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As Jeremy Corbyn says he doesn't want a new mayor


for Cambridgeshire - and one of the highest profile


Conservative candidates fails to make the short list.


I've heard it said, pale, male and stale. That is what it could be. And


it is disappointing. Pioneering research


into embryos in the fight against miscarriage,


but what are the moral questions? The crisis in care for


the elderly, and what that could mean for your


council tax bill. And Northampton Town have a new


manager, Justin Edinburgh signs up at six fields and promises to


reinvigorate the Cobblers this season.


First tonight, one of the region's highest profile MPs has failed


in her attempt to run for the new role of


Heidi Allen, who's MP for South Cambridgeshire,


But she's not even made the short list to be Conservative candidate.


Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told BBC Look East


he is not in favour of even having a mayor.


So where does that leave the race for what will become one of the most


Felled at the first hurdle - Heidi Allen, thought by many to be


the most high-profile Conservative candidate in a five-horse race,


will not be Cambridge's first elected mayor.


Securing just four votes, the MP crashed out of the short list


process along with former leader of Peterborough City


The decision here has been met with disbelief.


It looks like the selection process for the Conservatives was done


She was the only woman in the room, basically, as far as I'm told.


So you think, well, maybe that's something to do with it.


I think it is down to Heidi Allen being someone who is not afraid


Possibly, that is why she would have made such a good mayor.


In a statement, a senior member of the East Cambridgeshire


I've heard it said, pale, male and stale.


Three Tory candidates will now go forward


Steve Count, the leader of Cambridgeshire County Council.


James Palmer, who leads up East Cambridgeshire.


And district councillor Roger Harrison.


The Green Party will announce its candidate this Thursday,


while both Ukip and the Lib Dems have already made their selections.


Paul Bullen representing Ukip, with city councillor Rod Cantrill


Labour has yet to select a candidate.


It's leader decidedly lukewarm at the prospect.


I'm not totally wedded to the idea of mayors that are underfunded


and given huge responsibility to deliver central


What we need is proper funding of local government.


The new mayor will take control of planning and transport budgets


But without its most recognisable candidate, will anyone notice?


Before Saturday's vote, she was the clear favourite to become the


candidate. A shoe in, even. She saw Theresa May as an ally. That went


some way to seeing of the detractors who thought she was not a true Tory.


I have spoken to Heidi Allen, who is disappointed. She says her


Westminster profile could have shaped further devolution powers. I


will support the winning candidate, however.


The Conservatives will choose in the next ten days. Labour have three


days to make their selection. Peter Dawe declaring early. The big day,


on the 4th of May. The jury in the Helen


Bailey murder trial tried to push through the sale


of her flat after she disappeared. The children's author disappeared


from her home in Royston in April. She was found three months later


in a cesspit under the house. Kate Bradbrook has been


following the trial at St Albans Crown Court,


and joins us now. Today's evidence centred around the


events of Monday the 11th of April last year, the last time Helen


Bailey was known to be alive. We were told that state she was due to


meet a solicitor about the sale of her flat. We heard from Ian


Stewart's two sons who were living at her house at the time.


The court was told that, on Monday the 11th of April,


Helen Bailey was due to meet a solicitor to arrange the sale


But instead, Ian Stewart turned up, claiming she was unwell.


Later on, after she was reported missing, he began to push


for the sale to go through in her absence.


And even mentioned invoking power of attorney.


The solicitor, Timothy Penn, said that, by July, Ian shows became


very anxious and not at all pleased to hear the sale couldn't go ahead.


We heard, too, from Ian Stewart's sons.


Jamie, seen here on the right, said his father suffered from ill-health.


And had undergone surgery to remove a cancerous lump.


He said, he couldn't even reach a dinner tray.


We heard he told police, I don't know how my dad


I couldn't imagine him wanting to do her any harm.


The court also heard how Ian Stewart's other son, Oliver,


told police in December last year that his father told him two


men came to the house wanting Helen's paperwork.


He said, on one occasion, they punched Ian Stewart in the stomach.


He said his father had implied the men were connected


The prosecution claim Ian Stewart drugs Helen Bailey


with sleeping pills before killing her and putting her body


He denies murder, perverting the course of justice,


fraud and preventing a lawful burial.


