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The prison with the highest suicide rate in England has only a fifth


of the mental health professionals it needs - those in


A huge boost for Luton as a massive development at an old car factory


And at Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell,


they are going to start making these again.


And fun for some - a light dusting delivers pretty pictures,


First tonight, inspectors have branded medical staffing levels


at one of the region's high security jails as "insufficient".


The report into Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes comes amid concerns


over the high number of deaths amongst inmates.


The Care Quality Commission said the needs of prisoners


who are mentally ill aren't being met.


Today's findings will do little to allay the concerns of embattled


Already facing a judicial review over its safety procedures,


Woodhill's high suicide rate has now prompted calls for better staffing.


The report underlines the prison's ongoing problems with recruitment.


Inspectors found the mental health team was insufficiently staffed,


with just three registered nurses and one lead clinician.


Half the roles within the main healthcare team remain


unfilled, the conclusion - that there was a potential


There are glimmers of hope in this report.


There are plans, for instance, to open a specialist 12-bed mental


health care unit and all prisoners entering Woodhill at the weekend


are assessed for signs of mental illness, an improvement,


inspectors say, on the previous regime.


Improvements that came too late for Kevin Scarlett.


Found hanging in his prison cell in 2013, an inquest


found the 30-year-old, who had a history of mental illness,


Nobody actually believes that he wanted to kill himself,


The prison guards should have found him, should have


treated him medically, and then should have dealt


Last year it emerged Woodhill Prison had recorded the highest suicide


rate amongst inmates over the past three years.


The authors of today's report seemed to suggest those numbers could drop


Mousumi Bakshi, BBC Look East, Milton Keynes.


Well, earlier I spoke to Dr Shamir Patel who runs


the Central and North West London NHS Trust that provides mental


I asked him if he thought that a team of three nurses


No, we do not feel that is adequate and the report, we accept,


highlights that improved staffing numbers are essential in order


to maintain safety and clinical effectiveness within the prison.


Well, the report does highlight that this inadequate level


of staffing has gone on for a significant amount of time.


Did it take that report to make you get your act together?


The clearance process that is required once someone


accepts a position within the prison can take between six to 12 months,


so what we have found is that a significant number of staff have


accepted jobs at HMP Woodhill, but because of the delays


in the security process in order for them to be cleared


to work within the prison, they have often looked elsewhere


But you would accept that six to 12 months is rather a long time?


It is long, but that is what it is at the current time.


We have a number of mental health staff that are actually


accepted into employment and they are awaiting


clearance through the vetting process to start work.


So how big will the team be when it is at its full stretch?


At full stretch we are hoping to have 20 staff.


One of the other things that the report highlights is that


at present, what you are mainly operating with the mental


health team, is a crisis management service.


I think we can always do more and if we have more staff,


we can always offer more interventions to start.


But what we do is try and maintain safety within the prison


by assessing risk and providing screening for people that may


require mental health interventions and it is interesting


that the report concluded that the staff were compassionate


A huge housing, leisure and retail complex has been granted planning


permission on the site of Luton's old Vauxhall car plant.


As well as nearly 700 homes, the site will also include


This is a vision for Napier Gateway, a mix of nearly 700 one-bedroom


and two-bedroom apartments, a hotel, medical centre


and gym, all capitalising, the developer says,


Luton is a great hot spot right now and many people


The area is expanding, the job creation that is


going on within Luton, especially at the airport


and Vauxhall and other key businesses within Luton,


is really expanding the area and making it a real hotspot


Boom time may be projected for the area now, but back in 2002,


a very different story when the vast Vauxhall car factory


Only now is planning permission being granted


Supporters have said this project is all about making


Luton a destination, a viable place to work.


And with nearly a tenth of the homes to be built here for social housing,


a viable place to live, despite the recent surge


And people I spoke to in the centre were excited.


Yeah, I think it will be good for Luton, yes.


It will be a good lease of life, I think.


We need a change around here, it would be nice.


Luton Borough Council have said granting the planning application


heralds a fantastic start to the year.


But with a large block of flats planned across from existing homes,


I guess they don't want to look out of their living room and bedroom


windows and see a 21-storey block of flats, even though it is going


I can understand that, I am not sure I would really


want to be looking at that all of the time.


Most, though, focused on the employment, housing


and investment opportunities this transformation could offer.


Louise Hubball, BBC Look East, Luton.


A decade ago production of Aston Martin cars


But now production is starting again of a very special car - the DB4.


Lucky Mike Cartwright is in the showroom.


Have a look at the cars behind me, that is the modern-day Aston Martin.


