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In the programme tonight: a remarkable turnaround


as Addenbrooke's Hospital moves out of special measures.


We saw a remarkable turnaround any culture and management within the


hospital. As the government's plans become


clearer, our big employers discuss From the East to the Far East -


how Northamptonshire's Motorsport Valley is building hi-tech


links with China. And at the wrong end


of a giant killing. What next for Ipswich Town


as they crash out of the FA Cup? It's been described


as a "remarkable turnaround". 18 months ago, Addenbrooke's


Hospital in Cambridge was suddenly placed in special measures,


inspectors rating Today, the Care Quality Commission,


after a new inspection, Back in September 2015,


the hospital was criticised for poor management staff shortages


and long delays for outpatients. An interim report eight months later


showed some progress, with the hospital rated


as 'requiring improvement'. Today, that rating


was upgraded to "good". There was praise for reduced


outpatient waiting times, less reliance on agency nurses,


and improvements within management, but warnings also


to improve childrens' services and cut the number of


cancelled operations. 18 months ago, the diagnosis


of Addenbrooke's was poor. Patients, we were told,


were being put at risk by precariously low numbers of staff


and inspectors even went as far as saying bosses had


lost their grip on the basics. Being placed in special measures


was, say staff, a wake-up call. A hospital once described by


regulators as inadequate is now in Today there is a relief


and a recognition of the toll the past year has taken


on both staff and patients. Addenbrooke's has a very


special place in We worked hard to talk


to everybody, patients, carers, other groups at the hospital


to reassure them. With staffing levels


on the rise, the care provided, Earlier criticism over finances


and staffing led to the abrupt departure of this man,


Chief Executive Keith McNeill. But a change in management brought


about a change in fortunes. We saw a remarkable turnaround


in the culture and management I think the problem was really


that they had forgotten that they were a District General


Hospital, serving people Addenbrooke's was and remains


one of the world's most renowned hospitals, so when it fell


from grace back in 2015, it took Not least the 500,000


patients it sees every year. Huge improvements had been made,


but it's Achilles heel remains its chronic shortage of beds and how it


responds to rising patient numbers. There is only so much


that the hospital can do. If it can identify where blockages


are and try and get patients discharged


as safely and as soon as possible, there is nothing


much more that they can do. They cannot control the amount


of patients coming in the And it is patients like 82-year-old


Keith that depend on It has been a month since


he was admitted with an aneurysm. Everything has been


more than satisfactory. So how did they turn things


around at Addenbrooke's? Well, a new Chief Executive joined


the hospital just after that I've been speaking to Roland Sinker,


and began by asking what the 'good' The outcome of today's's


report is a huge boost to morale in the organisation because


it shows that when we put our shoulder to the wheel,


we can deliver really tremendous You can see exactly


the same in terms of our financial performance


which is also improving in a very The areas that I have been


particularly focused on have been listening to our patients,


listening to our staff, improving the relationships between the board


and our front-line provision of care, taking very hard


about governance, how we run the hospital,


and thinking about where the Although all services


are now rated as good, there are still some


concerns about the environment for children


in the emergency department,


ensuring children safety. Specifically in relation


to children, there are two points. The first relates to the amount


of physical capacity, bays, beds, trolleys that we have


in the emergency department, so we can give really timely care


to children who come into the emergency department,


having had a nasty fall, having some sort of breathing problems,


may be very acute asthma. The second issue relates


to the number of beds that Most importantly,


how many beds we have across the health and care economy,


across the county, so that's children who do need to be admitted


into hospital have got timely access to a bed if that's


