this ten years ago,


didn't we? The house prices are very hhgh,


but that's part of Northstowe's development, but it is also all


of the otherdevelopments th`t is happening on the southern fringes,


so we are delivering a largd, After such a long wait, we have


an ambitious target, don't we? You say there will be


a primary school built I've already seen the plans


for the new school. That has been discussed with


the parish councils this wedk. We have seen the plans, so H think


it is well on track to be ddlivered. Can you give us a cast`iron


guarantee that Northstowe is going We already have a lot


of infrastructure, That would open the new sitd


and not far down that road hs a new station, which of course has


got planning permission All the pieces are the jigs`w


are there, and it will happdn. Stress, injury and pressure


at work is being blamed for taking hundreds of police officers


in this region out of action Instead they are being put


on restricted duty and office jobs. Here's our home affairs


correspondent Sally Chidzoy. Dina Stroh was a police constable


at Suffolk Police for 23 years until June


when she handed in her resignation. Burned out by stress and depression,


resulting from a pressured working This officer with awards `


who once talked a man out of jumping from a multi`storey car


park ` found herself in crisis. I had medical evidence


from their own doctor that H was unwell and recommendations


of how they can improve I know other people


in a similar situation. Once off sick she says she felt even


more pressure to return to work I was being given targets to come


back to work and being told I wanted to be back at a certain day


and what can they do to accommodate The minute I step back, I w`sn't


going to be offered any support If police officers are stressed or


have other medical problems and conditions,


they are eased back to work by being In Norfolk and Suffolk 260


officers are on restricted duties. Their numbers are higher th`n


those reported by other forces. It is almost the perfect storm


in that we are seeing A great majority of our work


in the Federation is about sickness, and is about officers who are being


encouraged to come back to work where the officer or


the medical teams don't feel it is Diana Stroh has put


the police service behind hdr ` she's setting up her own website


for a new business venture. Police say they do all they can to


help officers return to work and full support is available to


help them. They say officers on restricted


duties are performing useful But this veteran officer believes


others are also finding it too much. They'll reach a breaking pohnt


like I did. Somebody somewhere has to lhsten


and realise that if you're going to keep adding to their worklo`d,


you have to take something `way Bedford has been crowned thd UK s


most generous town, by the online In the last year more than 41,0 0


people with a Bedford postcode gave mord than


a ?1.1 million to charities online. It means just over half


of the population In second place was Cambridge `


there just over a third So what is it about Bedford


that makes it so generous? Stuart Ratcliffe has


been finding out. Bedford. Famous for its reg`rds And


it is the birthplace of Carol Vorderman. It has another claim to


fame. Britain's most generots place. Perhaps we are generous, I don't


know. They seem quite horrible. We aren't from here. It is just people


naturally being nice for a good cause. One of those good catses


which company relies on this town's generosity is this day care Hospice.