About half ?1 million worth of car. The company boat around one and a


half thousand vehicles last year but that was not year, that was in


Warwickshire. This is the Vanquish. The type of car they last


constructed year but for the last decade, they have not built cars


here, they have refurbished them and service them. That is all about to


change. Rolling, shaping, slipping and crimping. All crafted by hand.


How cars were always built here. Skills in recent years used to


refurbish old Aston Martin is, now, once more, they are going to make


new ones here. This is what they are going to build, the Aston Martin


DB4, one of the first-ever car is built here. Dibell bowled 25 of


them, each one costing ?1.5 million. This, one of the originals, the DB4


Gigi, racing at the man in 1959. Only 75 were made. This is a DB4


Syriza one. Built in 1959. 60 years on, building more, the brainchild of


Paul spires, all 25 have already been sold. To bring vehicle


production back here ten years after the last Vanquish left production is


quite an achievement. I know when they close down production ten years


ago, nobody thought we would build complete car is here again and to


start with the DB4 Gigi which was one of the first car is ever


manufactured here, it resets the clock. Charlie has worked years


since the 1980s. Yes, I have been a long time and icy production


comebacks to Newport Pagnell, fantastic. It is a great opportunity


to work on this car, brilliant. We have amalgamated craftsmanship and


old world skills with modern digital techniques. That, combined with the


450 technical drawings we have for the car enables us to recreate the


DB4 Gigi Black Cats Newport Pagnell some 60 years after the first car


was manufactured. First to roll off the production line will appear in


October. Baloo Aston Martin began. Mark Cartwright, BBC Look East. --


back where Aston Martin began. The demolition of a former football


stadium in Northamptonshire Nenn Park in Irthlingborough


was the home of Rushden and Diamonds The owners say the stadium


is in a "dangerous condition" But nearby residents


are worried they will lose ?Nene Park in happier times, Rushden


Diamonds celebrating promotion, Andy, when you look at this place


now, it is a sorry state Yes, it is really rundown


since I was last here, My heart is telling me


what a fantastic time I had here and all my family and friends


and the people we met, and to see it like this


is really, really sad. The demolition of ?Nene Park


is the final chapter The question locally however


is what happens next? When I spoke to owner Keith Cousins,


the man who used to run this club, he did not wish to comment,


but the cruel irony is that a club which was designed


for the local community, for the county,


is set to be taken away and replaced Dorothy Maxwell has been campaigning


to keep a sporting facility on the site but feels powerless


against the ambitions It hasn't really hit home exactly


what is going to happen now. It is in yesterday's paper,


but what can be done? Do they really have any say today


in what happens in their area? At the moment, this is totally


taken out of our hands I would urge the developer


to pause for thought, engage fully with the local


community, identify what the needs are and see if they can come up


with a mixed-use scheme that would protect at least some,


or all of the ?Nene Park Stadium. Also deliver on some of the wider


objectives that they have for the site and make it a real home


for the community. How important is it that some sort


of leisure facility remains here? Yes, I think it is important to keep


some leisure centre in the area. We used to have the kids playing


over there on the back pictures, and the scholars did


all of their school work over there, it was a massive concern


for the environment, really, for the county, we want that


to continue, definitely. The demolition could begin


by the end of January A separate planning application


is then expected, bringing to an end James Burridge, BBC


Look East, ?Nene Park. On the east coast the weather has


turned communities upside down... On this side of the region


the weather forecasters predicted heavy snowfalls last night


and this morning. Children were excited,


adults perhaps less so. Anna Todd has a round-up of the snow


in this side of the region. They said there would be still and


there was. This was a scene this morning in Northampton. All clear by


lunchtime. The photos, like the flicks, have come in thick and fast.


Dunstable Downs were pretty as a pitcher. Northampton Cricket club


showed this photo of its grounds. Golfers at Stockwood Park in Luton


today, far too chilly. Passengers in Lyddon had to walk after he guided


bus broke down. The good Lord Elliott who lives near Cambridge was


a little bit disappointed by the offering of winter but in Royston,


Siberian Husky Ghost was in his element -- element. He has gone


over! In the east of our region, the drummer has been real with the


evacuation of thousands of people living on the coast ahead of the


predicted tidal surge. Both Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire


Fire And Rescue Services have deployed their boat teams to help.


They are expecting to have to evacuate over 6000 people in the


Great Yarmouth area in preparation for the cause of flooding and if we


need to then deploy board cruise, they could assist in flood rescues


and assist people to get the area. Those who have not evacuated prior


to the coastal flooding. Here, the star was a little bit disappointing,


but this tiny small man stood tall despite the odds. -- snowman.


Finally, meet Moptimus Prime - a new robotic cleaner at


Hinchingbrooke Hospital.Custom-made in the shape of an ambulance,


Moptimus uses a GPS system and built-in sensors to guide itself


The name of the scrubber-dryer - announced today -


and it's also given the go ahead for a new motorway


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair is here.


