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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Tuesday's programme.


Drugged, suffocated and dumped in a septic tank -


a court hears this children's author was murdered by her partner


An end to cheap migrant labour undercutting local workers -


that was the promise from Jeremy Corbyn today,


but what does it mean for our region?


The Cambridge drugs company in line for a multi-million dollar


investment from the Bill Gates foundation.


And Reginald James Watson, an old soldier with no surviving relatives


gets a fitting sendoff. She was a much loved children's


author with a ?4 million fortune, But a court heard today how


Helen Bailey was drugged and dumped in the cesspit of her home


by her partner, who then The jury at St Albans Crown Court


was told that Ian Stewart then sat back and watched as police


searched for his fiancee. He denies all


the charges against him. Our reporter


Nicola Haseler was in court. The prosecution said today that it


was a long planned and deliberate killing, motivated by money. It is


claimed Ian Stewart killed Helen Bailey and let the police carry out


a futile missing persons search until her body was found three


months later. It is the prosecution's case that Ian Stewart


had been secretly drugging Helen Bailey with sleeping pills in the


months before she died. Records show that Helen Bailey had googled, why


do I keep falling asleep? They were due to be married, both widowers.


The prosecution claimed that on the day of Helen's disappearance last


April, Ian Stewart probably suffocated her while she was sedated


by sleeping pills. He moved her body to the garage and dumped it in the


cesspit below, the jury were told. Along with her beloved dog, Boris, a


pillow case and a dog toy. Later in the afternoon, Ian Stewart accessed


her bank account and transferred ?4000 to his. Four days later, Ian


Stewart reported his partner has missing telling police she had left


a note indicating that she wanted some time alone. A huge search


began. As you can imagine this has been an extremely difficult time for


our family, and as more time passes, since she was last seen, the more


concerned we become. Helen Bailey was the author of several popular


children's books. After her first husband died suddenly while on


holiday, she started writing about grief. My husband died in an


accident in Barbados in February 2011, and when I got back to the UK


I tried to write about it. I found I was completely blocked with grief.


It was not until July that Helen's body was found in the cesspit.


Forensic analysis of her hair revealed she had been given sleeping


pills for some time. Ian Stewart is charged with murder, preventing the


legal burial of her body, fraud and perverting the course of justice. He


denies the charges. After Helen Bailey disappeared, Ian


Stewart carried on sending texts to her phone and made an appeal for her


to return home, so he is also charged with perverting the course


of justice for what the prosecution described as the Charente of


deceiving the police and the local community, who were all searching


for the missing water. -- the charade. Tomorrow we expect to hear


from the first witness. A section of the M1


in Northamptonshire was closed this morning after a man's body


was found on the carriageway. It was discovered in the early hours


of this morning on the northbound carriageway


near the Watford Gap services, The person is believed to have been


hit by several vehicles. Police are asking for anyone with


any information to contact them. Two brothers have gone on trial


in connection with the death of a woman whose body lay


undiscovered for 12 years. Pensioners Joseph and Daniel Doherty


face a total of seven charges between them,


including concealing the body The mother of three


disappeared in 2003. Her remains were discovered


in a garden in Luton in 2015. Next, the plight of tenants


in Peterborough who are losing their homes to make way


for homeless people The city's MP, Stewart Jackson,


called a special debate, Our political reporter


Tom Barton was watching. On the platform for the ten .09 to


King's Cross, Jelena Stevic on her way to Westminster to see MPs


debating the situation that is affecting her and her neighbours at


St Michael's gate. The whole street was bought last year by a new


landlord who struck a deal with Peterborough City Council to use the


houses as a commendation for homeless people. Living most tenants


having to find someone new to live. Jelena arrived in London, keen to


see the Government take action. Low-mac I want them to acknowledge


that this is wrong, it is deplorable. It is despicable and


that they care about the people of this country, because this will


affect us all, it will affect you, anybody else, your friends and


family, somebody will be affected with this situation down the road.


Can I thank the Speaker Laika The debate Jelena was in Westminster to


hear, called by the MP Stewart Jackson. Limato would like to


apologise that I could did not do more to help my constituents are


Bifield to extension -- to a certain extent that I am the system have let


them down. It is unfair, morally repugnant, and I hope this debate


and the Minister's response will make sure that two and tense and


purposes, decent people are not treated like this again.


