09/01/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to a new week on Look East.


Sacked after eight months in charge - the Cobblers manager gets the boot


after a run of defeats and a controversial comment.


Forced to share her ambulance with a dog.


Paramedics apologise to an 86-year-old after picking up


It was... The whole experience was very, very bad.


A lifeline for disabled people and a new home for the drop-in


centre that's jumped from three to 300 users.


It is a cold and wet night, a perfect night for an FA Cup upsets.


First tonight - his team's lost eight of their last ten games


and Rob Page's reaction to the latest describing


the Cobblers as men versus girls has certainly raised eyebrows.


And today Northampton Town's Chairman decided he'd seen enough


It's another huge twist in the Cobblers


Another seat needs filling. This time it is the manager can stop Rob


Page lasting eight months. The cobbler 's who are 16th in League 1


were humiliated at Bristol on Saturday. -- The Cobblers. 5-0 down


after 90 minutes. The pressure telling in this post match


interview. Actions speak larger than words. It is men versus girls at the


end of the day. He later apologised but they said his words didn't cause


his sacking. He was angry at how the boys let him down and try to find a


word to describe that disappointment and came up with the wrong kind of


comparison, the wrong kind of verses. Disappointing and foolish


and he apologised for it. I don't think it was a reason why he lost


his job. It was to do with the team. It is sad to see someone losing


their job but it was inevitable with the way the performances have been


in the last few weeks. It has been going downhill and Saturday was


woeful. The Whiting has been on the wall for a few weeks. -- writing.


The pressure to be manager in this dugout has been intense.


Particularly when you consider the success of last season and Chris


Wilder. It was going to be hard to follow in his footsteps. Had he had


more time, he might have achieved it. He was too quick to dismantle


their side from last season and try and build a new team. This club has


had enough drama to last a lifetime. The club aren't in a relegation


battle just yet. This sacking is supposed to


stop the rot stop Rob Page was supposed to offer consolidation, not


another managerial merry-go-round. James is with me now. How


significant is the timing of this? We are in January and it is


important. A lot of clubs will look to refresh squads and make sure they


have enough depth to any promotion campaigns. It is key that


Northampton do that. I suppose the chairman Doctor Rob Page and looked


at the squad and his ability to get them out of the mire. You need a


fresh pair of eyes and fresh contacts. Football is all about


context and getting the right players in. January is critical and


if you can't get the right players, you can miss out. Rumours are flying


around already. What names are in the frame to replace him? This is


when the bookies have a field day. People will be placing money and a


lot of it is accurate. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Gary row at who left


burning, some on the short list. Who the chairman will be looking at is


different. Sometimes they throw names in that you don't expect. It


is a question of how rushed he has to be or wants to be. He has one


week until the game against Scunthorpe on Saturday. He has a


caretaker manager in charge and he may feel he doesn't need to rush.


They are not in a relegation dogfight so no pressure at the


moment. He needs to get the right manager this time because they need


to stay in League 1. The financial importance of staying in League 1 is


huge. They cannot afford to go down to League 2 again.


A man in his 40s has been arrested on suspicion of murder


Police say they were called to a property on Hoeton Road


following reports of violence just after midday yesterday.


A man was found dead, while a woman was also injured.


The death is being treated as suspicious.


A man, suspected of killing two young men near Peterborough,


is due to appear before Peterborough Crown Court


Richard Frost, who is 38 and from Chelmsford in Essex,


has been charged with six counts, including two counts of causing


19-year-old Thomas Fletcher and Thomas Northam, who was 22,


were both killed after being hit by a BMW on the B10-91 between


Next tonight, the great great grandmother forced


to share her ambulance with a stray dog.


Brenda Wilding was being taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital


in Cambridge when, to her amazement, the ambulance crew stopped to pick


Brenda is now back at home in Littleport, Mousumi Bakshi


For Brenda, taking heavy medication has become a daily routine.


Recovering from chemotherapy, the 86-year-old developed serious


stomach pains in November and called an ambulance. Minutes after leaving


her little home, paramedics called over on the Aten and got out of the


ambulance to deal with the stray dog. All this time this is


happening, the paramedics go off and chase a dog? Yes, they did. I was


left. I was left when they went out. I was left in the ambulance. Alone?


Yes, loan. After stopping for a second time minutes later,


paramedics decided to bring the dog into the ambulance. All the while


Brenda was vomiting violently. It was like living through a nightmare.