Let's start with the new junction where will it be?


It is going to be a few miles north of Harlow and will be called


Junction seven hey. There has been a long campaign for a junction out of


Harlow, the existing one is often congested and with 15,000 new homes


and business growth falling in it is going to be needed. The county


council has already agreed to part fund the scheme, now the government


suggests construction work and starred in the next two years little


to late campaigners are delighted. It is an incredibly important moment


in the town history and it will unlock business and he is life for


thousands of motorists travelling to and from Harlow and will make it


easier for businesses to come to our town and increase jobs and


prosperity for everyone. It will make Harlow a centre of business and


science Centre of excellence. What about the other schemes? Three big


projects, the widening of the A12 in Essex and upgrading various stages


of the a 47. The government promised more than ?1 billion to fund the


scheme is back in 2014 but since then everything has gone quiet so


that was starting to worry campaigners but now things have


suddenly moved forward. I raise England saying it is launching


consultations to all those plans and saying that the work will start by


2020. There was more good news, local councillors are getting 11.5


million this year to tackle pot holes. Also money being made


available for safety improvements on smaller roads and that is probably


it for now afford big board announcements for the region. The


budget is now allocated until well past 2020.


And Sunday politics is back this week. Yes, taking a close look at


the crisis over social care and also Stewart has an exclusive interview


with Jeremy Corbyn. The region's business leaders


were told today they could win contracts worth hundreds


of millions of pounds if the Sizewell C nuclear


power station goes ahead. Energy giant EDF, which is behind


the project in Suffolk, is urging businesses to sign


up now as suppliers. Concrete, you need an awful lot of


it for a new nuclear power station. It since this company down to the


ground. It is already selling its retaining walls to the Hinkley point


station in Somerset. That is currently under construction. Being


just on the road from Sizewell puts it in prime position to supply


Hinkley's sister station. The product can be usefully multitude of


applications, from the ground works in the initial stages to potential


materials for the construction and right through to security and many


other applications so we see this as a very long-term opportunity for our


products. Today in Ipswich EDF the company wants to build size will


seek urge to local companies to become suppliers. More than 1000


have already signed up. If you take the example from Somerset where


there's a war for under the ?60 million worth of contracts already


placed, so the stage -- so the opportunities are large especially


for this region. There have been lots of delays in getting Sizewell C


of the ground, the planning application has yet to be submitted


but with Hinkley point under way the prospect of Sizewell draws neither.


It would provide 7% of the UK's electricity was 25,000 employment


opportunities through the lifetime of the project. Most of the major


components would have to be imported but local companies like this now


they can trade quite happily from other contracts for years to come,


safeguarding jobs in the Suffolk countryside.


Well, despite the bad weather, we are expecting a full programme


Snow does not affect groundsmen, it offers insulation to the pitch to


stop at freezing so no news of any postponement.


I understand Northampton have a new manager. A familiar name, Justin


Edinburgh has agreed it to have your contract. He managed the diamonds


before they went into the illustration. He replaces Rob Pater


was sacked on Monday. Edinburgh was dismissed by Gillian and ten days


ago but given the managerial merry-go-round in football, the


team's board think he's the man to time around the fortunes.


Ipswich and Norwich have games they will be looking to win.


Absolutely, they both play teams in the championship bottom three. For


now it is rotten -- Rotherham. Talks appear to be progressing with


Swansea, Robbie Brady has been linked with a move to Burnley. No


transfer news at Ipswich, it seems to be hard work for manager of both


clubs. Teams are throwing money around that is ridiculous. Some of


the words I have been hearing about, does not compare to what we're doing


so we have been having a tough but we are doing it certainly can -- and


will continue to do it. We need to move people out before we bring


people in, I don't think that is a surprise. But we're certainly


looking to do business. What is this about MK Dons giving away free


tickets to every home fan? Ironic, in a week when Norwich gave a -- if


an apology for charging too much, MK Dons are laying on free travel for


the replay, -- at the other end of the scale MK Dons are giving away


one free ticket to every fan living in the area. The chairman is hoping


to fill the stadium. There are still a lot of people who maybe have not


been to Stadium MK, they have excuses, too busy, too expensive,


but I don't want any excuses. I want to take this chance to give everyone


the opportunity to come to the stadium. And we will have coverage


of all those Broadway local station. Thank you.


More now on the predicted storm surge, which could


bring flooding to parts of the region's coast tonight.


Let's get the latest from Stewart in Great Yarmouth.