While Jamie was giving evidence, Ian Stewart was seen to weep in the


dark. We heard from a nurse who treated him on the 11th of April,


describing him as distant and matter of fact. Later this week, we will


hear from heaven Bailey's mother, and this child could last another


six weeks. -- Helen Bailey. Next - it could be a huge step


forward for fertility research, A Cambridge scientist says allowing


embryos to be studied beyond the legal limit of two weeks


could shed invaluable light on why However, religious and ethical


objections have been raised, A human embryo, and how it develops


in its very first hours. But nearly half of fertilised eggs


die even before a mother And around 20% of pregnancies


fail within seven weeks. At the University of Cambridge,


one of the worldleading embryologists now believes


experimenting on embryos past 14 days, the legal limit,


could shed light on why That's the time when three layers


of cells come together So that's the process of development


that very often goes wrong. So to be able to understand


the principles of this stage of development in humans would be


very important for preventing This mother from Cambridge


has two healthy sons. But after they were


born, heartbreak. And two that were a bit later


and did have an explanation. When you go through miscarriage,


and it is very devastating, a trauma - you want to research


to be done to prevent If it is something that can be


prevented by looking in that time period,


doing research, it has to be Father Mark Langham


is a Catholic chaplain. The law shouldn't be


relaxed, he says. Experimentation on embryos


shouldn't happen at all. It is heart-rending,


these situations, of course. But it is how important we attach


protecting the most vulnerable most defenceless forms of life


that we draw the line here, We understand people's


pain and hurt. But life in all its forms,


even the most defenceless and the earliest stages of life,


is precious and must be protected. Now, at the moment, scientists only


know how to keep embryos growing So even if there was a change


in the law, limits lifted, embryologists would have do find


new techniques to I strongly promote the opening


of this debate by involving not only scientists,


but also the public And if so, what should


be our next time point A Cambridgeshire poultry farmer


says her business producing free-range eggs could be threatened


if she has to keep her chickens Last month, the Government ordered


farmers and small-holders to keep their poultry away from wild


birds, following outbreaks of avian flu in Lincolnshire,


North Yorkshire and Wales. Carolyn Stokes has around 3000 birds


at her farm near Melbourn. Carolyn Stokes left a high-profile


job in the city to farm free range chickens -


producing two 2500 eggs per day But the latest outbreak of avian flu


has made things tough. Because we've had to keep our birds


in since early December. And not only that, we just recently


got planning permission to have our new farm shop


and our tearoom. We did really want to have


all our birds out to help us Normally, there'd be around 3000


chickens clucking away They have been there


for a month now. If they are there for another two


months, 120 days in total, For egg producers like Carolyn,


that poses a real problem. Days after a recent


outbreak of the deadly H5N8 strain in Lincolnshire,


restrictions were imposed. Although not thought to be


dangerous to humans, the commercial risk to farmers


like Carolyn is great. If flocks become infected,


it could cost producers Here in the east, we account


for over 1 million eggs. We've never produced anything other


than free range eggs. Our birds have always


run freely everywhere. We don't have battery


chickens, or barn eggs. Really, the birds have been kept


in buildings that were designed She wants Defra to better


educate the owners to For those with chickens


in the garden to the large By doing so, she hopes her chickens


will soon be free range once again. Derek Warwick, the President


of the British Racing Drivers Club, says Silverstone is in talks


with the Government about securing the future


of the Formula One Grand Prix. The BRDC, which owns the track,


suggested before Christmas it was considering activating


the break clause in its contract Still to come tonight -


Julie with the weather. And in football - the former Spurs


defender taking charge The National Health Service is under


particular pressure at the moment with many people believing


this winter is the toughest ever. Tonight three different snapshots -


life on a busy Accident The hospital buying up beds


in a care home to help And the Councils planning to raise


taxes to pay for social care. This morning Sadie Nine presented


the BBC Essex breakfast show from Colchester Hospital.


Here's a flavour. This is brand-new and it says,


"Help keep A for those With all the troubles in the NHS,


BBC Essex decided to bring our breakfast show live from the A


to see for ourselves. Sylvester was in the waiting room


after falling at work. At 7am, we spoke to this


doctor who had just come off his night shift and had been


dealing with patients. All through the night,


I've got a group of doctors It has been very tough but we have


given it our best shot. Colchester Hospital has been


in special measures, rated In the first few weeks of this year,


they have experienced I have certainly been reviewing


people in the back of ambulances as well over the New Year period


when it would have been unsafe to offload any more people


into the corridor. If there was anyone seriously ill,


we would make sure that they got We have to categorise


based on clinical need. Chief Executive Nick Hume has been


working to turn things around after last year's inspections found


some patients without pain relief I can assure the public and patients


that the care has improved. But the important thing is for me


is that we don't concentrate on getting out of special measures,


the most important thing is that we improve the care


that we give to our patients, the support that we give to families


and carers and the consequence of which will be to get out


of special measures. There is a lack of doctors


and nurses with roles going unfilled But after being stretched


to the brink at the start of this year, today,


this hospital seems to be coping. It's been quite quiet


and our callers have been mainly positive,


but there have been one or two who said they had


to have their operations cancelled once again.