It didn't seem... The whole experience was very bad. In a


statement, the Ambulance Service apologised to Brenda's family and


said the staff involved understand that their actions were against


trust guidelines and now understand there is no legal responsibility to


stop for a domestic dog. But it was a letter sent to Brenda's


granddaughter that has unleashed the family. Paramedics insisting Brenda


was happy to share an ambulance with a dog because of ornaments seen in


her home. That is ridiculous. I have got ornaments of horses in my house


but you wouldn't expect to bring a horse in an ambulance. The Ambulance


Service has yet to contact Brenda directly. Her daughter said she


deserves better. Mum has not had an apology. That letter went to my


daughter. My daughter was the one who has fought her grandmother's


corner. There has been no apology whatsoever from anybody to mum. In


remission from bladder cancer, Brenda will be in hospital in the


coming weeks but will think twice before calling an ambulance.


Tributes are being paid to a former mayor and councillor in Stevenage,


Sherma Batson's family say she died suddenly after suffering


Her daughter Ahisha Ferguson has thanked everyone for their prayers


In 2008, Councillor Batson was awarded an MBE and helped


to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for local charities.


A book of condolence has been opened by Stevenage Borough Council.


You knew if she started to get involved with something it would get


done and get done in a fantastic positive way. She was a real force


for good in our community and her energy and her positive force for


good was never stronger than when she was fighting for those things


that she really believed in. It qualities and diversity and fighting


for those more vulnerable members of our community. She was just a very


unique special individual. A woman's dream to create


a centre for disabled people Five years ago, Jackie Nealon


started running workshops and meals In that time, Jackie's Drop In has


grown from three users to 300 and today she opened


new premises in Letchworth. Louise Hubball has been


for a look round. Today is the first time the people


who love Jackie's Drop-in got to see the new centre welcomed


by Billy Byrne from BBC DIY SOS. This has been a mammoth


DIY project in itself, from derelict building to a haven


for people who can feel isolated. We've got loads of new people


upstairs, good rooms here. Just socialising and meeting


new friends and just being yourself really and having a good time


and enjoying yourself. Crochet, making tea and coffees,


being on the counter sometimes. Every day you come here,


there is always different people here, there's always something


different going on. It's a safe environment,


everybody is so friendly It's a project with


extraordinary beginnings. Started by support worker, Jackie,


with ?1 five years ago. It flourished after her daughter,


Zoe, put an appeal on Facebook. Also helped by her two sons,


the realisation that 300 people will use this brand-new centre only


just beginning to sink in. It just doesn't seem


real that this happened and it's quite emotional,


really, to be honest with you. Seeing all their smiley faces,


that's what means a lot. Staffed by volunteers,


it relies entirely on donations after it outgrew its old premises,


Jackie's drop-in received a ?10,000 grant from the local Heritage


foundation to secure this site. When you meet the guys,


they've got so much energy, so much enthusiasm and they care


so much for all the people who are using the drop-in centre


and it's such a wide, wide catchment, wide range of people


and it's fantastic to see how happy they are and how happy they make


the people that are And with lots of facilities


upstairs, Jackie is now trying to raise money for a lift to ensure


that all the people that come After a tour, today's test


of honour impressed. The mindset to start off to do


something like this is amazing. It's an amazing tribute


to the family, it's an amazing tribute to Letchworth Garden City


and everyone in the end has Those visiting here can feel part


of a community and part of one World rugby will not punish what


Northampton Saints after they allowed George North to play on


after injuring his head. He fell heavily in December. A world rugby


statement says protocols were not adhered to. Medical staff should now


be properly educated. Kettering Hospital is to get


a new car park to ease An extra 240 spaces are planned


by building an upper deck Management at the hospital say


parking is a constant source of frustration


for patients and visitors. Other changes involve better


and safer flows for traffic and pedestrians and a new drop-off


zones for taxis. That's all from me for now -


more at 10.30 - but let's join Susie Still to come, their weather for the


week ahead. And it did not quite happen for Posh and their cup match


at the weekend. Tonight it is all eyes on Cambridge, who host Leeds.