Thank you. Mike Johnson is with me from the Environment Agency. What is


the latest as far as you know? Looking around the coast, we have


many severe flood warnings here in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, locations


on the Suffolk coast and also in Essex, places like J Wick. There are


a number of locations where we are working closely with emergency


services, where we are really concerned about people safety and


water coming over the defences. This would be as a result of the tidal


surge in strong wind. We have a couple of hours before the high tide


comes but it is a strong wind that will make the difference. They are


the uncertainty that will add that extra dimension to the tidal surge


and hence why we are, why we have agreed with the Norfolk flood


control to issue these warnings. These winds from the north which


makes it difficult. The currently more westerly but the coming


north-west and that drives the see further down the North Sea. We have


had these warnings in the past, coupled years ago we had warnings


and people say they left their homes but actually it did not turn out too


badly. And people are very complacent about. What is your


message for them? Remain vigilant, take the advice and heed the advice


of the emergency services so if they do ask you to temporarily leave your


premises I would recommend that you do so. It is about people safety and


it is a risk to life if the water does come over. We were telling


people last night and we should see again, if you are not supposed to be


here then don't be here, .com and have a look. Absolutely, and exposed


locations where there will be strong waves crashing against defences and


promenades, it is a very dangerous place to be so please stay away.


Stay indoors. Thank you and I hope you have a


quiet night. It is one of those times, people think that my people


seem to be pulling together, people getting the sand and sandbags ready


to block the front doors and make sure what doesn't get in but from


Great Yarmouth, back to you in the studio.


Well, it's not just the flooding we've got to worry about


many parts of the region had the first taste of winter


And that prompted many of you to share your pictures on social media.


Thanks to Neil Hall for this picture of a lone figure in the snow


And the snow didn't stop this postman in Winfathing,


Here's this little fella in Essex braving the weather.


But here's this little one in Northamptonshire, who's thinking,


And this really captures the mood on social media -


the snow didn't stick around for long in some places


across the region but people made the most of it,


But let's go to other parts of the county,


to Luton now where some places saw the snow settling.


And here's how parts of Suffolk looked earlier.


Back to Norfolk and this is the scene over Norwich market.


And this final picture really captures the weather today: on one


hand we have the snow and on the other high


tide bringing with it, the risk of flooding


Thanks to all of you who have been sending in your pictures to us


via Facebook, Twitter and also to our weather watchers.


We saw some snow across the region early on this morning, this is how


the radar alert when that was taking place. Apache ski and snowboarding


southwards. It did turn to more sweet and then back to rain but


since then it has to do so and once that cleared the wind picked up and


through the course of 1's time into the afternoon we have seen winds of


45 miles an hour. It is still costing 50 miles an hour across the


north coast right now. It is the wind causing the issues with the


risk of coastal flooding, you can see this northerly wind with tight


isobars piling in. That brings the risk this evening of fossil flooding


in some parts of the region. The next high tide is coming up this


evening across the North Norfolk coast, and gradually through the


evening the title work its way down the east coast so we're looking at


roundabout nine o'clock for Great Yarmouth, ten for Lowestoft. Half


past midnight for Felix J Wick to the quarter to one where the water


will be at its highest. If you are at all concerned about the risk of


coastal flooding then do all the flood plain number. Of course BBC


local radio will keep you updated to the evening as well. Weather-wise we


have someone three showers come in across parts of the North and into


north-east suffered as well. Dry and clear weather but very cold, 12I


sweated snow flurries getting into Northamptonshire literature make


with temperatures why the below freezing, -1 -2 but it could get


locally under -3 -4 and given the fact we have had some snow which is


-- which is partially melted, that brings the risk of ice and the Met


office has issued a -- a warning for that. He cold and icy starting


Saturday, any isolated showers tending to fade away and for many a


lot of dry weather so good the sunshine and you can see what


continuous sleet and snow showers so there could be a couple of


centimetres here but for many it is dry and cold. 3-5 but add in the


wind, not as strong as the day but it will fill quite cold a few


exposed to the wind. We continue to see sleet and snow showers but into


Sunday the weather front comes in off the Atlantic, slightly milder


air trying to come in that it could take all day before that gets to the


eastern side of the region. Cloudy with a of rain, sleet, it will be a


cold feeling they and rather misty and murky. Temperatures for our five


in the east and maybe getting up at a dizzying heights of six or seven


in the West. While there does not hang around for a long so for money


into the dehydration is building in but a lot of dry weather with


sunshine by day and the chilly feel and overnight we continue to see the


risk of pretty widespread frost. Thank you. And if you live on


because they want to stay in touch with those flood warnings then radio


Norfolk and Suffolk are both staying on the air until the danger has


passed. That's all from us. We have more tonight. Goodbye. Do they say.


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