is what is needed. Looking at maternity services,


a lot of improvement, but still the report says quite a lot


of divergences and risk scenarios. In terms of maternity, we're working


very closely with our partner hospitals across the region, to work


out exactly how much capacity we need, how many beds,


how many midwives, to provide the care to mums who are coming


into hospital The headline is that


hospital is full, How much of that is within your


capacity to change? How much is down to


councils and social care? We're working very closely with our


colleagues in general practice, community services and social care,


and the particular focus is on emergency pathway through


the hospital, so this is finding ways to avoid people becoming


unwell in the first place, so our colleagues in mental health


providers who provide community services, they do


very good work reaching Within the hospital,


making sure we are bringing all our resources to bear to bring the best


possible care for patients, sold consultants in respiratory,


that anything is needed as soon We are particularly working


with colleagues in social care and commenity services outside


the hospital so that when a hot patient is ready to leave,


we are able to get them back into their own setting


as fast as possible. Throughout this whole process,


the staff here have been universally What do you want to


say to them today? the past year, a huge thank


you to everybody for the very hard Our continued work on what


we call organisational development, transformational,


continuous improvement, which is really about putting doctors,


managers and nurses in command of their services and enabling


them to be in control. Yesterday, Theresa May


outlined her approach It's a process which could


have a big impact on jobs and growth In a moment, the view


from Westminster, but first our political reporter Tom Barton has


been gauging the response were more than six months after


Britain voted for Brexit, the Prime Minister gave us a clear picture of


what the likely mean. I propose that it cannot mean membership of the


single market. In a room packed with business leaders, those words where


one of the hot topics of conversation. I thought the speech


was good, it was needed. We been waiting for it. Vague and


disappointing. Not unexpected. I thought she was very good. I thought


the speech was articulate and well informed. A very coherent speech.


Cambridge is one of the few part of our region to have voted against


Brexit. Almost three out of every four people here said they wanted to


remain in the European Union. Part of the reason is that the science


and technology industries which are so important in this economy lie


heavily on highly skilled workers coming here from elsewhere in the


EU. I'm not sure we learned anything yesterday. For Andrew Lansley,


questions still remain for those Cambridge businesses. The speech


didn't tell is all we need to know in order to see if it's good to be a


success. What is this new immigration system? Is it going to


be just the old one? With the same difficulties tried to bring people


from abroad big Spears at the moment? For those who have worked


with some of Cambridge byes biggest companies there was a sense that the


Prime Minister has been listening. People here are used to


collaborating right across Europe and across the world in developing


new science. I hope the message that she got across, which I think she


did, is that we aren't turning our backs on you, we are not walking


away. As the Prime Minister pussy final preparations in place,


businesses in Cambridge and around the region but be watching closely


to see what it means for them. Well, while Cambridge absorbed


Theresa May's speech at breakfast, some of our bigger employers


were making a direct appeal They want guarantees


they'll still be able to employ migrant workers


from the European Union They told MPs that, without that,


the farms and care homes in the east Whether it is harvesting crops,


picking fruit are working in our care homes, the region has always


been reliant on overseas workers. This is why employers are worried.


Today, some of them laid out the case. The director of a company from


Ely which employs 2500 seasonal workers across the fence. We would


not be able to operate without access to the European Union. The


owner of the chain of fruit farms in Southwark. No restrictions on


employing people to pick up crops have meant that we have grown 500%.