We've got a sell-out, it is not full yet but nearly 8000 fans are


expected, the vast majority hoping for an upset, and Cambridge United


to knock Leeds United out. A couple who are both in the nursing


profession in Norfolk are raising money to help with health


care in India. Gerry and Emily Bowdren have


already made one trip - taking their teenage


girls with them. They're now planning another trip


from their home in Norwich to the West Bengal area of India


to treat people living The queues of people needing medical


help on their last trip have convinced them to try to raise money


to build a permanent clinic. Reliving an experience they will


never forget. As a family be treated more than 100 people a day. Emily


Bowdren is sitting to be a nurse, her husband is an advanced nurse


practitioner working in A He's treated several people abroad but


this was the first time he's taken his wife and stepdaughter 's. I was


nervous because I thought, how will they cope with such a culture shock


and such hardship, because it was a lot of practical hardship. A lot of


the Cumberland -- the comfort they had to give up. Working long days,


they were cleaning wounds, taking blood pressure and predict and


bandages. We could not say no. Can I see another person, you're getting


this opportunity, we might have made their life. After working with this


girl, they encourage her to say her very first word. Her mother said


she'd never spoken following a traumatic experience. It was


incredible to see mum who were eight years, her daughter had not uttered


a word. To hear her daughter to speak was incredible. I felt so


privileged to hear that. The family travelled on local transport, stayed


in basic accommodation, and were thanked with this farewell dance.


Now they want to raise money for a permanent clinic. We have loads of


clinics here, you can go down the road if you are ill. We have 24 hour


systems for sore throats, whatever. But you have to walk miles in those


countries, it takes weeks and months, it cost so much. Affected by


the property, overwhelmed by the kindness, the family plan to return


to India if they raise enough money for a clinic or not.


Football now, and Peterborough United manager Grant McCann says


he is very proud of his players after a tough match against Chelsea


6,000 Posh fans travelled to Stamford Bridge hoping


to see their side cause a massive shock.


Sadly, it wasn't to be with Chelsea winning 4-1,


Our Sports Editor Jonathan Park reports.


The Posh against Chelsea's rich and famous.


But try telling that to Peter Peterborough's


But try telling that to Peterborough's 6,000


They wouldn't miss this for the world.


It was 5-0 last time, what is it going to be today?


I think, optimistic, we are an attacking team, I think 2-1.


Maybe three or 4-0, if we can keep it


16 years after Peterborough's last visit to the


Bridge, which ended 5-0 to Chelsea, a new generation were here to see


But the name Lee Angol, hardly a household one,


had a golden chance to embarrass the hosts early on.


Chelsea, though, don't often waste chances.


Take Pedro's opening goal, unstoppable.


One became two before half-time, Batshuayi teed up,


Posh full of effort, but Chelsea far too clinical.


Willian with another unnerving finish.


But the 6,000 Posh fans were then rewarded with two priceless moments.


First the sight of seeing John Terry beaten, sent off, sent packing, then


the indescribable joy of seeing your team score


Tom Nichols rewarding Posh's army of fans.


People say you can't always celebrates when you're


People say you can't always celebrate when you're


losing, but no, no one is going to take that goal away from me.


I enjoyed it, in front of a lot of travelling fans,


I will never forget that goal, I will put it that way.


That and Liverpool, you never forget those.


What was it like when your goal went in?


Yes, it was ecstasy, it was fantastic.


Normal service was quickly resumed when Pedro made it 4-1.


For the Posh now, it is Bury away next.


It is not reality, it's what we are, we are a League One team.


We want to try and be a Championship team, so the league


Posh outclassed by Chelsea, but after 70 minutes, who was making


But we're still not guaranteed a side in the fourth round.


It's a big ask, with Cambridge United from League Two


hosting Leeds United of the Championship.


Let's go to the Abbey now and Tom Williams.


Yes, after weekend when the integrity of the FA Cup has been


called into question and intense as happiness, there's no suggestion the


competition is being devalued this evening -- attendances has been


questioned. They are all praying for an upset and Cambridge to knockout


the mighty Leeds. I'm joined by the Cambridge chairman. You had


Manchester United before, the draw has been good. To have a sell-out is


a tribute to everyone who's worked so hard. Looking around, it is very


damp underfoot. Are these conditions conducive to an upset that the fans


are praying for? It certainly will the pace of the game. I have to be


very careful being a chairman of a football club, because I've have to


sit there and not get excited. I've taught myself over the years to


enjoy but not jump up and down. I think there will be some exciting


moments, and the atmosphere will be heard all over Cambridge. I


mentioned that manages a lighted match a couple of years ago, you


took them back to Old Trafford -- Manchester United. How important


hazard beans are you? We've made it hard to make the club stable -- has


that mattered been to you. More hospitality, better pitch, training


ground. It is all building the club to make a solid base. Can you do it


tonight? Of course we can. I am one of the world's optimists. I enjoy


live, enjoy my football and enjoy Cambridge United Football Club. Best


of luck. The draw per round ball is coming up. Cambridge United are in


it, joined by Ipswich and Norwich, who earned replays. It is live on


BBC Two and on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.