The Housing Minister was critical of both the landlord and the council in


how they have behaved. There was an Alice in Wonderland quality to the


situation, where a group of people have essentially been told they need


to leave their homes and have been made homeless in many cases, in


order to provide housing for the homeless. It seems a highly


irrational thing to do, but for a company and the City Council. It is


almost certainly too late for the Government to do anything to change


the situation affecting Jelena and her neighbours, but she hopes the


law can be changed to prevent anything like this happening again.


Did the Minister Pledge any actual action? As far as the residents of


St Michael's gate and so still, really, the speech was cold comfort.


There was a promise to do more to stop situations like this from


happening in future. Part of what makes properties like St Michael's


Gate attractive to landlords to use homeless accommodation is that they


can charge a significant management fee on top of the rent. The


Government said they are changing the way that system works in the


hope of stopping this sort of thing from arising in the future. But


there were no promises over the rights of tenants to stay in


properties when new landlords by them, as has happened in St


Michael's gate. And some of those tenants are having a meeting


tonight? That's right. The residents association in palm oil, --


Parmwell. They will be attended by the Chief Executive Peterborough


City Council. We understand that she is not expecting to talk directly


about St Michael's Gate, she is expected to speak instead about how


the council can work more closely with residents, given the strength


of feeling, it is unlikely the topic will not come up. Tom, thank you.


And we will have more from that meeting in our latest news at 10:30.


The Labour Party will campaign to stop cheap migrant labour


That was the message from party leader Jeremy Corbyn today.


In a key speech to supporters in Peterborough, he also said


that EU migrants who are already here will have


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair is there.


Well, 56% of people across the East voted to leave the European Union in


the referendum last year. 61% of them here in Peterborough. Jeremy


Corbyn and most of the Labour Party were on the side of Remain. This is


an area where they have struggled for support so a lot of interest


this afternoon in Jeremy Corbyn's speech, his first big one of the New


Year. A speech which could determine the fortunes of Labour in this part


of the world. Labour and its leader are undergoing


a bit of a New Year rebrand. This afternoon's speech was billed as Mr


Corbyn's big response to the Brexit vote. Labour access those challenges


that voters have given us. Among his big ideas, more money for the NHS, a


crackdown on high levels of pay and yes, a new policy on immigration.


The advance briefing was that he would back a restriction on the


number of people coming to Britain. But he did not say that. Instead, he


spoke about the importance of migrants to our economy and said


improving local services was the answer. The question of underfunding


of services is crucial, in this city, for example, this council here


seems to be more interested in selling off council housing to a


private sector organisation, rather than housing the people who are


homeless. So you say if there was more funding in services, people


would not be so concerned? I think sometimes, there are issues


surrounding social -- shortages of services in which people are


unfairly blame. It is generally accepted that fears about the


pressures caused by immigration is worried the reason for the large


Brexit vote in use. The Leave campaign see the solution is to


limit numbers. Mr Corbyn believes more support for local councils is


the answer. I think it is reassuring voters we are listening. There was a


vote in June and people have had their say. We need to make sure that


we as a party of the people are listening to what they are saying.


And reports of voters in Peterborough? I think we should put


a cap on it, but I think they are hard workers, some of that come


here. There are a lot of jobs that perhaps we do not want to do, that


people do do. You will have to cut numbers, there is no other way to


control it. He is still speaking about immigration and its benefits,


and he hopes it will win Labour new supporters.


How significant was at that Jeremy Corbyn came to Peterborough today? I


think it is significant for a couple reasons. He came to a major Leave


city in a major Leave area to talk about Brexit. So you might as well


come here if you're going to talk about Brexit. Secondly, if Labour


want to stand any chance of forming a government, it needs to start


winning seats in this part of the world again. It needs to start


winning seats in places like Stevenage, Bedford, Milton Keynes.


It got Cambridge last time but it should have also got votes in


Peterborough. There is still a big disconnect between Labour and many


of its supporters, so today was partly about Labour coming back here


and saying to voters, look, we have not forgotten you, we would like you


to start taking us seriously again. A new all-weather horse racing


course could be built at Newmarket, allowing training and racing


all year round. The Jockey Club is preparing


a planning application for the track on its land at The Links,


providing easy access for the thousands of horses that


use its nearby training grounds. If approved, it would replace Camden


Park's or whether operations and the site would be developed for housing.