The boss of a Cambridge care firm. Eastern European markets... We have


struggled in terms of recruitment. Their message to MPs is that the


future supply of migrant labour is at risk because of Brexit. Every


movement is replaced by visas are complicated paperwork, it will put


up costs and could discourage staff. There are signs that EU workers no


longer want to work here. Applications to work for this


company have halved this year. Baulk they don't feel welcome. Most people


who have set up homes here send money back, but many of them are


worried about the future for their family are so if there are other


opportunities to go elsewhere where it is more welcoming than they are


now looking at that. There was still be people coming from the European


Union when we leave the EU. The Prime Minister spoke again today


about the importance of migrant labour poster Brexit. She also was


the guarantee the right of the EU migrants living here. These are all


things which need to be negotiated. Now, there is uncertainty and the


message from the regions employers is to please and that uncertainty as


soon as possible. Unemployment in the UK


has continued to fall, but this region seems to be missing


out on the jobs boom. Figures out today show the East


was one of only two English regions to register an increase


in the last quarter. More now from our business


correspondent Richard Bond. Susie until recently the region's


jobs market appeared As the graph shows the unemployment


total went into a steady decline after reaching 213,000


five years ago. But having touched 112,000


in the spring of last year Today's figures showed it


at 145,000, a jump of 22,000 A question I put to the woman


in charge of job centres across Cambridgeshire,


Suffolk and Norfolk. We have seen no increase in job


losses across east Anglia, so it is a bit of a mystery. One of the


influences may be that universal credit has been rolled out in Great


Yarmouth and it is part of a national pilot. This is where our


customers, our job-seekers would remain with us whilst they are


employed, so that we are helping them to get long-term sustainable


employment or perhaps a pay increase, ditched makes them free of


benefit. Those customers would be included in the unemployment figures


that you are quoting. This is. As pointed out a likely influence on


the numbers. We seen a state pension age increased from 60 to 65 and a


basis in the sex, this is the effect of women staying in the labour


market and not retiring early. It is an effect on women looking for work


when our older and increasing the number of work hours to our


unemployed. We're told we should be too much into these figures as it


will become clear over the next few months with these righties asked to


Spain. Andrew Sinclair is


at Westminster now. Andrew, plenty for employers


to think about today. The right in unemployment is


something which they are quizzically concerned about but not losing sleep


over. The big concern and the big thing they are talking about is


Brexit. In one word that sums it up is uncertainty. How long I be going


to have to live with is uncertainty? The answer is sometime, possibly a


couple of years. People in the Government say they understand the


need to give clarity, and they had their way we'd have migrant workers


after Brexit, David guarantee the rights of EU migrants were living


here. This is a negotiation with 27 other countries plus the European


Commission, this will take time. We don't know what they will ask for in


return. Any company which has anything to do with the European


Union is going to have to learn to cope with this uncertainty and be


patient for some time to come. How can we reduce our reliance on


migrant workers? ... That is something which the select committee


which was talking to employers was asked today. Why not employ more


British ones? The answer is to do with low wages to do with the care


sector and the farming sector where profits are lowest wages are low.


One big reason given today is that in our region, we do have a very low


unemployment rate and all the employers have said it is hard


finding English people who are prepared to take jobs in the care


sector and in the farming sector. We were told that some companies run a


scheme with employment agencies to recruit workers and they got 12


people, just employing too. Eventually the local Jobcentre said


can you stop wasting their time running schemes like this.


The Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Police


says his force has received over 50 complaints alleging child sexual


abuse linked to football clubs dating back to the 1980s.


Alec Wood says the complaints are linked to a number


of individuals at both professional and lower level clubs in the county.


We've had in excess of 50 people reporting allegations to us. Some of


that is within the county,, summer is outside the county. We are


working closely with the formal association and the NSP CC by some


reports have come through them. We tackling all of those allegations


any serious way. We're listening to the people who are talking to us and


we are investigating. There will be offenders who will eventually be put


to justice. The Peterborough-based travel


company Thomas Cook is bringing thousands of British holiday-makers


home from Gambia because of a worsening


political crisis there. The Foreign Office is advising


people to avoid all but essential Thomas Cook said it was implementing


contingency plans to bring home its UK customers over


the next 48 hours. The Bedford sprinter Nigel Levine


is "conscious and stable" According to reports,


Levine and team-mate James Ellington British Athletics staff


are with the athletes and liaising with hospital


doctors over treatment. Levine, who's 27, is


a 400-metre runner who won Still to come tonight:


After a freezing night for most of the region last night, will you


need your scraper in the morning? And injury time heartbreak


for Ipswich as they crash We've heard a lot today about our


relationships with Europe, but in Northamptonshire they're working


hard to develop business with China, and it's in a field


in which the county is world famous. Motorsport employs twenty one


thousand people there, and is worth two billion lbs


to the local economy. They are one of a growing number of


businesses now located in Northamptonshire's motorsport


Valley. There's an atmosphere in the industry here that makes it easier


for customers to visit. We find many customers who come to visit has also


visit other people on the park and surrounding area. Silverstone is the


obvious heart of motorsport Valley. Across the Vantage, there are 1000


businesses directly associated with the industry. An hour from here,


there are a further 3000. It is no wonder that this whole area is now


attracting international interest. It is this interest which has


prompted this economic lecturer at the University of the Hampton to be


asked by his home province in China do act as a motorsport trade


ambassador. I have no doubt that we will bring in enormous interest from


the Chinese investors and the Government as well. They are looking


for to invest in the UK and as a result of them doing that, I have no


doubt that that will bring in high and engineering jobs. A conference


support motorsport is already being organised. This development is a


welcome one. Britain has always been an outgoing nation that has done


international trade, we should promote that and do as much as


possible. Any new Chinese partnership is a way off, but that


the world's largest economy is taking an age of seen by many as


Brexit is hugely encouraging. The managing director


of Ipswich Town, Ian Milne, has asked fans to stand by manager


Mick McCarthy. Last night they were knocked out


of the FA Cup in injury time by non league Lincoln City,


in front of millions National League leaders have been


detained 59 places. The glory of the FA Cup for the link and city, I in


for Ipswich town. The manner of the defeat is brutal and as clinical as


it gets. Lincoln city I threw? They have knocked out... ! Baguette


McCarthy 's face. He has been vilified before but this is a new


ball game. Live on national television. It's legend Terry


Butcher, scathing. They should be happy and .in the way they played


over these two games. Insipid. I'm embarrassed. If I could pick over


the carcass, that was just an utter disgrace. FA guys are like that,


that's why he you are here. You want to see these upsets use got one


tonight. It's great for TV but not great for the club. What next for


its whetstone? This morning towers were quick to vent their anger on


BBC radio Suffolk. The embarrassment, I don't think that


covers it. I most certainly won't be renewing my season ticket. I thought


he was doing his best with the squad available. The line-up last night


was embarrassing. That will be getting sacked in the morning.


Whether that is the case, I can't do anything about that. You're


determined to fight on? Of course. I don't like serving that kind of


football for the fans, that is to add my four years plus. Enforce the


that's just it at the moment. We'll see what happens. Managed DirectX


e-mail to the BBC that no one took any pleasure from the performance,


but urged fans to get the hang McCarthy and the team. How they


respond this weekend in the league will be crucial.


A dry day after day. When a way to the north and west has brought a lot


of clothes, particularly to Cambridge and parts of


Northamptonshire the best of the sunshine today will be down in


Essex, quite if you pictures sent in by the weather watchers of the


sunrise this morning. We also had a picture of a... Through this layer


cloud, formed a little bit of ice which help the cloud disappear in


the shape of a whole. For this evening and tonight, a mixture


between that cloud in the north and west and clear spells farther south


and east. Etihad in the south east where we see the heat releasing


ending atmosphere, nothing to N. The cloud will trap the heat N, so for


Celsius for places like Peterborough, -4-mac for places like


Essex. A sharp frost in south and eastern parts. Tomorrow, similar day


to day, cloudy skies in the north-west, brightness farther south


and east. A little bit of mist and drizzle across the fence and


northern parts of Cambridge. High-temperature is around four five


Celsius. Tomorrow, not a lot to change. Into Friday morning, some


mist and fog in northern and western areas. Best of any clear spells


farther south, that cloud generally drifting further south and east as


we go through into Friday morning. Cloudy enter the night. That'll mean


tempered is not as close, but -1, -2-mac, you can see this area high


pressure is still with us at the end of week. That will bring in largely


dry conditions but the remnants of that brand will run south and will


see a lot of cloud and further south, it will look like a murky day


across northern parts of the region and cloudy than the last few days in


the south. Temperatures will be around six Celsius, if you spot near


the coast near seven Celsius. Not much to say about the weekend other


than rather cloudy sky, the better the sunshine probably around...


Milder on Friday night then some very sharp frost in the early part


of next week. That is the news and weather from


Look can at least. Goodbye. Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do. Because if you're not, then chances


are the NHS won't be able to


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