21/08/2014 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Good evening. time for the news where you are.


First tonight, hundreds of police officers from


four of our forces came together today to stop and search vehicles


The major routes used by metal thieves,


burglars and rogue traders to cross county borders and avoid capture.


Cambridgeshire suffers more from rural crime than anywhere else


in England, losing ?2.7 million pounds last year.


In a lay`by on the A1, officers on the hunt


for those using the region's roads to carry out a rural crime.


Number plate recognition scanning for illegal vehicles.


Motorbike police pulling over vans, wanting to take a closer look.


We have only been here 20 minutes and already a dozen vehicles have


The officers are checking everything, the driver's details,


any passengers' details and checking what the vehicles are carrying.


Theft of metal, we used to have a lot.


You'll see us pulling in vehicles that are carrying


tractors and checking and making sure...


One tractor is as much as ?70,000, probably more.


Further up the road, a van is seized, full of stolen metal.


Both of the occupants have been stopped.


They have been transferred to the local station.


Mainly it is scrap metal from some containers


Police out in numbers today, but is it enough to tackle rising


As much as it is today, this is one tactic.


There will be covert tactics that will be used and we will really take


it to communities to give them the service they deserve.


Today, forces combine to track criminals


across county boundaries, a costly exercise, but they hope it will


The wait is over for the region's teenagers earning


Across the board, the proportion gaining A to C has


risen, although the number achieving the top A star has fallen slightly.


Grades in maths have risen sharply, but in English they've fallen,


something many feel is down to a change


For the first time in years, emphasis solidly on exams


and attempts to improve academic standards.


The pressure evident, not least at this school in Wellingborough.


It has been good at the same time, as I am working towards something.


I have had to put in a lot more work, revising more, and I think


I am concerned about the focus on examinations.


I don't think life chances should be based on the exam at the end.


There should be flexibility, so it is fairer to a wider range


At this school in Luton, some parents also had concerns.


We had modules previously, it was stress`free as you had time to build


up to the end result, but this was just the exam and we did struggle.


Two years ago, this academy was the eighth worst performer in England.


These are the first school exams that really matter.


For Vicky and thousands like her it was a nerve`wracking morning.


More than a third of girls will leave school without


five GCSEs and according to a leading women's charity many will


Twice as many women work in low`paid jobs compared to men,


and they're more likely to need treatment for depression.


Dr Carole Easton is from the Young Women's Trust.


She says headlines about girls traditionally out`performing


Once they get to 18, they are offered a narrow range of jobs,


there are not as many jobs for them to do and they are being encouraged


to study and work in traditional roles like nursing or childcare.


The boys are being given a much broader range of options,


more apprenticeships, and they are seen to have broader choices


Young women are told they don't get second chances.


If they take the wrong subject, they are stuck or, even worse,


Does this come down to pure gender discrimination?


I think gender discrimination on some occasions and narrowness


I think people need help to understand that young women and


Do we need to rewind a little here and say that careers


I think careers advice has a mixed reputation among


the young women we have spoken to and what they say is that they need


So many young women don't know, many of us didn't either,


what they want to do at 16, but by the time they get to 21 they may


know more clearly what they want and they may not be given the second


So, briefly, what advice would you give young women who have had


If you have done well, congratulations.


If you haven't, hang out there for a second chance,


exam results aren't the be all and end all and you can...


People do succeed and people do do well and we need to help them


get the second chances that they might need a little bit later on.


A man who's suspected of trying to get a gun


into Northampton Magistrates Court this morning is in police custody.


The 54 year old was arrested after he triggered the alarm


It's not yet known whether the gun is real or an imitation.


There's been speculation today that the American drug giant Pfizer may


make a fresh bid to buy the UK pharmaceutical firm, AstraZeneca.


The company is due to begin building a new global headquarters


Under takeover rules, Pfizer could launch a new bid


A risk of some showers developing overnight, not for everyone,


some places stay dry, but there will be some cloud around.


We start tomorrow with some cloud around, showers should clear,


then it should brighten up with sunshine coming out.


Still stays a little on the cool side and a risk


Highest tomorrow of 18 Celsius with a moderate north`westerly wind.


In a moment, the national weather, but here is our outlook.


On Saturday, there will be some sunshine and


showers around, it is looking like a dry day on Sunday, some chilly


nights on the way with temperatures down into single figures.


into a nice, fine day on Sunday with lots of sunshine. Then more rain


pushes in from the west for the Bank Holiday Monday.


Good evening. There's a feel of autumn about the weather at the


moment. It's thanks to the fact we are pulling our off off the British


Isles from the north making for a cold feel by day and chilly nights.


Still some showers to contend with across England and Wales. Some heavy


through the small hours of Friday, particularly around the Bristol


channel and into the south-east towards the end of the night.


Further north, the breeze eases. The showers fade away and with clear


skies, temperatures will fall down into single figures in northern


England, Northern Ireland and southern and central Scotland. For


Friday, he wassier showers hanging back across the far south-east of


England for the morning rush


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