More at 10:30, but now, let's joint Stewart and Susie


They are now driving for Uber even though the company has no devices to


operate in Southend. Southend Council told me how unhappy they are


with the situation. Two individuals who we know about


have had their licences revoked in Southend and have been licensed by


TfL and are working for Uber. What do you think about that?


It is a scandal of epidemic proportions, it cannot be right back


one licensing authority finds them not fit to hold a licence, yet TfL


have seen fit to give them a license.


TfL told us these were serious issues which were under


investigation. A spokesperson for Uber said they would welcome more


transparent data sharing between licensing authorities.


What they are doing, there is no point having a local licensing you


might as well go to the cheapest area then drive you like.


The cabbies here say they are worried the fact drivers previously


banned are now back in the resort could put passengers in danger and


are calling on the London Mayor to take action.


You're watching Look East, with Stewart and me.


Stay with us for action from last night's Cup tie


Alex will tell us about a freezing end to the week.


Local people make sure a war veteran gets a fitting sendoff.


The Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates is giving $9 million to a medical


company in Cambridge which is trying to find cures for


The grant is coming from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The cash is going to a Cambridge lab called Kymab which is researching


vaccines for diseases such as HIV and malaria.


The Gates' involvement will ensure that any treatments are shared among


Scientists working in this Cambridge laboratory are taking the first


steps to create vaccines that could prevent some of the world's


Work is expensive and can take years which is why bosses at Kymab


are overwhelmed after being awarded $9 million by Bill


I think it is very special because the foundation doesn't


It wants to know it is going to get high-quality science.


So it is an indictment how good the quality


And how what we do at Kymab can really contribute to the mission


of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The company has developed its own way of producing


and testing antibodies, the proteins that help ward off


infections, by creating genetically-engineered mice.


The mice mimic the production of antibodies in humans which helps


Vaccine that could cure whooping cough normally


It's now being seen in adults and experts say


that is because current cures aren't working.


We think that is because the vaccine received as a child is waning.


What we are trying to do is generate some antibodies that can


be given as a therapy, but also as a way of looking at


vaccine design against the bacteria that causes whooping cough.


There is a certain cachet and allure about attracting big-dollar


The billionaire philanthropist is widely considered to be the world's


Money from the Microsoft founder has enabled Kymab to grow rapidly.


An initial $20 million investment has seen the company


grow from a handful of scientists to more than 120


employees using state-of-the-art lab equipment.


Researchers here say that money will enable them to be the first


to discover vaccines, and be the best.


Mousumi Bakshi, BBC Look East, Cambridge.


Let's get the thoughts of Martyn Postle who runs a biotech


This deal is about philanthropy but also business because the company


will be able to commercialise those axioms in developed countries?


That is true. It doesn't matter how philanthropic the founder is, the


people who invest are generally not philanthropic but financial


investors. All investment in our biotech sector


is to be welcomed. How worried are cos it might be harder to attract


because of Brexit? For companies like this, at least in


the medium term, it probably won't have any affect. Cambridge is still


the Centre for European biotech and still very successful in attracting


overseas investment. But there are risks, probably the most is the


retention of scientists, about 40% of the science base in Cambridge are


non-UK nationals, not all from the EU. I have heard stories about


difficulties in attracting scientists from overseas to work in


Cambridge because of the uncertainty as to whether their spouse will be


able to get a job. On the other side of the coin, what


about the weakness of the pound? Is that having any effect on the


sector? It is, it is good news for me, the


service companies like consultancies and contract research, we find we


are even more connected than before. Good news for the service sector.


Like so many industries we hear about post Brexit, you are suffering


from the Institute of not knowing when and what is going to happen.


What would help the sector, what would you like to hear from the


Government? First, exactly what the Government


position will be in terms of overseas scientists not having to


jump through hoops to get visas. Secondly, when it comes to start up


companies, the spin offs from university, who until now have


relied on investment from the EU investment fund, how exactly the


Government will make up the money they can no longer access.


And our two teams left in the FA Cup this year now know


Norwich will be at home to Arsenal if they can beat


Ipswich will be at home to Brighton if they can beat Lincoln.