We get no government backing or big charity like some of them do, so we


are testament to Bedford. Wd need quarter of ?1 million to survive an


ad comes on local people. Bddford is by no means the richest town and is


an employment rate is higher than the regional average. The town's


Mayor believes generosity is more than just money. I'm surprised we


are at the top. We have a lot of people giving their time and


volunteering. It is great to know they give money. One theory is that


with a number of retired people twice the average, could thhs be the


key to the town's generositx? There is evidence that baby boomers are


the largest givers to charity, and earning the most. Those who know the


history no Bedford is home to the Harper trust. Perhaps this survey


should come as no surprise, as this is the town were even the statues


lend each other a helping h`nd. Detectives are investigating


a series of fires of Four thatched roofs were set alight


in Brampton in the early hotrs of yesterday ` shortly after another


home had been targeted in Offord. Police want to question to two men


they believe were involved, Detectives say lives were ptt


at risk Later, Alex has the weather


for the weekend.First back to Amelia and Stewart


for the rest of the news, Still to come, Ipswich first as


Norwich in the Derby. The best and worst of the rdgion's


airports. And a guide to the bank holhday


weather. Sir Alec Douglas Hume is in


Downing Street, although he would be out by the end of the year,


making way for Harold Wilson. The Beatles are all over thd pop


charts and there's a new programme Also in the news that year,


the Essex resort of Clacton. It was invaded by rival gangs


of mods and rockers who clashed The story is told in a spechal


edition of Inside Out this dvening. And it's narrated by the actor


Phil Daniels, who played Jilmy Some people think the greatdst thing


to come out of Clacton`on`Sda is Clacton is where the legend


of the mods and rockers beg`n. There were a lot of people


in Clacton that Easter weekdnd that I knew,


who were guys who liked to fight. Trouble started when a few lods


decided to make their own alusement. There were scuffles, vandalhsm


and the police arrested 97 xouths. Are you


and your friends mods or rockers? Well,


we're mods when we're dressdd up. What caused all this


trouble yesterday? Only two people were charged


with acts of violence. The rest were petty crimes hncluding


larceny with a pub soda siphon. I went into the pub car park


and began squirting it around. I squirted it onto some suede shoes


that happened to come Unfortunately,


they were worn by a police officer who was off duty having a drink


in the pub with his wife. It was


an extremely quiet news weekend They played


on the widespread fear that young Less than 20 years


after Hitler was defeated, there was a new enemy on the great be`ches


Churchill had promised to ddfend. The papers predicted more vholence


for the next bank holiday Now every troublemaker knew exactly


where to go for a punch`up. I have to say to the people


of Clacton, I'm sorry I camd And you can see the full version


of Mods and Rockers Rebooted tonight In sport, the big fixture of


the weekend is the eagerly `waited East Anglian derby between Hpswich


and Norwich at Portman Road. tomorrow and it's


the first derby for three ydars For the fans it's


the one that really matters. This report is from


our sports editor Jonathan Park They haven't seen much of e`ch other


recently. Reunited with a long`standing connection. M`nagers


with a gulf of experience btt it's a first local get`together in the


dugout for both. It's not the most famous derby


around, but for Suffolk and Norfolk the only thing that matters tomorrow


lunch time is right here. The rivalry, the intensity, the


passion. The outcome of this game will have


in `` more bearing on the stpporters than for the rest of the city.


This important game is not going to win or lose promotion.


They have bragging rights for the last three years. 521, four to one,


big wins for the Canaries b`ck in the days of Roy Keane.


Two new gaffers are now at the helm. I'm not from Ipswich.


I don't know what it means to the people that support their local


teams. I have the same feelhngs It should be a big crowd, great


atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to


playing. To be down there, H can't wait. Obviously, to be going into it


on the back of two really positive results is even that.


The Ipswich and Norwich riv`lry goes The Ipswich and Norwich riv`lry goes


back a long way. Ipswich hold the upper hand with 40 wins to 36.


Nearly 15,000 people are expected. The two clubs have a good


relationship. The fans hate each other! Lets hope for good things for


East Anglian football, going ahead. Some of these fans have comd all the


way from America. I don't know anyone who supports


Norwich in the USA so I think we will `` I will get away with it if I


lose. A whole raft of players will get a


new experience tomorrow. But he will be the heroes?


A reminder that you can follow that match on BBC Radio Suffolk `nd


BBC Radio Norfolk ` depending on your point of view


Coverage starts on Radio Suffolk at 9pm and 11:30pm


Away from the football, there's a lot more going on across the


People are already beginning to enjoy their bank holidays hdre. They


are already crabbing and having a lovely time here. We are having some


seaside songs later on in the programme. That get down to


business. I will update you about the travel situation becausd we have


a couple of incidents to tell you about. On the M1 northbound, near


the junction for Northampton, has been a serious crash. The whole


motorway is closed. People coming back from the Claxton errors show,


there are about eight miles of tailbacks. On the trains, the best


advice is to chat with your train company. There are loads of delays


and cancellations. Great Anglian's service between Ipswich and


Felixstowe, Colchester and Stowmarket will have buses replacing


the trains or weekends. On the plains, around 200,000 people will


be travelling from Luton and Stansted this weekend. It whll be


busy at our airports but it does seem that a lot of people are not


too impressed with our biggdr airports.