And as Tom mentioned, Ipswich and Norwich face replays


after they both drew 2-2 on Saturday.


Those replay dates have now been confirmed.


Ipswich, after narrowly avoiding an upset, head


Then a week on Wednesday, Norwich are away at Southampton.


Both games will be covered live on your local BBC Radio Station.


100 years ago today one of the most astonishing sea rescues took place


At its centre, the coxswain Henry Blogg.


Henry Blogg led the Cromer lifeboat crew during the First World War.


And on this day in 1917, he helped with two rescues in one day.


Robbie West has been to Cromer to see his legacy.


He is described as one of the bravest men who ever lived. The most


decorated lifeboat man, and to this day, Henry Blogg remains one of


Norfolk's greatest heroes. 100 years ago Henry and his lifeboat crew


answered a distress call. At 11am, a Greek vessel was riding in anchor,


and she holds up her signals of distress, said the lifeboat in the


boat has over the came to the water 's edge and launched, and off when


the crew. You have to go with a break, it is incredible. After this


rescue, they had to turn around when another ship hit a naval mine and


was blown in half. With help from the locals and army, the exhausted


crew worked for the night, rescuing all but one of the second ship's


crew. It was all elderly men, two of them, nearly 70. My age now, I would


not want to be out there. The rescue masterminded by Henry ended when


they reach what was left of the second ship. Its remains can still


be seen on the beach in low tide. The sea is calm now, but a statue of


Henry Blogg overlooks the beaches. This is on the clifftop named after


him. Henry's career lasted 53 years, and he was awarded the George 's


Cross, the British Empire medal and others. He saved over 873 lives. His


impact is still felt right current lifeboat teams. This is what we use


nowadays, compared to what they used to use. Everyone has got a screen,


we've got an individual job to do. I say they were the Brave ones, to get


that off the beach by rolling its, we've got it easier. Henry Blogg


dedicated his life to rescuing people caught at sea. A hero not


only for those following in his footsteps, but for the whole


country. It is a nice touch with the picture. Right, we've got a lot to


talk about. Quick handover. It's been a busy day in the world of


weather. We've had some brightness, this was at 11:30am this morning.


Lots of cloud, outbreaks of rain. In the last few hours, this little area


is abusing some heavy downpours. Eventually all that will clear. For


many, it will be a dry night with some long clear spells. The strength


of the winds should limit the potential Bob Ross, but under clear


skies, with temperatures in some sports, we can't rule out frost --


potential for frost. Tomorrow, some patchy rain, but a dry start, with


some brightness. Into the afternoon, thicker cloud pushing in from the


west and some outbreaks of rain. Temperatures tomorrow around seven


or eight Celsius at best. With light to moderate south-westerly winds. We


finish the day with a lot of cloud, and some outbreaks of mainly light


rain, just moving very slowly to the east. Then Wednesday, a cold front


moving through and behind it, much colder air feeding end. Actually


when Saint will get off to a mild, cloudy start with some patchy rain,


and then it will become brighter with some sunshine and a few


showers. Temperatures initially around 10 Celsius, but with that


cold air, they will eventually drop down to seven Celsius. Actually


getting colder as the day goes on. Then on Thursday, notice how tightly


packed the isobars, a windy day, and it will feel cold. Some cells are


sunshine, but also some showers, they could be wintry. We are looking


at highs for Celsius and it will feel even colder because of the of


the wind. And you'll notice there is a yellow warning for North, that's


been issued because there is the risk of some occasionally wintry


showers which could turn to snow. More about that as the week goes on.


That yellow warning stays in place for Norfolk on Friday, the risk of a


wintry shower anywhere, and a bitterly cold day with highs for


Celsius. The winds are lighter. The other thing I should mention above


Friday is that we will have northerly winds developing in the


North Sea and spring tides. So there is the risk, and it is a low risk,


some coastal flooding affecting Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. If you


have any worries at all, log onto the environmental agency website, or


give them a call. As we head into the weekend, still the potential for


wintry showers. Elsewhere, it is cold with spells of sunshine and


overnight frosts. But we are watching a weather front on Sunday


carefully, depending on the time. If it hits the cold air at the right


time, it could produce some snow. Watch this space. You weren't


kidding. And Brive. That is all, have a good evening. Goodbye. -- and


breathe. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks? but it's not always


the right thing for one person. we've run at almost


completely 100% capacity.