Last night, Cambridge United threatened


But ultimately the League Two side came up just short.


For fans of Cambridge United, a game they would not miss for the world.


For some top clubs, the FA Cup has lost a little of its magic.


But at this level, it still means everything.


Fingers crossed, we have good league form.


Hold to half-time, get ten minutes then, bang, start again.


League Two side to knock out the Championship side?


Leeds made eight changes to their starting line-up,


Possibly not if the first half was anything to go by.


Cambridge United looked more determined, in truth,


they dominated and thoroughly deserved to go in front.


A goal neither nor the fans will ever forget.


But if the first period was one-sided so was the second.


They drew level and the winning goal followed shortly after.


A rousing Cup tie for half the game, it looked


Leeds showed their Championship class in the second half


The first 20, 30 minutes it was all Cambridge, it was brilliant.


We did well for ages and then there were lots of gaps.


Two years ago, Cambridge made more than ?1 million from their Cup run.


A third-round exit this year but another boost


Financially it was huge and it came after nine years


The club is in a good way and financially


This allows us to maybe make one or two signings in January


And accelerate the continued growth of the club.


We want more of this, and to put ourselves


We want to make sure that at the end of the month we are stronger for it.


The focus now is on winning promotion.


That means, for the 8,000 inside last night, they have another


200 mourners packed a village church in Norfolk today to pay


Reginald Watson lived in Ormesby St Margaret.


He was 90 years old when he died in hospital.


But today, after a campaign on social media, he was given


So different from how it might have been.


He'd put aside funds for his funeral but there were no relatives


A public health burial in an unmarked grave was a possibility.


But hanks to detective work by the Reverend Mandy Bishop,


support from funeral directors, the Royal British Legion and social


media, the former rifleman in the King's Royal Rifle Corps


Amongst the 200 mourners, some who knew Reginald,


others as the vicar put it who had come to give something


back for his service to his community and country.


As a former serviceman, I served in the Royal Air Force,


the thought of someone dying alone, being committed alone


As a former serviceman, Reginald had a lot of family.


It is a brotherhood regardless of what capacity we may have served,


Because of him, we have the freedoms we have today.


Hugh Taylor, whose father also served in the King's Rifle Corps,


was wearing his blazer, KRC badge, and war medal


I walked into this church together with some colleagues


from the Royal British Legion, thinking that we were


The funeral director with Reginal's prized possession,


We have all rallied together, along with the support of social


gentleman's funeral, to ensure release of his own funds


and ensure he had the sendoff he deserved.


A rare photograph, Reginald at the age of four with a neighbour


Celebrated today, a quiet man, a hard worker, a perfect gentleman,


Some fine weather across the region, this is a beautiful photograph


showing blue sky. And a lovely coastal scene as well. A relatively


mild night with this weather front from the west but cold weather is on


the way. This is introducing more cloud. A cloudy but mainly dry


evening. Through the night there could be spots of patchy rain as the


weather front moves through. For most of us, no lower than 5 degrees.


But it may be lower than these alleys where there are breaks in the


cloud. Patchy rain first thing and strengthening winds, this weather


system brings a change. Behind it much colder air is tucked in. The


main feature will be that strengthening north-westerly wind


which will make it feel cold. But it is a mild start with highs of 11


degrees. The weather front moves through briskly. Brighter skies with


sunshine. Mainly dry. Certainly the strength of the wind will be a


feature through the day. 10 degrees through the morning. By the


afternoon, that cold air digs in, more like 7 degrees, feeling cold,


and a cold night with a frost likely. That will continue for a few


days. Looking ahead to Thursday, some interesting weather. This


weather system comes in from the south bringing us some rain


essentially. It may turn to sleet or snow. Some uncertainty what will


happen. Mainly a brain event at the moment but the potential is there.


Collection -- Rain. A dry day on Thursday. Long spells of hazy


sunshine and high-level cloud. Later, the rainbow push through with


the potential to turn to sleet or snow. I will give you an update


tomorrow. Looking perish in the cold by the end of the week. Fine weather


on Friday and Saturday but a strong north-westerly wind on Friday with


gales on the coast. Some sharp frosts. A colder theme on the way.


Join us again after the Ten O'Clock News here on BBC One.