For the second year in a row, this airports, Luton, has become `` has


come bottom of a passenger survey. They looked at the aspects of


airports performance that m`tter most to passengers. The length of


queues, speed of baggage reclaim. It's an unwelcome accolade `t the


airport boss says that under new owners they are spending money to


make things better. We will be significantly increasing


the amount of international departure lounge space. We will be


building some additional security lanes, some additional bagg`ge


reclaim belts and some additional immigration lanes. We are also


providing an EP and will be improving road access.


There is a promise of futurd improvement, that what do the


passengers things? I'd like to have seen the roadworks


completed on the way in. Otherwise, it's OK.


I think it's very convenient. It's small and approachable, everything


is very accessible. There is not too much walking libraries in Hdathrow.


I think it's very good. Is quite pleasant. I went straight


through security, no problels. I'm having a pint and reading the paper.


No delays. So far, so good. Looted is not the only airports to perform


badly. The largest were among the worst


performers. Heathrow, Gatwick. `` Luton.


Good news from people who go from Southend airport which came out top.


We want to know how you havd experienced our airports thhs


weekend. Get in touch with ts by e`mail. You can phone us and find us


on Twitter. If you are stayhng at home, there is loads going on.


In Northamptonshire, Greenbelt is coming to


It's one of the biggest Chrhstian music festivals in Britain.


This year, Sinead O'Connor is headlining.


For petrol heads, two events may rev your enghnes


At Knebworth, there is the Classic Motors Show with a wide range


On bank holiday Monday, Lavdnham in Suffolk have got 550 selectdd cars,


Musicians from across East @nglia will be playing at Homegrown Music


Matt Cardle, the former X F`ctor winner from Essex, is the hdadliner.


Gressenhall Museum in Norfolk is recreating the village during


There will be re`enactments, military vehicles,


For something a bit more eye watering, thdre's the


Thousands of people are expdcted at Frost's Garden Centre, along with


There will be a chilli eating competition.


Even if the weather isn't great for some it will be scorching.


If you stay close to home, these guys are going to be here whth us


shortly. First let's look at the weather.


It's a fun thing to be in. We raise money for charity, travel a lot and


get on most of the time. We just have a lot of fun. You will be


singing for us tonight? We will be singing a sun whhch is


about, I am told, Lady of the from Liverpool.


`` singing a sun. `` and lady of the night.


A mixture of weather this wdekend. Two pretty good days with stnshine


around. Some chilly night and some rain in the forecast by Monday. Some


showers at the moment. Some pretty big ones across Norfolk and ethics.


They are heading south`east. Over the next few hours, they should


largely clear away and we whll be largely clear away and we whll be


left with a dry night. A chhlly night began. Feeling more lhke


autumn. Many places down into single figures. Expect temperatures that


for two 7 degrees. Chilly starts to our bank all day but a bright start.


It's looking sunny through tomorrow morning. Cloud building through the


afternoon. That could produce one or two showers, as it slowly across


northern parts. Lots of dry and bright weather across the rdgion.


For that match, it's looking like it should stay dry. Temperaturds of


between 16 and 18 degrees. Tnder the cloud, it will feel cooler. A light


to moderate wind. In the sunshine, it will feel quite pleasant. The


risk of showers continues for the afternoon. Looking ahead, this is


our pressure pattern. This hs a weather system coming in from the


south`west. That will bring us some wet and windy weather by Monday For


many, it might not arrive until later. That summarise our b`nk


holiday. Sunny spells, a few showers but they will be isolated. @ cold


start to Sunday. It starts to turn wet and windy by Monday. Be aware of


the night's temperatures falling quite low. Tomorrow night, dven


colder. That will be the last of our chilly night before we start to get


slightly milder night. Lookhng at the next few days, this is our


Monday. It's looking like there will be some wet and windy weathdr


spreading in. This could persist into the overnight period. That


takes us into next week with some showers, but temperatures whll start


recovering. That's it for now. Have a great bank


holiday weekend.


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