Still work to be done. Experts say so-called bed blocking


is one of the main reasons that hospitals are under


so much pressure. Older people can't leave hospital


because they can't find a place in a care home or they can't get


a care package to help them go home. Ian Barmer now on one possible


solution in Suffolk. Ethel is making a cup of tea,


all under the watchful eye of an occupational therapist,


at the Glastonbury Care Home of an occupational therapist,


at the Glastonbury Court Care Home in Bury St Edmunds.


Ethel was in the West Suffolk Hospital but instead of going home,


she has been sent here. The hospital has bought 20 care home


beds and staffed them It moves patients out


of the wards and frees up space. This is a much better


environment for these patients. They are out of hospital,


it provides an opportunity for them to return to normal life,


recover, have a little bit of rehabilitation


or optimisation, before plans So it is all about moving people


through the system, is that right? It is and it is very important that


people move through the system. The A department at


the West Suffolk Hospital. If elderly people are blocking beds,


people here cannot be admitted. The care homes scheme


in Bury St Edmunds is just one small part of major changes across the NHS


over the next few years. It is all being done under


the banner of sustainability and transformation plans,


or STPs, for short. Across the east, there are seven


STPs, roughly covering They will see the NHS


collaborate with local councils And it means new ways will have


to be found to deliver that care. A key theme -


the reorganisation of hospitals. In Essex, Southend, Broomfield


and Basildon hospitals Bedford, the Luton and Dunstable


and Milton Keynes could In Cambridgeshire, there's


the merger of Peterborough The other key theme -


moving people out of hospitals for treatment in the community, like


the initiative in Bury St Edmund. It's brilliant, the personal care,


they have got everything. One thing is clear,


with an ageing population, the pressure to make changes


in the health and care A lot of those pressures on the NHS


are connected to the huge strain And that is down to combination


of funding cuts, increased staff costs and a growth in demand


as our population gets older. The Government's given local


councils permission to put up Council Tax this year to provide


extra funding for the service Andrew Sinclair is here and it looks


as if councils are doing that? The new budgets are starting to be


published and every Council seems to be putting apps Council Tax. Mainly


to support social care. Over the weekend, Norfolk said it was looking


at a 4.8% increase, about an extra ?57. Both Essex and Suffolk have


announced plans for a 3% tax increase, although Essex saying the


extra money raised will just pay for about 12 days extra social care.


Social care needs a fundamental redesign.


The government needs to look at the funding for local government


And this pressure on social care is only going to increase, isn't it?


The population is getting older as you said and more papal than ever


before will turn 70 this year. More money for social care is one option


and there is a big campaign happening about that but councils


are accepting increasingly they have to look at things differently. That


is why there is a lot of interest in what is going on in West Suffolk.


Norfolk County Council are talking about redrawing the whole way they


provide social care. And on Inside Out tonight


David Whiteley will be looking at the challenges facing GPs


in this region. And he finds out how some surgeries


are being taken over by private That's Inside Out tonight


at 7.30pm on BBC1. Time for sport now and with news


of a new man in the hot seat at Northampton Town,


here's James Burridge. Welcome to Sixfields in Northampton


and displays got used to a fair share of success last season. They


got promotion to League 2. Rob page lasted only eight months until he


was sacked last week. A new man at the helm, Justin Edinburgh, a


familiar face around these parts. Justin Edinburgh whose managerial


career took off at Rushden Diamonds five years ago,


now hoping the grass is a little I think if I could have the same


impact that I did at Diamonds, then I think the crowd


and the people of Northampton The last man here, Rob Page,


suffered really under the shadow of Chris Wilder,


who brought them promotion, so what do you need to do,


Justin, to reinvigorate this team? To stamp my style of play,


I think I have spoken... People have spoken about formations


and I think it is a difficult one, coming midway through a season,


to try and make players play in a formation that


perhaps doesn't suit them. So I think we have to pick


a formation for the players but also He will need to instil


a little steel as well. The Cobblers ran out of puff


against Scunthorpe on Saturday, conceding the winner


in the last few minutes. We are going to raise


the morale, the confidence. But I see a good sign


this morning in trading. Very good vibe, real


intensity to training. They are scared stiff


of you, aren't they? But we want competition for places


and an honesty and a trust. With the Cobblers just five


points above the N1 clash with MK Dons this Saturday,


Justin Edinburgh is keen to produce The profession continues to grow on


the Norwich boss Alex Neil after another defeat on Saturday. Paul


Lambert return this weekend with Wolves. Can Alex Neil survive?


If they lose to Wolves, with Paul Lambert in charge,


with Carrow Road as noisy and as toxic as it will be


if Norwich do lose, then it is going to get more and more


difficult for anybody at Carrow Road to justify keeping him in the job.


But we have been here before, we thought that before


The man everyone is talking about at Ipswich Town at the moment is Tom


Lawrence. The focus is on Tuesday night at Lincoln, third-round


replay. He played an important part in that game.


Tom Lawrence is making a happy habit of goals like this.


COMMENTATOR: Glorious effort. Quite remarkable goal.


He's now scored seven in all, including both goals


against non-league Lincoln in the FA Cup.


Lawrence is on loan from Premier League champions Leicester,


His all-round performances have been good, as well.


Unfortunately, that goes unnoticed when you're not scoring goals.


You add goals to performances, and of course everybody's


waxing lyrical about him, and where he's going to go


and where he's not going to go. How much he'll cost.


He is our player to the end of the season - I'm delighted.


Former MK Dons defender Jordan Spence signed today.


And 6'6" Kieffer Moore from Forest Green.


The striker has played with Lawrence before.


Did you know he could strike a ball like that?


Obviously, we were together at Yeovil.


He used to do it day in, day out in training.


Neither of Ipswich's new signings are eligible to play


in tomorrow's's replay, when Town will look to avoid


Top six is looking out of their reach.


Too good to get dragged into a relegation battle,


in my opinion, so it's more about now sort of seeing a bit


of light at the end of the tunnel. A bit more entertainment


value for the fans. A little cup run wouldn't go amiss.


Ipswich were given a real scare against Lincoln the last time.


He's desperate to avoid a repeat tomorrow, with a home draw


Some Formula 1 news, Mercedes in Northampton shire were last year's


constructors champions and that was Nico Rosberg Duan the Championship


and then retired. They are looking for Valtteri Bottas, hoping he could


be a driver for the future. Looking at a slightly, week of


weather this week? After the drama of last week, it should be much more


settled this week. High pressure in charge keeping it fine and dry. The


difficulty will be judging the cloud and how much sunshine we will get.


On the satellite picture, the cloud, best breaks in the east but


eventually they spread to most places. A lot of clear sky. We will


see cloud feeding down from the north and perhaps a couple of


showers but largely dry. Underneath a clearer skies, we could see


temperatures as low as minus one Celsius. Looking at a frost across a


lot of the region. Light winds which could mean patchy fog. Tomorrow


morning, some frost and fog and it looks like a largely dry day with a


good deal of sunshine. Potential for some or cloud in the north and north


west but it could be fairly well broken. Temperatures really


struggling. It will feel quite chilly. We hold on to light winds


and it looks like the dry conditions will continue through Tuesday


evening into Tuesday night and Wednesday. Tuesday night looking


very cold. Wednesday, high pressure in charge, this weather frontage


stayed to the north so after the frosty start, it should be a fine


and dry day with potential for quite a bit of sunshine. The north and


north west will perhaps see some thicker cloud and drizzle.


Struggling to get a few degrees above freezing. Perhaps the change


on Thursday. High pressure in charge but the weather front may drift


southwards and so we will see more cloud. They could be a little bit of


drizzle. But we may see some brightness and sunshine. Thursday is


looking a cloudy day at the moment with temperatures perhaps a little


closer to average, around seven Celsius. There is a lot of


uncertainty about the amounts of cloud right the way through the week


but at the moment, Friday is looking cloudier although we cannot rule out


a little bit brightness and sunshine and temperatures a couple of degrees


higher than the beginning of the week. It looks like that weather


will continue into next weekend so largely dry and settled but always a


lot of cloud around and some brightness and sunshine and mainly


chilly. We will see you tomorrow night, good




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